Reverend Insanity
679 Immortal Gu is hungry
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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679 Immortal Gu is hungry

Fang Yuan thought a moment and said to Fairy Li Shan: "I will take this poison breath killer move and the ancient Gu recipe. How many immortal essence stones for them?"

Fairy Li Shan replied: "Poison breath is two immortal essence stones and the group strength Gu's recipe is two immortal essence stones as well, so altogether it is four immortal essence stones."

Fang Yuan nodded, agreeing with Fairy Li Shan's quotation.

Poison breath was not an ordinary killer move and was indeed worth two immortal essence stones.

Group strength Gu might only be a rank five mortal Gu, but it was already extinct and as such its high price of two immortal essence stones was normal.

Fairy Li Shan took out three things, but this group strength Gu recipe which was the most unremarkable among them had the greatest attraction to Fang Yuan.

However, although the offer was fair, Fang Yuan was low in cash and wanted to haggle to save as many immortal essence stones as possible.

Thereupon, he said: "This group strength Gu recipe might be rare but it is an ancient Gu recipe; the refinement materials are very ancient and are now hard to find."

Fairy Li Shan smiled: "Fang Yuan, I have already considered this. I had originally planned to give this group strength Gu to Little Lan, the reason I am selling it to you now is because the main material in refining this Gu, stone monkey fur, has recently appeared in the market."

Hei Lou Lan added: "Right, in treasure yellow heaven, a Gu Immortal by the name of Shi Lei who calls himself Immortal Monkey King has managed to research and produce stone monkey fur in his blessed land. This Gu refinement material that had been extinct for countless years has now actually reappeared in his hands, causing quite a big commotion in treasure yellow heaven." 

"In group strength Gu's recipe, the rarest material is stone monkey fur, while the others might be rare but as long as you look for them, you will be able to buy them, search for them or find substitutes using your own refinement path foundation."

The implied meaning of this was that no haggling would be accepted.

Fang Yuan was not discouraged: "Stone monkey fur? This ancient material might have reappeared now but it is entirely monopolized by Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei, the price will definitely not be cheap, right?"

"There is an old saying, 'good things are not cheap'. Fang Yuan, I have personally witnessed your immortal killer move, myriad self, and I still remember its astonishing might. There is no need for us to continue probing each other, group strength Gu is worth much more to you than to normal Gu Immortals. Two immortal essence stones is already quite cheap." Hei Lou Lan refused to yield any benefits.

If the other party understands you clearly, the situation would be rather troublesome to deal with.

However, Hei Lou Lan was right as well, four immortal essence stones in total was a fair price.

Fairy Li Shan did not cheat Fang Yuan of immortal essence stones, but she would not incur losses as well.

"Alright." Fang Yuan observed the situation and did not persist. Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan were not Lang Ya land spirit, excessive haggling would only be insulting their intelligence.

Both sides completed the transaction shortly afterwards.

Fang Yuan obtained the poison breath killer move and the ancient group strength Gu's recipe, as well as four immortal essence stones.

As for the movement killer move, Kong Sheng Tian, it was not suitable for Fang Yuan.

Kong Sheng Tian opened all the pores in one's body from which air would shoot out and propel the body. This killer move had extreme speed and could also give great flexibility in changing direction.

However, the opening of the pores in the whole body would greatly reduce Fang Yuan's defense.

Moreover, Fang Yuan's defensive killer move, hair armor, covered the whole body without leaving behind any gaps. If Kong Sheng Tian was used, he would not be able to use hair armor. If he used hair armor, Kong Sheng Tian could not be used.

These two were not compatible.

Fang Yuan thus gave up on the killer move Kong Sheng Tian.

His quantity of immortal essence stones increased to nineteen and a half, but he had huge pressure in converting them to green grape immortal essence and feeding his Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan was still lacking in cash and could not casually buy the relatively useless killer move.

When leaving, Fang Yuan did not extravagantly use Fixed Immortal Travel, instead opting to use a stargate.

Before leaving, he checked Hei Lou Lan's luck.

Hei Lou Lan was at rank five peak stage, her luck could be perceived by the rank five luck inspection Gu.

Hei Lou Lan's luck had already recovered from the extremely low state when she went against Ma Hong Yun. Her luck was like a giant pillar with the color of an azure sky, giving a feeling of being long lasting.

"Hei Lou Lan's luck clearly is at the level of Han Li's and Hong Yi's. From this, it seems her Gu Immortal advancement has a high probability of succeeding. But one can't just look at luck in everything, otherwise why would Hei Lou Lan die so suddenly in my previous life? One's luck might be good, but it depends on whether they can grasp it. Now it seems, Hei Cheng might be involved in Hei Lou Lan's unexpected death?"

Although Hei Lou Lan's luck was strong, it was written in detail in the Snowy Mountain Alliance that allies could not intentionally inflict harm to each other.

Fang Yuan was plagued with bad luck, and connecting his luck with her's would mean having an intent to harm.

Moreover, according to his previous life's memories, Fang Yuan was not too optimistic of Hei Lou Lan's future. Fang Yuan did not have break luck Gu, thus he could not carelessly connect luck and must choose his targets carefully.

Back in Hu Immortal Blessed Land, Fang Yuan took out eight immortal essence stones and converted them to his own green grape immortal essence.

He had used Fixed Immortal Travel many times, going back and forth from western desert, central continent, eastern sea and northern plains. He also used worldly wave trace Gu in the fight against Hei Cheng, using up a total of six green grape immortal essence.

