Reverend Insanity
663 Recognising Immortal Gu
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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663 Recognising Immortal Gu

At once, everyone's attention was attracted to the Gu worm in Fang Yuan's palm.

The immortal aura of the Gu worm was radiating with the laws of the world, without doubt, it was an Immortal Gu. But no one knew which Immortal Gu it was.

Only Tai Bai Yun Sheng's heart shook, as he remembered what Fang Yuan had revealed to him in the past.

"This Gu, this Gu..." Lang Ya land spirit watched with shining eyes: "I have never seen this Gu before, this is a new Gu."

He jumped in front of Fang Yuan, his nose was only two inches away from the Gu, next he sniffed like smelling a flower.

He screamed: "Ah, this is the aura of luck path, this is a luck path Gu worm. Good lad, you destroyed True Yang Building, but it seems you had many gains."

Fang Yuan immediately mocked: "To think that the grand Lang Ya land spirit would have such shallow knowledge. This is not a new Gu, it had appeared ten thousand years ago. Let me teach you, this Gu's name is Calamity Beckoning, it was invented by a certain generation's fairy of central continent's Spirit Affinity House, Mo Yao."

"Mo Yao?" Inkman King heard this and his eyes shone: "If I remember correctly, this woman is a rare legend in inkman history. She cultivated to rank seven, and had overwhelming charm, even the grand Sword Immortal Bo Qing was attracted to her!"

Inkman King talked with a fanatical expression, like he was speaking of a treasure: "I apologise about my demeanor, but I have been looking up to senior Mo Yao as my role model since youth, thus I am very familiar with her stories."

Fang Yuan found this a little humorous, to think that this Inkman King was a fan of Fairy Mo Yao.

But now was not the time to chit chat with the Inkman King. Fang Yuan used this chance to mock Lang Ya land spirit.

Lang Ya land spirit was so ashamed from his words that his face turned red, he wanted to find a hole to hide himself in.

He grumbled under his breath, but he did not rebuke Fang Yuan. After all, he really did not know this Immortal Gu.

After Fang Yuan made some snide remarks in a mystifying tone for a while, he saw that the time was right and took back calamity beckoning Immortal Gu, fishing out another Immortal Gu.

"Lang Ya land spirit, didn't you say you were well learnt and knowledgeable? I will give you another chance, see what Gu worm this is?'

Lang Ya land spirit stared with wide open eyes, he moved forward to take a closer look.

After a few breaths' time, he took a deep breath, his nervous expression became smug: "Of course I know this Immortal Gu, its name is Cleanse Soul, it is a cultivation assistance type Gu for soul path Gu Immortals. The cultivation of soul path includes strengthening the soul, refining the soul, and pacifying the soul. The best way to strengthen the soul is Dang Hun mountain's guts Gu, the best way to refine the soul is Luo Po valley's bewilderment fog and Luo Po wind, as for pacifying the soul, it would be the pacifying soul soup in Bewitching Lake. This cleanse soul Immortal Gu can refine a Gu Immortal's soul, getting rid of all the impurities. But if it was used excessively, it would get rid of even the essence of their soul."

"Oh? You actually recognise this Gu!" Fang Yuan pretended to be shocked, thinking in his heart: "So this Immortal Gu is called Cleanse Soul, I called it Split Soul in the past, I guess I was wrong."

This cleanse soul Immortal Gu was the core Gu of the killer move myriad self.

The killer move, myriad self, could form strength path phantoms of Fang Yuan, these strength path phantoms had a trace of his soul, thus Fang Yuan could manipulate them freely like an extension of his own body, it was agile and flexible.

But precisely due to this, the killer move myriad self expended Fang Yuan's soul foundation.

Lang Ya land spirit saw Fang Yuan's shock and his smugness intensified on his face.

But Fang Yuan quickly said: "Count yourself lucky, you coincidentally recognised this Immortal Gu."

"Hey, what do you mean luck, this is my strength."

