Reverend Insanity
521 Stealing Shoes 2/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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521 Stealing Shoes 2/2

The slaves were old while Fei Cai was acting like a crazed man; for the moment, the slaves could only surround Fei Cai without daring to go forward.

Fei Cai stared with wide, furious eyes as he kicked an old slave in front of him: "Filthy bastard, I am going to pay respects to young tribe leader, don't block my way."

The old slaves felt ashamed and furious, sinister glint flashed past their eyes but they still did not dare to go forward.

They had already noticed a bulge in Fei Cai's clothes. Many sneered in disdain in their hearts: 'This stupid kid really has the courage to steal! It doesn't matter if he stole shoes, but he actually stole the young tribe leader's shoes, hahaha, his luck is truly bad. I originally wanted him to be relocated to cleaning the latrine, but now this kid might even lose his little life. Serves him right! Is it so easy to become young tribe leader's personal servant?'

Fei Cai walked towards young tribe leader's tent while being surrounded by the old slaves.

The two Gu Masters guarding the tent saw Fei Cai and looked at him as if he was a dead person.

Ma Ying Jie stood at the entrance of the tent with a solemn expression. He had been tired of handling the various affairs and wanted to take a walk outside, but he found that his shoes had disappeared.

He called for his old personal servant, and the old slave told him the shoes were very possibly stolen by the new young slave to possibly sell them for money. The old slave also informed Ma Ying Jie that this was not the first time Fei Cai had stolen.

Ma Ying Jie was naturally furious. He had never expected that his kindness would bring in a thief.

Fei Cai was extremely anxious with panic already filling his mind, but he firmly remembered Zhao Lian Yun's instructions, and walked towards Ma Ying Jie with his head high like a valiant hero.

Ma Ying Jie was secretly amazed at this sight.

Those old slaves that were following Fei Cai to keep an eye on him, instead looked like they were escorting him. More importantly, Fei Cai did not appear panicked, was it not him who stole the shoes?

Unwittingly, the fury in Ma Ying Jie was replaced by curiosity and doubts.

"Subordinate greets young tribe leader." Fei Cai kneeled on the ground and greeted with a clear voice.

Ma Ying Jie looked at Fei Cai and shouted in an displeased voice: "My shoes, did you steal them?"

"I would never dare to steal lord's shoes even if I had a hundred guts." Fei Cai denied flatly.

"He is lying, his clothes are bulging, he has something there, we will know once we look at it!" The old slaves immediately shouted from behind.

Fei Cai snorted and opened his shirt, revealing a ball of snowy-white, high grade silk.

He carefully took out the silk and opened it, revealing the shoes inside.

Ma Ying Jie looked at this pair of shoes and knew it was the pair which he wore, and he couldn't help but coldly smiled: "Great, great, the proof is here, a thief having such confidence is really hard to come by."

"I implore young tribe leader to investigate clearly." Fei Cai did not refute and placed the shoes on the ground respectfully. He then placed his forehead on the ground like he was willing to take on any punishment.

"Lord young tribe leader, there is clear evidence, please punish this vile bastard fiercely!"

"Yes, he actually dared to steal young tribe leader's shoes. He might steal many more things later on."

"He is such a thief, we should just cut off his hands!"

The old slaves continued to speak extremely sinister words; Fei Cai's heart trembled but remembering Zhao Lian Yun's words, he did not retort.

This scene caused Ma Ying Jie to be somewhat interested.

Killing a slave was nothing, but Ma Ying Jie had always praised himself as 'wise and benevolent' to restrict himself so that when he took over the tribe in the future, he could become a wise ruler of the generation.

Especially now that Ma tribe had become the head of a huge army, their every move was being paid attention to by others. Rashly killing a slave just because of a small matter like stealing shoes, would it not be spread as brutal?

Ma Ying Jie had such misgivings in his heart.

A good reputation was easy to build but difficult to maintain.

Thereupon, he asked: "I have always dealt with things fairly. Fei Cai, I will give you a chance to explain yourself."

Fei Cai immediately let out a breath of relief, he had been waiting for these words just like Zhao Lian Yun instructed him. This gave him a huge confidence and he decided he would reply exactly according to Zhao Lian Yun's instructions.

"My father died because of the internal strife in the tribe, so young tribe leader obliterating Fei tribe can be said to have taken revenge for me. Young tribe leader is so wise and benevolent, how could I do a thing like returning benevolence with enmity?"

When Ma Ying Jie heard the words 'wise and benevolent', his mood immediately took a turn for the better as he asked in a gentle voice: "Hmm, then do you have some ulterior motives?"

Fei Cai, however, shook his head: "No ulterior motives, it is just that I wanted to repay young tribe leader. But what can I do? I am only a mortal, I have no ways to break through the enemy defense lines for young tribe leader. I am very stupid, I cannot bring forward any plans to young tribe leader. I am only your personal servant who can only clean shoes and place them properly. I thought in young tribe leader's place — these shoes have been put outside for so long that young tribe leader's feet might become cold when you wear them, right? So I used all my savings to buy this real silk to cover young tribe leader's shoes and held it in my clothes. With this, young tribe leader won't feel cold when you wear them."

