Reverend Insanity
417 Enduring the Earth Calamity 2/2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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417 Enduring the Earth Calamity 2/2

Blue charm lightning shadow held its head and screamed in pain. The blue lightning flashed around without any target and only settled down after a long while.

Clearly, the lightning figure had suffered injuries in its soul when it entered Dang Hun mountain.

Inside Dang Hun Palace, Fang Yuan's face became ashen as he looked at the scene in the smoke.

If it was not for the land spirit's prompt teleportation just before, he might have been dead already.

Little Hu Immortal patted her chest, her face pale and showing lingering fear.

When it rains, it pours. The blue charm lightning shadow joining the battle no doubt made things worse!

Blue charm lightning shadow flew into a rage after its sneak attack did not succeed and started to collide continuously into Dang Hun mountain.

Every time it collided with Dang Hun mountain, there would be tremors in Dang Hun Palace. Soil and stones flew from the impact and large scorched pits were created from the attacks on the mountain; Fang Yuan felt his heart bleed at this scene.

This was Dang Hun mountain!

In this entire world, there was only one of it!

Fortunately, blue charm lightning shadow stopped its attacks after dozens of collisions. Its soul had received considerable damage and the lightning around it was becoming very disorderly. It did not dare to attack again.

During this time, the land spirit had teleported the swamp crab another two times. In total, they had wasted five beads of green grape immortal essence on it!

And the originally endless fox army was already at the brink of extinction.

What made Little Hu Immortal even more discouraged was that this desolate beast only had small wounds and was still moving forward stably like before. It was like an indestructible bone!

Whether it was blue charm lightning shadow or swamp crab, they both had one target; destroying the central area, expending the immortal essence and killing the land spirit. Their final target was to destroy the whole blessed land.

They were on the same faction and did not have any conflicts, instead they cooperated.

While Fang Yuan and the land spirit were having a headache due to this swamp crab, the blue charm lightning shadow gave up on Dang Hun mountain and changed its target to the blessed land itself.

It did not dare to collide against Dang Hun mountain anymore, so it began attacking the sky and the earth of this blessed land.

It destroyed everything it saw and created craters everywhere. Sky crumbled and showed scars like that of a broken mirror.

Fang Yuan felt deep helplessness.

"Not good! Master, there is a hole in the blessed land!" Little Hu Immortal spoke hurriedly.

Blue charm lightning shadow's attacks shattered the world and created a hole.

"Cut away the surrounding area around the hole." Fang Yuan spoke indifferently, his tone cold as ice.

"What?" Little Hu Immortal opened her eyes wide and gave a cry of surprise.

If they cut off the area like this, they would not be able to restore it.

The holes in blessed lands could be repaired with immortal essence. If the holes were not patched in time and were allowed to enlarge, they would form a passage to the outside world.

Once there was a passage, those Gu Immortals outside the blessed land would absolutely charge in and make all kinds of schemes; at that time, the situation would be even more out of hand.

There were demonic path Gu Immortals on Tian Ti mountain.

Righteous path Gu Immortals did not dare to attack because they had a lot of businesses and assets. However, demonic path has no lack of demented people, they were lone forces and liked to take risks. In any case, Fang Yuan had done this a lot in his previous life.

Under Fang Yuan's order, Little Hu Immortal repeatedly cut off nearby half a square kilometer of the blessed land.

Blue charm lightning shadow continually destroyed the world and created holes, while the land spirit continually cut them off.

The swamp crab charged towards Dang Hun mountain again and again; the land spirit had no choice but to teleport it time after time, the amount of green grape primeval essence consumed already reached thirteen beads.

"Sob sob, the blessed land has become smaller and so much immortal essence has been lost…." Tears started falling out of Little Hu Immortal's eyes as she sobbed.

"Don't cry!" Fang Yuan coldly shouted, his expression ashen.

"There is no point in delaying. Our only hope is to kill these two calamities! But I don't have an attack type Immortal Gu, and it would be difficult to see any results from attacking the swamp crab with rank five Gu in a short time. My only option now is to gamble!" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth and revealed a crazed determination.

Desolate beasts were very strong, just by relying on their majestic physique and their fierce recovery ability, they could ignore most rank five Gu.

Especially this swamp crab; it had a strong defense and was upper-tier even among the desolate beasts. Fang Yuan had a lot of rank five Gu; turn gold Gu, soft bones Gu, pitch black Gu and so on, but using them against swamp crab would be like throwing pebbles in the lake; they could only create slight ripples. They needed to attack continuously for a slight bit of results.

However, Fang Yuan was unable to activate these Gu and participate in the offense.

If he left the mountain, he could meet with blue charm lightning shadow's attacks. He could give the Gu worms to the land spirit to use, but he did not dare to take the risk.

Land spirits could also die, and if it was destroyed by blue charm lightning shadow, then Fang Yuan would have no means to even activate fixed immortal travel Gu.

Only Immortal Gu could change the situation.

Fang Yuan might have two Immortal Gu, but both did not have offensive abilities.

"Don't teleport it anymore, let this damned swamp crab attack Dang Hun mountain!" Fang Yuan said resolutely and commanded the land spirit, "Release the whole might of Dang Hun mountain!"


Dang Hun mountain had been restricted by Little Hu Immortal the whole time, and right now, as it was finally let loose, dense fog started rising over the whole mountain. An enormous and formless soul shaking power burst out of the mountain, spreading as far as three thousand steps and eradicating everything in its surroundings.

