Reverend Insanity
665 Three 100% Immortal Gu recipes!
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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665 Three 100% Immortal Gu recipes!

"Lang Ya land spirit, isn't this a little inappropriate?" Inkman King glanced at Tai Bai Yun Sheng, as he said this with worry. The other party included the fierce people who wrecked Imperial Court blessed land and toppled Eighty-Eight True Yang Building! Inkman King was very worried Lang Ya blessed land would be harmed if Fang and Tai were angered.

Lang Ya land spirit was extremely frank and as if he had not heard Inkman King's words, he satisfiedly said: "Hmph! That brat is too crafty, he dared to treat this old man in such a vile manner, so I did it on purpose! I am teaching him a lesson to let him understand the principle of respecting the old. Hahaha, what Gu recipe can he deduce? What foundation does he have? He is clearly a strength path immortal zombie, did he think this old man could not see it? Hmph, little Tai Bai has blind confidence in him. If he can deduce the Immortal Gu recipe, this old man will personally crush his medicine grinder and eat it!"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not respond, instead looking at the arrogantly laughing Lang Ya land spirit with pity. He really wanted to say: It is not Fang Yuan whom I have confidence in, but the wisdom Gu.


Fang Yuan quietly stood within the wisdom light halo.

After a while, he slowly opened his eyes, they were shining with joy.

"Success." He was deeply moved. In a few moments worth of time, he had deduced the first remnant recipe to one hundred percent.

This perfected Gu recipe was the ninety-nine percent remnant recipe.

Fang Yuan gasped in surprise when he looked at this Gu recipe again: "This last step was simply mystical, to think this was a Gu recipe I perfected."

He himself found it incredulous.

Deducing Gu recipes depended on one's foundations and inspirations. If one did not have enough foundation in refinement path, it would be very difficult to deduce Gu recipes. But even Gu Masters with deep foundations would often encounter problems when deducing Gu recipes. They would be stopped at these steps, not able to progress even an inch for years, there were even cases where Gu Masters would not make any progress for decades or even a century.

To break through these barriers would require inspiration.

But inspiration was extremely hard to obtain, it could appear continuously over a short period of time or not even appear once in many years.

Even if they had inspiration, that was only a possibility and it would have to be tested and verified.

If it was successful, that would be true inspiration. If it failed, that would only be an idea, a failed attempt.

"Wisdom Gu's might lies in being able to provide unlimited inspiration to Gu Masters. I am a refinement path master, my foundation is enough and I only lack inspiration." Fang Yuan once again sensed the power of a rank nine Gu.

This was still the case in which he had only stepped inside the wisdom light halo, if there came a day when he truly activated wisdom Gu, who knows what the results would be.

Fang Yuan suppressed the flood of thoughts and examined his mind.

There were still large amounts of joyful will in his mind.

The remnant Gu recipe had been extremely close to completion and had only lacked the final push. Thus, Fang Yuan did not use much joyful will.

He concentrated and began deducing another Gu recipe.

The second Gu recipe was the Immortal Gu remnant recipe with ninety-seven percent completion.

Fang Yuan did not have to consume much joyful will this time around either, only expending one third to cross the barriers that were blocking the completion of the Immortal Gu recipe.

Crossing these barriers meant resolving the greatest troubles, the thinking process could then smoothly progress with everything else being obvious. Fang Yuan could deduce them completely even if he relied only on his own ability.

But at the third Immortal Gu recipe, Fang Yuan encountered slight trouble.

He had to use up three beads of green grape immortal essence in a row before he was able to perfect this Immortal Gu recipe.

The difficulty of this Immortal Gu recipe was quite high; when one problem was solved, another would appear. Thus, even though its completion rate was already as high as ninety-six percent, the amount of green grape immortal essence expended to deduce it was two to three times as much as than the previous two.

But even so, when considering the deal, Fang Yuan profited hugely!

Fang Yuan hurriedly connected to treasure yellow heaven and contacted Lang Ya land spirit with divine sense Gu.

Lang Ya land spirit laughed wildly and was thinking Fang Yuan had made contact to admit defeat. So when Fang Yuan handed him a one hundred percent complete Immortal Gu recipe, he was stunned for a while.

After a few breaths of time, all his attention was absorbed into the contents of the Immortal Gu recipe.

"Amazing, amazing! This barrier could actually be broken in such way. Why didn't I think of it, how could I not have thought about it!" He shouted. Were it not for both his hands being trapped in the qi path seal, he would probably be slapping his thigh fiercely.

The praise suddenly stopped, and an embarrassed expression showed on Lang Ya land spirit's face.

He had not forgotten that a short while ago he had been extremely pessimistic of Fang Yuan's ability. How could he have expected Fang Yuan would hand over a completed Immortal Gu recipe to him not long after?

Lang Ya land spirit felt embarrassed, muttering: "Brat, who could have thought that your line of thought is so weird, you actually hit the target while blindfolded, and wildly deduced this Immortal Gu recipe. Consider it your luck this time, according to our contract, perfecting a rank six Immortal Gu remnant recipe of a ninety percent or over completion rate will be paid with ten immortal essence stones! Should I hand them to you using treasure yellow heaven or will you come personally to take them?"

Transactions in treasure yellow heaven naturally required a fixed service charge. But Fang Yuan would have to use Fixed Immortal Travel if he went to personally receive the payment.

