Reverend Insanity
660 Snowy Mountain Alliance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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660 Snowy Mountain Alliance

Outside the window of a room, snow was silently falling down.

The fragrance of tea pervaded inside the quiet room.

A woman was sitting beside the vermillion red window frame.

She was wearing an embroidered leather skirt, characteristic of northern plains' women. The leather skirt was embroidered with purplish-red flower buds, while the edges were glittering with silvery light. She bound her hair with a sapphire blue ribbon which had a pure white pearl inlaid in the middle.

Her eyes were drooping, emphasizing her thick eyelashes. Her breathing was soft and her hands that were as white as the snow moved slowly, concentrating completely on brewing tea.

The quiet room was not large and she was the only person inside. But on the table there were four tea cups.

A rich jade-green light suddenly appeared in the quiet room.

The light dissipated to reveal an elderly figure.

The elderly man was tall with an eccentric appearance. His hair was grey and his face was filled with wrinkles. His eyes displayed one who had gone through the vicissitudes of life, warm and tenacious, containing wisdom accumulated in all of his lifetime.

The woman who was brewing the tea stood up at the sight of the elderly man and smiled with interest: "You are Tai Bai Yun Sheng."

The elderly man was Tai Bai Yun Sheng, he quickly looked around him before greeting the woman: "Junior greets senior Fairy Li Shan."

The woman nodded with a smile. She was an influential figure in the limelight among northern plains' Gu Immortals, a rank seven Gu Immortal, Fairy Li Shan.

She looked youthful and beautiful, but her true age was much greater than Tai Bai Yun Sheng's.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng confirmed the safety of the surroundings before opening his immortal aperture, from which two human shadows leaped out.

One turned into Hei Lou Lan while the other was an eight armed immortal zombie as tall as six metres with a fierce appearance, it was none other than Gu Yue Fang Yuan.

"Little aunt, I am back." Hei Lou Lan walked towards Fairy Li Shan, her expression was still cold but her gaze revealed a trace of affection.

Fairy Li Shan glanced at Hei Lou Lan warmly and sighed, then turned her gaze towards Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng: "The relationship between me and Little Lan has always been a secret, to the extent that outsiders aren't even aware we know each other. Today, she exposed this secret of her own accord, it can clearly be seen that she sincerely wishes to cooperate with you two guests. Especially you, Fang Yuan, Little Lan had mentioned you to me many times over these days. You accomplished such a huge matter, bringing even Eighty-Eight True Yang Building down."

Fang Yuan laughed heartily and said with the hoarse voice specific to zombies: "Fairy is exaggerating, all this commotion is not what I wished for. To speak the truth, I had been doubting Hei Lou Lan's proposal for cooperation since the beginning, but who could have thought, Hei Lou Lan had such a close relationship with you. This is the best situation, fairy, with the oath to your Immortal Gu, Mountain Pledge, our alliance can be firm and solid."

Not long ago, at Hu Immortal blessed land, Hei Lou Lan exposed the reason for her hatred. Then she revealed her relationship with Fairy Li Shan.

Fang Yuan was surprised and yet also not surprised.

Hei Lou Lan was under the strict supervision of Gu Immortal Hei Cheng, it would be difficult for her to obtain her current achievements just by relying on her own strength. Besides her own efforts, there definitely was outside help.

"Please take a seat, this snow oil tea has just been steeped." Fairy Li Shan extended her hand to indicate Fang and Tai to be seated.

Fang Yuan waved his hand in refusal: "Let's make an oath and establish the alliance first, it won't be too late to drink tea then."

"Virtuous junior Fang is quite decisive." Fairy Li Shan lightly praised before calling out an Immortal Gu.

This Immortal Gu resembled a beetle. It was thick and solid, even bigger than an adult's palm. Its body was ash gray with a stony texture, a pair of large pincers grew on its head, its back was not glossy and was instead rugged like mountains, and there were specks of stripes, like moss, on the joints of its legs.

Fairy Li Shan aptly explained: "This is a rank six information path Immortal Gu, as famous as sea oath Gu. As long as you choose a mountain to pledge to and as long as this mountain still exists, the oath cannot be violated. Virtuous junior Fang, I wonder which mountain you want to choose?"

Fang Yuan slightly raised his brows, then he pointed outside and laughed hoarsely: "What other place can be better than this mountain?"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng asked, not understanding the situation: "What mountain is this?"

"This mountain is called Snowy Mountain." Fairy Li Shan smiled and introduced.

"Snowy Mountain, where have I heard this name, wait a second, could it be this is that nest of northern plains' demonic path Gu Immortals — Snowy Mountain blessed land?!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng cried out in shock.

"Where else did you think it was?" Hei Lou Lan sneered.

Fang Yuan provided an introduction for Tai Bai Yun Sheng: "There are differences between immortal and mortal. Old Bai, you just recently advanced and you only have heard me mention some information about the northern plains' Gu Immortal world in passing. This Fairy Li Shan is the owner of the third branch peak of Snowy Mountain blessed land, you can also call her the third leader."

"Third… leader." Tai Bai Yun Sheng stared at Fairy Li Shan with wide open eyes, he had never expected for this gentle and refined woman to be a demonic path Gu Immortal, moreover she was the third leader of the largest demonic path nest of northern plains!

"Cough cough cough." Dong Fang Chang Fan was lying on a sickbed, coughing incessantly. With every cough, his pale white face would wither a bit more.

"Lord…" A handsome young man was standing beside the sickbed with a mournful and grieving expression.

He was wearing a white robe, his face was white like jade and his eyes were deep, revealing a calm, mature temperament, it was Dong Fang Yu Liang.

