Reverend Insanity
360 One vs Seven 1/4
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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360 One vs Seven 1/4

Fang Yuan had been using breath concealment Gu and restrained his aura as much as possible. But now that he made a move, his true aura exploded out.

Add in to that, Tie Ruo Nan's group had the preconceived belief that Fang Yuan had rank four initial stage cultivation. Thus, for a moment, this seven person group was very surprised.

"Rank four middle stage, this little beast king is so young but has surpassed young master Ruo Nan!"

"Rank four middle stage, no wonder he could be so arrogant."

"So what if he is at rank four middle stage? He actually dared to approach us alone, he is simply seeking his own doom!"

All sorts of thoughts flashed in the Tie clan's group's minds.


A dull sound echoed; Tie Ba Xiu came back to his senses the fastest and stiffly struck against Fang Yuan's fists in mid-air.

Tie Ba Xiu stably fell to the ground while Fang Yuan was sent flying.

"Fang Zheng, you want to find trouble with us just by yourself? I know you want to rescue your partner Bai Ning Bing, but think it over. You can't act rashly in a matter of rescuing someone, it is still not too late for you to pull back. If you continue to fight, you will truly be setting yourself against our Tie clan! If that happens, your partner's life will also be on the line." Tie Ba Xiu expressed himself in few words, seemingly earnest, but was in truth attempting to break Fang Yuan's fighting spirit; truly proving old ginger is hotter than new.

"Hehehe." Fang Yuan chuckled and looked at Tie Ba Xiu and the rest, his gaze completely exposed his killing intent, "So what if you are Tie clan? So what if I oppose you? If I really can't save Bai Ning Bing, then I can only blame it on her bad luck. In any case, I already did my best."

Such ruthless and indifference caused the Tie clan's seven people to feel a chill in their hearts.

Fang Yuan turned towards Tie Ao Kai: "You over there, you don't need to scout anymore, it is just me alone. Frankly, this path you guys chose is really good, very hidden and very suitable for me to kill you all."

Hearing these words, Tie Ba Xiu's expression completely turned dark.

"Fang Zheng, you are seeking your own death!"

"Death?" Fang Yuan started laughing loudly without any restraint.

"Is this guy crazy?"

"Has little beast king going mad from cultivation and lost his mind?"

"Demonic path people are all lunatics like this!"

The group all felt the situation was going to be problematic from the unbridled laughter of Fang Yuan.

Fierce people were afraid of unreasonable people and unreasonable people were afraid of those that did not care about death. Despite there being seven people in Tie clan's side and Fang Yuan was alone, the Tie clan's group felt fear.

This type of lunatic that was suicidal and did not care about his own life, what was there that he could not do?

Fang Yuan suddenly stopped laughing and stepped forward producing a loud sound. Like a tiger that left the mountain, he resumed his attacks again.

"Fight!" Tie Ruo Nan shouted with a heavy expression, knowing this fight was inevitable.

Tie Ba Xiu retreated and stood beside Tie Ruo Nan; Tie Dao Ku and Tie Xian Hua moved to the front together; and Tie Ao Kai started running at the side.

The whole formation was instantly loosened up like a sack being opened, displaying their skilled battle tactics coordination.

Charging crash Gu!

Fang Yuan rushed forward like a bull, the stones under him were smashed as he moved with powerful momentum and penetrated into Tie clan's 'sack' without any fear.

"Little beast king, you are simply too arrogant!" Tie Xian Hua shouted in her delicate voice and stretched out the five fingers of her right hand.

There was a soft sound and an enormous black golden lotus flower blossomed instantly from her palm.

The lotus bloomed, its huge petals were bent down, forming arcs like an umbrella. The dark green lotus stalk continued to grow and in a blink of an eye was over an arm's size, becoming the handle of the umbrella.

Tie Xian Hua plucked this lotus with her left hand and then charged towards Fang Yuan while holding the dark green lotus stalk.

