Reverend Insanity
318 Fang Yuan vs Ju Kai Bei 2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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318 Fang Yuan vs Ju Kai Bei 2

"Two beast phantoms… my eyes did not deceive me, right?" Yan Tu's eyes were wide open.

"What Gu is he using to bring out two beast phantoms at the same time?" Ju Kai Bei's expression turned grave as he looked fixed at Fang Yuan. His pupils suddenly shrunk: "Come!"

Vertical crash Gu!

Fang Yuan's expression was emotionless and his eyes as dyed in a deep miasma. He charged towards Ju Kai Bei.

At the same time, a horse and boar phantom appeared above his head.

Boar strength increased the force of his charge while horse strength increased his speed instantaneously, making his charging speed even quicker.

With the empowerment of two strengths, Fang Yuan seemed to have turned into a fierce boar charging with the speed of a raging horse; his figure quickly enlarged in Ju Kai Bei's eyes.

Dragon travel tiger steps Gu!

Facing Fang Yuan's powerful attack, Ju Kai Bei jumped along with the cry of a dragon and the roar of a tiger.

This time, he dodged of his own accord and brushed past Fang Yuan.

Vertical crash Gu's weakness was exposed, it could only charge in a straight line; the opponent could easily determine the direction and dodge, causing the attack to fail.

"Ju Kai Bei has taken the initiative to dodge!"

"He had always been attacking head-on and rarely dodged. Since the battle started, this is the first time he has dodged without tanking the hit."

"Fang Zheng is able to bring out two beast phantoms at the same time while Ju Kai Bei's habitual strength Gu has to accumulate strength again, dodging is a sensible move."

"Fang Zheng is still too inexperienced, although he has high quality Gu worms, his battle experience is far inferior to Ju Kai Bei. This attack was a wasted attempt… ugh."

This spectator were still commenting when there was a sudden change in the stage.

After Fang Yuan brushed past Ju Kai Bei, he suddenly stopped using all-out effort Gu. The two beast phantoms disappeared, his charging force immediately diminished as he smashed into a black stone pillar.

As the black stone pillar collapsed, Fang Yuan's momentum stopped.

Horizontal charge Gu!

Fang Yuan turned his body and charged horizontally, his two arms attacking straight. Two large phantoms of brown bear and white elephant suddenly rose up.

The distance was too close and Ju Kai Bei was caught unprepared; the attack hit him violently and sent his tall body flying!

The person who had just evaluated Fang Yuan as 'too inexperienced' was tongue-tied.

Many spectators' eyes brightened.

Fang Yuan's attack seemed ordinary, but it involved many factors and was an exceptionally brilliant move.

All-out effort Gu could unleash formidable offensive power when activated, it could also be revoked.

The constant switch between activation and revoking let Fang Yuan move smoothly with great flexibility.

At the same time, he used the terrain to stop his momentum.

Ju Kai Bei was struck by Fang Yuan, not because he was not intelligent but because he was used to habitual strength Gu and his plentiful experiences instead created a blind spot in his thoughts.

Fang Yuan charged again!

Ju Kai Bei rose to resist, but Fang Yuan's two beast phantoms burst out like a crazed lion, the ferocious roar even caused the spectators' hearts to palpitate.

Ju Kai Bei became a sandbag, left with no way to retaliate, he held his breath as he defended desperately.

"Heavens, Fang Zheng is merely rank three peak stage but is actually suppressing Ju Kai Bei!"

"Such an unimaginable scene is actually happening in front of my eyes."

"All-out effort Gu is after all a legendary Gu, it is powerful and has marvelous uses, even rank four habitual strength Gu cannot compare to it!

"Fang Zheng has already perfected the use of all-out effort Gu. He might not have plentiful experience, but his innate battle talent is enough to make up for everything else."

The spectators were clamoring.


Dust rose up, Ju Kai Bei's tower-like body was like a sack as he smashed through several thick black stone pillars.


