Reverend Insanity
645 Not committing the same mistake again 2/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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645 Not committing the same mistake again 2/2

"Just as you said, when I first discovered that you had Spring Autumn Cicada, I was extremely excited, immediately thinking of using Spring Autumn Cicada in order to be reborn. I used calamity beckoning Gu to attract you to Water Pavilion. You refined ten percent of Water Pavilion, that was something I purposely engineered to make you less alert. When you left, I activated Water Pavilion and hid in the sweat on your skin. But in this aspect, how did you confirm that Water Pavilion was on you from the start?"

Fang Yuan answered: "This is not hard to guess. You have to ensure my safety, just your will alone is not enough, the rank seven Immortal Gu House Water Pavilion is your strongest safeguard. Secondly, thinking will expend your thoughts, and cause your will to weaken. I made you exert yourself in creating the killer move, but you had never gone into a state of weakness. Next, you contested against Giant Sun's will in my mind, and even helped to refine the supreme true inheritance of True Yang Building. Furthermore, you were under the light of wisdom, but I did not see your will weakening. The only explanation is Water Pavilion! Your will had always been obtaining replenishment. When I first inspected the Gu worms that made up Water Pavilion, I did not realize it. The most crucial Gu worm is that wisdom path Immortal Gu, delight in water and mountain Gu, right?"

"Hehehe, you are half right." Mo Yao's will confessed: "Delight in water and mountain Gu can only create joyful will, but my will is not joyful will, thus I used other Gu worms to convert the joyful will. This will of mine can indeed influence your thoughts, meddling with your lines of thinking and making you act differently to your nature. Am I right to say… you were purposely losing to Giant Sun's will?"

Fang Yuan laughed: "Giant Sun's will is indeed strong, but the difference in our battle strengths would not be so absurdly large. When I awakened in shock, I realized that Water Pavilion had already turned into an armor around me, saving my life, at that moment I realized something was wrong. Although I was alert in the past, because of your influence, it gradually vanished."

"But although I found something amiss, I could not be sure of it. When Giant Sun's will attacked me in a frenzy, I guessed his tactic. This battlefield is only so big, there are very few outside elements that can influence the battle, why would I not be wary of the formless hands? Thus, I took a risk and went along with his ploy, purposely moving slowly so that the formless hand would attack me. In the end, I obtained proof of your ill intentions!"

"Next, even though Water Pavilion broke apart, I was still afraid of its power. Thus, I coaxed you into entering my immortal aperture, and at the same time, using your Gu worms for fighting. I purposely got hit by many killer moves, and most of the Gu worms that I borrowed from you were sealed as a result. This was to prevent you from having any Gu worms that did not need primeval essence to activate."

Mo Yao's will heard this and shook her head, exclaiming: "Fang Yuan, you are too shrewd, the moment you found something wrong, you schemed to this extent, your acting surpassed mine."

"But there is something I don't understand." Fang Yuan asked.

"Oh, what is that?"

"Earlier, I lost fixed immortal travel Immortal Gu to a six fingered formless hand. I know that Fixed Immortal Travel is an Immortal Gu that you really wanted to get rid of, because it affected your plans too much. But how were you so sure that the six fingered formless hand would take away Fixed Immortal Travel, and not other Immortal Gu, least of all Spring Autumn Cicada?"

Mo Yao's will laughed bitterly: "Lad, I am only a will left behind by the main body for ten thousand years, do you really think I can control the entire situation? Back then, the situation was so chaotic, and at the moment when the formless hand grabbed you, I hesitated, afraid to show Water Pavilion as it would attract your suspicion."

"But next, after it took Fixed Immortal Travel, I was overjoyed, I quickly interfered with your thoughts, causing you to help Tai Bai Yun Sheng. This delayed some time, and you lost Fixed Immortal Travel."

Fang Yuan stared blankly: "Your luck is very good."

Mo Yao shook her head, bitterly smiling: "Back then, I sneaked into True Yang Building and wanted to get my hands on fortune rivalling heaven Gu, releasing it in the end. Since then, my luck had been terrible. Later, when I blocked the seven fingered formless hand for you, my intention was to sacrifice the rank seven calamity beckoning Gu in Water Pavilion, what a pity that the formless hand took the core, water harmony Immortal Gu!"

"If your Spring Autumn Cicada had a mortal's consciousness, I would've struck long ago. Unfortunately, your Gu Immortal will is still inside, and I did not dare to act rashly, only influencing you secretly."

"When I lurked in your mind, I had been paying attention to your thoughts and had been attempting to read your memories. But after fighting with Giant Sun's will, I could not split up, all of my will was used to manipulate Water Pavilion to protect your life. Otherwise, I would have noticed when you sensed something amiss. In fact, I would have interfered with your thoughts and made you dismiss this problem."

"Moreover, I had little immortal essence left, most of it was used to create wills. Your tactic of consuming it was very effective, but if I had five or six more beads of red date immortal essence, the situation would have been very different."

Fang Yuan nodded: "Sigh, actually, this was not a fair fight. A will alone cannot think as deeply as the main body. Especially when wills have their specialties and would act on those traits. A will is just a will, it cannot replace the main body. If your main body was dealing with me, I would've lost long ago. Fairy Mo Yao, you truly live up to your name! With just a will that you left behind, you could reach this stage."