Only Dang Hun Palace - under the land spirit's control - was intact.

The giant swamp crab soon got close to Dang Hun mountain.

Under the power of Dang Hun mountain, its sturdy shell was unable to provide any defensive support. Its soul received fierce attacks, causing its movements to slow down.

However, this made it go berserk and it increased its speed by another fold, charging towards Dang Hun mountain.


The enormous pincers heavily smashed on Dang Hun mountain like steel clamps.

The sturdy boulders were as fragile as flour as they were smashed by the attack, holes forming from the impact.

The huge crater was at least 0.6 acres wide. Smoke and dust flew all around and the entire Dang Hun Palace also shook from the tremors.

The land spirit Little Hu Immortal's face paled from shock. Dang Hun Palace kept on shaking, dust started falling from the roof and there were fierce cracks on the walls and pillars.

Suddenly, Little Hu Immortal let out a tragic shout: "Not good! That blue charm lightning shadow has already moved towards the north and is openly destroying the sky and earth, creating many holes."

The image in front of Fang Yuan changed and showed the scene of blue charm lightning shadow attacking the world and creating holes.

The blessed land's eastern and northern parts had been corroded by the remnant force of the earth calamities, and were weaker than other areas. The blue charm lightning shadow saw these weak points and started attacking them.

"Fortunately, we had settled the water and fire, otherwise the result of blue charm lightning shadow's destruction would be ten times more severe! Master, what should we do?" Little Hu Immortal was feeling at a loss.

The situation had turned to an extremely terrible state.

The swamp crab was like a steel hammer directly pounding the heart and continuously depleting immortal essence while also wrecking Dang Hun mountain.

And blue charm lightning shadow was like an extremely sinister poison. It purposely searched for the weak points of the blessed land and stabbed at them. Every hole it created was like a fresh wound to the blessed land.

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with an ominous glint.

The situation was turning more critical, but it instead aroused his fighting spirit!

"Land spirit, every time you teleport the swamp crab, send it away by three thousand steps!"


With the distance shortened, the immortal essence expenditure was also comparatively less. And Dang Hun mountain's soul shaking power worked within three thousand steps, creating injuries to the swamp crab's soul.

"Land spirit, cut off the whole northern area!" Fang Yuan gave another command.

"What?!" Little Hu Immortal was stupefied and almost did not dare to believe her ears.

Hu Immortal blessed land's northern area was over 600km2, and Fang Yuan wanted to give up the whole region?

Once they cut off the area, Hu Immortal blessed land would lose this territory forever!

This was definitely a huge sacrifice by Fang Yuan! Hu Immortal blessed land had altogether 4000km2 of land and he was cutting off one-sixth of it!

"Master, this… this…" Little Hu Immortal hesitated.

"Do as I say!" Fang Yuan's gaze was fixed on the image in front of him as he shouted in a stern voice.

Little Hu Immortal's pink lips puckered and her eyes were filled with tears. The tears fell down and she started crying loudly.

Land spirits were the representatives of the blessed land; cutting off a part of the blessed land was the same as cutting their own flesh. And abandoning the whole northern area was like a person cutting off one of their legs.

"Master, don't, don't do it!" Little Hu Immortal cried loudly and begged.

However, Fang Yuan's expression was ruthless and did not make the slightest compromise.

Master's orders could not be violated, Little Hu Immortal could only endure the pain and cut off the whole northern area!

That blue charm lightning shadow was currently in the center of the northern area, destroying the world and creating holes. It suddenly felt something wrong and immediately moved, trying to charge out of the northern area.

However, because of 5km of distance, it could not escape and was trapped in the northern area.

It let out a mournful and sharp screech, its tone full of indignance. However, that bit of distance determined its fate, the blue charm lightning shadow could only follow the evaporation of the northern area and land in the outside world.

"Success!" Fang Yuan almost shouted in joy at this scene.

If it were normal times where the blue charm lightning shadow had no injuries in its soul, it could absolutely react in time. If not for its crazed attacks towards the world, expending its energy and causing its speed to fall, it could absolutely escape.

At the critical moment, Fang Yuan endured the pain and made a minor sacrifice to protect his bigger interests, finally settling this calamity!

As to what calamities it would create at the outside world, that was not part of Fang Yuan's consideration.

Bam Bam Bam…

The whole Dang Hun mountain was still shaking, the desolate beast swamp crab's soul was very strong and forcefully withstood the pressure, continuously attacking Dang Hun mountain.

The nearer it got to Dang Hun mountain, the stronger the soul shaking power became.

Little Hu Immortal teleported the swamp crab away time and again.

Right now, it was a battle of foundation between the two sides.

If the desolate beast's soul foundation was strong and it overthrew Dang Hun mountain, it would be Fang Yuan's defeat. Conversely, if Dang Hun mountain did not fall, it would be the earthly calamity's defeat.

Bam Bam...

Dang Hun palace's pillars crumbled and the beams of the roofs snapped. Dust and dirt flew everywhere, accompanied by Little Hu Immortal's whimpering cries.

Fang Yuan was silently standing with a cold expression.

"Strength, I need more strength!" He clenched his fists and let out an indignant scream in his mind.

Why was it that despite growing so much, he was still so weak when facing heaven and earth, when facing fate?

"Then continue to grow, continue to become stronger, stronger, and even stronger!"

As he screamed silently, the swamp crab's movements were gradually slowing down and eventually it collapsed at the waist of Dang Hun mountain… dead.

After an arduous process, the sixth earthly calamity was finally over.


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