He again spurted out a mouthful of blood. He struggled to get up but Fang Yuan was already upon him and did not give him any chance to take a breather.

He stomped on the ground; horse and green bull beast phantoms appeared at the same time.

Ju Kai Bei rolled on the ground, dodging the attack in a sorry state.

Fang Yuan's right leg stamped on the ground fiercely; a dull sound echoed, soil and stones split and flew, the whole battle stage seemed to be slightly shaking.

A clear concaved depression appeared immediately below his legs.

Vertical crash Gu!

Fang Yuan charged, brown bear and white elephant phantoms simultaneously appeared.

"Damn it!" This time, Ju Kai Bei did not have enough time to dodge, he could only grit his teeth and raise his huge arms to resist.

Howl! Howl!

Behind him, two dragon-elephant phantoms suddenly appeared and rose to the air; Fang Yuan's brown bear and white elephant phantoms immediately paled in comparison.

Fang Yuan strongly collided into Ju Kai Bei; Ju Kai Bei was only pushed back a little, while Fang Yuan himself was sent flying away.

Two beast phantoms could suppress one dragon-elephant strength. However, Fang Yuan would lose against two dragon-elephant strength.

"Finally, two dragon-elephant strength came out…" Ju Kai Bei let out a breath of turbid air, he was shocked by Fang Yuan's violent strength. Only when two dragon-elephant strength burst out, did he reclaim his footing.

Habitual strength Gu might be rank four but it was indeed inferior to all-out effort Gu.

Ju Kai Bei had to continuously accumulate and increase his strength by activating habitual strength Gu, then summon the beast phantom. However, even he did not know when it would appear. If he attacked, and one dragon-elephant strength appeared, he would have to accumulate strength all over again which caused his battle strength to temporarily fall.

Ju Kai Bei's strength was like a water jar and his habitual strength Gu was like a bucket, he needed to draw the water from it every time.

In contrast, all-out effort Gu was a stream and could be used anytime, able to be unleashed whenever Fang Yuan willed. In fact, if Fang Yuan did not want to use it, he could even turn it off. With such a flexible use, Fang Yuan could advance or retreat, he could use to attack or move away quickly.

"If I was the one with all-out effort Gu... sigh! Unfortunately, even if I win, Shang Yan Fei would not allow me to claim it." Ju Kai Bei felt regret.

He had complete freedom when he was a demonic Gu Master and could do whatever he wanted. By submitting to the righteous path, he gained safety and stability, had enough resources, but he felt his hands and legs bound when doing things.

"If I choose the all-out effort Gu disregarding his orders, what would happen?"

This thought was immediately dispelled the moment it appeared.

If he really did that, it was no doubt offending Shang Yan Fei. Shang Yan Fei was not only a rank five expert, he also controlled Shang clan. If Ju Kai Bei disobeyed him, even if he escaped, his future would never be peaceful.

"Wait a moment! What am I thinking about, the crucial thing now is to defeat Fang Zheng!" Ju Kai Bei's gaze concentrated, activating dragon travel tiger steps Gu and attacking Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan spurted a mouthful of blood from the attack, his iron-like arm bones were fractured.

The intense pain struck him, but Fang Yuan instead grinned and laughed.

All-out effort Gu!

Brown bear, white elephant and green bull; three phantoms burst out together!

Even Ju Kai Bei could not help but stare with wide eyes, revealing a stupefied expression.

What had just happened to Fang Yuan, happened to himself immediately after.

Ju Kai Bei had thought of taking the chance to attack quickly and had taken the initiative to attack, but he was instead sent flying. There was a huge hole in the thick and solid ivory armor on his chest. He spurted out a huge amount of blood and smashed through the black stone pillars before collapsing on the ground, as a dust cloud appeared. Ju Kai Bei clenched his teeth as he hurriedly got up.

"Three beast phantoms!" The spectators were stupefied.

