Reverend Insanity
687 True Meaning Infusion
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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687 True Meaning Infusion

Fairy Li Shan continued with a deeply moved tone: "Reportedly, the rumor of Reckless Savage Demon Venerable's true meaning came from the currently rank seven Domination Immortal Chu Du of northern plains. It is said that when he became a strength path Gu Immortal three hundred years ago, it was at this icy plain that he passed his tribulation. It is just that there have been limited numbers of Gu Immortals advancing over these recent years. And among these newly advanced Gu Immortals, there are few that are of transformation path and even fewer of strength path. Thus, this piece of speculation was very hard to prove."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng snorted but no longer hurried towards Fang Yuan.

Although Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan deceived him and Fang Yuan, this was after all such an enormous benefit, thus Tai Bai Yun Sheng's anger dissipated for the most part.

He turned around and looked deeply at Hei Lou Lan. Hei Lou Lan was covered in the three qi cocoon and she was progressing smoothly. The qi cocoon's volume was slowly shrinking methodically.

'This woman has truly great ambitions, she is not satisfied with being a ten extreme physique immortal, she also wants to learn from Reckless Savage Demon Venerable. She is not afraid that her strength is lacking and she would die because of her greed. Speaking of which, this style of taking risks is actually similar to Fang Yuan's, they are both lunatics!' Tai Bai Yun Sheng heaved a sigh inwardly.

"So it was indeed like this, they are the external forms of true meaning, ahahhaah!" Fang Yuan laughed loudly and slowly stood up from his kneeling position with his expression revealing his high spirits.

He then gazed at the ancient pegasus group again, but the way he looked at them was different this time.

His gaze was extremely heated, like a pervert that had his lust held back for several thousands of years, who then saw an absolutely beautiful woman. Or like a bandit whose greed would never be satisfied, seeing the world's greatest treasury!

"I have advanced to a strength path Gu Immortal but my strength path foundation was shallow and I could only reach quasi-grandmaster realm in strength path! It is extremely difficult to make one's realm progress even a little, and needs a sufficient quantity of regular accumulation in order to initiate a qualitative transformation. But now, as long as I kill these true meaning external forms, I can rapidly raise my strength path realm, elevating it to genuine grandmaster realm!"

Memories and experiences of five hundred years of bitter struggles made Fang Yuan extremely aware of the difficulty in progressing one's realm.

Realm represented the understanding of Great Dao! One's strength path realm was a Gu Master's understanding of the Dao of strength. Realm was generally divided into ordinary, quasi-master, master, quasi-grandmaster, grandmaster, quasi-great grandmaster, great grandmaster, quasi-supreme grandmaster and supreme grandmaster.

Most Gu Masters would only have ordinary realm in their whole lives. Quasi-masters were geniuses or old, experienced Gu Masters.

Masters were extremely rare! For instance, in the Imperial Court contest which was an assembly of heroes of the large northern plains, only Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng had master level attainment in flying among those who reached Imperial Court blessed land. While in enslavement path, there were only Jiang Bao Ya, Yang Po Ying, Ma Zun, Chang Shan Yin (Fang Yuan) and Nu Er Tu, five masters over the entire contest!

And speaking of refinement path supreme grandmasters, even throughout human history, there had only been three: Long Hair Ancestor, Old Eccentric Tian Nan and Old Immortal Kong Jue!

Every advancement of a realm meant an astonishing upgrade in one's battle strength!

It was because higher realm meant deeper understanding of the law fragments in heaven and earth. It allowed Gu Masters to refine new, better Gu worms, create more killer moves and display greater dominance of their paths.

Fang Yuan had the most understanding of blood path among all the major paths. In his previous life, he was an awe-inspiring blood path grandmaster!

His battle strength was outstanding and he had created many new Gu worms of blood path, and these new Gu had even surpassed Blood Sea Ancestor's in some aspects!

He had also researched many blood path killer moves, and despite them being mortal killer moves, they had extraordinary power.

Fang Yuan now had the immortal killer move myriad self, the representation of the convergence of enslavement and strength path, a unique killer move created from squeezing out all his potential, and with the help of natural inspiration and wisdom Gu.

But even with such a killer move, when his battle strength was considered, it was not a match with his peak blood path attainment in his previous life.

Fang Yuan could suppress his immortal killer move myriad self by just using his previous life's blood path killer moves.

He had even created, from initially nothing, some remnant recipes of completely new Immortal Gu with his grandmaster realm. Of course, the completion rates of these remnant recipes were rather low.

This was the world of Gu, and more than that, it was the world of Gu Masters.

Gu worms involved nurturing, use and refinement, and the bulk of these fundamentals relied upon Gu Masters.

Generation after generation of Gu Masters brought forth new developments, constantly using their plentiful creative prowess to research new Gu worms and open new paths, which then created the extremely wondrous way of Gu which covered all aspects! Thus, heroes were able to emerge like stars in the sky over the boundless history of humans.

Gu is the essence of heaven and earth, man is the spirit of all living things!

The famed people of the past had accomplishments as high as the mountains that the later generations would find hard to surpass. However, on the whole, the strength of the five regions was growing steadily and becoming much more profound, surpassing the eras of Immemorial, Olden Antiquity and so on.

"Gu Masters nurture, use and refine Gu, getting down to the basics, it is a process of humans probing and studying nature, the world, and the Great Dao. Be it a xianxia world, a magic-based world, or a scientific world, they are all the same, they are all the exploration and study of nature and the world itself. It is only that the difference in the world's laws make the exploration methods different."

Once can only learn if they explore continuously. Only by learning could they have accumulation. And only with accumulation could they transcend the world!

