Reverend Insanity
534 Huge Battle 4/4
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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534 Huge Battle 4/4

"We are here, big brother!" Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang shouted at the same time.

"Let them see the true strength of us three brothers!" Liu Wen Wu shouted, and without slowing down, directly smashed into Mo Shi Kuang and Ouyang Bi Sang.

The two laughed loudly, their body giving off green and grey light.

Green, grey and white, three lights collided. BOOM!. Light dispersed and on the spot appeared a human-shaped monster.

This monster had three heads and six arms. It was twenty feet tall with tight muscles and bronze skin.

The three heads had the appearance of Liu Wen Wu, Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang.

"This….?!" Countless people looked on with wide eyes at this freakish scene.

"I will let you guys know, this is our three brothers' killer move — Three Heads Six Arms! Are you trembling in fear? Let out all your dread. This will be the last moment of your lives!"

The three heads spoke in unison.

"Hmph, shameless boasting!" Gao Yang snorted, activating his treacherous cloud wave Gu.

A grey cloud shot towards the three heads six arms giant, but before it even reached its target, Liu Wen Wu's eyes shot two light beams that pierced through the cloud.


With a sonic boom, the three heads six arms suddenly appeared above Gao Yang.

"So fast!" Gao Yang's pupils shrunk and from the battle experiences he had cultivated over a long period of time, he quickly activated his defense Gu.

The monster waved its two arms.

One arm pierced through the light barrier while another arm smashed Gao Yang's head like it smashed a watermelon.

Next moment, Gao Yang's headless corpse fell down from the sky.

"Brother!!!" Rage attacked Zhu Zai's heart and made him lose all reasoning, as he ferociously charged towards the monster.

"Muahahaha, the lamentation of ants." Mo Shi Kuang's head laughed loudly and lightly flicked his finger towards Zhu Zai.


Qi flow exploded and moved straight through the battlefield with formidable impact force, inflicting injuries for several thousands of steps.

Zhu Zai directly exploded from the attack, his blood and crushed bones flying in all directions. The Gu Masters who suffered the after-effects of the attack were all injured heavily.

"This power… it has increased by at least six times and the speed has increased by nine times at least! This three people combination, is it combining asura transformation, the attacking force of qi path and the effects of light path?" Fang Yuan had an intense urge to battle when he looked at this scene.

"I have all-out effort Gu, and by adding in rank five amplify effect Gu, I can burst out with five hundred jun of strength! I wonder who would win if I fight with this monster?"

But in the next moment, Fang Yuan suppressed his battle intent and flew down, again hiding among the mutated beast group.

Man as before Gu!

At this moment, two silver lights shone down; Zhu Zai and Gao Yang resurrected again, restored to their previous state!

"Old geezer!" The monster's six eyes were filled with icy glint, killing intent and battle intent, simultaneously charging towards Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng panickedly retreated; although he had man as before Gu, he could only use it on others and could not use it on himself.

"All those that are free, protect Tai Bai Yun Sheng!!" Hei Lou Lan hurried to reinforce while shouting to his army, realizing the crux of the battle.

"Who can stop me?" Ouyang Bi Sang's head loftily smiled.

Next instant, the monster turned into a ray of green light that shot towards Tai Bai Yun Sheng like lightning.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was hiding behind others, but no one was able to block the monster as it charged straight, sweeping everything on its path. Anyone that dared to block it, be it Gu Masters or beasts, would become pools of crushed flesh and bones.

"Benefactor, leave quickly!" Gao Yang and Zhu Zai rushed over, guarding Tai Bai Yun Sheng behind them.

"Cumbersome things." The monster waved its six arms so quick that one could only see their afterimage.

THUMP THUMP, Zhu Zai and Gao Yang were smashed again.

"Take my sole blade Gu!" Pan Ping hurried over and activated sole blade Gu.

Sole blade Gu successfully activated this time and the monster's huge body slightly shook, a shallow wound appearing on its chest.

"A little interesting." The monster laughed coldly; the wound had completely recovered by the time he finished laughing. Afterwards, the monster let out a breath of turbid air.

The turbid air detonated and exploded Pan Ping into pieces.

"Tai Bai Yun Sheng, where are you going?" The monster howled with laughter, the voices of the three heads gradually becoming one.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng had not moved very far when the monster intercepted in front of him.


Waterfall flowed in a torrent and Hao Ji Liu came riding it.

The monster pushed forward with all six hands and collapsed the water torrent; Hao Ji Liu screamed miserably and flew backwards in a faster speed than he came.

Seeing this scene, Bian Si Xuan who was charging forward immediately stopped, not daring to go forward.

Dark vortex!

Hei Lou Lan sped down from the sky, and the giant black sphere that was as large as a hill pressed down.

The monster roared, its six hands forming into a claw shape and slashing towards the distant black sphere.

Killer move — World Devouring Qi!

The air became as thick as a wall and solid as a mountain. Hei Lou Lan's face turned red and purple, but he was not able to continue forward.

Following after, air from all around surged and unexpectedly swallowed his killer move.

The killer move which Mo Shi Kuang could not carry out completely was suddenly perfected in the monster's hand.


The mutated wolf group rushed over while Hei Lou Lan delayed the monster. In an instant, the mutated wolf group had surrounded the monster tightly.

A bloody battle broke out.

The mutated wolves which had a strength of rank four Gu Masters, fearlessly initiated a death charge at the monster.