"If you really have strength, how could you not recognise calamity beckoning Immortal Gu?"


"Never mind, take a look at this Gu, I'm sure you cannot recognise it."

"Show me, I will definitely know what it is!" Lang Ya land spirit shouted.

Fang Yuan took out another Gu.

Lang Ya land spirit concentrated his attention on analyzing, he laughed a few breaths later: "Haha, this is the cloud path Immortal Gu, Rising Azure Cloud."

"Rising Azure Cloud?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng interjected.

"That's right." Lang Ya land spirit said proudly, shaking his head: "This Gu is a movement type Immortal Gu, it has a long history. Gu Immortals can use it to easily travel through mountains and cross water bodies. But what is most valuable, is that this Gu's ascending and descending speed is extremely fast, it far exceeds most other Gu of the same rank."

"So this Immortal Gu is called Rising Azure Cloud." Fang Yuan thought about it, appearing as if he was not satisfied, he took out another Immortal Gu.

"Land spirit, it seems you might possibly have some skill. Look at this Gu." Fang Yuan said.

"What do you mean might possibly, of course I have skill!" Lang Ya land spirit rebuked, his eyes were shining as he looked at Fang Yuan's palm.

After a few breaths, his expression changed: "Oh, it's you."

"What Gu is this?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng asked again at an appropriate time. At this point, he had already understood Fang Yuan's intention.

Although Fang Yuan had captured these Gu in True Yang Building, he did not know their origins, he had been guessing.

There was no doubt that familiarizing oneself with unknown Immortal Gu was very troublesome.

The most direct method was to consume immortal essence and activate the Immortal Gu, to directly see their effects. But this had some flaws.

Firstly, immortal essence was precious. Secondly, Immortal Gu had huge power, it might cause harm to oneself if used wrongly. For example, calamity beckoning Gu and Spring Autumn Cicada could not be used blindly. Thirdly, some Immortal Gu have very peculiar uses, even if they were activated, they would not show any effect if the target or environment was inappropriate.

Even though wisdom Gu could help Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan could only make deductions based on the information he already had.

Lang Ya land spirit did not suspect a thing, he flaunted his knowledge: "This Immortal Gu is peculiar and vile, it is a one time consumable Gu. Although I have never seen it personally, I have heard about it in historical records, back then I paid close attention due to having a special impression of it. This Gu's name is Woman's Heart. It is different from ordinary Immortal Gu, its refinement and nurturing occur together."

Fang Yuan was immediately intrigued.

Gu worms were classified into nurture, use, and refinement, these three aspects. Generally with the three aspects, although they affected each other, each still stood alone.

An Immortal Gu with nurturing and refinement combined into one, Fang Yuan had never seen any. But Fang Yuan was very familiar with a type of Gu worm that combined use and nurturing, this was the rank five blood guillotine Gu that had a vile reputation.

Then, what exactly was this woman's heart Gu that combined refinement and nurturing?

Fang Yuan was curious, but he could not ask directly. At this point, Tai Bai Yun Sheng cooperated and asked: "It can actually combine nurturing and refinement, this is the first time I've heard of this despite my long life."

Lang Ya land spirit gave Tai Bai Yun Sheng a look: "Lad, you are still young, you have not lived for long enough. The variety of Gu worms is as wide as the sea. The three aspects of nurturing, use, and refinement are extremely vast and profound. As the saying goes: A woman's heart is the deadliest poison. This Immortal Gu, Woman's Heart, is a poison path Immortal Gu, with a lethal poison. To nurture it, you will need the hearts of women. The process of feeding would also be the process of continually refining and promoting the Gu. The more hearts fed to it, the more powerful its poison."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's expression changed: "It needs the hearts of women? Such evil and cruelty, this is a demonic Gu!"

"Mm, actually, you can use the hearts of female variant humans to replace it, but the effect would be worse than human hearts. To achieve the same toxicity, you will need many more hearts." Lang Ya land spirit recalled.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's expression was solemn: "Even variant humans are people, they have parents, they have flesh and blood, love and hatred, how can they be sacrificed so easily? Just to feed a demonic Gu?"

