Reverend Insanity
684 Hei Lou Lan“s Immortal Ascension 2/3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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684 Hei Lou Lan“s Immortal Ascension 2/3

"With small family qi Gu, there would be a way to influence the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity." Fang Yuan watched silently by the side.

The intense winds were howling, snow was descending along with sharp icicles, crashing on Fang Yuan's body. Fang Yuan did not move at all, the immortal zombie body was unharmed.

Bam bam bam...

Hei Lou Lan continued to sprinkle the small family qi Gu, when these ancient qi path Gu worms had reached the limit of their capacity, she retrieved them. During this process, many small family qi Gu had self-detonated and the absorbed heaven and earth qi were returned to the world.

When a Gu Immortal ascends, because of the turbulence of heaven and earth qi, both mortal Gu and Immortal Gu would receive backlash.

Even though Hei Lou Lan prepared the small family qi Gu, she could only influence the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity slightly, she could not control it.

As time continued to pass, unavoidably, the heaven and earth qi became thicker, and were at the point of creating the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity.

As the howling of the winds continued, Hei Lou Lan's black hair danced in the air, the snow and ice hitting her face. Clothes made using Gu worms were much more durable than ordinary clothes. Thus, her clothes were fluttering in the air, not tearing even under the pull of the intense winds.

Fang Yuan found it slightly weird: "It has already been so long, where is the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity?"

His eyes shone with radiance, by activating Gu worms to investigate carefully, the wind and snow could not block his vision.

Fang Yuan went into high alert, heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities had many variations, some were powerful and had strong auras, some were mysterious and scary, he could not predict it, Gu Masters could only test their luck and be as prepared as they could to deal with it.

Howl, howl, howl!

The sound of the wind was becoming sharper, it hurt the eardrums as Fang Yuan felt some frustration in his heart.

Suddenly, he jolted to awareness, he activated his investigative Gu forcefully and looked into the clouds. He immediately saw that a purple chime had formed, it was moving slowly and emitting a sound.

It turns out the heavenly tribulation had formed already!

As the noise became louder and sharper, it fused with the wind, spreading over a hundred li!

Even if Fang Yuan covered his ears, he could not block this noise. Although he had prepared some sound path mortal Gu, his sound path attainment was too low, he could not defend against it.

He felt more and more frustrated, his heart was beating faster, following the sound of the chime, and his blood was starting to flow backwards.

Hei Lou Lan was groaning, blood was oozing from her mouth and nose, her state was worse than Fang Yuan's.

Fang Yuan squinted, cold light flashing in his eyes: "This is the heart shocking noise tribulation, when Gu Masters hear it, their blood would flow backwards, and their hearts would beat faster. If a long time passes, their blood will flow towards the seven orifices, and their heart would explode. I have the body of an immortal zombie, my zombie blood is ice cold, it is almost stagnant, thus I am affected the least. But Hei Lou Lan is the Great Strength True Martial Physique, her blood is the most active among us, she is countered by the heart shocking noise calamity! We must destroy the source of it, the purple chime!"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan stopped hesitating, he activated light illusion bat wings and flew into the sky.

He flew rapidly, but the closer he got to the purple chime, the more his heart was shocked. When he was three hundred steps away from it, his heart was beating so quickly even his muscles and tendons were vibrating.

Suddenly, Fang Yuan's body froze, he opened his mouth and vomited a mouthful of green zombie blood.

A moment ago, his heart was unable to take the pressure and burst.

But Fang Yuan was an immortal zombie, his heart was not a weak point, such an injury awakened his fierce nature.

He laughed freakishly, spreading all eight arms and using his killer move.

Icy Drill Stardust!

Eight starlight lumps formed and crashed towards the tribulation cloud.

They drilled into the tribulation cloud, slamming into the purple chime. The chime was not strong, it broke immediately. The heart shocking demonic sound stopped, and Fang Yuan's pressure was lifted.

But at the next moment, the tribulation cloud rumbled, as heaven qi gathered, a new purple chime was about to be formed.

Fang Yuan's eyes shone with cold light, how could the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity be defeated so easily in one strike? This was not unexpected.

Icy Drill Stardust!

His eight arms gathered, using the killer move again, creating a huge icy drill stardust lump.

Within the dark blue starlight lump, stardust fragments were shining brightly, colliding into each other at a chaotic pace.

Fang Yuan shouted lightly, his eights arms pushed forward, sending the starlight lump towards the tribulation cloud.

The larger the starlight lump, the slower its speed. But after colliding into the purple chime again, a large amount of starlight specks remained, they were emitting a crackling sound as they self-detonated.

Heaven qi gathered, forming more purple chimes, but were instantly destroyed by the starlight lump.

The starlight lump could be seen shrinking with the naked eye, but the enchanting heart shocking noise did not enter Fang Yuan's ears again.

Fang Yuan succeeded in suppressing the heavenly tribulation, but he did not let down his guard. The immortal ascension of the ten extreme physiques, how could it be so simple?

He continued to unleash icy drill stardust, although this killer move was a mortal killer move, it had amazing power, after fusing Dou Min Jun's inheritance into it, this killer move was worth four immortal essence stones.

Icy drill stardust continued to be replenished, as the purple chime continued to form and break down.

Fang Yuan looked down at Hei Lou Lan below him.

The latter's breathing had soothed, her eyes were shut tight. Her expression was determined, she sat cross-legged in the air, unmoving. On her beautiful pale face, there were dried blood traces.

But the recovery of the Great Strength True Martial Physique was the best of the ten extreme physiques, Hei Lou Lan's injuries had already recovered.

Her hands did not stop moving, she scattered small family qi Gu while retrieving the ones that were full. She had changed her battle strategy, she scattered the small family qi Gu on the ground and rarely in the sky.