"KILL KILL KILL!" The monster growled repeatedly as it turned into a berserk state and started fighting the mutated wolves.

His every movement carried his full power. Light path, qi path and transformation path Gu worms jointly attacked with deep tacit cooperation, as if the monster was a cultivator cultivating three paths!

The mutated wolves died one after another, but the monster's offensive was still as fierce as before.

"Lord alliance leader, let me lend you a hand!" At this moment, a Liu tribe Gu Master hurried over to assist.

But in the next moment, he was smashed apart alive by the monster which had lost its reason!

"Lord Liu Wen Wu has lost his mind!"

"He has become mad!!"

The battlefield was in an uproar and Liu tribe army's morale fell down sharply.

"My tribe has suffered tremendous losses, we have lost one-third of our Gu Masters, it is time to retreat."

"How can such an alliance leader be worth us giving up our lives?"

"Let's discuss after we retreat, the casualties have already reached a high level. Retreat now, don't care about violating the poison vow."

The battle had reached such a chaotic state that was beyond everyone's expectation. Deserters started to appear from both Hei and Liu tribe.

The black banner troops and grand white troops that had been managing the army were in an intense fight now, how could they have the energy to spare to suppress these deserters?

"What to do?" Hei Lou Lan asked; this monster gave him an extreme headache.

"Don't worry. Killer moves have astonishing might but their consumption of primeval essence is also enormous. Moreover, this killer move clearly has a defect, this monster has already lost its reasoning. A powerful being without intelligence is nothing to worry about." Fang Yuan calmly analyzed, his voice shaking everyone's mind.

"Yes, if nothing unexpected happens, then we have already won this battle!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng added.

But he had just finished speaking when the unexpected event happened.

The three heads six arms monster suddenly separated into three people who then charged into three directions.

Liu Wen Wu and Mo Shi Kuang's charge missed, but Ouyang Bi Sang's eyes shone as he shouted: "Chang Shan Yin, I have finally found you! Die!!"

Their three people combination into three heads six arms monster allowed their souls to mix and their battle strength would raise rapidly, but this state could not be maintained for long. The longer it was used, the more chaotic their memories would become, finally leading them to lose themself and become a delirious lunatic or become an idiot.

When they killed the Gu Master that had come for reinforcement, their minds shook and barely managed to regain a trace of sanity.

Relying on this sanity, they planned in making a comeback.

Compared to killing Tai Bai Yun Sheng, killing Chang Shan Yin would no doubt be much more important.

The investigative Gu of these three were not common Gu. By carefully observing the battlefield, they calculated the three places where Fang Yuan was most likely to be hiding.

In the end, Ouyang Bi Sang found Fang Yuan's hiding place.

'Damn it! If the Wolf King dies, the wolf group will crumble apart. Liu tribe's army will be able to turn around the situation and it will instead become my army's defeat.' Seeing Ouyang Bi Sang pouncing at Chang Shan Yin with a sinister smile, Hei Lou Lan shouted inwardly as he crazily rushed to assist, but he was still late.

"Die!" Ouyang Bi Sang unexpectedly still had enough primeval essence left to activate asura transformation again!

"Wolf King is finished!" Sun Shi Han was afraid but also happy.

"Bad! Chang Shan Yin is going to die!!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng and others had pale expressions.

"Father!" Chang Ji You shouted in desperation.

However, the person in question, Fang Yuan, had a strange smile on his face as he saw Ouyang Bi Sang's attack.

Rank four eagle raise Gu and rank five amplify effect Gu!

A pair of eagle wings suddenly grew out of Fang Yuan's back and took him towards the sky with five times the speed.

Ouyang Bi Sang was dazed for a second before he hurried chased, shouting: "Don't even think of escaping!"

But his speed was not enough and he could only look on as the gap between them spread apart.

"Let me!" Liu Wen Wu shouted and turned into a white light that rapidly charged over. But Fang Yuan nimbly turned around and dodged.

Mo Shi Kuang also rushed over at this moment, chasing and intercepting Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was extremely deft - at times, he was like a butterfly passing through the flowers; at times, he was like a lightning; at times, he was like a light wind; and at times, he was like a ghost, playfully circling the three.

"This… this is master level flying skill!" Everyone looked at this sight with dumbfounded gazes.

Gu Masters raised Gu, used Gu and refined Gu; no matter which aspect, they were all profound and vast. It was clearly the same Gu that they were using, but some Gu Masters could use them brilliantly, elevating it to a level of art.

People often called these individuals — masters!
"I had never thought that Wolf King was not only an enslavement path master but also flying master!" Everyone looked for a while and let go of their worries, exclaiming in surprise.

"Wolf King, don't run if you dare!" Ouyang Bi Sang shouted.

"Chang Shan Yin, if you have any guts, come exchange three hundred moves with me!" Mo Shi Kuang roared in fury.

"Damn it…" Liu Wen Wu gnashed his teeth, his heart already sinking to the bottom.

Fang Yuan's flying skills left them in the dust. What made them even more vexed was that Fang Yuan was unexpectedly separating his thoughts in controlling the wolf group to slaughter Liu tribe army, while dodging them!

"Oh for heaven's sake, if I knew you could fly this skillfully, why would we need to fight to this extent?" Looking at Fang Yuan's skillful maneuvers, Hei Lou Lan felt some resentment in his heart.

As for the Liu tribe three brothers, they were completely speechless.


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