Reverend Insanity
678 Number Four in the List of Mystical Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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678 Number Four in the List of Mystical Gu

"Another Immortal Gu!" Xue Song Zi's expression changed, his gaze was heated, looking extremely jealous and envious.

To think that in order to obtain wooden chicken Immortal Gu, he spent so much effort in scheming, yet his plans still failed him.

The immortal zombie in front of him actually had Immortal Gu, which most ordinary Gu Immortals did not have, and he even had two!

"Hehehe, Hei Cheng, Xue Song Zi, that will be all for today. Enjoy your life from now on, because you do not have much time left." Fang Yuan's tone was chilling.

He stepped on the flying wave, at the same time, a jade green light flashed on his body.

Three breaths of time later, Fixed Immortal Travel carried him across space, leaving this battlefield.

Two dark arrows arrived at his former location, only hitting the last trace of jade light remaining.

"Oh no, they ran away!" Xue Song Zi's expression was extremely ugly, he questioned Hei Cheng: "Aren't you a rank seven Gu Immortal? Why couldn't you stop them!"

"Xue Song Zi, mind your tone." Hei Cheng was expressionless, he gave Xue Song Zi a cold glance.

Xue Song Zi was pressured by Hei Cheng's grand aura, his expression became less overbearing.

Hei Cheng spoke calmly: "The other party has two movement Immortal Gu, unless we have an Immortal Gu that can seal the environment, we can only watch them escape. However, the tracing method I used on Hei Lou Lan is extremely secretive, it is a killer move at the peak of the mortal level. As long as she shows up in northern plains again, I will detect her."

"Also, this was not a fruitless trip, we have already found out that Hei Lou Lan has a force backing her. Without help, there is no way she could've reached this stage. I just did not expect an immortal zombie with two movement Immortal Gu to show up. It seems the force behind Hei Lou Lan is not simple at all. Hehe, the situation is getting interesting."

Saying this, Hei Cheng showed a faint smile, he felt no dejection after this loss.

He did not strike against Hei Lou Lan, on one hand, he was wary of her self-detonation, on the other hand, he wanted to draw out her mysterious backer.

"What are you saying?" Xue Song Zi's gaze focused.

"Immortal zombies are often the result of Gu Immortals who are forced by circumstances when they have no way of extending their lifespan. Do you think this immortal zombie is truly the person supporting Hei Lou Lan behind the scenes?" Hei Cheng asked with deep meaning.

Fang Yuan did not fight against them, he only displayed his flying master attainment when he dodged the dark arrows.

But this attainment was nothing special for Gu Immortals who had lived for hundreds of years.

At this moment, Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi did not know Fang Yuan's true battle strength, and Fang Yuan did not receive much of their attention, they thought he was a normal immortal zombie.

Xue Song Zi's gaze flickered: "I understand what you mean. This immortal zombie is not the crucial person, his two movement Immortal Gu are most likely loaned to him by others."

Hei Cheng nodded: "That's right, this mysterious person is likely to be someone we know. They sent an unfamiliar immortal zombie over here to help, that means it was not convenient for them to appear."

"This mysterious person is leaving no clues for us, how will we investigate?" Xue Song Zi felt a headache, an enemy hiding in the dark was the most troublesome kind, not only did he feel restrained, he did not know who to trust and who to target.

"They have already shown a flaw." Hei Cheng laughed loudly: "Be it Fixed Immortal Travel or Worldly Wave Trace, they are both related to central continent. Such an obvious clue is enough for us to discover many things. As long as I can uncover the true identity of that person, I will be able to take them down all at once!"

Saying this, Hei Cheng showed a ruthless expression on his face.

Fixed Immortal Travel brought Fang Yuan back to Fairy Li Shan's residence.

"Little Lan, how are your injuries?" Seeing that Hei Lou Lan was leaving Fang Yuan's immortal aperture while covered in blood, Fairy Li Shan was very nervous, she quickly went over and checked.

"Little aunt, it is not a problem. That scoundrel did not attack me seriously, he was only putting on a show." Hei Lou Lan laughed, as if she was not the one injured.

Fairy Li Shan's heart was eased, she let out a breath of turbid air: "It seems that your guess is right, Little Lan, that scoundrel really planted some tracking method on your body. This method is extremely well hidden, we could not find it even after searching intensely several times."

Fang Yuan heard this and his gaze turned cold, he looked at Hei Lou Lan closely: "That is to say, you were discovered by Hei Cheng on purpose?"

"I would not say it was on purpose." Hei Lou Lan looked into Fang Yuan's eyes without any fear: "Earlier, little aunt found some crucial information, it was regarding the whereabouts of Ma Hong Yun. Ma Hong Yun was taken away by a northern plains Gu Immortal, Qin Bai Sheng, his blessed land is situated in crimson reed marsh. I went there intending to sneak into the blessed land and see if the information was true. I didn't expect that Hei Cheng was also nearby, the moment I stepped into crimson reed marsh, he detected me."

Fang Yuan nodded, he believed what Hei Lou Lan said.

Of course, this was not because he trusted Hei Lou Lan, but because this was part of the Snowy Mountain Alliance — allies could have personal secrets, but they could not lie. If you did not say it, then that is fine. But if you spoke, it had to be the truth, otherwise the oath would kill you.

"Ma Hong Yun, as his name suggests, has fortune that rivals heaven. If I connect my luck to him, it would be far more effective than Hong Yi and Han Li." Thinking of this, Fang Yuan asked: "How reliable is the information that Ma Hong Yun has been captured by Qin Bai Sheng?"

Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan looked at each other, as Fairy Li Shan said: "According to our analysis, there is a seventy percent chance that we can believe it. During the battle inside the wind veil of assimilation, dozens of Gu Immortals from the righteous and demonic path were involved. I was there at the time, it was a chaotic scene. After the battle, everyone had their own guesses on who captured Ma Hong Yun, and that resulted in dozens of small conflicts, but they were all proven to be wrong."

"This time, our information is different from the rumors, we have reason and evidence. Evidently, an insider had purposely leaked the information, Qin Bai Sheng is a rank seven lone cultivator Gu Immortal, he is a famous expert in the metal path, and also has his blessed land to defend himself. But Ma Hong Yun's matter involves Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's luck path true inheritance, this has too much of an attraction to northern plains' Gu Immortals. Especially when Qin Bai Sheng does not have the Huang Jin bloodline, everyone is jealous of him."

Fang Yuan nodded: "That is to say, this is a troublesome matter, if Ma Hong Yun was really captured by Qin Bai Sheng, then soon, a band of Gu Immortals are going to attack crimson reed marsh."

"That is exactly so!" Hei Lou Lan laughed heartily, her beautiful black pupils radiating with light: "The way I see it, this information should be true to a huge extent. Luckily, little aunt did not expose her identity this time, when the righteous and demonic Gu Immortals team up, they will need little aunt's mountain pledge Gu. At that time, we will be able to find a chance and intervene in this matter. If there is a chance for us to obtain the luck path true inheritance, we will strike. If not, we will take a step back, using the time in which that old scoundrel Hei Cheng is engaging in battle, I will have a chance to ascend to immortal!"

Hei Lou Lan was a formidable person, like Fang Yuan, she was very skilled in scheming.

Fang Yuan asked coldly: "Although this was the first time I met Hei Cheng, I can confirm that he is no simple character, if he refuses to join this, what will you do?"

To Hei Cheng, although the luck path true inheritance was important, it could not compare to his lifespan. There are so many people fighting for the luck path true inheritance, it is like a battle of tigers and wolves, he might as well stay uninvolved and settle the issue of Hei Lou Lan instead.

Fang Yuan's words directly addressed the problem, Hei Lou Lan's brows rose, she replied enthusiastically: "I do not have much time left, it has been fortunate I have had little aunt's help these recent days. In half a month, I will have to ascend regardless of the situation! If Hei Cheng comes to find trouble then, it will be a perfect time to deal with him once and for all!"

In her words, she had already disregarded the possibility of death, her fearless and resolute disposition was fully displayed.

"That means, there is a possibility I have to fight Hei Cheng? By then, we cannot escape, in order to protect you, I will to fight him head on?" Fang Yuan's gaze was uncertain.

Fairy Li Shan said: "Fang Yuan, don't forget, when a Gu Master ascends to the realm of immortal, there will be a huge influx of heaven and earth qi. Under that special environment, Hei Cheng's battle strength would be heavily suppressed. Little Lan's ascension is extremely important, I will be there personally. Together with Tai Bai Yun Sheng, we have three Gu Immortals on our side."

Hei Lou Lan replied graciously and understandingly: "Fang Yuan, in order to save me this time, you used Fixed Immortal Travel three times, and lost three green grape immortal essence beads. You also used one bead to activate worldly wave trace Gu, according to our alliance, you will be compensated twice the amount, that is eight immortal essence stones."

"That's right." Fang Yuan looked at Hei Lou Lan, it was so easy for intelligent people to communicate.

Fairy Li Shan spoke suddenly: "Eight immortal essence stones, I can give that to you right now. But I also have other things, Fang Yuan, perhaps you should take a look, you might be interested in them."

Saying this, she took out two killer moves and one Gu recipe.

Fang Yuan looked through them and was very interested.

Of the two killer moves, one was called 'poison breath', a poison path killer move. It could turn a Gu Immortal's breathing into a poisonous gas. The killer move had little strength, but its advantage was sustainability. If a long time passes, the Gu Immortal's surroundings would be covered in a layer of poisonous gas, it would unceasingly poison all the surrounding people and things.

But this killer move had a flaw, it was easy to hurt oneself. Especially an ordinary Gu Immortal's body, they needed to protect and heal their nostrils, throat, and lungs.

This weakness was non-existent to an immortal zombie like Fang Yuan.

The other killer move was called 'Kong Sheng Tian'. Kong Sheng Tian was the name of a person, he was the Gu Immortal who created this killer move. He was quite famous within Gu Master history, he controlled the number four Gu in the list of Top Ten Mystical Gu, qi escape Gu.

Spring Autumn Cicada was only ranked at seventh, while qi escape Gu was fourth, it was reverse refined from the legendary reputation Gu. In terms of flying speed in a straight line, it was the number one Gu in the world, no Gu was its match!

And this killer move was also a movement killer move. Back then, Kong Sheng Tian referred to qi escape Gu to create it. It could open the small pores on the Gu Immortal's body and blow out small air currents, causing the Gu Immortal to fly forward quickly. Not only was it fast, it could change directions very agilely.

The killer move Kong Sheng Tian was very suitable to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had a zombie's body, his body's pores were tough and durable, even if they were destroyed, his terrifying recovery speed would heal them quickly.

As for the Gu recipe, it was an ancient strength path Gu recipe, it could refine the rank five group strength Gu.

Undeniably, these three items had been collected by Fairy Li Shan for some time, they were specially prepared for Fang Yuan.

They were allies who had made an oath under Snowy Mountain, it was a good thing for Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan for Fang Yuan to be strong.


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