Umbrella lotus Gu!

Tie Xian Hua was petite while the umbrella lotus was huge and completely covered her, becoming a shield and firmly protecting her.

Fang Yuan sneered, a white elephant phantom appeared above him.

Beast phantom, the strength of an elephant!


With no surprise, Fang Yuan sent Tie Xian Hua, who was blocking his path, flying.

Tie Xian Hua flew a whole ten feet like a dead leaf blown by the wind.

"What great strength!" She gritted her teeth, enduring the intense pain from the collision. She twisted her body in the midair and quickly found a balance, landing on the ground without falling.

But the expected attack did not follow, Fang Yuan ignored her existence and directly charged towards Tie Ruo Nan.

"Damn it, he is going after young master!"

"We must block him, protect young master!"

The battle will and killing intent of the group was ignited when they saw Fang Yuan targeting Tie Ruo Nan.

Tie Ruo Nan half-kneeled, her two hands were pressed on the ground; from the moment the battle started, she was creating a puppet.

Plants grew wildly near her.

The fragile grass beside her feet grew to an adult man's height. Dozens of huge grass intertwined; in the emerald-green light, a grassman puppet was created.

Grass puppet Gu!

Fang Yuan had seen rank one grass puppet Gu at Qing Mao mountain. It was used as a target for practicing moon blades.

Rank one grass puppet Gu was of no threat but once it reached rank two, it could easily kill an ordinary hunter. The one Tie Ruo Nan was using right now was rank three grass puppet Gu.

The grassman puppet she created was short and thin, the leaves tightly weaved together, its one hand was holding a bamboo blade and another hand was raising a rattan shell shield.

This was rattan shell grass soldier! It possessed the strength to kill a rank one Gu Master!

Just one rattan shell grass soldier was no threat to Fang Yuan. But once their numbers increased, they became troublesome.

Rattan shell grass soldier were often used as cannon fodder to consume the opposing Gu Master's primeval essence. Most importantly, using a rank four Gu Master's strength, a dozen rattan shell soldiers could combine into a rank four grass sword elite soldier.

In this short moment, Tie Ruo Nan already had eighteen rattan shell grass soldiers beside her.

"Tie Ruo Nan…" Fang Yuan was filled with killing intent, his icy and sharp gaze firmly locked on to Tie Ruo Nan.

This woman possessed outstanding talents similar to Bai Ning Bing, and she had also investigated the affairs on Qing Mao mountain, she could not be left alive. Fang Yuan had already wanted to kill her back at Shang clan city, but the time had not been good then.

Tie Ruo Nan did not budge. She chose to believe in her partners and was still creating rattan shell grass soldiers.

"Block him!"

Tie Ao Kai flung his sleeves and a large swarm of golden needle mosquitoes flew out.

"Don't even think of taking a step further!"

Tie Dao Ku rushed towards Fang Yuan while activating hand blade Gu and swift shadow Gu.

Fang Yuan laughed and directly clashed head-on without evading it.

Golden needle mosquitoes pierced tiny blood holes all over his body. Tie Dao Ku's arms struck his chest and slashed out long wounds.

Fang Yuan howled with laughter, and stepped forward with his head high, blood flowing out from the wounds all over his body.

"He is wounded!" The Tie clan group was solemn.

If it were other enemies that were wounded, the Tie clan group would feel happy and relaxed, but Fang Yuan possessed bitter strength Gu; the heavier the injuries he suffered, the stronger his fighting strength became.

Green bull, horse, stone turtle!

Sure enough, three more beast phantoms appeared above Fang Yuan.

He opened the way with his huge strength that could not be blocked!

Tie Xian Hua rushed over and was casually sent flying by Fang Yuan. Tie Dao Ku helplessly retreated while Tie Ao Kai could only wander at the sidelines.

