Reverend Insanity
681 Nine Dragons Coffin Protection Luck
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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681 Nine Dragons Coffin Protection Luck

The stars were like diamonds brightening the night sky.

River winds blew softly, the howling of beasts and cries of birds could be heard, contrasting with the otherwise quiet environment.

Fang Yuan waited patiently, but he did not see Ye Fan's arrival over the entire night.

As time passed, after the second and third day, Ye Fan did not appear at any point.

"Don't tell me, 'Biography of Ye Fan' was wrong?" Fang Yuan could not help but think, but he quickly rejected this thought: "No, the Gu Master inheritance near the riverside is still around, Ye Fan has not taken it. I'll wait..."

What Fang Yuan did not know was that, a thousand li away, Ye Fan had met with trouble.

Huff huff huff...

Ye Fan breathed roughly, he looked at the huge shadow of a sprawling beast near the cave entrance with much fear.

"Damn it, why am I so unlucky? I was just banished from the clan, I hid in a cave to stay for the night, but I woke up to find out that the cave entrance was sealed!" Ye Fan cursed in his heart, he was nervous but helpless.

This cave only had one entrance, but this fierce beast was blocking it.

Ye Fan did not have any method to dig holes, his strength was very low but this beast's body was huge, it was a beast emperor.

"Why did this beast emperor come here alone without a single beast as its guard? Don't tell me it is an old emperor that was chased out by the new emperor?" Ye Fan looked at the beast in front of him, analyzing nervously in his heart.

As he continued observing, he quickly found out that this beast emperor was a paper tiger.

This dog shaped beast emperor was covered in wounds, its body was not too big, but it was sprawled on the ground, its eyelids were drooping weakly.

On its snow-white fur, there was multi-colored markings resembling flower petals on a snowy field.

"Haa... haa... haa..." Ye Fan listened closely, hearing the dog emperor's extremely weak, whimpering cries.

Watching its dry belly that was so thin its bones could be seen, Ye Fan finally understood: "Although this is a beast emperor, it is extremely hungry, it has little to no battle strength."

Reaching this conclusion, Ye Fan let out a breath of turbid air, at the same time, he felt a bit of pity in his heart.

They were in similar situations, this beast emperor's fate was very much like his own.

Ye Fan slowly got close to the dog shaped beast emperor, the beast emperor had no reaction, it allowed him to get closer.

Ye Fan did not dare to breathe loudly, he squatted by the beast emperor's side and stretched out his arm, placing it on its forehead.

The soft fur was extremely comfortable to Ye Fan, it was a little warm and wet.

This beast emperor had a fever, it was covered in sweat that made its fur wet, its bodily functions were barely functional.

"Beast emperor, oh beast emperor, you are about to die, maybe one day, I will be just like you. But meeting me is your good luck, after all, I was the village's most famous beast doctor." Ye Fan muttered to himself, he felt great pity for this beast emperor and started to heal it.

He activated his Gu, healing the beast emperor's injuries, and also alleviating its illness. Next, he took out some precious food and water, feeding them to the beast emperor slowly, letting it recover its strength.

Ye Fan was in no hurry, he stayed in this cave for seven days, as this dog shaped beast emperor finally recovered.

Although it was still weak and did not have a single wild Gu, not even capable of defeating a thousand beast king. But it was out of danger now, its fever subsided and it could run freely, it was running around Ye Fan excitedly.

Ye Fan saved it, it treated him as its closest person. Every time Ye Fan returned to the cave bringing food and water, it would run over and wag its tail happy around him.

Later, when it recovered some battle strength, it went out to hunt with Ye Fan, helping him to find food.

The human and dog quickly established a deep relationship.

When Ye Fan decided to leave the cave and venture far away, the dog shaped beast emperor followed suit.

"This is the eighth day, why has Ye Fan not appeared yet?" At jade dragon river, Fang Yuan was anxious.

In about five to six days, Hei Lou Lan would be undergoing tribulation.

By then, Fang Yuan needed to defend her, not only to help her survive the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity, but also to deal with the combined attacks of the rank seven Gu Immortal Hei Cheng, and the rank six Gu Immortal Xue Song Zi.

To estimate a Gu Immortal's battle strength, there were many elements to consider, but the most crucial four were — immortal essence, killer moves, Immortal Gu, and the Gu Immortal's personal attainment in fighting.

During his northern plains trip, Tai Bai Yun Sheng who had newly advanced to a Gu Immortal was at the bottom of all rank six Gu Immortals in terms of battle strength.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng had immortal essence and healing Immortal Gu, but he did not have killer moves or sufficient mortal Gu. Most importantly, his personal attainment in fighting was terrible.

Thus, he was heavily suppressed by Hei Lou Lan who had the Great Strength True Martial Physique.

Right now, Fang Yuan had little immortal essence, although he had many Immortal Gu, they were all waiting to be fed and it would be difficult for them to bear immediate use. Even though he had the killer moves icy drill stardust, light illusion bat wings, and hair armor, during his normal form, his battle strength was only at the upper-tier of rank six. But if he used the immortal killer move myriad self, his battle strength would reach the peak of rank six.

Fang Yuan defeated the western desert Gu Immortal Plump Lady, her battle strength was also at the upper-tier of rank six. She had three powerful mortal killer moves, especially in the end when she used the movement killer move to escape, Fang Yuan could not even catch up to her.

But Fang Yuan had the immortal zombie body, together with light illusion bat wings and hair armor cooperating together, the most important part was his ruthless and rich battle talent, that resulted in Plump Lady's battle intent dissipating, and she could only run.

Xue Song Zi's battle strength was also at the upper-tier of rank six.

