Reverend Insanity
361 One vs Seven 2/4
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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361 One vs Seven 2/4

The battle carried on like wildfire.

"Little beast king is this terrifying! We have so many people on our side but still can't catch him!" Tie Mu looked at the battle while healing Tie Xian Hua, his expressions fluctuating endlessly.

"His strength has improved by leaps and bounds, reaching this formidable stage now!" Tie Dao Ku looked at the battle in front, sensing he was already unable to interfere.

"No wonder he arrogantly blocked us, such battle prowess… but even if he is more ferocious, what can he do? Two fists cannot rival four hands, the battle has reached this stage and we still have seven people! This is the cooperative strength of a group! Fang Zheng, this battle is your loss, no doubt." Tie Ruo Nan observed the battle situation from a tall boulder.

In her sight, Tie Ba Xiu and five others surrounded Fang Yuan as a circle. And surrounding this was a large numbers of green ratten shell grass soldiers that had formed into a tight net.

At the same time, some rattan shell grass soldiers were combining with each other to form rank four grass sword elite soldiers.

"The outcome is a foregone conclusion. Little beast king, look at your surroundings! You are already heavily encircled, do you still want to persist obstinately? Let yourself be captured and maybe you can still have a way out!" Tie Xian Hua stood up and attempted to shake Fang Yuan's fighting spirit.

The injuries on her were already healed by Tie Mu and she now had the strength to fight again.

"Fang Zheng, it is impossible for you to escape even if you grow wings. This is the price for overestimating yourself!" Tie Mu added in from beside Tie Xian Hua.

"Eh? Impossible to escape?" Fang Yuan suddenly exerted strength and forced back Tie Ba Xiu. A mocking smile appeared on his face, "Is it true that I can't escape even if I grow wings? I'll give it a try."


There was a sharp pain as a pair of pitch black bone wings with metallic luster stretched out fully from Fang Yuan's back!

"This is…"

"He really has...?"


In front of Tie clan group's amazed gazes, Fang Yuan flapped the wings and softly lifted off from the ground and continued to rise higher, flying into the air.

Tie Mu could never have expected his words to turn out to be a prophecy, and was baffled.

"The intel did not say little beast king had a flying type Gu… this is clearly a rank four flying type Gu, how did he get it?" Tie Xian Hua stared with her eyes wide open in bewilderment.

Flying type Gu were a type of movement Gu worms, they were rather expensive and also very rare, thus only few Gu Masters possessed them.

"Fang Zheng can fly?! No wonder he arrogantly intercepted us." Tie Dao Ku immediately realized.

Tie Ruo Nan's expression also turned unsightly. Her ratten shell grass soldiers had no use against air targets. The moment Fang Yuan flew, an enormous hole immediately appeared in her painstakingly created layers of encirclement.

"What are you all panicking for!" Right at this moment, Tie Ba Xiu's loud shout echoed in everyone's ears.

This rank four upper stage strength path cultivator was a cornerstone of the Tie clan, and right now his eyes were bursting with bright light. His plentiful experiences allowed him to find out a weakness in Fang Yuan.

"How can flying type Gu be easy to control? By nature, humans walk on the ground, if they want to fly and soar freely, they need a lot of painstaking practice! And to battle while flying? It needs even more bitter training! Even Verdant Great Sun, son of the great Ren Zu, died while flying. How much time could it have been since this little beast king obtained his flying type Gu?"

Tie Ba Xiu words forced the Tie clan group to wake up and their spirits rose up again.

"That's right, the intel did not mention Fang Zheng having any flying type Gu. He definitely obtained the bone wings very recently!"

"Flying needs a huge amount of practice, it is not something that can be picked up and used immediately. Little beast king is too naive."

"The main thing is we are really fortunate to have senior Tie Ba Xiu by our side."

Tie clan's group regained their fighting spirit.

"My long distance methods are lacking, you guys attack and take him down. Fang Zheng, you made an extremely stupid move! If you had continued to battle steadily, you could have still lasted for some time, but now you have trapped yourself." Tie Ba Xiu shouted loudly.

"Eh? You think so…?" Fang Yuan smiled indifferently, a look of pity in his eyes.

"Little beast king, you won't be proud for long. Golden needle mosquito… huh." Tie Ao Kai wanted to attack when suddenly his expression turned stiff.

In the battle just before, his golden needle mosquito Gu were already exhausted.

It was all because he saw Fang Yuan not defending against the golden needle mosquitoes' attack, thus using it readily. The battle was also very intense which made him forget the intense expenditure of the golden needle mosquitoes.

"Not good, my star arrow Gu has already been destroyed by little beast king!"

"Damn it, I only have two flower rain Gu remaining…."

A similar situation played out on, more or less, everybody.

Tie Ba Xiu's heart sank, it turned out little beast king had already been ready and had all along been hiding his schemes deep within his heart.

"It's okay, I have blade qi Gu and can do long distance fight!" Tie Dao Ku stood up.

"I have snowball Gu with me and can make little beast king suffer some consequences." Another Tie clan Gu Master also stood up.

Many hands provide great strength; there were seven people in this Tie clan group and thus they had plentiful methods. Even if Fang Yuan had aimed at this, he was not able to wipe out all their methods.

"Little beast king, get down here!" Tie Dao Ku sent out a ray of blade qi.