"Good, tyrant strength Gu!" Fang Yuan was about to reach Tie Ruo Nan, when Tie Ba Xiu shouted and stepped forward.


There was a huge explosive sound from the collision of the two. Both were sent back seven to eight steps.

It was a draw!

Fang Yuan had four beast phantoms, but Tie Ba Xiu was not famous for nothing; his rank four tyrant strength Gu was inherited from the ancient strength path and possessed the strength of a overlord.

"Interesting, again!" Fang Yuan's eyes shone brightly and he charged forward again.

Tie Ba Xiu greeted him head-on, firmly blocking his way.

Tie Dao Ku and others all let out a breath of turbid air, feeling relief as they looked at this scene.

"Little beast king is finally stopped."

"This is senior Tie Ba Xiu!"

"Fang Zheng is trapped within our tight encirclement, he is sure to die!"

The Tie clan group's fighting spirit soared as Fang Yuan lost his momentum. In their eyes, he was like a bull that had fallen into trap, his threat had greatly decreased.

All of them joined in to attack.

All kinds of attacks like swarm of golden needle mosquitoes, flower rain and hand blades were thrown at Fang Yuan from all directions.

Fang Yuan's skin was torn open, the wounds on his body was becoming more serious and he had no choice but to use golden shield Gu to defend. At the same time, he also used self-reliance Gu to heal his body.

The more he fought, the stronger he got, but Tie Ba Xiu was unexpectedly also the same!

He possessed rank five earth overlord Gu which allowed him to absorb an endless amount of strength from the earth, making his tyrant strength Gu stronger and stronger.

Tie Ba Xiu continuously activated earth overlord Gu, acquiring formless strength from the earth that empowered his tyrant strength Gu and continued to increase his strength.

The battle was in a stalemate.

Fang Yuan and Tie Ba Xiu fought intensely, beating each other up with punches and kicks; they were the center of the fight. Like human-shaped beasts, each of their moves carried heavy weight, and wherever the fight went, stones shattered and dust flew.


Suddenly, there was a beast howl and a beast phantom appeared above Fang Yuan.

Lightning curled around it, its tusks were exposed outside and it gave off extremely violent aura - thunder boar phantom!

Tie Xian Hua who was blocking Fang Yuan's path was suddenly sent flying.

Umbrella lotus Gu broke and its petals scattered in the air.

"Xian Hua, persevere!" Tie Mu rushed over and held Tie Xian Hua who was throwing up huge amounts of blood, and promptly began healing her.

At the same time, a group of rattan shell grass soldiers came over and blocked any gaps in the surroundings, defending these two.

By now, there were already close to a thousand rattan shell grass soldiers around Tie Ruo Nan and were already providing support in the battle. At the same time, she was continuously creating new grassman puppets.

Tie Ruo Nan walked the enslavement path and one could not let an enslavement path Gu Master like her have enough time to prepare.

Enslavement path Gu Masters were the best at fighting war of attrition, the longer the time passed, the more unfavorable Fang Yuan's situation would be. The best answer was to directly murder the leader.

But this tactic would not work.

Fang Yuan was firmly entangled with Tie Ba Xiu now.

"A ferocious junior!" Tie Ba Xiu could not help but feel admiration towards Fang Yuan in his heart.

Even though he had already predicted it, the strength Fang Yuan displayed still shocked him.

He had thought Fang Yuan's power was due to the set of strength path Gu with him. Inheriting the precious Gu worms of ancient strength path and moreover, their coordination was also exquisite.

However, as the battle progressed till this stage, Tie Ba Xiu could hardly dare to believe the shrewdness, ruthlessness, calmness and steadiness Fang Yuan displayed.

"This lad's battle talent… if I was not personally fighting him, I would never believe that there would be such a monster! He needs to be killed, I must kill him. He is even more dangerous than what the intel said, if we give him time to grow, it will be a calamity for the righteous path!" Tie Ba Xiu was shocked and his killing intent soared even more.


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