Reverend Insanity
453 Intense Battle 2/3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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453 Intense Battle 2/3

Myriad wolf king's attack caused all of Ge tribe to be nervous.

Far away, Man Hong's eyes brightened: "Is this myriad wolf king going to join the fight?"

But soon, his gaze dimmed.

After myriad wolf king failed in its attack, it did not make another attack and instead continued sitting at the rear while commanding the wolf group.

A branch of a thousand wolf group moved over to fill the gap created due to the previous thousand wolf king's surrender.

Crimson flames burned all over this thousand wolf king and its nose let out thick black smoke from time to time.

"A rank three self-ignition Gu." Fang Yuan recognized one of the Gu.

With this Gu worm protecting the thousand wolf king, wolf enslavement Gu's smoke would be burned off before it even landed.

Fang Yuan's eyelids twitched and he glanced at the far away myriad wolf king. Myriad wolf king also seemed to be staring back at him; when beasts evolves to myriad beast king stage, their intelligence would greatly surpass similar species, and this myriad wolf king was clearly indicating its decision to target Fang Yuan.

"Ge Guang stay behind and cooperate with three elders to kill this wolf! As for the others, follow me." Fang Yuan turned around and walked; subduing this thousand wolf king was not an impossible matter, but it would be very troublesome and time consuming.

This wolf was not suitable, so it was better to go to another. Anyway, the battlefield was so large, Fang Yuan did not believe all of them would have methods to suppress wolf enslavement Gu.

Sure enough, he moved around to several places and reaped great harvests. In just about two hours, he subdued 17 hundred wolf kings and 2 thousand wolf kings.

In total, Fang Yuan now had 4 thousand wolf kings, over 30 hundred wolf kings, and ordinary wolves were already over eight thousand in number, he was close to having a myriad wolf group.

Most of them were all turtleback wolves, but there was also a thousand beast level wind wolf king. Among the hundred wolf kings, there were also poison beard wolf king, water wolf king and wind wolf king.

With his actions, the military strength between the two sides in the battlefield was being equalized. Out of the thirty thousand wolves, a portion was incorporated by Fang Yuan into his troops and adding in countless deaths, the wolf group only had about twenty thousand remaining now.

The battle surged on like wildfire and Ge tribe leader eased his brows, seeing the hope of victory.

"With Chang Shan Yin making his move, the pressure on my tribe's troops has greatly decreased."

"He is after all the legendary hero, his skills are truly exceptional!"

"This is not strange, he is a rank four Gu Master, moreover he walks the enslavement path; such battlefields are his domain."

All the elders praised and the atmosphere in the main tent became relaxed.

"Don't be careless, myriad wolf king still has not made its move, the outcome of this battle is yet to be certain." Ge tribe leader promptly warned others.

"Lord tribe leader is right, we can't relax yet."

"In my opinion, this myriad wolf king might not join the fight. The wolf group has suffered huge losses, it is normal for the wolf king to retreat in this situation."

"Huh? Not good!"

Just as they were talking of it, myriad wolf king suddenly let out a long howl. All the wolves in the battlefield simultaneously went into crazed offense when they heard this howl.

Over twenty thousand turtleback wolves charged towards the camp without caring for their lives; for a moment, Ge tribe was caught off-guard and was utterly losing.

"Order the frontline to quickly retreat to the second defensive line." Ge tribe leader immediately commanded.

"The wolf group is making an all-out attack!" Ge Guang who was on the frontline paled.

"Go help the Gu Masters to retreat, I will go back to the ranch to rest and organize, wait for my support." Fang Yuan's expression was dark.

"Lord, we have been ordered by the tribe leader to protect you." Some Gu Masters hesitated.

Fang Yuan opened his eyes and let out a sharp gaze; the Gu Masters where his gaze landed all lowered their head.

"Ge Guang." Fang Yuan looked at the young tribe leader of Ge tribe.

Ge Guang gritted his teeth: "I shall listen to uncle."

He then waved his hand: "All of you follow me!"

Fang Yuan returned to the ranch alone, surrounded by wolves.

He gathered all the wolves together. With close to ten thousand wolves crowding together, this temporary ranch immediately felt narrow.

Fang Yuan willed and a strong vigorous water wolf moved out of the wolf group.

To ordinary people, this was a water wolf. But in Fang Yuan's eyes, it was a white-eyes wolf.

White-eyes wolf was a mutated beast, like Biao among tigers and lightning boar among boars. Every single ordinary adult mutated beast would attract wild Gu worms and possessed the strength that could match myriad beast kings.

However, this white-eyes wolf was still in infancy and had not matured yet. The fur on its whole body was like water and was dyed with a light blue color; the appearance of a common water wolf. But as long as people carefully observed it, they would discover its pupils was more white with little black, greatly differing from ordinary water wolves.

When it completely reached adulthood, its pupils would become white. At the same time, its vision would be greatly magnified, comparable to some rank four investigative Gu and even at night, its vision would not be affected.

Fang Yuan had accidentally discovered this white-eyes wolf in the market, and without making any suspicious movements, he bought all the water wolves.

At present, this white-eyes wolf had already been planted with rank three wolf enslavement Gu by Fang Yuan. And to speed up its growth, he had used third watch Gu.

This created a violent increase in the white-eyes wolf's appetite, about thirteen times more than the ordinary water wolves. Also, its lifespan had shortened.

"Go." Fang Yuan gave a command and this white-eyes wolf whose speed already surpassed that of the wind wolves, quickly moved out of the ranch towards the higher grounds.

Wolf care Gu!