One could deduce from this that she did not have many small family qi Gu, after all, this was an ancient qi path Gu worm. Even if they had the Gu recipe, it was very difficult to find refinement materials.

Even if Hei Lou Lan had ample time to prepare, she did not have many of this Gu with her.

Fang Yuan retracted his gaze, at this time, he could hear some weeping noises.

The voice was desolate and pitiful, it sounded like the crying of a begrudged wife, or the sleepy talk of a young maiden in love, it was a whisper that was very affectionate and caring, but at times it also had the tone of hatred and grudge.

Fang Yuan heard this and even his immortal zombie body felt a sense of weakness. His entire body could not exert strength, he was like a hero out of breath, together with an endless longing for his homeland, his bravery fell short and his ambitions could not be fulfilled. His firm fists and legs felt like they were hitting on cotton, it was like he had just recovered from a terrible illness, he had no strength in him.

Fang Yuan shouted out in dismay, using his investigative Gu and looking up, he saw that near the purple chime, a pink chime had appeared.

The chime continued to vibrate, creating a weeping noise.

This was the decadent noise tribulation!

Before Fang Yuan used his killer move to shatter the pink chime, enchanting noise assaulted him again.

Bang... bang... bang!

The sound was like thunder, it was like the pounding of a giant, every sound was hitting on the deepest parts of Fang Yuan's mind, in his mind, his thoughts could not move, they were all shattered by this thunderous noise.

Tremor thought noise tribulation!

Immortal zombies have slow cognition, this heavenly tribulation directly countered Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan felt an intense dizziness, he could not think and his body was wavering, he almost fell from this high altitude.

At the moment of crisis, he used his remaining bit of clarity to activate delight in water and mountain Gu.

Three green grape immortal essence beads entered delight in water and mountain Gu, as joyful will burst out and spread in Fang Yuan's entire mind.

Fang Yuan had just stabilized his body when, swoosh!

Suddenly, there was a sharp noise near his ears, approaching rapidly.

Fang Yuan subconsciously tried to block it, but at the next moment, his five fingers were all sliced off, the five fingers were covered by the wind and snow, vanishing without a trace.

Swish swish swish...

The sharp noise continued to emit, getting closer to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk, he focused his gaze and used three investigative methods consecutively. He could faintly see that there were very thin invisible lines in the wind and snow, it was sharp and formed a huge web, moving towards Fang Yuan without giving him any place to dodge.

These invisible lines were not of material nature, they were all formed using sounds.

Fang Yuan watched with his hair on end: "This is the flying blade noise tribulation! Hair armor! Light illusion bat wings!"

He activated his defensive killer move and his movement killer move.

Fang Yuan moved continually, his black armor broke apart and after leaving his body, the fragments turned into black zombie hair.

Fang Yuan twisted left and right, he finally found a rather loose gap and broke through the sound web.

But the invisible sound lines still came for him. The hair armor lasted for another three breaths before reaching its limit and breaking.

Fang Yuan snorted coldly, he used his defensive killer move again, forming a new layer of hair armor that barely covered his body.

He dodged left and right, his body moving like a phantom, as lumps of icy drill stardust were shot up.

The stardust touched the sound web and were blocked, cut into pieces of fragments.

At the same time, Fang Yuan's fingers grew rapidly, his shattered heart formed once again.

Howl howl howl...

Without the starlight lump's restraint, the first purple chime formed again.

The ghostly cries resounded again, Fang Yuan's blood flowed in reverse again, his newly formed heart started beating rapidly as it went on the path of self-detonation.

Fang Yuan's gaze concentrated.

Be it the icy drill stardust, light illusion bat wings, or hair armor, they had been used to their limits, yet the dangerous situation could not be alleviated!

This was only Hei Lou Lan's heavenly tribulation, the earthly calamity had not formed yet due to the small family qi Gu's suppression.

In Fang Yuan's mind, huge amounts of joyful will were expended, in a short period, ten percent were used up.

"My current battle strength is upper-tier of rank six, but I cannot do anything to this heavenly tribulation. The ascension of the ten extreme physiques, the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity is truly terrifying, this is several times the power compared to an ordinary Gu Immortal! Hmm?"

Suddenly, Fang Yuan's expression changed, his heart sank.

He found out that in this tribulation cloud, another four chimes of varying colors were forming.

Earlier, with just four chimes, Fang Yuan was already near his limits. Now that four new ones appeared, Fang Yuan could only use the immortal killer move myriad self.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng watched at a hidden location with much fear: "It seems the immortal ascension of the ten extreme physique is not just several times as dangerous as an ordinary Gu Master, it is at least a dozen times as terrifying."

He had thought that his own tribulation was tough. But to think that Hei Lou Lan's tribulation was far more dangerous than his!

"Oh no, this is not an ordinary heavenly tribulation, it is one of the ten catastrophes, eight layer enchanting noise tribulation, when all eight noises are emitted, it would have a range of eight hundred and eighty li, heaven and earth would shake and immortals would be exterminated!" Far away, Fairy Li Shan who had been hiding recognized the eight chimes and almost wanted to help out.

"Eight layer enchanting noise tribulation... if all eight noises are emitted at once, the strength would be unstoppable, this tribulation would end in failure without a trace of hope of success." Fang Yuan's expression was cold, the tougher the situation, the stronger his battle intent.

Crack crack crack.

During the process, all the mortal Gu he used were getting destroyed continuously.

The backlash of heaven and earth was causing him to lose a large number of mortal Gu.

But Fang Yuan made ample preparations, he had prepared a large number of Gu worms and his killer moves had never stopped activating.

Just as he was about to use myriad self, Hei Lou Lan who was below him opened her eyes!


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