Reverend Insanity
674 Monolith Luck
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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674 Monolith Luck

The entirety of western desert was a vast desert. Oases were like stars in the sky, shining among this sea of sand.

Humans lived here by relying on the oases.

Western desert, Sha Jing oasis.

Huang clan as an upper tier force had hundreds of years of history here, they occupied the most important resources at the center of this oasis.

At the outer parts of the oasis, there were small sized forces that submitted to this Huang clan.

At the even further outer areas, near the fringe of Sha Jing oasis, there were mortal villages. These mortals had a tough life, they had huge numbers and were all under the control of Huang clan and other forces of Gu Masters.

In these villages, there was a Han village, near Han village, there was a small natural grassland.

Although it was called a grassland, it was much more desolate than northern plains, there was sand everywhere and blades of red dagger grass were sharp as swords, stabbing into the deep parts of the sand, trying to absorb the meager water content.

A group of children were bending their backs, holding sickles as they laboriously cut down these grasses.

These children were not even ten years old, but they had to come out and work, to make money for the family, this was common in mortal families.

The dagger grass had sharp edges, these children were all wearing leather gloves, but there was one without gloves.

This bare handed child sniffed his mucus as he held the sickle, cutting the dagger grass and placed them into the basket on his back.

The radiance of the setting sun was still very hot, these children were all breathing roughly as it shined on them, sweat pouring on their backs.

Finally, the sky turned darker, as the sun was at the horizon, only half of it could be seen now, as the children stopped their work.

"Quickly leave, it is night time, the small ghost jackals are coming out to hunt for food." The child with the largest body frame spoke, like he was their leader.

"How much did you gather? Wow, that's a lot!" As usual, they started comparing with each other.

"I ate until I was full today, that's why I have strength, hehe."

"But the grass that you cut is still less than Han Li."

"Hey, Han Li, you are amazing, you can cut the grass without wearing gloves, yet there are no injuries on your hands, how did you do it?" A small lass with a ponytail asked.

Han Li giggled.

The children returned to the village together, they were talking excitedly along the way, when they returned to the village, they split up, returning to their homes.

Han Li returned home too, he pushed the broken wooden door and realized that his parents were not back yet.

His father was a farmer, he was planting wire cotton at the west part of the village, he had been plowing the fields these days, going out early and returning home late.

His mother had a job that everyone in the village admired. Every day she would enter the outer area of the oasis, doing odd jobs and cleaning for a small sized Gu Master clan.

Han Li stood beside one quern-stone, he poured the dagger grass in his basket inside, then he picked up a wooden pole and ground the grass down.

He put in a lot of effort, before long, he was full of sweat.

After the grass was turned into paste, he took out a bag and poured a portion of the rice husks inside into the quern-stone as well.

He mixed them together, creating a paste-like food ingredient.

He poured the food into a wooden basin.

Next, he brought the wooden basin to the side of the house.

There was a flimsy looking stable beside the house, inside were three fat sand scorpions.

These sand scorpions were fat like pigs, they were no threat at all. Upon hearing Han Li's footsteps, the three fat sand scorpions rushed out from the shadows of the stable.

"Go ahead and eat, these were all cut down by me painstakingly." Han Li flipped over the wooden basin, pouring the paste-like food on the ground.

The three fat sand scorpions surrounded the food and ate, they chewed loudly and made a humming noise.

"Eat, eat, eat more and grow faster..." Han Li's small body was sprawled on the stable, he looked at these sand scorpions as he muttered.

These fat sand scorpions were not Gu, they were ordinary creatures.

But the meat of the scorpion was plump and delicious, the money obtained after selling the meat would be a huge sum for the entire mortal family.

To Han Li's family, these three fat sand scorpions were their most important assets. Thus, even if Han Li did not get to eat dinner himself, he had to feed these three fat sand scorpions.

Gulp, gulp, gulp...

At this time, Han Li's stomach started growling.

Han Li jumped down from the fence, he rubbed his tummy and returned home, starting to cook dinner.

He had to cook dinner for his family every day.

The rice they ate was the most common sand rice in western desert, the texture of this rice was very bad, it was hard to swallow. But it was easy to cultivate, it was the main crop that mortals ate.

As Han Li worked next to the stove, he did not know that someone had been watching him for half the day.

As night descended, at the graveyard that was several li away from Han village, Fang Yuan was sitting still like a statue.

The reason he chose this place was because of how deserted it was.

At night, Fang Yuan came here and activated up to a thousand investigative Gu, he put the whole of Han village under his supervision.

The primeval essence of Gu Immortals was unlimited, as long as they had enough Gu worms, they could do things at the efficiency of thousands of mortals or more.

In the darkness, Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes, he assessed: "The age fits, it should be this kid."

As he thought about it, he activated the rank five luck inspection Gu.

Looking from afar, he saw that above Han village there was a lump of a luck cloud. This luck cloud's size was not big, it was grey-white and looked very thin.

This was a collection of luck, these villagers had a sense of belonging, thus they felt that they were a collective body, resulting in their luck gathering together.

Fang Yuan looked below the luck cloud.