Fang Yuan covered his right eye and only used his left eye to look at the white-eyes wolf. At the same time, he poured his primeval essence into Chang Shan Yin's investigative Gu.

Instantly, the scene in his left eye changed; as if he was overlooking the battlefield from a high ground.

This was the ability of the wolf care Gu; it could share the sight of the specific wolf to the Gu Master's eyes.

Fang Yuan then opened his right eye, and two different scenes transmitted to his brain at the same time.

His left eye showed the battlefield, letting him be clear on the situation; and his right eye showed the ranch where the wolves were crowded together.

Fang Yuan summoned all the wolf kings and searched through the Gu worms in their body.

If there were any rare Gu worms, Fang Yuan would take them so as to not let them be destroyed in the battlefield.

Naturally, his main focus was the wolf enslavement Gu.

Wolf enslavement Gu was a one time expendable Gu.

To capture so many wolf kings, Fang Yuan had used up a lot of wolf enslavement Gu.

Generally speaking, wolf kings would have corresponding wolf enslavement Gu on them.

Sure enough, Fang Yuan got a rank three wolf enslavement Gu and five rank two wolf enslavement Gu from these wolf kings.

As for other Gu worms, they were all ordinary with only one or two being better. But they could not catch Fang Yuan's eyes, so he left them on the wolf kings to preserve their battle strength.

Wolf smoke Gu!

Fang Yuan activated this rank four healing Gu which was especially used to heal the injuries on wolves. Surging smoke enveloped the whole ranch for a long time.

Fang Yuan's primeval sea rapidly lowered to the bottom.

The primeval essence consumption to heal so many wolves at once was very huge.

When the primeval sea hit the bottom, Fang Yuan took out primeval stones and quickly recovered his primeval essence.

After healing them twice more, Fang Yuan saw Ge tribe leader lead a group of elders and rush towards the frontlines. Soon, intense explosions sounded out from the frontlines.

Through his left eye, Fang Yuan saw that the motionless myriad wolf king had also joined the fight. Ge tribe leader and others went all-out against it.

With myriad wolf king joining the fight, there was a tremendous influence on the wolves and under its lead, the wolf group began to fight with even more madness.

The second defensive line of Ge tribe was also thus broken.

Fortunately, with the canal blocking the way, most of Ge tribe's Gu Masters could smoothly retreat towards the third defensive line and maintain the defense. For a moment, the atmosphere on the battlefield intensified to the extreme, causing great palpitation in the people.

The third defensive line was the final defense. Behind it was the weakest mortals, in case it was broken through, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"There is no time to heal again." After recovering the primeval essence in his aperture to ninety percent, Fang Yuan looked at the surroundings.

After three rounds of healing, the heavy injuries on these wolves had become light injuries while the light injuries were completely healed.

Wolf howl Gu!

Fang Yuan howled towards the sky, letting out a furious howl like that of a wolf king.

Under the effect of the Gu worm, the wolf group on the ranch faintly enlarged, their energy inflated and their battle strength multiplied!

Fang Yuan laughed loudly and rode on a hump wolf, with a shift of his mind, the wolf group immediately started howling together.


At this moment, when the sky was dyed red with the setting sun, when the wind was starting to blow strongly and when the battle was raging, the wolf howl spread without restraint, travelling a thousand li.

"Eh? Chang Shan Yin is making his move!" Outside the battlefield, Man Hong and Man Hao's expressions turned grave.

Ge tribe, however, was jubilant.

"Chang Shan Yin, it is lord Chang Shan Yin!"

"We still have lord Chang Shan Yin…"

"Lord Chang Shan Yin is coming to support us, everyone persevere!!"

"Step aside, open up a path for lord Chang Shan Yin."

Instantly, Ge tribe's troop morale rose rapidly.

Fang Yuan sat upright on the hump wolf and lightly waved his hand; close to ten thousand wolves surged forward, moving past the simplistic fence around the ranch, but they did not go to rescue the northern side, but instead moved towards the south.

Just like the collapse of a large dam, a powerful flood burst out! The whole wolf group rapidly charged out of the camp; 12 hundred wolf kings arranged as the arrowhead ruthlessly charged into the battlefield

The enemy wolf group had fought for a long time and was already exhausted, and now this new battle force attacked them, causing countless deaths in moments.

With only one assault, Fang Yuan collapsed the offense of the turtleback wolves on the southern side of the camp.

Wolf enslavement Gu! Wolf enslavement Gu! Wolf enslavement Gu!

Under the protection of the wolf group, Fang Yuan repeatedly activated three wolf enslavement Gu; the enslavement Gu changed into faint smoke and subdued 3 hundred wolf kings in moments.

"Charge to the left!" He willed it and the whole wolf army smoothly changed direction and charged towards the southeast battle.

Fang Yuan's gaze scanned the battle like an eagle and soon locked onto the thousand wolf king.

Thousand wolf king howled and did its utmost to command the wolf group. But most of the wolf group were deeply locked in the battle in the frontline and would be difficult for them to turn around for a while.

This thousand wolf king could only mobilize a few hundred wolves which were easily drowned by Fang Yuan's army.

Rank three wolf enslavement Gu!

Fang Yuan caught the chance and a faint smoke drilled down into the thousand wolf king; this thousand wolf king might have been scared stiff as it let out a whimper, its soul did not give any resistance and was quickly subdued.

This was the fifth thousand wolf king!

The wolf group that had been fighting with the Gu Masters, under its beckoning, stopped the fight and gathered under Fang Yuan's army.

The chaos at the southeast area immediately ceased!


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