"Eh? So it was like that!" Ma Ying Jie was greatly surprised.

He was obsessed with cleanliness and if Fei Cai had directly held the shoes in his clothes, he would instead be disgusted.

But covering the shoes with silk was different.

Moreover this was a genuine high grade silk. There should not be anyone who used such materials to cover shoes, right?

'This Fei Cai is really a good servant, he is actually so considerate.' Ma Ying Jie's thoughts moved and the gaze he looked at Fei Cai quietly changed.

If what Fei Cai said was true, his devotion was really overwhelming!

At this moment, Fei Cai suddenly kowtowed: "Young tribe leader, I have sinned!"

"Eh? What sin have you committed?" Ma Ying Jie looked at Fei Cai with a clear smile on his face.

Fei Cai replied: "I only thought of keeping the shoes warm for young tribe leader, but forgot it would be extremely inconvenient for you when you go out. I have sinned, please punish me!"

Ma Ying Jie heaved a sigh: "It is not like I only have one pair of shoes, but because I saw that the pair I usually wore had disappeared, I called you over. It is fortunate, I nearly blamed my loyal servant."

"Lord young tribe leader, don't listen to his words!"

"Lord young tribe leader, this kid is deceiving you, he is very crafty and is lying to you!!"

The old slaves experienced a reversal of fortune when they saw the normally stupid Fei Cai speak with such a glib tongue, and thus they began to hurriedly shout.

Fei Cai spoke again at this moment: "Young tribe leader, please inspect clearly. There is indeed a matter of stealing shoes, but I have never done it. Instead, it was these old slaves who did it many times. After I was appointed to this post, these old slaves incited me many times, but I never listened, thus they resent me. I am not afraid of being investigated and also not afraid of punishment. I earnestly request young tribe leader to investigate clearly and give me justice!"

Fei Cai was naturally not afraid of investigation as this was the first time he had stolen shoes!

He had heard the old slaves 'carelessly' speaking that a pair of the finest shoes could sell for a high price.

Fei Cai was ignorant; he had followed the young tribe leader for so long but had not paid attention to the look of the shoes young tribe leader wore, and thus was easily plotted against by the old slaves.

Fortunately, he met a crucial person during the crucial time. Zhao Lian Yun became his savior, and under her instructions, Fei Cai made a comeback and averted danger.

When the old slaves heard the request for investigation, their face turned as pale as paper.

Gu Masters had plenty of methods and could easily get to the bottom of this trivial affair.

These old slaves were already regretting their actions, never having expected for them to be the ones landing in deep trouble!

Ma Ying Jie noticed the change in the expressions of the old slaves, and became seventy-eighty percent convinced in Fei Cai. But since his resolve was to become a 'wise ruler', he naturally could not rashly decide based on his thoughts.

Immediately, he summoned an investigative Gu Master and commanded him to get to the bottom of this affair.

Receiving Ma Ying Jie's personal order, the investigative Gu Master investigated enthusiastically. In only five minutes of time, the truth of the matter was brought to light.

As the facts were disclosed, the old slaves kneeled on the ground and began weeping and howling with their bodies trembling in fear, asking the young tribe leader to forgive them.

Ma Ying Jie snorted: "Fawning upon your superiors and bullying your subordinates, you slaves actually dared to deceive me! You should all be put to death, but considering the many years you have served me, and that some of you even having served me since I was a child and also served my subordinates, I will forgive your cheap lives and send you to the supply camp to serve my army. Clean the faeces and latrine!"

"Thank you young tribe leader for showing mercy!" The old slaves kowtowed like they were pounding garlic, extremely thankful for this.

"As for you…" Ma Ying Jie looked at Fei Cai and smiled playfully, "You dared to steal my shoes, you truly are extremely daring! From now on, you shall be punished to be the head of the slaves and redeem yourself by serving me properly!"

Fei Cai was stumped for a long time before he came to his senses; Ma Ying Jie's punishment was actually a promotion!

He immediately kowtowed and expressed his thanks.

Ma Ying Jie laughed heartily and waved his hand: "Alright, now get lost, think properly on the ways to serve me!"

"Yes, my lord." Fei Cai left with a dazed expression the whole way.

Only after a long while did he become clear, he had profited from the disaster and became the head of the slaves!

"This is all thanks to Lady Xiao Yun… ah, right, Lady Xiao Yun told me to report to her quickly if everything went alright." Fei Cai shook his head and promptly change direction towards the secret place.

"What, you actually became the head of the slaves?" Zhao Lian Yun's eyes involuntarily widened when she heard this news, and looked at Fei Cai with surprise.

Her plan might have been ingenious but also carried risks in that it depended completely on Ma Ying Jie's mood.

If Ma Ying Jie was in a bad mood, he would only need to issue a death command and Fei Cai would be done for. But clearly, this big dummy was quite lucky and not only were there no accidents, he even got appointed as the head of the slaves.


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