Reverend Insanity
677 First Battle with Hei Cheng
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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677 First Battle with Hei Cheng

"Lou Lan, stop running. You are my daughter, why would I harm you? Don't listen to other people's defamation. We as father and daughter have a huge misunderstanding. I admit, it is true that I have the yin-yang life extension method, but this method cannot harm lives. Your mother really passed away because of the earthly calamity." Hei Cheng floated in the air, using a tone like one who felt unjustly treated, trying to persuade Hei Lou Lan.

He wore a black robe and had fair skin, his eyes were dark and his face was like jade. He had beautiful facial features and gave off a vibrant aura, he was truly a famously handsome man among northern plains' Gu Immortals.

When he urged Hei Lou Lan, his tone was sincere, it was overflowing with emotions, coupled with his good looks, outsiders who did not know the details might have truly believed him.

But Hei Lou Lan already had clearly seen this man's true colors, she gritted her teeth: "Evil scum, who would believe your hypocritical lies? If the yin-yang life extension method really cannot harm lives, why don't you let me see it? Hehe, I believe that Xue Song Zi at your side will also be very interested."

Xue Song Zi was tall and thin, he wore blue clothes and his snowy-white hair extended to his feet, he stood beside Hei Cheng without saying a word.

He was a demonic path Gu Immortal, he controlled the seventh peak of Snowy Mountain blessed land. Earlier, he had sponsored Ma tribe and Ma tribe lost in the Imperial Court contest, thus he was heavily suppressed by Hei tribe.

Next, in order to obtain the strength path Immortal Gu, Hei Lou Lan exposed the secret of Hei Cheng causing harm to Su Xian Er to him.

Xue Song Zi thus had a secret weapon to restrain Hei Cheng.

Hei Lou Lan had wanted to use Xue Song Zi to ruin Hei Cheng's reputation, but to think that the two of them had actually ganged up.

Upon hearing this from Hei Lou Lan, Xue Song Zi's eyes moved about as he turned around towards Hei Cheng with much interest: "Maybe I can help your daughter evaluate it?"

Hei Cheng snorted, ignoring Xue Song Zi's words. He changed his attitude, his eyes shining with cold light as he spoke to Hei Lou Lan calmly: "Daughter, you do not know what is good for you."

Hei Lou Lan spat in response to his words, but what came out was blood.

She was in her true form now, she was bathed in blood as her armor was broken, she was in a pathetic state. Her gaze however, turned more ruthless as her killing intent boiled.

She showed a mocking expression on her face: "Father? Hehe, the grand righteous path rank seven Gu Immortal, Lord Hei Cheng, actually brought along a demonic path Gu Immortal with him to coerce his daughter. If this scene was shown to the world, I wonder what would happen?"

Hei Cheng was indifferent towards such mocking words, he smiled lightly and showed his deep and unfathomable shrewdness: "Lou Lan, you have nowhere to run. You have the Great Strength True Martial Physique, it is ten times as hard for you to become a Gu Immortal compared to normal people. Without my help, you cannot become a strength path Gu Immortal."

"Hmph, kill me if you have the guts!" Hei Lou Lan showed her fierce nature, her expression turned ruthless as her aura surged: "If you force my hand, I will self-detonate! I will let all your efforts go down the drain, when your plans fail, I wonder what you can do!"

Hei Cheng laughed: "If you die, how will you avenge your mother? You've endured this and lurked for so many years, painstakingly developing, wasn't it all for revenge? Unfortunately, mortal and immortals are worlds apart, even if you have one of the ten extreme physiques and are able to bully some bottom-tier rank six Gu Immortals. For you to kill me, a rank seven Gu Immortal, hmph, delusional!"

Although he said that, Hei Cheng still felt some agitation in his heart.

Hei Lou Lan pointed out Hei Cheng's concerns, although he had the Immortal Gu Dark Arrow, this Immortal Gu could only be used to attack.

Hei Cheng did not have capturing methods, if he forced her hand, and Hei Lou Lan self-detonates, he could not stop her.

Most importantly, such acts of harming his daughter could not be known to the public, he could only work in secret.

Otherwise, with Hei Cheng's reputation and influence in northern plains' righteous path, he could bring at least five to six Gu Immortals with him.

But now, he only brought Xue Song Zi.

And Xue Song Zi was a demonic path Gu Immortal of Snowy Mountain. He only would care about benefits and could not be trusted. Although he seemed to be an ally, Hei Cheng from the beginning was guarding against him.

Earlier, Hei Lou Lan had exposed his secret, after Xue Song Zi obtained this weakness, he did not expose it to the public.

Destroying Hei Cheng's reputation could decrease Hei tribe Gu Immortals' pressure on Xue Song Zi. But if he used it to threaten Hei Cheng, he would be able to gain more benefits.

Thus, before the wind veil of assimilation appeared, Xue Song Zi found Hei Cheng in person and threatened him with this secret.

Hei Cheng was stunned at that moment, his secret that had been hidden for so many years was known by an outsider, he almost lost his bearings.

But he was an old and shrewd person, he quickly calmed down and used his glib tongue to accede to a portion of Xue Song Zi's requests.

Next, Hei Cheng even urged Xue Song Zi to cooperate, as long as he assisted in the plan and it succeeded, he would gain more benefits.

Xue Song Zi gave an overbearing request, he was interested in the yin-yang life extension method.

Although Xue Song Zi was middle aged and also had lifespan Gu, who among Gu Immortals would not be interested in a life extension method?

Hei Cheng was furious and helpless, he could only agree for now.

Thus, Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi's seemingly united but internally divided alliance was formed.

