Reverend Insanity
685 Hei Lou Lan“s Immortal Ascension 3/3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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685 Hei Lou Lan“s Immortal Ascension 3/3

From Hei Lou Lan's eyes, a dazzling light was bursting out.

The light gathered and took form, like that of a real pillar, it pierced through the tribulation cloud and shot the two chimes.

With a loud bang, the chimes broke, completely eliminated and was unable to regenerate.

The light pillar only lasted for a moment before Hei Lou Lan shut her eyes, the entire process was extremely short, only lasting a breath of time.

This was the light of divert disaster!

Hei Lou Lan used the Immortal Gu Divert Disaster!

The power of an Immortal Gu was extraordinary, it was a stark contrast to Fang Yuan's mortal killer move icy drill stardust.

Hei Lou Lan controlled her breathing before opening her eyes again.

Two pillars of divert disaster light shot out, destroying two chimes again.

Fang Yuan was secretly shocked: "Such power, this was not a simple use of divert disaster Immortal Gu, it was used together with mortal Gu. Using her sight to unleash the attack, it is much more concentrated and precise. In other words, Hei Lou Lan had already developed an immortal killer move using the Immortal Gu Divert Disaster as the core!"

Hei Lou Lan had outstanding talent, not long after obtaining divert disaster Gu, she developed an immortal killer move?

This was very strange and unthinkable to Fang Yuan, but the truth was right before him, it was indisputable!

At this time, Hei Lou Lan opened her eyes again, eliminating two chimes again.

But at this time, she shut her eyes, two lines of fresh blood flowed down the corner of her eyes. her eyelashes were trembling and her body was shaking. On her palm, she held divert disaster Gu tightly, cracks were appearing on it and it was wailing out softly.

This frantically created immortal killer move was not complete, it had very potent weaknesses.

"Two chimes left!" Hei Lou Lan did not care about it, she gritted her teeth and opened her eyes forcefully, destroying the heavenly tribulation's last two chimes in one shot.

Guh! Guh!

Her beautiful eyes had shattered at this moment, as two streams of blood poured out of her empty eye sockets.

With a bang, the divert disaster Immortal Gu burst in her hands, breaking into light particles, slipping from the cracks of her fingers and vanishing.

Hei Lou Lan had gone blind!

Although she had the Great Strength True Martial Physique and had terrifying recovery speed, the injury in her eyes was due to the forceful activation of the Immortal Gu Divert Disaster, dao marks of luck path were in her eye sockets, she could not heal them.

The rank six divert disaster Immortal Gu was also destroyed in this process, becoming history.

Hei Lou Lan was extremely resolute, she had the heart of a formidable character, after paying a terrible price, she destroyed the heavenly tribulation for good, now only the earthly calamity was left!

At this moment, Fang Yuan praised her in his heart: "Resolute!"

The immortal ascension of the ten extreme physiques gave birth to a terrifying heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity. What's worse was that they still had a strong foe waiting to interfere. Under the immense pressure of life and death, Hei Lou Lan had no choice but to sacrifice divert disaster Immortal Gu, as well as a pair of her eyes.

This was a decision common people would find hard to make.

Such sacrifice, it showed Hei Lou Lan's ambitious and ruthless disposition, she had an unrivaled spirit.

As heaven qi poured down like he stream of a waterfall, earth qi gushed up like a golden fountain. Hei Lou Lan's foundation and deep accumulation turned into a large amount of human qi as it burst out from within her.

"This is the human qi of one of the ten extreme physiques?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng watched with a dumbfounded expression.

Hei Lou Lan's human qi was many times more than Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng combined.

The human qi of the ten extreme physiques was usually overwhelmingly thick, this was mostly due to the ten extreme apertures.

Even with enough mental preparation, spectators were still shocked.

As the three qi converged, it formed a huge cocoon that covered up Hei Lou Lan.

At this point, she had reached the second step — taking in the qi.

Hei Lou Lan was focused on balancing the three qi, she took back all her small family qi Gu and would not be able to face her enemies for the time being.


Frozen rivers shattered, heaven and earth shook.

At this moment, a thunderous sound could be heard, as a huge frenzied ape jumped out from deep within a frozen river.

With a loud thud, the frenzied ape landed on the ground, it created two huge holes where it stood. The ice fragments were scattered around the huge holes.

The frenzied ape beat its chest, shouting out loudly. Its voice was so loud that even the rumbling tribulation cloud froze for a second.

Its body was like snow, its eyes were red like blood, its monkey fur spiked out like icicles, piercing towards heaven. It was hundreds of meters tall, large like a hill, it has an incredible aura and was extremely fierce. Compared to it, Fang Yuan was like a bug in front of a cat.

"The earthly calamity formed! It is an ancient desolate beast calamity! This is an earthly calamity that only rank seven Gu Immortals encounter." Tai Bai Yun Sheng's heart snak.

One name was echoing in Fairy Li Shan's heart: "Icefall Divine Ape!"

Fang Yuan's expression was still as water, the icefall divine ape's huge shadow was casted down, it had rank seven battle strength. If it had Immortal Gu in it, then it would be even harder to deal with, the battle situation would become much harder.

Hei Lou Lan focused on balancing the three qi, Hei Cheng did not appear, while Fairy Li Shan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng were hiding elsewhere, with this extremely dangerous situation, a ruthless light flashed across Fang Yuan's eyes, he clapped his palms before him, using his killer move earlier than planned.

Immortal killer move — Myriad Self!

Fist qi burst out, grand and overwhelming, like an overflowing river, it was like a raging sea.