Smoky traces of luck were rising from the villagers, after rising for two hundred meters, they merged into the luck cloud.

And among the traces of luck in the luck cloud, there was one especially eye-catching portion of luck.

This luck was like a huge stone, it was floating in the air above Han Li's family, a hundred steps away from the ground. There was a crack on the surface of the stone, and a trace of luck was leaking from that crack, it had a golden color and was rising up, fusing into the collective luck cloud.

"What luck is this?" Fang Yuan looked in amazement.

He did not obtain the luck path true inheritance, he was quite unfamiliar with the meaning of the different forms of luck.

For the time being, he decided to name this form of luck, calling it monolith luck.

Only Han Li was at his home right now, seeing this, Fang Yuan could confirm that Han Li was the future rank seven Gu Immortal, the guy with countless fortuitous encounters.

Fang Yuan then tried to look above him, but saw nothing.

"What a pity, after becoming an immortal zombie, I cannot detect my own luck anymore, unless I get the rank six luck inspection Gu. But who knows how my luck is now? Is it still the black coffin luck?" Fang Yuan muttered to himself, he had always been very curious towards luck.

But just as he was about to take out connect luck Gu, he heard someone shouting: "Little thief Ling Hu, you are hiding here, do you think I, Plump Lady, can't find you! I chased you for countless miles, quickly return my immortal essence stones!"

Fang Yuan was secretly shocked, he turned around and looked, only to see a human figure made of moving sand, shouting at him from far away.

Fang Yuan's heart sank, he shouted: "Plump Lady? You got the wrong person, I am not the person you are chasing."

"Bullshit! Little thief Ling Hu, everyone knows you are an expert in disguise, do you think that I would not recognize you when you disguise your appearance like this! You have some guts, stealing from me, I will beat you till your intestines are blown out!!"

Not only was the human shaped moving sand figure shouting, at the same time, there was a furious growl in the air as well.

The voice was like thunder, it pierced heaven and earth. The entire oasis was shocked by this and went into chaos!

Fang Yuan frowned deeply, he did not think that by disguising as a normal human and hiding his zombie appearance, he would unexpectedly be treated as a thief by someone else.

He stood up and turned around to look.

Only to see that at the north-east area, yellow sand was flying in the air and intense winds were blowing, the sound of the wind was like the roaring of beasts, continuous and loud.

The yellow sand on the formerly peaceful ground was whipped up like tidal waves in the sea.

The sand waves attacked one after another.

Fang Yuan took a deep look at the monolith luck, before moving his body and charging towards the attacker head on.

Soon after, he saw the culprit.

This was an extremely fat female Gu Immortal, she had a thick waist and broad shoulders, she was like a water tank. She stood on the yellow sand waves as she arrogantly and furiously looked at Fang Yuan.

She stretched out a finger, scolding: "Little thief Ling Hu, you..."

Just as she spoke, Fang Yuan attacked!

"Heavenly zombie transformation!" Fang Yuan purposely shouted, before removing his disguise, showing his immortal zombie appearance.

At once, a six meter tall monster with a green face and sharp fangs, blood red eyes, eight monstrous arms and bulging muscles appeared before the female Gu Immortal, Plump Lady.

He looked ruthless and terrifying, radiating killing intent.

Plump Lady was shocked, she said: "You..."

Fang Yuan stepped on the ground, causing a loud sound, the ground was cracking under his pressure, as he flew towards Plump Lady like a cannonball.

Plump Lady saw Fang Yuan's ruthless charge and her heart shook, she quickly raised her arms.

Swish swish swish!

Three huge sand waves immediately rose into the air, reaching hundreds of meters in height.

The huge waves came crashing, Fang Yuan snickered as he raised his speed, crashing towards them.

Bam bam bam!

In the blink of an eye, he scattered the three huge sand waves and appeared before Plump Lady.

Plump Lady's heart was pounding, she finally realized she had found the wrong person. But she was someone with a fiery temper, Fang Yuan's fierce and ferocious actions aroused her anger.

"I'll let you taste my killer move — martial sand armor!" She shouted loudly, as two traces of yellow sand gushed out from her ears, the sand quickly gathered and enveloped her entire body.

In a few breaths of time, she had turned into a sand giant that was about the size of Fang Yuan, but she had a thicker body.

Fang Yuan charged forward, as the sand giant roared, slamming with both its arms, displaying unrivalled fearlessness.

Boom boom!

With two loud bangs, the eight armed immortal zombie's fists met with the sand giant's.

The sand giant's fist scattered into yellow sand, while Fang Yuan's fists were fractured.

Plump Lady took a step back, as the scattered yellow sand merged to create the sand giant's fists again. Fang Yuan, however, took a huge step forward, while his fractured fists were recovering rapidly, his remaining six fists slammed at the sand giant.

Crash crash crash...

At once, the two engaged in fierce combat, yellow sand was flying in the air as the sound of bones breaking could be heard continuously.

Plump Lady was more shocked as she fought on: "Who is this person? Why is he so insane like a demon, he is even more ruthless and fearless than me!"


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