Just as Hei Lou Lan, Hei Cheng and Xue Song Zi were at a stalemate, a bright jade green light burst out beside Hei Lou Lan.

The jade light dissipated, revealing Fang Yuan's huge body.

He was six meters tall and had eight arms, he had a green face and red eyes, his entire body was covered in a black shiny armor which had many spikes on it.

Facing strong foes, Fang Yuan did not dare to be careless, he first used the defensive killer move, hair armor, before using Fixed Immortal Travel to come here.

Although Fixed Immortal Travel could only transport humans, when Gu Masters use Gu worms, they can form clothes and armor, and would not have to teleport naked every time.

Back when Fang Yuan teleported from Three Kings blessed land to Hu Immortal blessed land, because he was short on time and did not have the relevant Gu worms, he had to teleport naked, and gave Feng Jin Huang an unforgettable experience.

"You are finally here." Hei Lou Lan saw that her reinforcement had arrived, her expression brightened.

"Which Gu Immortal is this? Who are you?!" Xue Song Zi quickly asked in shock.

Fang Yuan rapidly looked at the two in the air, his voice was hoarse as his surging killing intent was displayed: "The person who will kill you."

As he spoke nonsense with them, he transmitted to Hei Lou Lan: "Quick! We cannot stay here for long, enter my immortal aperture and I'll bring you away."

Hearing that Fang Yuan was trying to kill him, Xue Song Zi flew into a rage: "Such words."

Next to him, the Gu Immortal Hei Cheng reacted more quickly: "Attack! That Immortal Gu is Fixed Immortal Travel, he only needs three breaths of time to escape. We cannot give them any opportunities!"

As they spoke, Hei Lou Lan had already entered Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

Xue Song Zi's expression turned severe, he waved his sleeves and created a curved moon blade wheel that was the size of a horse carriage.

The blade wheel spun in the air, slashing at Fang Yuan.

Killer move — Icy Wind Blade Wheel!

The blade wheel made of ice was extremely sharp, it was oozing with frost energy and was extremely fast when pushed by the wind.

Before the blade wheel had reached him, Fang Yuan could feel the icy winds blowing on him.

"This killer move is very fierce, it has the essence of both ice and wind path, its value is at least three immortal essence stones!" Fang Yuan squinted, he logically chose to evade it.

Killer move — Light Illusion Bat Wings!

Two large phantom black bat wings appeared behind him, after the phantom wings flapped, they vanished.

Fang Yuan gained a huge boost in speed, he moved like lightning and flew sideways, dodging the icy wind blade wheel.

The blade wheel hit the ground, making a loud sound as it dug deep into the ground like cutting tofu.

On the grassland, the blade wheel carved out a huge trench, and ice that was tough as rocks formed on the sides of the trench.

Although Fang Yuan dodged the icy wind blade wheel, Hei Cheng's attack was right in front of him.

This was a very inconspicuous small black arrow.

The body of the arrow was short, it was about half a person's arm length, it was black and did not give out any aura of danger.

But precisely because of this, Fang Yuan was on extreme alert.

This was the attack of the Immortal Gu Dark Arrow.

Hei Cheng was experienced in battles, he was ruthless and used his trump card from the start!

Fang Yuan quickly activated his killer move, light illusion bat wings, but the black arrow was like a magnet attracted to him, it changed directions agilely and was fixed on Fang Yuan, he could not shrug it off at all.

Immortal Gu Dark Arrow's attack could home in on enemies and turn in different directions, its speed was fast. Even though Fang Yuan was a flying master, he could not shake it off. As the distance between him and the dark arrow shortened, he fell under greater threat!

Fang Yuan's defensive killer move, hair armor, although it had a high price to performance ratio, and was widely spread during the five regions chaotic war, it was only a mortal killer move, Dark Arrow could pierce it in one hit.

Even though Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body was strong, it could not resist the might of Dark Arrow.

Especially when this dark arrow ignored Fang Yuan's body, heart and other areas, only aiming for his sole weakness — his brain.

After becoming an immortal zombie, Fang Yuan's heart, throat, anus, and all other areas were no longer weak points in his body, even if they were destroyed, he would still function fine and would not take too much damage.

But his brain was different.

If his brain was destroyed, his mind would also perish. Fang Yuan would be unable to think, unable to act, and would be at his enemy's mercy.

Activating Fixed Immortal Travel required three breaths of time, but the dark arrow chased relentlessly, Fang Yuan did not have the time for it.

Fang Yuan moved around rapidly, the many mortal Gu that made up his killer move, light illusion bat wings, were starting to be worn down.

"It is over." Hei Cheng laughed coldly, waving his sleeves and shooting out another dark arrow.

"My dark arrow Immortal Gu is merely rank six and can only shoot out up to three dark arrows at the same time. No matter who you are, making me use two dark arrows to deal with you, it should be your honor." Hei Cheng looked at Fang Yuan struggling at the brink of death as he evaluated arrogantly.

"Hmph, what are you so proud of, I was just toying with you." Fang Yuan spoke in a hoarse voice and laughed suddenly.

Two dark arrows attacked him at once, he knew he could no longer avoid using green grape immortal essence, activating the Immortal Gu Worldly Wave Trace.


A huge wave appeared below Fang Yuan's feet.

The waves moved quickly, Fang Yuan stepped on them as he quickly created some distance from the dark arrows.

The power of an Immortal Gu was truly extraordinary.

Earlier, Fang Yuan had used light illusion bat wings no less than a hundred times, but he could not escape from the dark arrows. But right now, he had just used Worldly Wave Trace once and immediately moved far away from it.


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