He originally had seventeen green grape immortal essence beads, but only eleven remained now.

In consideration of the frequent battles recently, Fang Yuan refined eight immortal essence stones and increased his green grape immortal essence to nineteen beads.

With this, the amount of immortal essence stones on Fang Yuan was eleven and a half.

Fang Yuan reviewed his battle with Hei Cheng and felt satisfied about it.

Whether the result was victory or defeat was of no concern to Fang Yuan. He would not become angry or feel humiliated just because of failure. He would also not feel overjoyed and arrogant because of victory.

What he prioritized were the gains and losses.

He used up four beads of green grape immortal essence in this battle, but was able to obtain even more trust from Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan. At the same time, he also obtained four immortal essence stones, the poison breath killer move and group strength Gu's recipe.

He had clearly made a good profit.

"But if I were to speak of a loss, it would be worldly wave trace Immortal Gu." Fang Yuan took out the Immortal Gu Worldly Wave Trace.

Right now, the Immortal Gu's aura was no longer as stable as before and revealed a trace of weakness.

The Gu worm did not have a healthy luster, instead appearing dark and gloomy.

Fang Yuan was aware of why: "Worldly wave trace Gu was not fed properly back at Imperial Court blessed land. When the wind veil of assimilation appeared, Mo Yao's will activated Water Pavilion to battle, and after I obtained her Gu worms, I activated this Immortal Gu several times. It has already reached a certain limit and need to be fed. If it is still not fed and I activate it excessively, it might die from hunger."

Worldly wave trace Gu was the first Immortal Gu in Fang Yuan's possession that was 'crying of hunger'.

It could be foreseen that as time passed, many more Immortal Gu would cry out in hunger and would need to be fed.

However, worldly wave trace Gu's food was tens of thousands of underworld jellyfish and thousands of deepsea lightning eels.

Fang Yuan inquired Little Hu Immortal land spirit. After Tai Bai Yun Sheng left, the land spirit took over Tai Bai Yun Sheng's work of paying attention to movements in treasure yellow heaven.

However, although Fang Yuan had taken the initiative to post requests for the goods in treasure yellow heaven, there were few who responded.

This was not a highly commercialized society like that on Earth, the economy here was not developed and one could not buy whatever they wanted to buy.

Fang Yuan used moving perspective cup Gu to send a letter to Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng gave him a piece of good news. He had already arrived at Hai Shi blessed land and smoothly got into contact with some Gu Immortals, moreover, he also saw someone selling underworld jellyfishes in Hai Shi blessed land.

Only deepsea lightning eels were rarely seen as Gu Immortals had to enter the deep sea to capture them, which was not only dangerous, the sea areas where they were abundant were already controlled by Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance.

Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance housed the headquarters of Zombie Alliance within all five regions. They were very powerful, a level stronger than even the super forces of eastern sea.

Thus, Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance was domineering and rampant in their actions. They blockaded several large sea regions and controlled the large numbers of resources within themselves.

This maintained and fostered their strength, making them become even more domineering to others.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng suggested Fang Yuan to join Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance and then purchase the deepsea lightning eels internally. This was not only convenient, the price within Zombie Alliance would also be cheaper than outside.

Fang Yuan was moved but he had ascended to Gu Immortal in northern plains, his immortal aperture had northern plains' heaven and earth qi.

There were differences between the heaven and earth qi of the five regions. With just a simple test, one's origins would be clear.

It was not impossible for Fang Yuan to join Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance with the status of a northern plains immortal zombie status. But he had to join Northern Plains Zombie Alliance for his major plan.

This major plan had huge prospective yield, and Fang Yuan had been thinking of risking an act of disguise even if he was not an immortal zombie to join Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

However, as an immortal zombie now, it was no doubt much more convenient to join Northern Plains Zombie Alliance.

"Joining Eastern Sea Zombie Alliance might make it convenient to purchase lightning eels, but if Tai Bai Yun Sheng is given some time to make connections, he would be able to purchase them, just that the price might be a bit higher. Although I won't be able to activate worldly wave trace Gu as much as I wish, it should hold on for some time." Fang Yuan was not willing to give up on his major plan, thus he refused Tai Bai Yun Sheng's suggestion in the end.

After resting and reorganizing for a while in Hu Immortal Blessed Land, Fang Yuan activated Fixed Immortal Travel to arrive at central continent again.

Universal Life Academy was located in mountain valley, and under the curtain of night, lights were lit up, making it appear quiet and tranquil.

Hong Yi was sitting cross-legged on the bed, finishing his daily routine of nourishing his aperture. He opened his eyes, his pupils shining brightly, revealing a look of expectation and excitement.

"I have placed in the top ten in today's competition without even having to reveal my true strength. Heaven is helping me, letting me coincidentally get a bye in the competition. People are treating me as just a lucky fellow. Tomorrow is the competition of the ten strongest, they will underestimate me and won't expect my true strength. The day after tomorrow is the decisive battle, as long as I use this Gu to break the opponent's defense, there is no need to mention what will happen next."

As he thought of this, Hong Yi took out a rank two Gu worm, Rewind. This was an extremely rare time path Gu worm which could be used to both attack and defend, its ability was to rewind an enemy's Gu worm to its state before the activation.

For instance, the enemy condensed a fire ball, but under rewind Gu's power, the Gu worm would return back to before activation and the fire ball would disappear.

However, rewind Gu had extremely huge demand on primeval essence; even Hong Yi with his A-grade aperture and over ninety percent primeval essence could only activate it once.


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