He was a rich person among Gu Immortals, even though he lost a huge sum in funding Ma tribe, he still had thick foundations, he did not lack immortal essence. According to Fairy Li Shan's information, he had collected a lot of killer moves long ago, as someone from the demonic path, he had always focused on battle strength, his attainment in fighting was also not ordinary.

Xue Song Zi, all in all, was an experienced Gu Immortal, if Fang Yuan did not use myriad self and Immortal Gu to fight with him, the result would be unclear.

Meanwhile, Hei Cheng's battle strength was at the middle-tier of rank seven!

Compared to Xue Song Zi and Hei Bai, Hei Cheng's rank seven blessed land had greater qualifications, it produced red date immortal essence that was one rank higher than green grape immortal essence.

He was a Gu Immortal of a Huang Jin tribe, he did not lack killer moves. He had the Immortal Gu Dark Arrow since a long time ago. According to Fairy Li Shan's information, Hei Cheng had fought and obtained an Immortal Gu in northern plains several months ago, as to what Gu it was, Hei Cheng did not expose it.

Speaking of Hei Cheng's battle records, they was not ordinary, he had fought against several righteous path Gu Immortals, and even fought to the death with demonic path Gu Immortals, he had killed several demonic path Gu Immortals.

Hei Cheng did not lack immortal essence and killer moves, he had uncommon fighting attainment, and only lacked Immortal Gu, if he had one or two more Immortal Gu to use in battle, his battle strength would rise to the upper-tier of rank seven.

Although Fang Yuan had fought with Hei Cheng once before, it was for an extremely short time and Fang Yuan did not fight him directly, his goal was to retreat with Hei Lou Lan.

Honestly speaking, although Fang Yuan had many Immortal Gu, there was not a single one that was used for attack or defense. When the dark arrows were shot out, Fang Yuan could only dodge and not take them directly. Thankfully, with cleanse soul Immortal Gu as the core Gu of the killer move myriad self, Fang Yuan had his own immortal killer move.

Precisely because of this trump card, Fang Yuan had the qualifications to fight one on one with Hei Cheng

Fang Yuan compared the battle strength of both sides, he was clear in his heart. Hei Lou Lan's impending tribulation would bring great pressure to Fang Yuan.

"Ye Fan has not arrived here yet, I have less time to prepare for when Hei Lou Lan undergoes tribulation now. Maybe I should give up on waiting and return to Hu Immortal blessed land to make preparations, and try to raise my battle strength to the limit."

After waiting for so many days, Fang Yuan's heart was wavering.

Especially when he recalled that the last two times he attempted a luck connection, accidents occurred, causing them to fail. During Han Li's attempt, Plump Lady appeared and fought with Fang Yuan, only after he showed off his ruthlessness did she run away. When he did it with Hong Yi, Hei Lou Lan was being assaulted and Fang Yuan had no choice but to save her instead.

"Don't tell me that this time, when I attempted to connect my luck to Ye Fan, an accident occurred again? But this time, it did not happen to me but Ye Fan instead?"

Fang Yuan's guess hit the nail on the head.

Luck was ever changing, it was like tides, rising and falling at times.

There could be great fortune after surviving a near death experience, after Fang Yuan escaped with his life from the wind veil of assimilation, his black coffin luck had dissipated by half.

And after that, he connected his luck to Han Li and Hong Yi, they were all chosen due to their strong luck, only inferior to Ma Hong Yun. Fang Yuan's luck thus improved drastically.

This time, when he tried to connect to Ye Fan's luck, the contest of luck between the two no longer resulted in Fang Yuan encountering trouble, but instead, Ye Fan's luck was induced to avoid him, and give Ye Fan an opportunity to dodge this crisis.

Ye Fan made good use of this opportunity, dragging on time for seven days and seven nights, and subduing a beast emperor.

But it was a pity, when he got close to jade dragon river, Fang Yuan's heart had only wavered, he had not left.

"Oh? This dog emperor beside Ye Fan, isn't it that Ying Ming inside Three Kings blessed land? It actually survived, and is following Ye Fan now?" Fang Yuan recognized the dog emperor, he felt a little surprised.

This was something not recorded in 'Biography of Ye Fan'.

The luck connection to Ye Fan was very successful, there were no accidents, or rather, Ye Fan's lateness was already the accident.

Ye Fan was much weaker in strength, from start to finish he did not discover Fang Yuan or his scheme against him. This proved once again: Good and bad luck are not decisive elements, as long as one's strength was sufficient, they could resist bad luck and grab onto opportunities.

Ye Fan's luck was rather special as well.

His luck had a coffin.

But this coffin was not like Fang Yuan's black coffin. It was bronze and ancient, mysterious with nine dragons of luck guarding the surroundings of the coffin.

After connecting to Fang Yuan's luck, the nine dragons shrunk to four, and the bronze coffin was half as big as before.

Fang Yuan was satisfied with this result.

Ye Fan's luck had shrunk in half, but a large portion still remained.

"Hong Yi, Han Li, and Ye Fan's luck have been connected to mine, the four portions of luck are equally distributed. Ye Fan's current luck is at the same intensity as mine, Han Li and Hong Yi."

After going through so much, Fang Yuan had finally settled the second weakness of Spring Autumn Cicada.

Not only was his absolutely terrible luck gone, it was even better than ordinary people, he could be said to be a person with strong luck.

"It is a pity that such candidates are hard to find. Although there are still a few in my memories, they have not been born yet." Fang Yuan sighed out in pity, targets with thick and sustainable luck were very rare, at this point in time, Fang Yuan could find only these three.

At this moment, the matter regarding luck connection had come to an end, Fang Yuan looked at Ye Fan getting close to the river inheritance as he smiled lightly.

With a flash of jade light, he vanished.


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