Reverend Insanity
668 Little Immortal Xing Luo
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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668 Little Immortal Xing Luo

During peacetime, Gu Immortals raised Gu, their demand to purchase large quantities of mortal Gu was not high. Purchasing was a secondary option, in most cases, the primary method was the blessed land's own production. The time flow was differently in blessed lands compared to the outside world, one day in the outside world was many days inside the blessed land. One year outside would mean many years in a blessed land, while each year, there would be a certain output harvested. Gu Immortals would normally not choose air bubble fish, because the price was too high, they would rather simply wait for some time.

But during wartime, when Gu Immortals frequently fought against each other, they would avoid using their Immortal Gu trump cards often, mortal Gu would be the common method of attacking, and their expenditure would be huge. Thus, air bubble fish became a sought after commodity among all Gu Immortals during the five regions war.

In fact, Fang Yuan had once bought air bubble fish to increase the production of his starlight firefly Gu.

But unfortunately, towards the end of his northern plains trip, he lacked money, thus he had to sell almost all of his wolf group, fox group, and large numbers of air bubble fish and hairy men.

Fang Yuan had a chance to profit from air bubble fish, but life was full of unexpected changes, because he sold them too soon, he made a loss instead.

Right now in Hu Immortal blessed land, there were very few air bubble fish.

"I still have to buy air bubble fish, but not now. In a few years, air bubble sea would be repaired, and the price of air bubble fish will be lower. By then, I will invest some immortal essence stones and buy a huge group of them. Maybe I should breed these air bubble fish in large numbers, so that during the five regions war, I can make a huge profit..."

Fang Yuan had just bought over a thousand starlight firefly Gu, they could last him for a long time, he was not in need of air bubble fish to boost their production.

"Are you Little Immortal Xing Luo?" A moment later, Fang Yuan found his target.

Coincidentally, his target was also looking at yellow treasure heaven.

"That would be me. Senior, what would you like to buy? The price is negotiable." Little Immortal Xing Luo's divine sense transmitted, it was quite enthusiastic, even as much as having a tone of flattery.

Fang Yuan looked, the goods she was selling were not only small in quantity, they were very common, almost nobody would pay attention to her, she was evidently quite poor.

She was indeed a Gu Immortal, but not all Gu Immortals were wealthy. Battle, refining Gu, research, undergoing tribulation, all these would greatly expend the Gu Immortal's foundation and wealth.

Fang Yuan knew from his memories: This Little Immortal Xing Luo was a lone cultivator, a newly advanced female Gu Immortal with weak foundations, she was at the toughest part of her career in starting her trading.

Little Immortal Xing Luo was a huge figure in the mortal realm, she would be revered and respected by mortals. But in treasure yellow heaven, among the many Gu Immortals, she was not outstanding at all.

"But who would know, during the five regions war, this Little Immortal Xing Luo would starting shining brightly, using her killer move icy stardust to quickly accumulate wealth from battle, becoming quite the famous figure later on."

Fang Yuan sighed and admired the mystical powers of time and destiny.

According to the prophecy of the three venerables, the five regions war was the start of the great era, when this generation's Great Dream Immortal Venerable would be born.

The great era where each rank nine Gu Immortal was born had a common point, that was during the chaotic battles, large numbers of new Gu Immortals would rise up.

The new replaces the old, the waves of an era would cause brilliantly shining ripples. Among paths, forces, individuals, they would collide and interact, causing the way of Gu to develop at a rapid pace, it would be an era of change.

Fang Yuan was one of them.

He started off with blood path, becoming a central continent Gu Immortal. But unfortunately, he had only experienced the first half of this new era before he had to use Spring Autumn Cicada to self-detonate.

"Do you sell killer moves?" Putting his mood aside, Fang Yuan asked Little Immortal Xing Luo.

"Mm, I have one killer move here." Little Immortal Xing Luo was a bit embarrassed: "This is an ice path killer move that I obtained coincidentally, it is called icy yarn. Its price is half an immortal essence stone, this is the lowest price for a rank five killer move." Her last sentence showed her fear of Fang Yuan suppressing the price.

Fang Yuan took a look at the content, humming in discontent: "This icy yarn killer move needs so many rank five Gu, and the defense is a wide range defensive effect…"

To use large numbers of rank five Gu at once, the user had to be a Gu Immortal, mortals have limited primeval essence and could not do that in most cases.

A wide area defense meant that the defensive strength would be lower than a single target defensive killer move. Meanwhile, Gu Immortals often fought alone, unless they were enslavement path Gu Immortals. But enslavement path Gu Immortals had their own enslavement path defensive methods, why would they choose an ice path killer move?

Little Immortal Xing Luo laughed bitterly in her heart, Fang Yuan hit the nail on the head, because of these reasons, the killer move icy yarn was not easy to sell.

But Little Immortal Xing Luo had no choice, she had limited goods in her possession, and she was a lone cultivator, she needed huge amounts of resources to kickstart her cultivation.

Although she became a Gu Immortal, she was left penniless after the tribulation, most of her Gu worms were destroyed. She had made an elaborate development plan, she wanted to plant a vast number of shiver trees in her blessed land. Her blessed land's environment was very suitable to grow shiver trees, but she lacked the most crucial start up fund.