In just a few breaths of time, over ten thousand of Fang Yuan's strength path phantoms appeared, surrounding his main body. They were in all directions around him, in the sky and on the ground, in the formation of a sphere.

To prevent the likelihood of him having not enough time because of a fierce battle, Fang Yuan had activated the immortal killer move myriad self several times before going to northern plains.

The strength path phantom army was stored in his own immortal aperture. The strength path phantoms could exist for a period of time, and because they were not living beings, they were not affected by the death energy in his immortal aperture.

When Fang Yuan released a portion of them, his aura finally matched the ape's.

The icefall divine ape was ready to attack, it wanted to charge over, but seeing the grand strength path phantom army, it opened its mouth, showing its sharp fangs as its muscles contracted, it chose to wait and see.

The snow and wind blew, Fang Yuan was expressionless, his body was still like a rock as he pointed at finger at the icefall divine ape.

Immediately, the army moved and war cries filled the battlefield.

Tens of thousands of strength path phantoms moved like a tide, they whipped up a storm as they charged towards the icefall divine ape.

"Such might!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng watched with his heart pounding.

This was not the first time he had seen the killer move myriad self, back in Lang Ya blessed land, Fang Yuan had used it once to beat up the desolate beast swamp crab.

But at that time, Fang Yuan only used one bead of green grape immortal essence to summon ten thousand phantoms.

Right now, an army several times that size was attacking, as the army's momentum rose, they had an imposing aura that could shake the world.

The army pushed forward, towards the icefall divine ape, and then splitting into four along the way.

One went left, one went right, one went up, and the last one charge ahead.

The icefall divine ape's wild nature was awakened, it charged ahead instead of retreating. Fang Yuan's strength path phantom army moved according to his will fluidly, with his command, they spread out, like a huge web, encircling the icefall divine ape.

"Kill! Kill! Kill!" Strength path phantoms roared, they were like ants attacking the icefall divine ape collectively.

The icefall divine ape attacked left and right, it destroyed countless phantoms but could not break through Fang Yuan's encirclement.

"it really is such a formidable killer move in this world! Together with his master level attainment in enslavement path, no wonder Little Lan placed so much importance on him." Seeing this, Fairy Li Shan was overjoyed.

One after another, strength path phantoms flew out of the aperture. Fang Yuan had more than a hundred thousand troops in his immortal aperture, he only summoned eighty thousand now.

Among these strength path phantoms, the most ordinary ones had two arms, some had four arms, or even six arms. The more arms they had, the stronger their battle strength.

The icefall divine ape roared angrily, it battled fiercely, its huge body and monstrous strength, along with the icicles pointing outwards on its body, caused the strength path phantoms to suffer heavy injuries before dying.

But only a portion of the scattered fist qi was expended, the rest would gather and form into strength path phantoms once again.

Because of this, the reduction of the number of phantoms of Fang Yuan's army was greatly slowed.

During the process, the joyful will in Fang Yuan's mind was used up intensely. Manipulating tens of thousands of troops, the expenditure of his joyful will was immense. In just a few dozen breaths, Fang Yuan had activated delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu nearly ten times.

"Strange, this icefall divine ape has no Immortal Gu despite being an ancient desolate beast, in fact, it does not even have a single mortal Gu! Where did the earthly calamity find this oddity?"

Fang Yuan could see the truth behind the icefall divine ape, it had no Immortal Gu, or even any mortal Gu, this ancient desolate beast's threat was greatly lowered.

"In that case, it is time to finish you off!" Fang Yuan's lips curled up, the ruthless light in his eyes burst out as he entered the field directly, charging ahead.

The light illusion bat wings on his back flickered several times, as Fang Yuan's speed increased like he was a shooting star. It was quite a sight, with the explosive sounds along the way, he traveled a huge distance in a few breaths of time, descending like a demon god, right above the icefall divine ape.

"Come, group strength support me!" Fang Yuan shouted excitedly in his heart.

At once, the forty-five group strength Gu in his immortal aperture were activated at once.

Group strength Gu had completely been incorporated into myriad self by Fang Yuan, once activated, it caused a new transformation in myriad self!

Hundreds of strength path phantoms dispersed, their strength had collectively gathered in Fang Yuan under the might of group strength Gu.

Fang Yuan raised one right arm, slamming down on icefall divine ape's skull.

With a loud bang.

His entire forearm slammed on the divine ape's skull mercilessly.

The intense recoil caused Fang Yuan's forearm to burst open, as his bones were shattered and his flesh and blood were reduced to dust.

As for icefall divine ape's skull, there was a huge hole in it. The crack in the hole spread at lightning speed, affecting the entire ape's head.

At the next moment, the icefall divine ape's skull exploded!

Seeing this, be it Fairy Li Shan or Tai Bai Yun Sheng, they were so shocked their eyeballs almost popped out.

Even Fang Yuan was shocked: "What is going on? The entire ape head was destroyed? That shouldn't be, this is an ancient desolate beast!"

Killer move myriad self was completed by him alone, group strength Gu was added in by him as well, he was very clear of his own strength after group strength Gu was added. The most he could do was to cause the icefall divine ape's skull to crack and bleed, but the entire head would not explode.

"Be careful!" At this moment, Tai Bai Yun Sheng could not help but show himself, shouting a warning.

Fang Yuan turned around and looked, his pupils shrinking rapidly.

Icefall divine ape's huge fist had gotten close to Fang Yuan without him noticing anything, it slammed down at lightning speed, like a poisonous snake's assault.

Fang Yuan could not dodge it in time, he was hit directly by the huge fist!


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