Reverend Insanity
532 Huge Battle 2/4
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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532 Huge Battle 2/4

At once, even Gao Yang, Zhu Zai, Mo Shi Kuang, and Ouyang Bi Sang's battles were interrupted by the huge influx of people.

The two armies intertwined completely, as fighting sounds erupted and filled the heavens.

Waterfall Gu!

In the chaotic battle, Water Demon Hao Ji Liu pushed with his palms as a great current burst forth, sweeping the Gu Masters in front of him irregardless of alliance.

Great tornado Gu!

A large dark-green tornado over tens of meters tall swept the battlefield. Everywhere it went, humans and beasts flew into the air as they lost their balance.

The tornado dispersed and revealed Chang Biao within.

He was floating in the air with his green robe, he had an overwhelming aura.

He and Hao Ji Liu were not far away, naturally, the two rank four experts made eye contact with each other.

The next moment, there were no trash talks, they fought immediately.


A flash of golden lightning pierced the battlefield, all the Hei tribe Gu Masters in its path lost their lives.

The golden light dispersed, and a stoic man with broad shoulders and thin waist appeared, it was Pei Yan Fei!

"Chang Shan Yin, today, I will behead you and take revenge for what happened back then! Eh?" Pei Yan Fei was overflowing with battle intent, fire was burning within him when suddenly, his gaze concentrated and he activated his defensive Gu in time.

Behind him, a lump of shadow exploded.

The shadow was deep and profound, turning into multiple sword shadows as it attacked his back, causing Pei Yan Fei to sway violently.

"It's you, Shadow Sword Expert!" Pei Yan Fei stabilized his footing as he looked at the Gu Master who attacked him, his gaze becoming serious.

Bian Si Xuan who had a black veil covering her face laughed: "Lord Pei Yan Fei is too courteous."

She spoke very respectfully, but her actions were not. The black shadow swords appeared again like a windmill, engulfing Pei Yan Fei.

"Then I shall kill you first!" Pei Yan Fei laughed loudly as he charged forward.


"Our battle has not ended, where are you two going?" Ouyang Bi Sang, Mo Shi Kuang came before the demonic path twin demons.

Gao Yang and Zhu Zai felt bitter, they could only continue and engage in battle with Ouyang Bi Sang and Mo Shi Kuang.

As the Gu Master experts continued fighting, their battle rings formed into distinct areas, and the chaotic battlefield gradually became clear.

Tens of large battle rings were filled with rank four to five experts. Outside the large rings, there were small battle rings with rank three Gu Masters as the main strength.

Outside the small rings, low rank Gu Masters form into groups as they fought together in teams.

As the main commander, Hei Lou Lan and Liu Wen Wu were sitting in their main tents, observing the battle situation. At times, they gave orders and dispatched their elite troops to areas of the battlefield to stabilize the situation or to pursue their advantage.

The giant battlefield soon gave off the thick scent of blood. Gu Masters continued to fall, some were turned into icicles, while others were charred, some were torn to pieces while others were poisoned to death.

The clean grassland became a weird monster, devouring fresh blood and life every minute and second.

The battle was so intense, after a while, Hei Lou Lan and Liu Wen Wu were both breaking out in cold sweat.

Large numbers of casualties made their hearts turn cold. The intensity of battle made people's hearts go numb.

To maintain the situation, the two quickly dispatched their trump cards, the elite troops. Only the black banner elite troops and grand white elite were left to control the area.

As time flowed, deaths and injuries became less, after all, the explosive strength only appeared at the start, by now, Gu Masters experienced intense primeval essence expenditure and were starting to reduce their usage, this way, the battle intensity started to decrease.

The battle entered a stalemate.

The two armies were like two giants competing at equal strength. Either side could snowball from a tiny advantage, until they emerged victorious, and become the winner of the battlefield.

"Our higher level battle strength are doing well. Wolf King, now that the rank five lurking soul coat Gu is in your hands, together with the mutated beast wolf group, the rest will be up to you." Hei Lou Lan transmitted with his Gu worm.

At the start of the battle, Fang Yuan was already not in the main tent, but lurking somewhere on the battlefield. His exact location was not known by Hei Lou Lan either.

Fang Yuan received Hei Lou Lan's words, but he did not reply. He mobilized the wolf group and started to sprint in two directions.

Liu tribe Gu Masters subconsciously chased after them, but this way, the tight formation was loosened.


A group of over eight hundred mutated beast wolf group, comprising white-eyes wolves, blood forest wolves, frenzy wolves, shark fin wolves. The wolf group was like a sharp arrow, shooting out and piercing towards Liu tribe's main camp.

Fang Yuan's attack was a fatal blow, it was vicious and cruel, striking at the enemy's vital points.

"A group of mutated beasts reinforcement as expected huh…" Liu Wen Wu looked at the charging wolves that disrupted his formation, large numbers of Gu Masters lost their lives to the wolves as he frowned deeply.

Hei tribe's Gu Immortal supplying mutated wolves was information easy to obtain, it was no secret.

Liu Wen Wu was unfazed, he had Liu tribe's Gu Immortals backing him as well, along with the entire Liu tribe. He had his ways of dealing with this mutated beast wolf group.

"Bei Cao Chuan, it is time to strike." Liu Wen Wu instructed the Gu Master beside him.