She had billions of primeval stones in her possession, but not a single immortal essence stone.

The sellers of shiver tree seeds numbered in only a few people, most of them wanted specific items for trade, or immortal essence stones. They had no need for the stuff that Little Immortal Xing Luo had.

Hearing Fang Yuan say that, Little Immortal Xing Luo's heart lost all hope.

After the last few months, she had gotten used to disappointment.

But the next moment, Fang Yuan said: "I am researching star path killer moves recently, I am a little interested in this icy yarn killer move. But half an immortal essence stone is too expensive! If you have any innovative small killer move, add it in and I might buy this for half an immortal essence stone."

"Innovative small killer move?" Little Immortal Xing Luo's hopes were reignited, she thought about her own star path killer move 'six-nine stardust'.

'Six-nine stardust' was her personal creation, it used six rank three Gu and nine rank four Gu, but could unleash the attack power of a rank five Gu.

She had once been extremely proud of it, but soon her horizons broadened, and she understood that there was a mountain above a mountain, a man above another man, she became more modest.

Little Immortal Xing Luo only hesitated for a moment, her desire towards immortal essence stones had won her over.

"Junior has a small killer move, but I'm afraid it might be useless to senior." She said carefully.

Fang Yuan's heart jumped, but his tone was still very calm: "Oh? Tell me about it."

After seeing the six-nine stardust killer move, Fang Yuan held in his joy and evaluated: "Mm, this killer move is barely acceptable, who knows, it might bring me some inspiration. Well, since my mood is great today, I'll take care of a newbie like you. Hahaha, this is half an immortal essence stone!"

"I finally have half a piece, I'm just half short!" Little Immortal Xing Luo was overjoyed, when they parted, her tone was full of well wishes for Fang Yuan.

Afterwards, Fang Yuan spent another two immortal essence stones, buying large amounts of Gu refinement material and mortal Gu worms.

After spending another two stones, he bought a group of elderly hairy men.

Hairy men were almost always the most expensive among slaves.

These hairy men, although they were old and would die in a few years, were very experienced in Gu refinement.

Fang Yuan had intended to refine a few sets of stargate Gu, but this Gu's success rate was very low, back then, even though Lang Ya land spirit refined it himself, he still failed many times. If Fang Yuan tried, it would waste a huge amount of his time, he was going to let these old hairy men refine it for him.

Central Continent, Immortal Crane Sect, Fu Hu blessed land.

Fang Zheng had a solemn expression as he stepped into the tunnel.

The tunnel was huge and wide, every one hundred steps, there would be an elite rockman guard, the defense was like an iron fortress.

These rockmen were all trained by the blessed land's owner, all of them had at least rank four battle strength and were skilled in earth path Gu worms.

Every one thousand steps, there would be a huge rockman, his size would be at least three times that of a normal rockman. Even in such a wide tunnel, they could only squat down on the ground.

But rockmen were born to dig tunnels and live underground, these rockmen did not feel any discomfort.

Every time Fang Zheng walked in this tunnel, he would feel apprehensive. Especially when he could feel the rank five Gu Master aura permeating from these huge rockmen.

"Our Immortal Crane Sect's strength is simply too great! If these rank five rockmen were all brought outside, I'm afraid all the other sects would be shocked." While he passed a huge rockman, Fang Zheng muttered to the spirit incubating flea.

Lord Sky Crane, who was inside the spirit incubating flea, said: "Not really. Which sect would not have their trump cards and foundation? Especially the other nine great ancient sects, they are no weaker than us. But the current owner of Fu Hu blessed land is the third supreme elder of our sect, Lord Tiger Demon. The rockman slaves that he nurtures are the best in central continent! Even in treasure yellow heaven he has huge influence, his wealth and abilities are not something us mortals can begin to imagine."

Fang Zheng's heart had a longing feeling: "What sort of realm is Gu Immortal, they can actually rear so many rockmen, this is truly amazing!"

Lord Sky Crane replied: "Each Gu Immortal is an elite of the elites, an absolute genius, a dragon among men, they all have great opportunities and chance encounters. They have all cultivated step by step from a mortal identity, Fang Zheng, you are rank five now, maybe one day, you will become a Gu Immortal!"

Fang Zheng shook his head continuously: "Master, I know my limits. My rank five cultivation was mostly due to the sect's relic Gu. The sect is nurturing me with all its effort, using the resources on me. My rank five cultivation cannot compare to you, master, who cultivated step by step. But now, I think that rank five is not something rare, look at this tunnel, there are at least thirty huge rockmen."

"Fang Zheng, it is good that you feel indebted to Immortal Crane Sect's generosity towards nurturing you. But do not put yourself down, man is the spirit of all beings, although variant humans call themselves humans, these rockmen might look strong and brave, but in one on one battles, they are unable to compare to the rank five Gu Masters in our sect, what they specialize in are group battles." Lord Sky Crane laughed.

"Is that so?"

"Lord Sky Crane said: "These rockmen are very stupid, it was because they encountered a rich master that they could have such accomplishments. Do you think these rockmen can compare to the elders in our sect? If I was still alive, I could deal with more than ten of them at once. Alright, we are at the blood pool."

Fang Zheng heard the words 'blood pool' and his muscles contracted involuntarily.

He pushed the door in front of him, entering a cave.


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