The scene was extremely clear. Fang Yuan struck with three beast phantoms!

"How did he do it?" Many spectators looked at each other.

"He had just attacked with two beast phantoms, but now there's three…" Many were speechless.

But even more people already had guesses: "Could it be…"

Ju Kai Bei stared at Fang Yuan fixedly as he squeezed out a name from his teeth: "Bitter strength Gu!"

That's right, it was bitter strength Gu.

Bitter strength Gu was a rank four Gu and was the perfect companion for strength path Gu Masters; the more injuries the Gu Master suffered, the greater the pain he felt, the more strength they could bring out.

Naturally, there was a limit to the strength the Gu Master could display and it depended on the Gu Master's foundation.

Fang Yuan possessed eight beast strength phantoms, the strength he contained was like a large water vat. All-out effort Gu was like a bamboo pipe that could be opened and closed at will and could continually draw water from the vat.

Right now, as Fang Yuan suffered injuries and used bitter strength Gu, it was as if many holes appeared on the water vat. All-out effort Gu added in bamboo pipes to all these holes and allowed Fang Yuan to use them as he wished.

Just with all-out effort Gu, Fang Yuan only had a single bamboo pipe to draw the water and thus could only use one beast phantom. But now, under the effects of his injuries and the bitter strength Gu, it was like adding two new outlets to the water vat.

Thus, when Fang Yuan used all-out effort Gu now, he could simultaneously use three beast phantoms.

"To think he has a bitter strength Gu! Didn't Shang Ya Zi buy this Gu in the auction? Is this bitter strength Gu the one Shang Ya Zi owned?" Yan Tu guessed the answer.

His eyes narrowed and his expression was unprecedentedly solemn.

"If the bitter strength in Fang Zheng's hand is not Shang Ya Zi's, then he no doubt toyed with Shang Ya Zi in the auction. But if this bitter strength Gu was the one Shang Ya Zi bought, then the situation is terrifying! Shang Ya Zi had been ousted from his young master position not long ago because of false accounting with Fang Zheng. Maybe this bitter strength Gu is the fruit of Fang Zheng's victory! This kid is not simple. Brother Ju, you have to be careful…"

Yan Tu could not help but worry about Ju Kai Bei's situation.

Ju Kai Bei only felt bitterness in his mouth.

First, the all-out effort Gu, now the bitter strength Gu… these two Gu were both what he, Ju Kai Bei, yearned for everyday and had bitterly searched for them fruitlessly.

However, Fang Yuan who was so young was holding both Gu, such luck caused this senior to become green with envy.

With bitter strength Gu, the heavier the injuries Fang Yuan suffered, the more holes there would be on his water vat and he would also become stronger.

In another words, every time Ju Kai Bei inflicted damage, he would instead be increasing Fang Yuan's battle strength.

It was an unpleasant feeling. His mental endurance also took a hit, not wanting to fight with Fang Yuan anymore. The more Fang Yuan fought, the stronger he got; the heavier the injuries he suffered, the higher his strength. The most important thing was he possessed eight beast phantoms, if they all burst out together, even if Ju Kai Bei's three dragon-elephant appeared together, it would be useless.

What lowered Ju Kai Bei's morale even more was that he knew Fang Yuan possessed a self-reliance Gu.

Self-reliance Gu's healing effects was extremely potent towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was being healed while suffering injuries, maintaining his strength at a terrifying level.

All-out effort Gu, bitter strength Gu and self-reliance Gu; these three formed a tight combination, creating a secure and solid foundation.

Reaching this step, the Gu set that Fang Yuan planned earlier had already reached initial success, forming the skeleton. Their effects were outstanding and even the rank four Ju Kai Bei was suffering from this combination.

Fang Yuan had been in Shang clan city for over two years now, already accomplishing something most Gu Masters would not be able to accumulate even after spending most of their lives. Even a veteran like Ju Kai Bei was jealous and green-eyed.


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