Bei Cao Chuan was expressionless, standing up from his seat as he frowned: "I can only last for seven minutes."

Liu Wen Wu nodded:" No worry, go ahead."

Bei Cao Chuan walked out of the main tent, his primeval essence rapidly expending as he activated the Gu worm that he had obtained not long ago.

The refreshing aura of grass and wood spread from his body, for a radius of a hundred li.

All the grass within the range of this aura grew wildly, in a few breath's time, they grew taller than a man's height. The large blades of grass intertwined, forming rank two grass soldier puppets.

Soon, there were a thousand grass soldier puppets.

Bei Cao Chuan activated his Gu worm, as a jade colored light rained down. The grass puppets were bathed in the green rain water, as a portion of them advanced to rank three rattan shell grass soldiers. At the same time, the rank two grass puppets were still growing.

Bei Cao Chuan activated his Gu worm again, as an orange wind blew on the grassland. As the wind blew, a portion of the rattan shell grass soldiers advanced into the rank four grass sword elite soldiers!

The empty central camp quickly was filled with an army of grass soldiers. At once, it became the most densely packed area in the battlefield.

The charging mutated wolf group was obstructed by these obstacles.

Fang Yuan frowned, he manipulated wholeheartedly. He hid on the back of the blood forest wolf, his body cloaked in the rank five lurking soul coat Gu, it was like a green-grey wolf skin cape.

The lurking soul coat Gu was indeed amazing, it concealed Fang Yuan's soul and allowed him to strike with his full strength.

But at this time, Fang Yuan felt that he was battling against an enslavement path master.

Bei Cao Chuan manipulated the grass soldier army as tears overflowed his face.

He now had two souls in one body, in order to defeat Wolf King Chang Shan Yin, Bei tribe's elder Bei Cao Sheng sacrificed himself and entrusted his soul to Bei Cao Chuan. Using Liu Wen Wu's Gu worm, Bei Cao Chuan absorbed the power of Bei Cao Sheng's soul, causing him to gain the attainment of an enslavement path master within this short period of time.

Bei Cao Chuan was originally a rank four enslavement path Gu Master, he was also Bei tribe leader, he had the resources of a clan, his soul foundation was not weak. With Bei Cao Sheng's help, he was like a tiger with wings, his enslavement path battle strength surged.

Except that this move had huge repercussions. Because he used another person's soul, Bei Cao Chuan's soul will be impure and he would have memory lapses, he would need to expend huge amounts of spirit and resources, using specialized soul path Gu worms to nourish his soul and heal this problem.

But now, in order to defeat Hei tribe army and take revenge, Bei Cao Chuan could not care less about the aftermath.

Hei tribe had invited Gao Yang and Zhu Zai to mend the gap of their higher level battle strength. And Liu tribe thought of this method to replenish their lower level battle strength, raising Bei Cao Chuan's strength to enslavement path master so that he could restrict Fang Yuan.

At once, Fang Yuan's mutated beast wolf group was barely resisted by the grass soldier army.

"We blocked it? Hahah! Hei Lou Lan, you are bound to lose!" Liu Wen Wu saw this and the worry in his heart vanished, he laughed heartily as his voice resounded the battlefield.

"Damn it…" Hei Lou Lan clenched his fist and gritted his teeth. The situation was terrible, Gao Yang and Zhu Zai were in great danger, and the mutated wolf group that he had placed his hope on was restricted at the enemy's camp, unable to progress!

Without a choice, he had to mobilize the black banner troops.

"Brothers, it is finally time for us black banner to strike!" Black banner commander received this order and shouted excitedly.

Black banner troop was nurtured by Hei tribe for a long time, the trump card made from expending huge amounts of resources. Once they were deployed, they were like a black blade that stabbed into the battlefield, easily slicing it like tofu.

The entire black banner troop was reinforced by battle will Gu, they were brave and peerless, not afraid of death. They could display 120% of their original strength!

"Can't control it anymore huh?" Liu Wen Wu's eyes shone brilliantly, staring at the black banner troop's movements.

When he saw the black banner troop making a curve around the battlefield, towards his central camp, he instantly understood Hei Lou Lan's intention.

"So you are trying to stake it all on this, gathering your advantage and piercing the grass soldier army. Hmph, Bei Cao Chuan had such difficulty resisting Chang Shan Yin, if the black banner troops appeared, he would definitely fall. By then, Hei tribe would have a mild advantage and this crucial beast group would be free to attack."

Thinking so, Liu Wen Wu laughed arrogantly: "Your Hei tribe has black banner troops, renowned in northern plains. My Liu tribe also has the grand white troops, of similar magnitude of fame. Black banner and grand white's competition had been ongoing for hundred of years, let's see who wins today."

Under his command, the grand white troops unleashed one of their three killer moves directly.

The grand white troops exploded with a piercing white light.

The white light formed into a giant light pillar that pierced into the heavens.

The light pillar rose up, but after an instant, it descended from the sky, shooting at the area that the black banner troops were advancing towards. The three black banner commanders saw this familiar killer move and ordered their troops to stay on guard.

The light pillar dispersed and the grand white troops appeared with a tight formation.

Grand white troops were foot soldiers, while black banner troops rode battle horses. But in terms of mobility, grand white troops were superior, it was none other than the ability of this killer move!


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