Reverend Insanity
680 Zhi Forest, Earth Horse
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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680 Zhi Forest, Earth Horse

Hong Yi had decided long ago, he was going to use rewind Gu to deal with his opponent's defensive Gu.

As long as the other party did not use two defensive Gu at the same time, Hong Yi would just need to hit the opponent's body with one strike to heavily injure him, obtaining victory.

But if the opponent had two defensive Gu activated at the same time, Hong Yi would not go on the offensive immediately, he would start a drawn out battle. The enemy would definitely expend primeval essence faster than him if he uses two defensive Gu.

One could say, with this Gu in Hong Yi's hands, he had a great advantage, he was most likely the winner of this competition.

"If I get first, mother's memorial tablet would be placed in the ancestral hall, she would be given a proper status. Hmm?"

Suddenly, Hong Yi frowned, for one instant, he felt like his heart was empty, like something precious had been stolen from him.

"Don't tell me, because my wish is finally going to be fulfilled, I am starting to feel apprehensive? There is nothing valuable on me besides rewind Gu, what could be worth stealing?"

Hong Yi shook his head, he laughed bitterly, forgetting that weird sensation he felt earlier.

Far away in the valley, Fang Yuan breathed out deeply: "Connect Luck succeeded."

For the luck connection this time, he purposely made the best use of his time, rushing here immediately after resting in Hu Immortal blessed land for a while, thus, he did not come across any surprising disturbances.

Fang Yuan used luck inspection Gu to check Hong Yi's luck.

His luck was previously milky white color, it was very special, giving people a feeling of vigor and vitality. His luck was gathered into a lump, forming the tall image of a scholar sitting and reading. The scholar's image was rather similar to Hong Yi, he had a lively expression.

But after connecting with Fang Yuan, this white scholar luck shrunk, it was not even thirty percent of the original.

The scholar's clean and smooth robe became a tattered shirt with random patches sewed onto it everywhere to maintain it. It was like a rich young master had turned into a poor man's child, a pitiful student. His expression was not so lively anymore, his face was thinner and his expression was darker, like he had experienced a terrible encounter.

"It seems that connecting my luck to these targets had its use. When I connected my luck to Han Li, I almost killed him. But this time, the connection to Hong Yi did not cause his luck to become deathly luck. It seems my own luck has improved greatly." Fang Yuan was gratified in his mind.

Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly felt a tug in his heart. He found two hidden Gu Masters lurking in this valley.

In order to undergo the luck connection, Fang Yuan had set up many Gu worms near Universal Life Academy's valley. On one hand, he wanted to conceal the aura of the Immortal Gu, but it was also to surveil the surroundings and provide early warnings to him.

One could say that the entire valley was under Fang Yuan's supervision.

Fang Yuan closed his eyes and concentrated.

These two hidden Gu Masters were not weak, they were rank five Gu Masters.

They were at the other end of the valley, secretly moving while talking softly.

"Sect Leader Fan Yi, are you sure that there is a zhi forest and earth horses underneath the surface of this valley?"

"Valley Lord Yuan Bai, there is no mistake, I saw it personally! Don't be anxious, follow me into the cavern, when you see it for yourself, won't you believe me?"

"Hmph, this is the territory of Universal Life Academy, if the principal of Universal Life Academy, Hong Xuan Ji, discovers us, we will be forced to bear the consequences of failure."

"Although Hong Xuan Ji is strong, he is lacking in investigative methods, otherwise, he would've found the great resources lying here already. We are intentionally hiding ourselves while he is unaware, how can he discover us?"

"Sigh, if we are discovered, our reputations would be ruined, the leaders of two sects venturing into Universal Life Academy late at night."


Fang Yuan heard the entirety of their conversation.

"Zhi forest, earth horses?" He thought.

Zhi forests grew underground, usually for dozens of li. The lingzhi inside were as large as trees, their meat was plump and juicy, they could be fed to Gu worms, used as Gu refinement materials or sold.

Earth horses were mutated beasts native to zhi forests. There were usually two or three in a single portion of zhi forest, they lived as a family. The hoof of the earth horse was the main ingredient of the rank five earth escape Gu. The eyes of the earth horse could refine the x-ray vision Gu, the tail hair of the earth horse could refine the smoke dust Gu.

The earth horse's body was full of treasures, it was no wonder the two rank five Gu Masters, Valley Lord Yuan Bai and Sect Leader Fan Yi, were interested.

But to Fang Yuan, the earth horses and zhi forest did not have any appeal.

An earth horse was a mutated beast that could be on par with a myriad beast king. But a family of earth horses was only two to three myriad beast kings. There were many people selling zhi forests in treasure yellow heaven, it was a common good and did not even require immortal essence stones to purchase.

"But for Universal Life Academy, the underground zhi forest is a huge benefit and an important stockpile of resources. Unfortunately, they are still kept in the dark now."

Fang Yuan thought about it, he followed behind the two rank five Gu Masters from afar, successfully entering the underground zhi forest.

As he estimated, this was an ordinary zhi forest, it was about ten li in size, and there were three earth horses. They were a family living in the zhi forest.

"What a huge zhi forest!" Sect Leader Fan Yi exclaimed as he walked in the forest.

"This is a land of treasures, why did it not appear in my valley? Sigh!" Valley Lord Yuan Bai touched the branches of the lingzhi, saying in jealousy.

