Reverend Insanity
533 Huge Battle 3/4
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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533 Huge Battle 3/4

Black banner troops and grand white troops started to fight, ever since they were created, they were opposing forces that had contested for hundreds of years, having victories and losses on both sides. At this moment, the two troops engaged in battle and unleashed their killer moves, having no clear advantage on each side.

Seeing his final trump card engaged in a deadlock, Hei Lou Lan's expression turned pitch black.

"Hehehe." Liu Wen Wu laughed heartily, feeling great pleasure, his opponent was at his wit's end, but he was in the same situation.

However, the grass soldier army could still blok the mutated beast wolf group for some time. As for Hei tribe's higher level battle force, they had already shown signs of collapsing, especially Gao Yang and Zhu Zai against Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang, their battle was very obviously showing signs of a victor emerging.

Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang, although they were not skilled at cooperating, they had greater individual strength than their opponents.

If Gao Yang and Zhu Zai were fighting two against one, using their great chemistry, they could have a mild advantage. But now, they could only be suppressed, defending desperately as they were in a passive situation.

Anyone could tell that Gao Yang and Zhu Zai were going to fail very soon. Once they lose, Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang would be like tigers out of a cage, they would start to reinforce other battles.

That way, their mild advantage will snowball and accumulate, allowing the entire battle to sway in his favor.

Once Liu tribe army gains the advantage, Hei tribe without any more backup would have no way of winning, they would only be able to watch their opponent grow stronger as they fall into a worse situation.

Eventually, the other side will turn advantage into victory, and Hei tribe army would crumble!

Hei Lou Lan could see the problem now, he was sweating profusely. He was all alone in the main tent, at this point, he could only rely on his own strength!

His body vanished in the main tent, appeared in the air above the grass soldier army.

He had the intention of killing Bei Cao Chuan, since Bei Cao Chuan did not have lurking soul coat Gu, he was easy to distinguish, once he is killed, the grass soldier army would crumble.

That way, this battle would go back into a double offense situation, at the end, it would be like the first battle, they would have to regroup and retreat.

Killer move — Dark Vortex!

Hei Lou Lan had just activated his killer move, when a white light appeared before him, showing Liu Wen Wu's body.

Hei Lou Lan was a dark path rank five, while Liu Wen Wu was a light path rank five, the two had engaged in combat for many times without a clear victor.

But this time, the gentleman-like Liu Wen Wu showed a mild smile of a victor: "Brother Lou Lan, today's battle depends on a single ray of light. My grass soldier army is going to fall soon, but your higher level battle strength will falter more quickly. What a pity, our armies have very close battle strength, we are nearly evenly matched."

"You are courting death!" Hei Lou Lan shouted furiously, growling and charging at Liu Wen Wu.

The two fought as they moved around, exploding with thunderous sounds or brilliant lights.

"Strange, in my previous life, Hei tribe defeated Liu tribe, but it seems that Liu tribe has the advantage now. Was it because of me that some weird changes occurred?" Fang Yuan hid at a corner as he secretly observed.

He was an enslavement-strength dual cultivator, he had not displayed his full strength yet.

In fact, he had not even displayed his full enslavement path abilities yet.

At this moment, the grass soldier army was barely holding on, he just had to show up and unleash the wolf howl Gu and rank five amplify effect Gu to instantly defeat Bei Cao Chuan.

But Fang Yuan did not move, he chose to observe.

His attention was on Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang.

Once he showed up, and activated wolf howl Gu and rank five amplify effect Gu, there was a huge possibility that the two of them would come after him.

Truthfully speaking, Fang Yuan was already accomplished in strength path, he was not afraid of fighting Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang together in close combat.


"My vision cannot be limited to this battle. The fight for the Imperial Court is a competition among super tribes, a game manipulated by Gu Immortals. Once I expose my full strength, even if we win this battle, the other party will definitely target me when they get reinforced by their Gu Immortal. By then, I would have no more hidden trump cards left, my grasp over this situation would fall to rock bottom."

Fang Yuan's mind was on the Imperial Court, he kept calm at all times and was not disturbed by the dangerous situation ahead of him.

"In my previous life, how did Hei tribe defeat Liu tribe? Although the battle is extremely tense now, both sides had not used their trump cards yet. At least I know that Tai Bai Yun Sheng has a rank five Gu 'man as before'. The less battle strength I expose, the better it is for me. If I strike, it has to be a fatal blow! Now is not the time yet…"

Fang Yuan's heart was calm, despite this intense battlefield that was filled with corpses and rivers of blood.

In his eyes, these casualties were just numbers.

In this battle, many people screamed at the deaths of their friends and family, many people shouted in joy after killing a strong foe, some Gu Masters ran away under the fear of death. Some Gu Masters were filled with ambition, wanting to be a person of higher status.

Human emotions became riled up in such moments of life and death, they were frenzied, crazy, while arrogant and unrestrained.

Observing the ruthless expressions of the people around, hearing their screaming and shouting, Fang Yuan felt a great sense of serenity and peace.