"And in this world, the measurement of the stage-wise accomplishments of study of heaven and earth, and the Great Dao is the realm of every paths! Great Dao is a closed book, and for a Gu Master to study and explore heaven and earth, they have to use Gu worms to approach the Great Dao with different methods, they need to constantly summarize their comprehensions, need insights and require sufficient experience. However, right now I am obtaining true meaning infusion which is as if I am observing the world while standing on the shoulder of a giant! It is making Reckless Savage Demon Venerable open the pages of the closed book to the parts which I can understand and let me read it directly. This is a shortcut, an extremely rare fortuitous encounter! This will save me a great deal of time and immense effort!"

Fang Yuan was more excited the more he thought of it.

'Hei Lou Lan! You are a lunatic! You actually wanted to learn from Reckless Savage Demon Venerable while gaining natural inspiration, and obtaining the infusion of true meaning. Hmph, are you not afraid you can't manage to comprehend them all and be thrown into confusion, even failing your immortal ascension! However... your greed, I like it a lot. This gift from you, I shall accept it all!'

Fang Yuan shouted inwardly; with such heavy profits ahead of him, he decided to not leave behind even a little!

Myriad self! Myriad self! Myriad self!

He activated his immortal killer move nonstop; for the first time, he disregarded the costs as he activated it frantically!

Countless strength path phantoms emerged, forming a huge army inside the immortal aperture, their scale several times larger than before.

At the same time, large numbers of mortal Gu forming the immortal killer move perished, this was the backlash from heaven and earth, and also the consequences of Fang Yuan's extreme rate of activation.

However, Fang Yuan did not feel any heartache, everything was okay as long as the core, cleanse soul Immortal Gu, did not have any problems. He had made ample preparations for this trip and had brought large numbers of mortal Gu for replenishment and substitution.

"Come!" Fang Yuan lifted his chest as countless strength path phantoms surged out from his immortal aperture.

The strength path phantom army flooded the world, as if it could engulf mountains and rivers. The sparse battle strength just before was immediately replenished and soon surpassed the previous limit, reaching a new height.

Large numbers, no, a sea of strength path phantoms filled the whole battlefield.

"This... there are at least three hundred thousand!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng and even Fairy Li Shan was stupefied at this sight.

The ancient pegasus group was firmly surrounded in the air by the strength path phantom army.

The slaughter between the two sides had reached the climax.

Fang Yuan walked leisurely on the ice surface below the ongoing aerial battle.

Joyful will were created and rapidly expended in his mind. Under his command, the army coordinated to form different groups, and like giant hands, they pounced upon four winged pegasi without caring for losses.

Next, dozens of strength path phantoms worked together to forcefully push the four winged pegasi down to the ice surface.

Then, Fang Yuan would slowly walk over, raise his eight thick giant arms and shower down punches for the kill.

Miserable neighing sounds filled the area as pegasi were shattered apart. True meaning rushed into Fang Yuan's mind and the profundities of the Great Dao were rapidly absorbed. His movement stiffened for several breaths of time before recovering once again.

Fang Yuan thus engaged in crazy slaughter of ancient pegasi.

"Refreshing!" After another true meaning infusion, he excitedly roared, his gaze was so blood red that it was difficult to stare at it directly!

The strength path realm which would have taken years and even dozens of years to raise, was rapidly advancing following the true meaning infusion.

Fang Yuan felt incomparable pleasure and enjoyment.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was watching with a dumbstruck expression, Fang Yuan's madness made him feel a chill from the depths of his heart. Even Fairy Li Shan could not help but be silent.

After less than half of the pegasus group was destroyed, the earthly calamity transformed again. The pegasus group merged together to form thirty-three giant snakes.

These giant snakes were as large as a house and had extremely powerful defense, covered with black armor and shields. When they fell on the ground, they immediately occupied terrain advantage.

"Another transformation and this time to shield snake?" Fang Yuan laughed malevolently; he did not move, the strength path phantom army in the air had already shrouded over the snakes like dark clouds.

By occupying the ground, these shield snakes only needed to defend the attacks from above unlike if they were flying in the air where they could be attacked from all directions.

Fang Yuan's slaughter immediately slowed down.

It took a good while for the huge army to handle one shield snake.

Fang Yuan laughed maniacally as he pounced down upon it.

The shield snake was filled with injuries and before it could raise its head, it was bombarded by Fang Yuan's eight arms. The enormous strength from the overlaying of forty-five group strength Gu directly destroyed the shield snake.

An enormous true meaning that far surpassed the previous ones charged into Fang Yuan's mind.

The snake corpse that had lost its head suddenly dissipated, transforming into small snakes; in few moments, the place was filled with a sea of ferocious and slippery snakes.

Fang Yuan was in the process of comprehending essence of Great Dao and could not budge, thus he fell in the sea of snakes.

The snake sea attacked madly, quickly covering his enormous body.

Fang Yuan's comprehension this time was different from before. In the previous true meaning infusion, Fang Yuan felt like he had turned into a pegasus, living its life from birth to death, from young to old, running on the firm ground and soaring on the vast sky...

He sensed the unique body structure of Pegasus, the use of various strengths and the ingenuity of using power.

And now, he turned into a snake from breaking out of the egg to devouring all kinds of preys. He personally experienced the twisting snake body, the strength of its constriction, the muscle rhythm when it swallowed its food, the force application when its head moved like lightning to capture prey...

Not only was it raising the strength path realm, but transformation path and even flying master attainment were advancing.

These experiences extended and stepped on the maxim of strength path. These maxims covered extremely large information and were hard to describe using words. Because the wonders of Great Dao could not be put to words; words would be too simple, too dull, too shallow and simply not be able to portray its mysteries and wonders!


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