Fang Yuan took a detour around them and got to the center of the zhi forest.

There was the largest lingzhi here, it was six meters tall, reaching the ceiling of the cave. The flesh of the lingzhi was like a huge umbrella, spreading out in a circular manner.

This was the lingzhi king.

Fang Yuan lowered his head and came to the lingzhi king.

Next to the lingzhi king, there were three earth horses guarding it, along with some metal consuming ant groups. Among the ant groups, there were some wild metal path Gu, and the lingzhi king also had some wild wood path Gu worms.

But these were all mortal, Fang Yuan did not conceal his immortal zombie aura, he came here without any obstruction.

Fang Yuan stretched out one monstrous claw, grabbing the stalk of the lingzhi king.

The lingzhi king trembled intensely, causing the ceiling of the cave to shake and debris to fall. The earth horses were suppressed by Fang Yuan's immortal zombie aura, they did not dare to get close, and only made cries from afar.

After Fang Yuan searched for a while, he pulled back his zombie claw.

In his monstrous claw, there was a heart.

This was the lingzhi king's heart, it was soft and hot, the surface was milky white, this was completely made of lingzhi flesh and gave off a meaty fragrance.

"As long as I plant this lingzhi king's heart, soon, a new forest will form." Fang Yuan took the treasure from right under their noses.

The soil of Hu Immortal blessed land was not suited to plant large areas of zhi forests. But to sustain a small area of it, there were no issues, of course, there were also not much benefits in doing so.

Fang Yuan was doing this purely for fun.

As for this huge zhi forest and the earth horses, Fang Yuan had no need for them. It was troublesome and time consuming to move them into Hu Immortal blessed land, he would rather purchase them directly in treasure yellow heaven if needed, it was more convenient.

After losing the heart, the lingzhi king would not die, but the zhi forest would stop growing, it would have to recuperate for over a decade.

"What sound is that?" Far away, Yuan Bai and Fan Yi glanced at each other, Fang Yuan taking away the lingzhi king's heart caused quite a commotion, along with the wailing horses.

But when Yuan Bai and Fan Yi got to the lingzhi king, Fang Yuan had vanished without a trace, he had left.

The remaining earth horse family exerted their anger and furious emotions on the two of them instead.

The intense battle quickly attracted the attention of Universal Life Academy.

Hong Xuan Ji lead a band of Gu Masters and rushed here, in shock and joy.

Yuan Bai and Fan Yi sighed in their hearts, feeling extremely unlucky.

After an intense battle, Hong Xuan Ji chased away Yuan Bai and Fan Yi, he gave orders to the elders of the academy who were in ecstasy: "The matter of the zhi forest is extremely important, from today onwards, we will halt the sect competition, and call back the disciples and elders who are out on missions. From now on, there will certainly be difficulties, Yuan Bai and Fan Yi are sure to gather other sects to exert pressure on us. We have to defend this zhi forest, it is our foundation to rise up!"

""Yes, lord principal!" The Gu Masters responded.

On the other hand, Hong Yi, who was sound asleep, had no idea that the sect competition that he was looking forward to had been canceled.

His desire to give his mother a proper status, that dream was going to have to be delayed for a long time.

Swish swish swish…

Waves were crashing on Fang Yuan's face, but such mild force could not make him feel anything.

This place was not in central continent, it was in southern border.

The river before him was the number two river of southern border — Jade Dragon River.

Southern border had three great rivers, the first was red dragon river, the second was jade dragon river, and the third was yellow dragon river.

Red dragon river had water red as blood, jade dragon river had green waves in it, while yellow dragon river was something Fang Yuan had traveled on in this life, it was yellow in color and had the most sediments.

Fang Yuan toyed with the lingzhi king's heart in his hands, after taking this heart, he did not leave immediately using Fixed Immortal Travel, he went to a corner of the valley and left behind many Gu worms before activating Fixed Immortal Travel.

These Gu worms all self-detonated as he was leaving, eliminating the aura of Fixed Immortal Travel, by doing this he could avoid anyone tracing him.

Right now, he was waiting for a person.

This person was another one of his targets, he had amazing luck and many fortuitous encounters, rising to a legend from a nobody. During the five regions chaotic war, he was a rank seven Gu Immortal, a famous person on the same level as Hong Yi and Han Li.

But different from Han Li who joined a clan later, and Hong Yi who was a member of a sect, this person was a lone cultivator from start to finish, he had several good friends and family, but he did not join a particular force.

When Fang Yuan was about to self-detonate in his previous life, there were rumors that central continent's Heavenly Court was about to recruit him.

As for whether this information was true or not, Fang Yuan had no way to verify it.

But now that Fang Yuan had been reborn, that was not important.

"In my memories, this person had been ostracized his entire life after his clan banished him. By this riverside, he obtained the inheritance of a rank four Gu Master, it was just enough for him to use. Using this inheritance, he earned a living while repelling the dangers of the wild. He grew stronger step by step, grabbing onto a huge opportunity and obtaining the black yellow mother qi Gu, the inheritance of a daoist master, he won nine out of ten times when rock gambling, and dominated all of the southern border gambling dens."

Fang Yuan recalled.

He knew this place due to the 'Biography of Ye Fan'. Every important person's history was usually recorded down in words and pictures.

Ye Fan was Fang Yuan's target this time.

And here was the start of Ye Fan's rise. Tonight, he would have his first fortuitous encounter.


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