Reverend Insanity
667 Eight Arm Immortal, Spring Star Rain
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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667 Eight Arm Immortal, Spring Star Rain

"How much are you selling this group of starlight firefly Gu for?" Fang Yuan's divine sense sent over.

"How may I address you, sir, and how many starlight firefly Gu do you need?" Although Star Lord Wan Xiang was not around, he left behind a will near his goods.

But this will could be seen to have a great appearance, it was dazzling like the stars, extremely appealing to the eyes. Fang Yuan's wisdom path attainment was low, he did not recognize its origins.

"You can call me Eight Arm Immortal, I want to buy this entire group of starlight firefly Gu." Fang Yuan transmitted.

Fang Yuan was using his own blessed land to connect to treasure yellow heaven, and he had also changed his divine sense Gu and connecting heaven Gu, thus Star Lord Wan Xiang did not realise that Fang Yuan was the former 'Fox Immortal', he thought Fang Yuan was a stranger.

But listening to Fang Yuan's tone, he seemed like a big spending customer, thus Star Lord Wan Xiang's will immediately became enthusiastic: "Starlight firefly Gu is an olden antiquity Gu worm, now it is almost extinct. My starlight firefly Gu are in excellent condition, and I have over a thousand and two hundred of them. How about this, I will sell them to you at a price of four immortal essence stones."

Fang Yuan laughed: "You're trying to scam me, don't think I am unaware of the normal selling price. I was introduced to you by someone, thus I came here. You are not the only one selling starlight firefly Gu, there is still Fairy Yao Guang and Di Yuan, I can get the starlight firefly Gu from them as well."

Fang Yuan had once instructed Little Hu Immortal to deal with all three of these Gu Immortals. Not only did he buy over a hundred thousand starlight fireflies, as well as their food, star fragment grass, he also bought the experiences of the three of them in planting star fragment grass, he spent a lot.

Star Lord Wan Xiang's will was slightly startled, he now knew Fang Yuan was well aware of the market rate, his words changed: "Hehehe, I was kidding earlier, don't take it seriously Sir Eight Arm Immortal."

Fang Yuan interrupted him, saying: "I will pay two immortal essence stones to buy a thousand and five hundred starlight firefly Gu."

Star Lord Wan Xiang immediately rejected this, saying: "Sir, this is simply too low, I cannot sell it at this price."

After some bargaining, both of them took a step back, using three immortal essence stones, he obtained one thousand and two hundred starlight firefly Gu.

After buying the starlight firefly Gu, he did not leave, instead he asked: "Do you sell any star path killer moves?"

"Could it be that sir is also a star path Gu Immortal? Hehehe, of course I sell them, take a look. I have three star path killer moves here."

Fang Yuan started browsing.

The first star path killer move was called 'dazzling star armor', it needed large numbers of starlight Gu, a few bane star Gu, several star shield Gu and so on to be activated. This was a defensive killer move, once used, a full body armor would form on the Gu Immortal's body, shining like starlight.

The second killer move was called 'spring star rain'. It needed large numbers of star rain Gu, small numbers of spring wind Gu, some star shoot Gu and others, once used, it would form a jade colored rain, drizzling non stop for three days and three nights. The rain would be rich like oil, it could provide nutrients to crops and greatly increase productivity. This killer move was used to nurture plants, and manage the blessed land.

The third was called 'spiral drill star spear'. Like the name implied, it was an offensive killer move. It needed small numbers of spiral bone spear Gu, several star river Gu, countless star dart Gu, and large numbers of shooting star Gu.

These killer moves' details were very interesting.

The numbers of Gu worms were usually classified into large numbers, several, some, and a few, vague terms like these without actual real numbers. At the same time, the ways to construct these killer moves were also not specified, including the sequences of activating the Gu worms, as well as the relationships between different Gu worms.

Only the general statuses of the killer moves were mentioned, like what rank five Gu were needed, and what effects the killer moves had.

Only after the killer moves were bought would their details be clearly stated.

Star Lord Wan Xiang spoke at an appropriate time: "Killer move dazzling star armor is sold at half an immortal essence stone. Spring star rain was created by my main body personally, only a few Gu Immortals have bought it now, thus the value is slightly higher at one and a half immortal essence stones. Spiral drill star spear costs one immortal essence stone."

Killer moves were priced according to their rarity, flaws, strength and power, backlash, whether they can be easily countered, and the conditions of the Gu worms that compose the killer move. But they had one common point, they were usually not cheap.

In treasure yellow heaven, ordinary mortal killer moves were priced higher than mortal Gu recipes of the same rank. But at rank six and above, the price of immortal killer moves were far less than Immortal Gu recipes.

Dazzling star armor, Fang Yuan knew this killer move even though he was not a star path Gu Immortal, it was extremely common. Half an immortal essence stone was too expensive.

Fang Yuan had planned to buy a star path offensive killer move, he remembered a mortal killer move called icy stardust. This killer move had a wide range, the star path Gu worms that were used in it were common, and it was also very effective in dealing with enemies. The stardust had defense piercing ability, and even if it could not break the defense, it would stick to enemies and emit frost energy that would slow them down.

As for Star Lord Wan Xiang's spiral drill star spear, Fang Yuan had not heard of it.

This meant that this offensive killer move's value was not high.