Fang Yuan sighed continuously, after revealing their cards, he instead started consoling Mo Yao's will, seemingly forgetting their status as enemies, it was as if he was Mo Yao's long time friend.

He continued to sigh: "Your plan was really too difficult, it is like walking on a tightrope, you had to be careful of the balance of the situation at all times. If when you schemed against me was prior to now, there was a chance I would have continued being fooled by you. Unfortunately, right before coming to northern plains, I made a similar mistake, and my decree in life is to never commit the same mistake twice!"

Saying so, the image of a young woman dressed in white appeared in Fang Yuan's mind.

"Actually, it is also thanks to wisdom Gu's help. Even without using it personally, just by the light halo that it emitted, my thoughts became extremely sharp and I understood many things, thus being able to expose your scheme. As expected of a rank nine Immortal Gu. Hmm, after talking this much, I have a question to ask you, what type of will are you?"

Mo Yao chuckled: "I might as well tell you now. Since you already know my methods, you'll get the answer sooner or later. In fact, under such circumstances, it is already too late even if you discover my true motive. There is no doubt you will need to use Spring Autumn Cicada to self-detonate! My will is called fake will. Fake and true, truth and lies, fake will can disguise as a person's thoughts and collide with other thoughts, changing the results of their thinking and influencing a person's decisions and actions."

Fang Yuan realized at once: "No wonder I could not find where you were lurking when I checked in my mind. You were disguised as part of my thoughts! But you are wrong on one thing, I will not use Spring Autumn Cicada."

"Are you sure? Hehehe." Mo Yao's will laughed: "Six arm heavenly zombie king was a killer move that I perfected with you. I purposely gave an incorrect estimation and caused your body to turn into a zombie, you no longer have any way to progress. At this point, you have no future. I have been around you for so long, I understand you well, you have no trump cards left."

"Right now, the wind veil of assimilation is closing in, and you have already lost Fixed Immortal Travel, do you think you can open a stargate here? Don't be unrealistic! You will be attacked by everyone, even though you purposely acted weaker, your real battle strength is still inferior to Giant Sun's will. After all, this is not the true inheritance secluded domain. Inside the true inheritance secluded domain, wills and thoughts are suppressed. As for worldly wave trace Immortal Gu, I am not going to lend it to you anymore."

"Moreover, other than Giant Sun's will, you still have a huge threat here, that is Hei Lou Lan with the Great Strength True Martial Physique! Rank five peak stage, hehe, think about the force of his self-detonation! Right now, you are only holding on because of the light of wisdom. Hahaha, with so many strong foes, you are at your wits end!"

Mo Yao's will laughed for a while before her tone became calmer: "You refuse to use Spring Autumn Cicada because you are wary of your black coffin luck. You do not have to be so nervous. Spring Autumn Cicada's drawback is that it will cause its owner's luck to become progressively worse. Back then, Red Lotus Demon Venerable was a victim of this. Luck is really strong and influential, no doubt, but it cannot decide everything, it depends on who is facing it. You had so much bad luck, yet with your strength and wisdom, you still managed to get this far. Ma Hong Yun had so much good luck, yet he could not grasp it well, even though he escaped from this place, he would surely fall into the hands of northern plains' Gu Immortals and become a captive."

Fang Yuan snickered: "You've schemed for this long, I'm sure you've made ample preparations, you have the confidence of certain victory. A contest of wills is not my forte, if I self-detonate, that is using my weakness to fight my enemy's strength, how can I be so stupid?"

Mo Yao also laughed: "To think that you'd have such a timid side. It is a pity, but you are not entirely right. I do intend on using the Spring Autumn Cicada, but it is impossible with your foundation to travel ten thousand years back in time. I plan to find Red Lotus Demon Venerable's inheritance when travelling upstream in the river of time. Using the power of the inheritance, I would go back to travelling against the current, ten thousand years into the past. Hehehe, don't you want to see what Red Lotus Demon Venerable's inheritance looks like?"

Mo Yao said something shocking, she actually knew of Red Lotus Demon Venerable's secret inheritance ground.

But Fang Yuan gave no response, he was silent.

Outside, Giant Sun's will finally counted down from "ten" to "one".

"It seems you are still very stubborn, you want to resist to the end!" Seeing that Fang Yuan did not surrender, Giant Sun's will said this in a deep and low tone.

"This demon deserves nothing less than death! Ancestor Giant Sun had granted him mercy, giving him a chance to turn over a new leaf, yet he is still refusing to change!" Ye Lui Sang shouted, yet in the depths of his heart he felt eased.

"Kill, kill this demon. Cut his head off and make it our urine flask!"

"Today, we will exterminate a menace of society!" Everyone was riled up.

"Oh no, the wind veil of assimilation is already within a hundred steps of us! Ancestor Giant Sun, what will we do?" Someone said in shock.

Wisdom Gu was maintaining a halo of light to protect itself, the Gu Masters were all standing near its edge and outside of it, only Fang Yuan was inside. As the wind veil of assimilation grew closer, it shrunk the space that was inside and in just a short period of time, the wind veil would reach the surface of the light halo.


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