Reverend Insanity
641 Fang Yuan vs Giant Sun’s will 2/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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641 Fang Yuan vs Giant Sun’s will 2/2

Fang Yuan had, just a moment ago, conversed with Mo Yao's will and these few sentences were exchanged at lightning speed. Unfortunately, Giant Sun's will noticed this tiny moment and attacked at the point when Fang Yuan was slightly distracted.

Giant Sun's will had incredible methods at controlling the fight, he was even stronger than Fang Yuan at grasping battle opportunities!


A loud bang.

Fang Yuan crashed on the ground harshly, rocks were sent flying and the ground was shaking slightly.

Giant Sun's will followed closely after.

Adding salt to the wound!

It turned into a golden sword again, the blade was extremely sharp and fast, it stabbed after leaving a golden trail in the air.

Fang Yuan had no way to resist, at the crucial moment, Mo Yao's will manipulated Water Pavilion and turned it back into a liquid armor, preserving Fang Yuan's life.

Giant Sun's will stabbed again and again, causing huge ripples to appear on the liquid armor.

"Quick, quickly stand up!" Mo Yao's will shouted anxiously.

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, he used his remaining left arm to support his body off the ground, enduring the strong impact of Giant Sun's will's as he stood up.

"It is useless, you cannot kill me. I have stored all of your own, Giant Sun's, immortal essence in my immortal aperture! Hahaha." Fang Yuan laughed crazily, attempting to break Giant Sun's will's fighting spirit.

But his words caused it to become even more furious.

The attacks became faster, he was stabbing at several times the original frequency!

Crack crack crack…

Because he had exceeded his limit, Giant Sun's will's thoughts were destroying themselves too.

But because of the furious attacks, the liquid armor could not defend against it, occasionally, the sword would pierce through.

Fang Yuan laughed unceasingly, as he protected his brain. In addition, as long as his mind was protected, he would not be invaded by Giant Sun's will, he did not care how many times his organs were stabbed.

The liquid armor was pierced through continuously, but also recovered rapidly. Emitting a blue glow, Fang Yuan's body was nourished as his injuries healed.

"Quickly dodge, at this rate, my immortal essence is expending too rapidly!" Mo Yao's will reminded him frantically.

"No! This is a rare chance!! We have to endure it!" Fang Yuan refused, standing at the same spot enduring the frantic attacks of Giant Sun's will: "Even if your immortal essence is used up, you can lend Water Pavilion to me, I still have over twenty green grape immortal essence beads! Giant Sun's will went crazy, he is doing something very stupid, that is to consume his own thoughts for strong attacks. At this rate, the amount of thoughts he destroys would surpass the damage I have been dealing to him."

"This…" Mo Yao's will went into deep hesitation.

The two were expending resources intensively, falling into a stalemate.

"Should we go and assist old ancestor?" Gu tribe leader Gu Guo Long asked.

While Fang Yuan was fighting Giant Sun's will, Hei Lou Lan led everyone and captured many Gu worms, they had recovered their battle strength.

The reason they were able to capture Gu worms so easily was because there were still many Gu worms inside the wind veil, meanwhile, the number of formless hands was decreasing.

With Gu worms in their possession, they were no longer scared.

In addition, because they saw that Fang Yuan was on the ground taking hits from Giant Sun's will, not just Gu Guo Long, the other Gu Masters were also moved and wanted to go in and fight.

Hei Lou Lan was silent, watching the surroundings.

The wind veil of assimilation continued to spread, the wind walls getting thicker as the space inside was unceasingly being squeezed between.

Out of their survival instincts, Gu worms could only fly inwards. Thus, the density of Gu worms became even higher, they were all over the place.

In fact, sometimes, a Gu Master only needed to stretch out his hand and grab beside him to capture a Gu worm.

Crack crack…

On the ground below, cracks started forming, this was a sign that the area was collapsing.

Far away.

A huge spherical light halo was created again.

Wisdom Gu, which had been sent flying by Giant Sun's will earlier, seemed to have sensed the danger of extermination as it exerted all of its strength to defy its fate, preventing other existences from getting near it.

All this showed that: There was not much time left!

Hei Lou Lan decided not to wait anymore, he nodded and shouted: "Everyone listen to my command, we will attack together, do not cause internal conflict and weaken our offensive!"

Everyone nodded, their expressions were serious.

To them, killing Fang Yuan was the same as surviving this crisis.

However, just when Hei Lou Lan and the others were about to strike, Giant Sun's will suddenly laughed loudly: "Fang Yuan, you have fallen into my trap!"

Saying this, he retreated quickly.

Wills had almost no mass, he retreated as he liked, taking a huge number of steps back in the blink of an eye.

"What?" Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk, he saw a formless hand grabbing at him.

He shouted in shock: "Seven fingered formless hand!"

It turns out, when Giant Sun's will was pretending to fight with Fang Yuan, even using self-destruction to lure Fang Yuan into tanking the hits, his frenzied attacks were only to attract all of Fang Yuan's attention, to obscure his vision so that this formless hand could be lured over.

In the wind veil, although there were decreasing numbers of formless hands, a large number of them still remained.

Giant Sun's will lacked immortal essence, he could not use Immortal Gu, but he had never relied on Hei Lou Lan and the others, his plan was to use the external force called formless hands.

He split out a small portion of his will, carrying several Immortal Gu to attract the formless hand.

The formless hand was faster than Giant Sun's will, Giant Sun's will thus split up into ten wills that carried Immortal Gu each at regular intervals. Once the formless hand got near, he would destroy the Immortal Gu!

The formless hand did not have any gains, after feeling the aura of the next Immortal Gu, it would go over.

