Reverend Insanity
666 Huge profit!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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666 Huge profit!

Chapter 666: Huge profit!

"Don't tell me that this kid truly is a wisdom path genius, one rarely seen in a hundred years? No, such ability and wisdom is heaven defying, this talent is not just rarely seen in a hundred years, there might not be one in a thousand years or even ten thousand years!"

When he thought of this, Lang Ya land spirit immediately felt there was some sense in Fang Yuan's repulsive character.

"Right, only a genius like this can have such a repulsive character. Like my main body…" Lang Ya land spirit started to feel Fang Yuan's repulsive character was no longer so disagreeable, and even felt a sense of appreciation for similar talents.

At Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Yuan was calm and unruffled. He might have become a zombie and his thoughts might have slowed down, but it was still more than enough to bully a land spirit.

If it were possible, Fang Yuan did not want to take such risks. He would rather hand over the Immortal Gu recipes one by one over long intervals, and not directly provide the three Immortal Gu recipes like he was doing now.

This action was too eye-catching, it was sure to attract doubts and suspicions from others.

Lang Ya land spirit was frank and open but he still had a good friend called Inkman King, this variant human was a genuinely formidable character.

But Fang Yuan could do nothing about it, as the situation was forcing him.

He must earn a large number of immortal essence stones in a short period of time and increase his strength, both to break through the current perils he was facing, and also to delay the time before he was exposed.

If he worries over this and that, holding back on releasing the Immortal Gu recipes, who would Fang Yuan cry to if this led to his defeat and death?

Fang Yuan smiled, Lang Ya land spirit had not responded but he knew: these three Immortal Gu recipes were tossed out one by one like three bombs, they had already shaken Lang Ya land spirit's mind. This was a good time to talk about conditions!

Therefore, he spoke: "Lang Ya land spirit, I will speak frankly with you, I need immortal essence stones and you need Immortal Gu recipes, we will be collaborating a lot in the future. Building a stargate will be beneficial to both of us."

"Stargate…" This time, Lang Ya land spirit hesitated and did not immediately refuse.

Fang Yuan displayed his exceptional talent in wisdom path which caused Lang Ya land spirit to have a newfound respect for Fang Yuan. Thus, the land spirit began to pay serious attention to Fang Yuan's suggestion.

Fang Yuan persuaded again: "Land spirit, do you think your Lang Ya blessed land will be safe just because we don't build a stargate? Don't forget, you have already suffered from three waves of attacks, every wave stronger than the previous. No doubt, Lang Ya blessed land's location has already been discovered, you are already being observed by some great force. After we build a stargate, we can even take this collaboration to the next step; at crucial times, I could come to protect you through the stargate."

"Protect me…" Lang Ya land spirit was finally moved.

He thought of the impressive battle scene when Fang Yuan beat down the swamp crab, it was truly a formidable display.

Moreover, these three waves of attacks had completely disrupted Lang Ya blessed land's peaceful environment, creating an enormous sense of danger in Lang Ya land spirit.

Fang Yuan asked at this time: "You haven't sold stargate Gu at treasure yellow heaven, right?"

"Not yet, I have no lack of immortal essence stones." Lang Ya land spirit replied.

Fang Yuan laughed brightly: "This is even better. Stargate Gu is a new innovation, it is not like hole earth Gu which has to be planted on the ground and therefore discovered easily. You would need to activate stargate Gu every time you want to open a stargate, thus it is very hidden. Even if you feel something wrong, you can destroy the stargate Gu in your hands at the crucial moment, won't that work? There is simply no threat in building a stargate."

Fang Yuan talked gliby, his words impacting on the depths of Lang Ya land spirit's heart. Lang Ya land spirit finally agreed: "Alright, we will build a stargate. But let's put the collaboration aside for now, and first handle the transaction of deducing Immortal Gu recipes."

The land spirit added another sentence: "I will be in charge of refining the stargate Gu, I will lend it to you."

With this, he would be in greater control of the situation, after all he still felt a little uneasy.

Over at Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Yuan exposed the smile of a winner and clenched his eight fists in joy.


With this, he had attained initial approval of collaboration with Lang Ya land spirit, connecting to Lang Ya blessed land would make future transactions much profitable. Not only could it save some money, it would also give an additional retreat path.

Besides this, Fang Yuan was able to prevent the supply of stargate Gu to treasure yellow heaven's market which could have given huge advantages to other Gu Immortals.

Lang Ya land spirit provided the stargate Gu which also saved Fang Yuan some trouble.

If Lang Ya land spirit could feel safe with this, Fang Yuan was happy to comply.

"I must form a good relationship with Lang Ya land spirit. I won't be cheated by doing transactions with him, and can also earn large amounts of immortal essence stones. As long as I handle this relationship properly and continue to deepen it, who knows, one day Lang Ya land spirit might lend me some Immortal Gu to use." Fang Yuan calculated inwardly.

Lang Ya blessed land contained many Immortal Gu, among them were beast enslavement Immortal Gu and Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus.

By borrowing Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan would be able to save a large expense in nurturing them.

How cost effective was it!

Fang Yuan was taking one step but had already planned the next ten steps. Lang Ya land spirit was also very happy, feeling his luck was truly good for finding a wisdom path genius rarely seen in ten thousand years. All the Immortal Gu remnant recipes in his possession had hopes of being perfected!

Fang Yuan had intended to receive stargate Gu through treasure yellow heaven, but the cautious Lang Ya land spirit refused.