Saying this, Tai Bai Yun Sheng looked at Fang Yuan in worry.

Fang Yuan was expressionless, he put away the Immortal Gu Woman's Heart, and took out another Immortal Gu: "Lang Ya land spirit, I admit you have a degree of skill. But this level is still slightly inferior to me. Hahaha, the Immortal Gu in my hand now, there is no way you can guess it!"

Fang Yuan seemed to have complete confidence, Lang Ya land spirit's gaze was immediately attracted to the new Immortal Gu.

"This is also a luck path Immortal Gu." He sniffed with his nose, turning nervous.

But a few breaths later, his nervousness vanished, he breathed out deeply: "I know this Immortal Gu, haha, back then, my main body had seen this Immortal Gu during a discussion about cultivation with Giant Sun Immortal Venerable."

"Oh? Such a coincidence?" Fang Yuan showed a look of disbelief.

"Of course!" Lang Ya land spirit's eyes were burning with fire, Fang Yuan's disbelief made him extremely upset.

To prove himself, he spilled all that he knew: "This Immortal Gu is called Connect Luck. It has a very special use, it can allow a Gu Master's luck to be connected to other people's luck. If one has good luck, it will be shared to the other person. Similarly, if one has bad luck, it will also affect the other party."

"If you have luck inspection Gu, you can inspect the formless luck of other people. If you see a person with good luck, you can use this connect luck Immortal Gu. But this is not the best method to use it, because luck is like a tide, its rises and falls are uncertain. If you do this, you still would want to use another Immortal Gu, Break Luck, in tandem."

"Another better method is to coordinate this with other luck path Immortal Gu, to connect your own luck to the luck of mountains and valleys, to the luck of a long river, or the luck of a blessed land or grotto-heaven, or even the luck of an immemorial desolate beast."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng immediately understood the reasoning behind this, he stated praise: "That's right, famous mountains and valleys have been around for ages, blessed lands and grotto-heavens are unlikely to be destroyed, and immemorial desolate beasts are on par with rank eight Gu Immortals. The luck of these things is much more reliable than humans."

Lang Ya land spirit sighed: "Luck path takes a peculiar direction, while also piercing deeply into the Great Dao of heaven and earth. Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, who first created it, had amazing talent, he was extraordinary. Back then, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable discussed about Dao with my main body for seven days and seven nights, even my main body was full of admiration for him."

Inkman King continued: "In history, the ten venerables were all supreme existences. Even as an inkman, I am full of admiration for them."

He had understood Fang Yuan's intentions since long ago, it was to obtain knowledge about the Immortal Gu from Lang Ya land spirit.

But he did not expose this.

Fang Yuan did not harm Lang Ya land spirit, Inkman King had no need to ruin his tenuous relationship with Fang Yuan for no reason.

Fang Yuan nodded at the Inkman King, before turning to Lang Ya land spirit and saying: "Let's go back to the deal, I am full of sincerity, I had never thought of taking your Immortal Gu recipes for myself. Land spirit, when I deduce the Immortal Gu recipe for you, I will place an Immortal Gu with you as collateral. By then, if I fail to analyze it, but had already seen the Immortal Gu recipe, you can take this Immortal Gu. You will feel assured in this case, right?"

The value of an Immortal Gu far exceeded any Immortal Gu recipe.

Lang Ya land spirit exchanged eye contact with the Inkman King, before shouting: "Rascal, it seems you are very confident in yourself. Okay, this deal is not risky for me at all, in fact, I profit from it. I will say this first, I will give you only three Immortal Gu recipes. It doesn't matter which one it is, but you need to completely deduce an Immortal Gu recipe to count as a success. If you succeed in deducing the recipe of an Immortal Gu, hand it to me and I will pay you the immortal essence stones, as well as another remnant recipe."

"Okay." Fang Yuan did not hesitate, he immediately agreed.


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