And every activation of Fixed Immortal Travel required one bead of green grape immortal essence, it was a considerable price.

Fang Yuan thought it over, using treasure yellow heaven would mean a cheaper cost, but it was hard to avoid leaving behind some traces which might be deduced by some wisdom path Gu Immortals with harmful intentions.

But personally going to take them would mean too high of a cost, Fang Yuan was somewhat troubled.

Lang Ya blessed land was in northern plains while Hu Immortal blessed land was in central continent. The two were not in the same region so using hole earth Gu was not possible. Only stargate Gu could be used.

"Land spirit, with your personality, you should have stargate Gu there, right?" Fang Yuan asked.

"Hehe, brat, you really understand me." Lang Ya land spirit frankly admitted.

He had obtained stargate Gu's recipe from Fang Yuan. He first refined a set of stargate Gu and gave them to Fang Yuan, refining another set afterwards for his own collection.

Fang Yuan nodded and transmitted his thoughts: "Treasure yellow heaven is not safe, our transaction will be sensed by many and once the frequency of this increases, it will bring us great trouble. Fixed Immortal Travel is convenient but the price to use it is too high. It is better for us to link our two blessed lands and establish a stargate."

"Build a stargate?" Lang Ya land spirit shook his head and refused Fang Yuan's suggestion without consideration, "Brat, I have been deceived many times by you. Building a stargate is not a small thing, any calamity over your side will immediately afterwards be directed here as well. If Lang Ya blessed land is discovered by someone, my life will be difficult!"

Fang Yuan laughed loudly and did not attempt to persuade him, instead handing over the second Immortal Gu recipe.

"You actually completed another one?!" Lang Ya land spirit received a huge shock.

This speed, wasn't it simply too fast?

"This method of resolving the problem is simply marvelous! You actually thought of using this Gu and there is also refinement Gu material like intimate grass, how did you think of them?" Lang Ya land spirit chattered on and exclaimed as he appreciated the wonders of this one hundred percent completed Immortal Gu recipe.

"Hahaha, old man, the new generation replaces the old! You are already old and stay all day in Lang Ya blessed land without knowing the developments in the outside world. Even if you have your best friend, Inkman King, he is an inkman, how could he come across the key aspects of human cultivation? Moreover, who am I?! I am a peerless genius of wisdom path! One day, I will surpass Star Constellation Immortal Venerable." Fang Yuan laughed arrogantly while spouting nonsense.

Lang Ya land spirit was dumbfounded.

He really wanted to retort, but the truth was right in front of his eyes. The two Immortal Gu remnant recipes which had troubled him for countless years were solved so easily by Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan suddenly heaved a sigh: "Sigh, do you know the loneliness of a genius? Since my birth, I knew I was extraordinary, there was no one around who could have an equal conversation with me. Some people even believed I was a monster, they were afraid of my wisdom and envied my talent! I could only hide myself and appear to be like a normal person, it was to the extent that no one could see that I was overflowing with heaven defying talent. Wisdom path seemed to be the path the heaven arranged for me, but from a twist of fate, I ended up becoming a strength path immortal zombie. Tell me, isn't my life full of setbacks, even heaven was envious of my talents!"

Lang Ya land spirit could no longer bear to listen to this, stamping his foot: "Hey brat, don't be so self-important! What is amazing about deducing two Immortal Gu recipes! If you are really a genius, then deduce the final Immortal Gu recipe, only then will this old man admire you."

Fang Yuan was silent.

Lang Ya land spirit raised his head: "Hmph, kid, this old man admits you have some talent. But so what? Even my main body was stumped by that final Immortal Gu recipe. Ponder over it properly for seven to eight years, maybe you will know how profound this world is and how many stars there are in the sky. You will then learn to be humble, ahahaha…"

"You mean, this Immortal Gu recipe?" The corners of Fang Yuan's lips pulled back as he tossed out the third Immortal Gu recipe.

This was simply the final blow!

Lang Ya land spirit's laughter came to an abrupt stop, shortly afterwards, he shouted in shock: "This, what is this? What, what in the world is this?!"

His voice contained a trace of panic.

Fang Yuan heaved a long sigh and said with a slow, sad voice: "I said it earlier, my talents often provokes fear and envy. Sigh, nothing can be done, I am such a genius, I was born this way…"

Lang Ya land spirit's panic this time was no small thing.

He was only formed from an obsession and was not shrewd.

This final Immortal Gu recipe was a huge impact to him.

"You really succeeded in deducing it? Incredible! Incredible! This Immortal Gu recipe can actually be solved like this, your train of thought went in a completely different direction! No wonder even my main body could not deduce it… This old saying has come true: The mountain road twists around every new peak; a glimmer of hope shines at one's darkest hour! The mountain road twists around every new peak; a glimmer of hope shines at one's darkest hour!"

Lang Ya land spirit kept on mumbling to himself, he was at first completely shocked before becoming ecstatic, finally he calmed down, his heart filled with frustration.

This Immortal Gu recipe had been perplexing him all along and even his main body was stumped, unable to take the final crucial step.

Sometimes Lang Ya land spirit even thought that this Immortal Gu recipe was a complete dead end and there was no way for it to be resolved.

He had given it to Fang Yuan to deliberately make things difficult, and had never imagined it would truly be solved.

However, he obtained the complete recipe now.

The problem he and even his main body could not resolve, was solved by Fang Yuan.

His heart could not help but feel frustration and listlessness.


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