Fang Yuan could only use green grape immortal essence and make a trip to Lang Ya blessed land to take the stargate Gu.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng still remained there as there were still several rivers in the blessed land that he needed to restore.

The round trip, as a result, cost Fang Yuan two green grape immortal essence.

But with this journey, he brought back one stargate Gu, three new Immortal Gu remnant recipes and also thirty immortal essence stones.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng wanted Fang Yuan to take the three immortal essence stones he was being paid, but Fang Yuan refused and left it to Tai Bai Yun Sheng. After all, Tai Bai Yun Sheng also required cultivation resources, the stronger he became, the more help he would be to Fang Yuan compared to three immortal essence stones.

The stargate could not be immediately built — Fang Yuan did not have any more starlight firefly Gu.

Without the starlight from starlight firefly Gu, the two stargates were unable to be activated.

Fang Yuan summarized the transaction this time.

He used a total of five beads of green grape immortal essence to deduce Immortal Gu recipes. When he returned alone from Lang Ya blessed land earlier, he used up one bead of green grape immortal essence. To take one stargate Gu, he had to go to Lang Ya blessed land and return back to Hu Immortal blessed land, consuming two green grape immortal essence beads. He had invested altogether eight beads of green grape immortal essence.

And his gains were a whole thirty immortal essence stones.

"I have only nine green grape immortal essence remaining now." Fang Yuan had formed a middle grade blessed land and the few green grape immortal essence he had obtained were heavily used up in this back and forth trip from northern plains.

However, Fang Yuan was not anxious.

He had become a zombie and his immortal aperture was dead, no longer able to produce green grape immortal essence by itself. But he could extract immortal essence from immortal essence stones and turn them into his own green grape immortal essence.

Back then, First Gen Gu Yue, who had turned into a blood wight, also used primeval stones to recover his primeval essence. The logic between the two was the same, it was only a difference of ranks.

That is to say, Fang Yuan could use up all these thirty immortal essence stones to turn into his own green grape immortal essence. One immortal essence stone could be treated as one bead of green grape immortal essence which meant the amount of his green grape immortal essence had increased to thirty-nine beads!

"But immortal essence stones are worth more than green grape immortal essence, the former is used as currency while the latter can only be used by an individual. Unless necessary, I should not rashly refine these immortal essence stones to green grape immortal essence. Anyway, as long as I can continue transacting with Lang Ya land spirit, I will have more and more immortal essence stones. Now, let's connect to treasure yellow heaven and check."

Fang Yuan was full of confidence when connecting to treasure yellow heaven this time.

The purchasing power of immortal essence stones was extremely strong. Back then, Fang Yuan used one immortal essence stone to buy a myriad wolf king and a wolf group with over thirty thousand wolves.

Thirty immortal essence stones were sufficient to be called a large sum.

In his previous life, Fang Yuan had established the Blood Wing Demon Sect and as a demonic path overlord, the greatest amount of immortal essence stones he had at one time was also no more than sixty-four. Naturally, he spent a lot in his previous life. This number was the result of his expenditure and profits constantly offsetting each other.

Fang Yuan sat down and closed his eyes, sending his consciousness towards his immortal aperture.

The immortal aperture was a scene of deathly stillness, the sky was grey and the ground was black, and the air was filled with a putrid odor.

Mo Yao's will was still imprisoned inside, monitored from time to time by Fang Yuan. The mirror willow planted earlier had already died, becoming a collapsed pile of rotten wood on the ground.

With a shift of Fang Yuan's mind, a new connecting heaven Gu fluttered up to the air in his immortal aperture and formed a passage to treasure yellow heaven.

Fang Yuan then activated divine sense Gu, forming a continuous stream of divine sense which followed the passage created by connecting heaven Gu and entered treasure yellow heaven.

He was now an immortal zombie, no longer needing the help of Little Hu Immortal, and could make transactions himself.

Treasure yellow heaven was still the same, the vast space rippling with lemon-like yellow light. There were no mountains, rivers or forests, and also no birds, beasts, insects or fish, there was not even a sky or ground, the only things here were was all sorts of treasures and goods.

Gu worms, Gu recipes, killer moves, beast groups, variant humans, vegetation, ore veins, soil, water, fine wine and all sorts of goods. Each of them quietly floated in air, releasing all sorts of colors, giving off large or small treasure light.

The brighter and larger the treasure light was, the more the good was worth. But treasure light was only an initial estimation, one might not be able to infer from the treasure light if the item was tampered by the Gu Immortals or not.

This was the largest exchange market among the five regions' Gu Immortals, it allowed for bargaining, while taking a fixed service charge. This also tested the Gu Immortal's discernment skills; if they bought counterfeit goods, they could only blame their bad luck as treasure yellow heaven would not be liable for any loss.

Fang Yuan wanted to buy starlight firefly Gu first.

This type of Gu worm emitted pure azure starlight, it was a prerequisite for activating a stargate.

His divine sense searched around and soon found a large group of starlight firefly Gu, there were over one thousand.

Fang Yuan was familiar with the seller, it was Star Lord Wan Xiang.

Star Lord Wan Xiang seemed to be star path Gu Immortal; he not only sold starlight firefly Gu, but also star dart Gu, stellar fire Gu, falling meteor Gu, star river Gu and so on.

It was obvious that Star Lord Wan Xiang's blessed land produced star path mortal Gu and he sold these Gu worms to generate revenue.

Even Gu Immortals who did not cultivate star path would often buy some star path Gu worms for refining, researching killer moves or other purposes.


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