Reverend Insanity
676 Human Medicine Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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676 Human Medicine Gu

Han Li woke up in his bed, he slowly regained consciousness and opened his eyes.

Beside his bed, his parents were kneeling on the ground, kowtowing to an elderly Gu Master non-stop, they were expressing their gratitude.

"Doctor Mo, thank you for saving our son!"

"Doctor Mo, we will remember your kindness for the rest of our lives!"

"Father, mother..." Han Li spoke with much difficulty, he muttered softly.

"My son, my precious son! You are finally awake!" Han Li's mother heard his voice and jumped onto the bed, crying from joy.

"Little rascal, you are finally awake! Quickly thank Doctor Mo, if he was not here by chance, you would have died." Han Li's father was overjoyed, he quickly reminded him.

"Doctor, Doctor Mo, thank you for saving my life." Han Li saw Doctor Mo and fear flashed across his eyes.

"Mm, I am the Gu Master that is stationed in Han village, it was natural for me to save you. You were lucky today, you met me when I was patrolling the village." Doctor Mo laughed.

Next, he left quietly while Han Li's parents were thanking him with all their hearts.

"Oh? This is interesting." Fang Yuan did not leave, he was lurking nearby, watching this scene.

After he succeeding in connecting their luck, Han Li's luck fell drastically, it rapidly turned into a thin layer of deathly black luck.

If Han Li was a Gu Master with ample strength, he could ignore this luck. But he was a mortal, and a weak child among mortals, he was immediately killed by the backlash of this deathly black luck, choking on his food.

Fang Yuan wanted to save him immediately.

He had large numbers of mortal healing Gu, a matter like choking could be easily resolved, he could be saved as long as a long time had not passed.

As long as a person is not dead, their luck would not stop. If Han Li died like this, Fang Yuan's disastrous luck would only be alleviated for the moment, but it would continue getting worse, the root of the problem would not be solved.

If Han Li was alive, then by connecting his luck to Fang Yuan's all the time, Fang Yuan's horrible luck would slowly improve.

But the moment he was about to make a move, a figure jumped out of a large house in the village, rushing towards Han Li's house.

Seeing the movement Gu he was using, this was evidently a rank two Gu Master.

Fang Yuan squinted his eyes, he silently got closer to the village, deciding to watch the event unfold.

When this rank two Gu Master arrived at Han Li's house, he straightened his clothes and pretended to be carefree, next he 'accidentally' discovered Han Li choking.

Because of the pleas of Han Li's parents, he saved Han Li and revived him.

"From their conversation, this Doctor Mo should be a healing Gu Master that is stationed in the village. But it seems that Han Li and this Doctor Mo have some secret connection." Fang Yuan thought.

In order to control mortals, Gu Master forces would send one or two Gu Masters to look after the respective villages in turns.

Like Gu Yue Jiang Ya on Qing Mao mountain, he was this kind of stationed Gu Master.

When Han Li and his family fell asleep, Fang Yuan sneaked into the house. He went to Han Li and used a mortal Gu, causing him to fall into deeper sleep.

Fang Yuan stretched out his eight huge arms, he searched all over Han Li's body and soon, he found something amiss.

There were quite a few Gu worms on Han Li's body, his entire body's flesh and blood seemed to be influenced by Gu worms.

These arrangements felt very familiar to Fang Yuan.

A weakness of a zombie was that their cognition would slow. Fang Yuan could not find the key point and had to use the wills he stored in his mind to assist in thinking.

He looked through his memories and soon found the truth: "It turns out this so called Doctor Mo is refining human medicine Gu."

This human medicine Gu is a rank three Gu. It uses a human child as the main refinement material, taking years to slowly nurture and grow.

Once the human medicine Gu was refined, it could only be used once to increase a person's lifespan, but it had huge drawbacks.

"That Doctor Mo is no longer young, it seems he wants to use human medicine Gu to increase his lifespan, thus he placed his sights on Han Li. No wonder Han Li could grab the leaves of the dagger grass without any gloves, that was because his body had already been modified secretly. This is also why Doctor Mo came over quickly when Han Li choked, that was because he had placed a Gu worm in Han Li's body that could monitor him. And finally, even though Han Li choked to death, he could still be revived easily, that was because the human medicine Gu's refinement process caused his vitality to increase greatly." Fang Yuan realized at once.

Even though he found out Doctor Mo's scheme, he did not do anything to stop him.

"If Doctor Mo mysteriously dies, Han village would definitely be investigated. If he does not die, in order to refine human medicine Gu, he would need to take good care of Han Li. There are still three to four years until human medicine Gu finishes refining, while I just need Han Li to be alive."

Fang Yuan activated luck inspection Gu again, checking Han Li's luck.

Ever since the luck connection had succeeded, Han Li's luck had fallen drastically, his special luck was gone, becoming like that of a normal mortal, a thin layer of luck resembling faint smoke.

Fang Yuan observed for a while, noticing that the black color in Han Li's luck had vanished, turning into a grey-white color.

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief.

He summed up his experiences this time to reach a conclusion: Black color represents death, without the black color in his luck, Han Li was in no danger of dying for the moment.

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, there could be great fortune after surviving a near death experience, after Han Li's crisis just now, his luck had been improving.

"Thinking about it, I narrowly survived a disaster in northern plains by relying on my own strength and schemes. Ever since I escaped from the wind veil of assimilation, half of my black coffin luck has most likely dissipated. But even so, Han Li was nearly killed by my luck. It seems I have to find a few more targets and connect our luck together.

Fang Yuan's gaze shined for a bit, in the end, he secretly placed some Gu worms on Han Li's body before leaving.