In the five hundred years of Fang Yuan's previous life, during the chaotic five regions war, the war ruined old and inefficient systems, causing the birth of many new inventions.

Fang Yuan did not remember spiral drill star spear, that meant it was not outstanding, it had been out of use since long ago back then. A killer move that was out of use definitely had many weakness.

But the spring star rain killer move made Fang Yuan's eyes shine.

This was a surprising find.

Fang Yuan thought of the star fragment grass, it was the food of the starlight fireflies, as well as their home. The stronger and larger the starlight fireflies, the more starlight firefly Gu could emerge from them. Fang Yuan's desire towards starlight firefly Gu was going to persist for a long time.

This, he needed this killer move.

Fang Yuan looked over this spring star rain killer move another two times.

He noticed a problem.

The Gu worms that made up this spring star rain had one star path Gu worm called star shoot Gu, it was a consumable Gu.

Fang Yuan had never heard of this Gu, this was the first time he had heard of it.

Fang Yuan thought about it and realized: This was Star Lord Wan Xiang's ploy.

After Gu Immortals bought the killer move, spring star rain, every time they wanted to use it, they would need to expend star shoot Gu. Meanwhile, only Star Lord Wan Xiang sold this star shoot Gu.

Star Lord Wan Xiang wanted to turn this one time killer move purchase into a continuous trade.

Fang Yuan probed and asked: "I will offer two immortal essence stones for your spring star rain killer move and the star shoot Gu's recipe."

Star shoot Gu was only rank three, such a mortal Gu recipe was not worth half an immortal essence stone, this price was extremely high. But as expected, Star Lord Wan Xiang rejected him without hesitation. His explanation was that this star shoot Gu was naturally formed in his blessed land, there was no recipe.

This was a really good excuse.

Some blessed lands, if managed well, due to the peculiarity of the environment, would give birth to new Gu.

Not only can Gu Immortals refine and create new Gu worms, nature could do the same.

Fang Yuan knew that this was very likely to be an excuse, but he could not request to enter Star Lord Wan Xiang's blessed land to check.

The blessed land was the Gu Immortal's headquarters, it involved their most private matters. Only if they had a really good relationship and trusted each other deeply would they invite another Gu Immortal into the blessed land.

Fang Yuan saw that Star Lord Wan Xiang was unwilling, thus he suggested: "Alright, I will pay two immortal essence stones to buy spring star rain and dazzling star armor, these two killer moves along with some star shoot Gu. I want enough star shoot Gu to activate spring star rain ten times."

Star Lord Wan Xiang heard this and shook his head: "The expenditure of star shoot Gu for six uses of the killer move would be worth half an immortal essence stone. Sir is only offering two immortal essence stones, yet I have to provide dazzling star armor as well. This is a loss for me, I will not do it."

Fang Yuan snickered: "Star shoot Gu is only a rank three mortal Gu, each activation only uses about five hundred at most. Activating the killer move six times would consume three to four thousand of them, you are selling that for half an immortal essence stone?"

"Sir might not know, star shoot Gu is naturally created in my blessed land, its production is very slow. It cannot be bought outside because it is a unique product of my Myriad Star blessed land." Star Lord Wan Xiang was very courteous, but his underlying meaning was, buy it if you want to, but if you do not buy it, you will not find it elsewhere.

He had the confidence of dominating the market of this Gu.

Fang Yuan laughed, continuing to bargain, while the other party refused to relent.

During this process, he realized that in the other party's mind, dazzling star armor's value was still very high.

"It seems that before the war of the five regions, dazzling star armor had not been spread by the respective forces, thus this killer move's value is still very high."

War was a very efficient method of interaction.

Especially in this world.

During peacetime, primeval stones, immortal essence stones, all these had great value and could not become widely used currency, the economy could not prosper.

But during times of war, battle merits, sect contribution points, all these replaced primeval stones and immortal essence stones as currency, they pushed for the development of all aspects of the economy.

After realizing this, Fang Yuan stopped being forceful. He used two immortal essence stones to buy spring star rain and enough star shoot Gu to activate the killer move ten times.

After completing this transaction, Fang Yuan continued to search in treasure yellow heaven.

He found out that in treasure yellow heaven, Gu Immortals had increased air bubble fish's price up to at least ten times that of before.

Fang Yuan investigated for a bit and realized that the situation was the same as in his memories. During the end of last year, two Gu Immortals had fought above air bubble sea, causing intense poison to spread in the sea, turning it into a death zone.

Rare goods were more expensive, with the production of air bubble fish falling drastically, the price naturally shot up.

"The five regions have regional walls that isolate one another, this causes them to have their own independent events, and they barely influence one another. Since rebirth, I have affected southern border, northern plains and central continent. Among them, northern plains' influence was the largest, it is now a huge mess. Second was central continent, followed by southern border, after all, what I changed in southern border were only events at the mortal level. As for western desert and eastern sea, they are still the same."

Using Spring Autumn Cicada, Fang Yuan learnt about the inertia of the river of time as well as the butterfly effect. This sort of lack of change and change interweave together, it was evident that Fang Yuan's understanding towards this world's law of time was becoming deeper.

As for air bubble fish, Fang Yuan remembered that during the five regions war, this fish group would be extremely popular among Gu Immortals, the price would be even higher than now.

That was because an air bubble fish group could boost the rate of mortal Gu appearing in insect groups.


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