His heart was firm like an ancient abyss, there were no ripples on the surface.

Fight, kill, a person is born to engage in battle.

Win, lose, continue walking on your path, by stepping on other people's corpses.

Let blood boil, let sweat flow, the best moment of life is now…

"Take this, this is my killer move — World Devouring Qi!" In the battlefield, an explosive and thunderous shout burst out.

His voice attracted numerous gazes as everyone subconsciously focused on it.

"Oh no, let's go!" An intense sense of danger assaulted him as Gao Yang shouted, activating his Gu worm and wanting to escape, but the surrounding air was as dense as walls, he could barely move.

Mo Shi Kuang floated in the air, opening his hands as his ten fingers converged before his chest.

Gao Yang and Zhu Zai felt a despairing sense of pressure, squashing them from all directions. Their shocked expressions froze on their faces, the feeling of imminent death filled their hearts.

"Go!" Before the moment of death, Zhu Zai burst out the strength of three grand emperor boar, piercing a hole on the wall-like air.

"Brother!" Gao Yang felt his world spinning, when he reacted, he had already been tossed far away by Zhu Zai, away from the battlefield.

As for Zhu Zai, he was squeezed into meat paste by Mo Shi Kuang's killer move, through an intense and concentrated air pressure.

"Brother!!" Gao Yang shouted, his heart felt like it was pierced by daggers as tears flowed out of his eyes like a flood.

Mo Shi Kuang also vomited a mouthful of blood.

"Second brother, your killer move is not completed yet, don't activate it casually." Ouyang Bi Sang quickly hurried over and held him in the air.

Mo Shi Kuang vomited blood as he laughed: "What a great battle, I used it without thinking, hahaha…"

Ouyang Bi Sang shook his head: "Alright, let's continue killing that Gao Yang, after we resolve the problem here, we will reinforce the other battles!"

Liu Wen Wu who saw this laughed, he declared with overwhelming confidence: "This is the start of our Liu tribe army's consecutive victories! Brother Lou Lan, you have no way of winning already!"

"Is that so?" It was not Hei Lou Lan who replied him, but Tai Bai Yun Sheng who was at another battle ring.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng who had always been evading attacks suddenly burst out with great speed as he pulled some distance from his opponent, opening his palms and shooting out a silver beam.

The silver beam shone on Zhu Zai's flesh and blood that became meat paste.

Rank five — Man As Before!

In an instant, silver light shone brilliantly, making people close their eyes in response.

After the light faded, Zhu Zai reappeared on the battlefield, without any injuries on him, as his primeval sea level was also at its peak.

Under the effect of man as before, Zhu Zai returned to the state right before the battle!

The shocked expression not only appeared on multiple Gu Masters' faces, even Liu Wen Wu, Mo Shi Kuang, and Ouyang Bi Sang had the same expression.

Man as before Gu had an incredible healing effect that made almost everyone feel shocked and speechless!

Man as before Gu, time path healing Gu, could return a target to his condition at a point in time.

"Good, what a great healing Gu!" Hei Lou Lan laughed heartily, he did not expect Tai Bai Yun Sheng to be concealing such a strong trump card. As long as they had this, Hei tribe's higher level battle could drag on for a long time.

"Good, now is the time!" Fang Yuan's eyes shone with brilliance as he activated rank four eagle rise Gu, flying up into the sky.

Rank five amplify effect Gu and rank four wolf howl Gu!

Fang Yuan opened his mouth and howled, as his voice spread far and wide.

Under the effect of the wolf howl Gu, all his mutated beasts' bodies expanded, as their eyes turned bright red, their battle strength grew by five times!

"Go." Fang Yuan floated in the air, staring at the battlefield as he muttered.

The wolf tide burst out, like a tsunami out of nowhere!

"Damn it, I can't hold on!" Bei Cao Chuan was at his wit's end, he resisted desperately, but the grass soldier army was like a thin piece of paper under the wolf tide, it was torn to shreds without even lasting for a few breath's time.

Bei Cao Chuan did not even manage to escape before a frenzy wolf pounced on him and tore his armor with its sharp teeth, before biting his throat.

Bei Cao Chuan resisted with all his strength, sending this frenzy wolf flying, just as he was about to cover his neck and get up, three white-eyes wolves came and after a struggle, he was a corpse torn into several pieces.

The grass soldier army went down, Fang Yuan thus manipulated the wolf group and attacked grand white troops.

Grand white troops were fighting with black banner troops, they were stuck in a stalemate as they exchanged blows. Now that the mutated beast wolf group attacked them from behind, they suffered heavy injuries.

"Hahaha, Liu Wen Wu, it seems that I have the last laugh!" The battle turned in such a sudden direction, Hei Lou Lan was overjoyed and surprised.

"No, I have not lost yet!" Liu Wen Wu's face was distorted as he shouted frantically, like a gambler who had gone crazy from losing. He turned into a white light, flying towards Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang.

"Second brother, third brother!" He shouted.


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