Using his superior methods, there was no way the rank two Doctor Mo could find them.

One day, if Doctor Mo tries to harm Han Li, he will definitely suffer severe consequences.

"Lad, I gave you three lifelines. From now on, you will have to rely on yourself. Hehe..."

Fang Yuan arrived silently, and left unnoticed, not leaving behind a single trace.

He first went far away from Sha Jing oasis, before activating Fixed Immortal Travel at an empty location.

At the next moment, he appeared in central continent.

A huge heavenly river flowed down from the sky, it flowed through the entirety of central continent, towards the eastern side of central continent, into eastern sea.

At the downstream parts of the heavenly river, because of the impact caused by the water, it formed a huge fertile plain.

There were abundant resources in the plain, people and nature flourished in abundance, countless small and middle sized sects were established here.

Among these sects, there was one small sect that was inconspicuous, but had quite the grand name, it was called Universal Life Academy.

Fang Yuan hid in a forest, observing them from afar.

The academy was in a mountain valley, there were only a few rooms here with only one square. It seems that they were currently holding a sect competition, as there were two stages in this square, with hundreds of Gu Masters watching below the stages.

This battle between mortal Gu Masters was extremely short, there was nothing too outstanding. But in the eyes of the spectators, it was extremely exciting.

Especially for the youngster, Hong Yi, who was standing among the crowd, this competition had great meaning.

"I have bull strength, tiger strength, and even obtained the Gu worm 'rewind' by chance, my battle strength is first-rate among rank two Gu Masters. During this competition, I must shock everyone with my skill and obtain the number one spot in the academy. This way, I can force my father to relent and place my mother's memorial tablet in the ancestral hall!" Hong Yi clenched his fists, deciding in his mind.

At the same time, Fang Yuan who was far away muttered with bright shining eyes: "Found you, Hong Yi."

This Hong Yi's luck was not worse than Han Li, he was also a rank seven legend that appeared during the five regions chaotic war. He cultivated strength and soul path, he had exemplary talent and was extremely skilled in self-creating killer moves.

He had many fortuitous encounters, he obtained the body of an ancient rockman king, he deciphered an inheritance left behind by Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, and even through a lucky coincidence managed to subdue an ancient desolate beast, white horn qilin, as his steed.

Even though he found his target, Fang Yuan did not strike immediately.

"Right now, this scene is in the middle of broad daylight, I will cause quite a commotion when I use Connect Luck, I might be discovered."

This was not Han village.

In Han village, there was only one rank two Gu Master stationed, but here, it was an entire sect full of Gu Masters.

Not only this, there were three to four other small to mid sized forces in the valley.

In this entire plain at the downstream of the heavenly river, there were countless sects. Among these mortals, there were even some lone cultivator Gu Immortals. These Gu Immortals were all creators of the sects, if Fang Yuan used connect luck Immortal Gu here, he might be discovered by them.

"I can only wait until night when everyone is asleep. I will arrange many mortal Gu and try to conceal the area, it is worth a try..."

Fang Yuan was very experienced and cunning, he would never be lacking in patience.

When it was night time, Universal Life Academy became silent, as Fang Yuan opened his eyes: "Very good, I have arranged over ten thousand Gu worms in the vicinity of the valley, my preparations are complete. To conceal the aura of the Immortal Gu, I will need to use Connect Luck for half the night... hmm?"

Right at this moment, there was the sound of a spatial disturbance in his aperture.

A moving perspective cup Gu appeared out of nowhere in his immortal aperture.

There was a letter in the moving perspective cup Gu.

"Is Tai Bai Yun Sheng in trouble?" Fang Yuan's consciousness entered the Gu, he soon found out that the letter did not come from Tai Bai Yun Sheng, but from Fairy Li Shan.

After the Snowy Mountain Alliance, Fang Yuan passed Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan a moving perspective cup Gu each, while he kept the other half of their respective moving perspective cup Gu.

The contents of the letter made Fang Yuan frown deeply.

This was a letter asking for help by Fairy Li Shan on Hei Lou Lan's behalf.

Hei Lou Lan was being chased down by her father, she was in great danger.

"How can this be? Damn it!" Fang Yuan sighed deeply, because of their oath, he had to put aside his own matters and swiftly return to northern plains to assist Hei Lou Lan.

In any case, for the time being, Hong Yi was going to stay here, it would be easy for Fang Yuan to find him.

"I'll let you off for now." Fang Yuan hurriedly retrieved most of his Gu worms, avoiding leaving behind traces as much as possible, before he sneaked into a cave and used Fixed Immortal Travel.

At the next moment, he arrived in a secret room at the third peak of Snowy Mountain blessed land.

In the secret room, Fairy Li Shan was pacing back and forth worriedly, upon seeing Fang Yuan, she got close to him: "You are finally back! I am extremely anxious, the situation is terrible, Little Lan is being pursued by that evil scoundrel."

"Why aren't you helping her?" Fang Yuan frowned.

"I was going to act, but Little Lan urged me to continue hiding our connection, she did not want our relationship to be disclosed. You came alone? Where is Tai Bai Yun Sheng?"

"He has other matters now." Fang Yuan asked again: "How many Gu Immortals are pursuing her?"

"Only two, one is Hei Cheng while the other is Xue Song Zi. I placed an investigative Gu on Hei Lou Lan, her situation is very dangerous now. Quick, I will use my thoughts to transmit the scenery to you, quickly go save her!"

Fang Yuan inspected the thoughts and used Fixed Immortal Travel. At the next moment, he appeared beside Hei Lou Lan.


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