The blade qi whistled towards Fang Yuan, but Fang Yuan evaded it with a light flap of his wings.

Three snowballs moved in to block Fang Yuan's retreating path.

Fang Yuan folded up his left wing and made an agile whirling movement, safely passing through the gaps between the snowballs.

Tie Ba Xiu's heart thumped at this scene and a bad feeling rose up: He evaded them so effortlessly, was that luck?

Soon, the Tie clan group felt stunned and helpless as Fang Yuan agilely and confidently evaded countless attacks.

"He has such a good control over flying type Gu!"

"Damn it, our attacks simply can't hit him."

"My primeval essence is already running dry, blade qi Gu's consumption is huge. It seems we can only let Fang Zheng escape this time."

The Tie clan group's attacks gradually became sparse.

"Little beast king, I can't help but admire you, you are indeed a great talent. Today, we made it easy for you to retreat, that is also because of your talent. But watch out for the next time we meet." Tie Ruo Nan warned in a heavy voice.

Fang Yuan seemed to have heard the most ridiculous joke in the world and started laughing loudly.

"What are you laughing at?" The ominous feeling in Tie Ba Xiu's heart became even more intense...

"Hahaha, of course I am laughing at your naivety. Why would I run? The real battle has only begun!" After saying this, Fang Yuan activated all-out effort Gu and strength qi Gu at the same time.

Green bull, horse, stone turtle, white elephant and black python; five beast phantoms turned solid and slammed down.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

In an instant, the battlefield shook, stones crumbled and dust flew everywhere. Ratten shell grass soldiers were sent flying or destroyed and the Tie clan group retreated madly.

"Attack! We can't be taking hits passive, we must give him no time to take control of the battlefield!" Tie Ba Xiu roared furiously and punched at Fang Yuan from afar with his bowl-sized fists.

A formless majestic fist energy exploded out violently and actually broke the sound of sound, creating a sonic boom!

However, Fang Yuan flapped his wings and rose higher, easily dodging the attack.

Tie Ba Xiu helplessly sighed. His fist energy might be a long range attack but the distance it could reach was short.

He was a strength path Gu Master, this path had always lacked in long range attack methods. Fang Yuan could be said to be an oddity because his strength qi Gu originated from the ancient qi path.

Upon Tie Ba Xiu's reminder, other Tie clan Gu Masters warded off the beast phantoms and started making aerial attacks.

However, Fang Yuan displayed unmatchable flying ability!

Occasionally, he was like a butterfly, dancing between the attacks and agilely evading them. Occasionally, he was like a goshawk flying towards the sky, forcing people to watch helplessly. Occasionally, he would make arcs with his bone wings like a swift. And occasionally, he would hover and wait for an opportunity before moving, like a dragonfly.

Most of the attacks were dodged by him. And a few attacks that managed to strike his body were resisted by the defensive light of golden shield Gu.

"This is impossible! How could his flying capability be so superb!"

"This level of control isn't inferior to Lan Mei He, Hong Fei Yu or Fei You Wang!!"

Lan Mei He, Hong Fei Yu and Fei You Wang were experts in flying and were already famed throughout Southern Border.

The Tie clan group were stunned and horrified.

Fang Yuan constantly activated Gu worms to attack to his heart's content. The earlier battle was only setting up this current situation.

Tie Ruo Nan's expression was ashen.

She had painstakingly created so many ratten shell grass soldiers but they could only passively take hits now! Moreover, it had wasted a lot of her primeval essence!

"Die!" Fang Yuan hovered for a long while before he suddenly saw an opportunity and pounced down.

"Tie Mu, careful!"

"Dodge quickly!"

Tie Mu heard the others' fearful shouts and looked up in a flurry.

The dazzling sunlight pierced his eyes first of all. Then he saw a black figure pouncing down like a goshawk.

The intense whistling sounds immediately filled his ears.

An enormous feeling of crisis filled his heart.

"Not good, run!" This thought had just emerged in his mind when Fang Yuan's hands grabbed his shoulders.

Beast phantom retract!

Fang Yuan's strength gushed up and he pulled apart his arms, ruthlessly ripping apart the arms.

Blood spurted out like a waterfall and Tie Mu's two limbs were torn apart from the shoulders.

A violent pain drowned Tie Mu's mind and he roared furiously, his handsome face twisted into something terrifying.


Fang Yuan again exerted strength and smacked his hands; Tie Mu's head was forcibly burst open like a watermelon!

In an instant, blood and brain matter sprayed on Fang Yuan's body, face and hair. It was either the grey brain matter or red blood, even the eyeballs stuck on Fang Yuan's clothes.

The dense bloody stench assaulted the nose. If it were any other person, they might have vomited on the spot, but Fang Yuan smelled it like it was the world's most fragrant smell. He was enjoying this and there was even a very intense excitement in the depths of his heart!

"Death, such a sweet fragrance!"

"Kill, kill!"

"Let the flower of life bloom brightly in the blood."

He threw his head back and roared, actually improvising a poem.

"Tie Mu!" Seeing Tie Mu's death, the Tie clan group looked with furious eyes, the fire of their fury seemingly able to burn the sky and ocean!It's a chinese idiom that means you have no way of escaping. But in literal terms, it states you can't escape even if you grow wings.


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