This way, after Giant Sun's will lost eight Immortal Gu, the formless hand was finally lured over.

"Quickly dodge it!" Mo Yao's will screamed.

"It's too late!!" Fang Yuan had already darted away, simultaneously activating eagle rise Gu. But it was no use, he needed time to accelerate, but the formless hand had already arrived.

At the moment of life and death, Mo Yao's will sighed gloomily, she suddenly activated Water Pavilion and had it leave Fang Yuan, crashing towards the seven fingered formless hand.

The seven fingered formless hand grabbed, and immediately took away the rank seven Immortal Gu that formed part of Water Pavilion, water harmony Gu, away.

Water Pavilion was a rank seven Immortal Gu House, it was made up of over three thousand Gu worms, each of the Gu worms were interlinked and connected to each other.

Their core was the rank seven water harmony Immortal Gu.

Other than that, there were two supporting Immortal Gu, the rank six movement Immortal Gu Worldly Wave Trace, and the wisdom path Immortal Gu Delight in Water and Mountain.

Right now, the one and only core, water harmony Immortal Gu, was taken away by the formless hand, Water Pavilion broke down immediately!

"Hahaha, let's see what you can use to block me now!" Giant Sun's will laughed continuously, he paid a huge price and obtained the result he wanted to see.

The formless fist carried the water harmony Gu and flew into the sky.

"Quickly destroy it!" Mo Yao's will screamed, the remainder of the over three thousand Gu worms carried red date immortal essence as they floated around Fang Yuan.

Without her reminder, Fang Yuan had already begun to do that.

He used all of his movement Gu, chasing the formless fist and attacking fiercely.

Giant Sun's will snorted, blocking them.

"We will strike too!" Hei Lou Lan and the others saw the good chance and came to join in, attempting to thwart Fang Yuan's plans.

"You've come at the right time!!" Giant Sun's will praised loudly, he changed his battle tactic and stopped blocking Fang Yuan, turning into a bright rainbow and attacking him instead.

Fang Yuan was faced with the Gu Masters' attacks, but he did not mind it, he could use six arm heavenly zombie king to resist them.

But Giant Sun's will's attacks were very threatening to him.

Giant Sun's will did not block Fang Yuan at all, his battle tactic was — go ahead and chase it, I'll let you! In the process of chasing it, I will kill you!

Water Pavilion was broken apart, Mo Yao's will could no longer provide him any defense.

Fang Yuan got into an even more dangerous situation, Hei Lou Lan and the others' attacks were troublesome, they hindered his speed.


Giant Sun's will slammed, turning into a monk's spade as he changed directions, cutting the Gu worms circulating around Fang Yuan into two segments.

"Oh no, my red date immortal essence!" Mo Yao was caught off guard, not only were many Gu worms destroyed by Giant Sun's will, the red date immortal essence was taken by Giant Sun's will.

There were already few red date immortal essence left, now they were completely gone, Mo Yao was stunned.

"Mo Yao, I'll open my aperture, quickly come in!!" Fang Yuan shouted, retreating rapidly at the same time.

The technique of Giant Sun's will was ongoing and he could not give chase immediately, Fang Yuan was able to pull some distance.

He snorted, flying over quickly in pursuit.

During this time, Mo Yao's will moved the remaining Immortal Gu and together with them entered Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

"Quickly lend worldly wave trace Gu to me!" Fang Yuan urged.

Mo Yao's will did not hesitate at all, shouting: "Since I have no immortal essence left anyway, I'll lend these Gu to you."

Although Fang Yuan had obtained many Immortal Gu earlier, he did not have time to refine them, he could only suppress them with his will.

There were only two Gu he did not suppress with his will, Tai Bai Yun Sheng's Man as Before and Landscape as Before.

It was a pity that he did not obtain Tai Bai Yun Sheng's permission, thus Fang Yuan could not use them.

After obtaining Mo Yao's agreement, Fang Yuan immediately used the rank six Immortal Gu.

He shouted while using one bead of green grape immortal essence, activating Worldly Wave Trace.

This Gu was like a jellyfish, it was the size of a baby's fist, wrapping around the green grape immortal essence as it consumed it.


A huge wave appeared below Fang Yuan's feet, bringing Fang Yuan away at rapid speed, pulling distance away from Giant Sun's will.

Worldly Wave Trace was a rank six Immortal Gu. Although Fang Yuan was not a water path Gu Immortal, he had rank six cultivation and could activate it fully.

Giant Sun's will was stunned, this was the first time Fang Yuan was able to shrug him off since the battle began.

But he was merely slightly shocked, snickering immediately after: "If this was the outside world, I would be helpless against you. But inside this wind veil of assimilation, the space is becoming more limited. Go ahead and run, as time passes, I will eventually catch you! Give up on struggling, you destroyed Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and ruined Imperial Court blessed land, and you still want to leave? Hmph, don't think of the impossible, you are dead meat!"

"Don't worry, if I die, I will drag all of you with me, don't think of leaving unscathed!" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, his green face and sharp fangs made him look extremely vile and ruthless.

"Then come and battle, don't run away if you have the guts!" Although Giant Sun's will could not catch up to Fang Yuan, he chased behind with menacing killing intent.

Fang Yuan did not dare to fight it!

He did not have Water Pavilion to protect his brain, once he exposes a weakness in battle, Giant Sun's will would invade his mind.

By then, he would fall into confusion again and be unable to think. He would be meat on the chopping block, without any way to fight back.

However, Giant Sun's will's earlier words were not wrong.

As the wind veil of assimilation spreads, the space would get smaller. Eventually, it would become small to the extent where Fang Yuan cannot dodge, and would be killed by Giant Sun's will.


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