"No need to grieve, Liang Er, cough cough, to be born, get old, be sick and die is the way of nature." Dong Fang Chang Fan gasped for breath after saying this, and continued after recovering some strength, "Your talents are better than mine, among the whole tribe I feel most optimistic about you. The responsibility of Dong Fang tribe's growth can only be shouldered by you. I, Dong Fang Chang Fan, would not misjudge this."

"Lord supreme elder!" Dong Fang Yu Liang's eyes reddened, sobbing silently.

The old man nearing death in front of his eyes was his benefactor!

Dong Fang Yu Liang lost his parents at the age of eleven, after that he had to maintain his livelihood and also care for his six year old sister, Dong Fang Qing Yu.

To preserve their lives, he gave away all the inheritances left by his parents.

But it was exactly because of this, that he was noticed by Dong Fang Chang Fan, not only becoming a trusted aide, his sister was also given great care.

Later, Dong Fang Yu Liang even received Dong Fang Chang Fan's personal guidance. And despite the obstructions and oppositions from many sides, Dong Fang Chang Fan appointed Dong Fang Yu Liang as the tribe leader.

After Dong Fang Yu Liang lost in the Imperial Court contest and returned to the tribe, he was suppressed and pushed aside by various factions; it was Dong Fang Chang Fan who protected and shielded him again, paying a considerable price.

Dong Fang Chang Fan was becoming weaker and weaker, he opened his mouth several times but no words came out. Finally, he spoke in an extremely weak voice: "Your hand."

Dong Fang Yu Liang extended his hand and grabbed the old man's right hand.

The old man was holding a Gu on his hand.

"Thi… this Gu… take it." Dong Fang Chang Fan's face turned red from the strain, extracting the last bit of energy from his dying breath.

He closely stared at Dong Fang Yu Liang and reminded him: "Although Dong Fang tribe has signed an alliance agreement with the other righteous path tribes, the affairs of world are changeable and hard to predict. My death will cause Dong Fang tribe to fall down from its prosperous period, you are my successor, you must be careful. This Gu, once you activate it, it will bring you to a secluded place which contains the cultivation resources I prepared for you, insights about immortal ascension, the tribe's secret history as well as all my comprehensions of wisdom path cultivation. Remember, always prioritize your safety, don't be impatient. The tribe has… has demonic path spies."

Dong Fang Chang Fan's expression froze, the flush on his face turned fainter and the final trace of radiance in his eyes faded.

"Lord!!" Dong Fang Yu Liang's face was already covered with tears, and this moment, he could no longer hold them back, crying in sorrow.

Northern plains' number one wisdom path Gu Immortal, Dong Fang Chang Fan, had passed away.

The news spread, Dong Fang tribe cried for three days and three nights. And when the great forces of northern plains received the information, both demonic and righteous path Gu Immortals let out breaths of relief.

Dong Fang Chang Fan was a legendary character.

At the time of his birth, Dong Fang tribe was already declining rapidly, with only the name of a super force but with no power.

Dong Fang Chang Fan became a Gu Immortal and led the tribe; scheming in all directions, using wisdom path methods to devise strategies, tying bonds to powerful friends, killing the weak, and even plotting for his enemies to fight each other, causing Dong Fang tribe to rapidly rise again.

Dong Fang tribe's growth was almost entirely because of Dong Fang Chang Fan.

But because of this, all the Gu Immortals of northern plains became aware of Dong Fang Chang Fan's might! Wisdom path Gu Immortals often did not need to use their own hands to humiliate their enemies. Making schemes that connected like a spider web, one thing would lead to the other, enemies would feel like they were sinking into a swamp but unable to extricate themselves.

Gu Immortals feared Dong Fang Chang Fan and secretly reached an agreement. Banning the sale of lifespan Gu to Dong Fang Chang Fan and even secretly destroying Dong Fang tribe's plans of searching for lifespan Gu.

Dong Fang Chang Fan schemed against others, and finally was also schemed by others.

The sun was high in the sky, crescent lake gleamed in the sunlight with the occasional dragonfish leaping out of the lake.

Leftover snow piled up beside the lake, this was the remnant of the once in ten years blizzard disaster.

Fang Yuan destroyed Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's arrangement; the blizzard disaster poured into Imperial Court blessed land, thus the destruction caused by the disaster in northern plains was many times lighter than the past.

Imperial Court blessed land existed no longer while True Yang Building was also destroyed; there would be no more of the once in ten years blizzard disaster in northern plains.

The remaining snow slowly melted under the sunlight.

Grass was already poking out of the snow. There was a mixture of green and white grasses mixed together.

Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng moved together, seeing many water wolves and solitary tri-horned rhinos in their path. Water chestnut trees used to fill this place, but now it was a scene of barrenness, the trees already freezing to death or breaking down from the accumulated snow.

The intense change in the scenery brought Fang Yuan some trouble.

He was searching for the passage to Lang Ya blessed land — that purple stone tree left behind by Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

Three days had passed since the alliance with Hei Lou Lan.

Little Hu Immortal was at Hu Immortal blessed land, paying attention to treasure yellow heaven all the time but still not seeing Lang Ya Old Immortal's divine sense.

Fang Yuan took back Fixed Immortal Travel and used this Immortal Gu to go to crescent lake.

Fang Yuan did not directly teleport to Lang Ya blessed land to prevent any unnecessary misunderstandings. He planned to use Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's arrangement again and enter properly.

Because the surroundings had changed, he was unable to directly teleport to the purple stone tree. Being able to directly appear beside crescent lake was thanks to Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

When he was wandering over northern plains, he had once dug a cave beside crescent lake and made simple arrangements, staying for two to three months.

The cave had not collapsed, Fang Yuan first lent Fixed Immortal Travel to Tai Bai Yun Sheng, then entered his immortal aperture, arriving at this place.


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