Reverend Insanity
317 Fang Yuan vs Ju Kai Bei 1
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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317 Fang Yuan vs Ju Kai Bei 1

Hook, palm strike, elbow jab, kick…

Fang Yuan and Ju Kai Bei fought head-on, exchanging moves after moves.

Punches and kicks collided, producing intense tremors.

The two moved while striking each other, any stone or tree they struck would collapse with a loud sound.

"Fang Zheng is falling into a disadvantage." Gradually, the spectators understood the situation.

"To deal with Ju Kai Bei, one needs to take him down as soon as possible and not give him any time." Someone sighed.

Ju Kai Bei had habitual strength Gu; his strength grew the longer it stayed active.

"Easy for you to say, who can knock him down at the start? He has rank four cultivation, the ivory armor Gu and plentiful battle experience. Being able to fight him to this extent, Fang Zheng could be said to be pretty good."

Bai Ning Bing watched the match quietly from within the crowd.

She had experienced the pressure Fang Yuan was on right now. Only those who had personally fought against rank four Gu Masters would know the huge gap between rank three and rank four.

"Brother Hei Tu…" Shang Xin Ci clenched her fists tightly, her beautiful eyes followed Fang Yuan.

Wei Yang's brows gradually furrowed.


Suddenly, the roar of a wild beast burst out.

A dragon-elephant phantom suddenly rose up behind Ju Kai Bei; showing a tremendous might.

Dragon-elephant refers to a huge elephant who possesses dragon's blood. Its physique was larger than a mammoth, it was a humongous beast. If lions and tigers came across it, they would detour around it and not dare to attack.

There was a great possibility of obtaining dragon-elephant huge strength Gu by killing this type of ferocious beast.

Dragon-elephant huge strength Gu was a rank four Gu; while the galloping horse strength Gu, green bull labor Gu and other Gu used by Fang Yuan were only rank three.

Since Ju Kai Bei became rank four Gu Master, he had used three dragon-elephant huge strength Gu and created three beast phantoms for himself.

Right now, he was punching with the strength of a dragon-elephant!

Fang Yuan's pupils rapidly shrunk. At this moment of crisis, he quickly put up his two arms.

All-out effort Gu — Stone turtle strength!

A huge turtle phantom appeared behind him.


Ju Kai Bei's bowl-size fist ruthlessly struck Fang Yuan's arms.

A huge force emerged from the collision; Ju Kai Bei only took a step back while Fang Yuan was sent flying.

Stone turtle phantom collapsed with a loud bang; while dragon-elephant phantom flew higher into the sky.

Stone turtle strength was clearly not dragon-elephant strength's match.

Fang Yuan was sent flying for almost thirty steps and crashed through two stone pillars before finally stopping.

Fang Yuan got back to his stance again and shook his aching and numb arms. He might look pitiful but was not the least bit harmed. The combination of iron bone, steel tendons and bronze skin gave him a very strong defense.

"Ju Kai Bei punched with the strength of a dragon-elephant!" Outside the stage, many spectators cried out in surprise.

"He has been using habitual strength Gu since the start and now his strength has become exceedingly high. This is still only the strength of a dragon-elephant, senior Ju Kai Bei has a total of three dragon-elephant phantoms in him. I once saw him strike with the strength of three dragon-elephants, he instantly crushed his opponent's skull!"

"Fang Zheng can't hold back Ju Kai Bei. Ju Kai Bei striking with dragon-elephant strength is a prelude to his dominance of this match."

Fang Yuan was expressionless as he charged towards Ju Kai Bei once again.

The two exchanged moves again.

Snow silver primeval essence continually poured into all-out effort Gu.

Boar, brown bear, crocodile, green bull, horse, stone turtle, white elephant and black python; eight beast phantoms flashed by one after another.

After the stone turtle strength Gu, Fang Yuan had used white elephant primeval strength Gu and black python coiling strength Gu to gain white elephant phantom and black python phantom.

Eight beast phantoms were Fang Yuan's body's limit. Thus after using black python coiling strength Gu, he no longer used other strength Gu.

On the stage, Fang Yuan unleashed a flurry of attacks, his punches broke through the wind and were extremely violent.

Such terrifying offensive power birthed fear in the spectators.

Ju Kai Bei had just burst out the strength of a dragon-phantom and his strength was now back to before, habitual strength Gu started to accumulate power once again. Seizing the opportunity, Fang Yuan started going all out, immediately taking back the initiative.

His eight beast phantoms flashed continuously in the air, while the dragon-elephant phantoms appeared only occasionally.

However, every time dragon-elephant phantom appeared, it would send Fang Yuan flying.

As time passed, Fang Yuan's injuries accumulated; bronze skin could not resist Ju Kai Bei's enormous strength and was lacerated.

Ju Kai Bei's whole body was covered with a layer of ivory armor, so although there were many scars and cracks on it, he stood straight from the start, like an iron tower standing tall on the earth.

After some time.

There was a chance!

Ju Kai Bei made a very tiny mistake which might only appear once in a blue moon.

Fang Yuan grabbed this transient opportunity and suddenly moved to Ju Kai Bei's back and smacked.

Brown bear phantom.

If this enormous and heavy force struck, Ju Kai Bei would definitely be spurt out large amounts of blood.

Ju Kai Bei had no time to stop it so he could turn around and sweep his arms.


Suddenly, there was the trumpet of an elephant; dragon-elephant phantom appeared and completely suppressed the brown bear phantom.

Fang Yuan was instead sent flying. This was the eighth time.

The frequency of dragon-elephant phantom's appearance became more frequent. When it did not appear, Fang Yuan held a slight initiative. But once it appeared, none of Fang Yuan's phantoms were its match.

Fang Yuan's beast phantoms were all ordinary wild beasts, but dragon-elephant had a trace of dragon bloodline in it and was considered a mutated beast!

After one hour since the match started….

Howl! Howl!

Two dragon-elephant phantoms appeared at the same time behind Ju Kai Bei.

His two fists ruthless struck Fang Yuan's chest and sent the latter flying far away.

Fang Yuan spurted out a mouthful of blood in the air and his vision shook.

Thump thump thump thump thump... 

He smashed through five stone pillars before falling down on the ground; dust rose and covered his figure.

"So miserable!" Many Gu Masters' eyes twitched at this scene. Fang Yuan's current state was too appaling.

"Rank three beast phantom are not the rank four dragon-elephant phantom's match."

"Fang Zheng might have all-out effort Gu, but he can only use one beast phantom at a time. On the contrary, Ju Kai Bei's habitual strength Gu is much better."

"How could this be? All-out effort Gu is a legendary Gu but is actually inferior to the ordinary habitual strength Gu?" Someone shouted in surprise.

Soon, someone explained: "This is not the problem of all-out effort Gu, but rather the problem lies in Fang Zheng. Fang Zheng has the strength of eight beasts in him; they are like a huge water jar but the outlet is only a small bamboo pipe. All-out effort Gu can let this small bamboo pipe discharge water in top speed; while habitual strength Gu is like a bucket that needs to draw water from the water jar. All-out effort Gu allows the continuous flow of a thin stream, while habitual strength Gu accumulates before erupting."

"Brother Hei Tu…" Shang Xin Ci's heart jumped and she felt suffocated as she saw Fang Yuan's figure covered with dust.

However, soon, the spectators saw a black figure slowly standing up from within the smoke.

"Three ribs have fractured, and there seems to be internal bleeding. Such a powerful attack…."

Intense pain attacked Fang Yuan, but the corner of his lips instead rose into a smile.

He had a steel willpower, what was this little bit of pain? What was this little bit of injuries?

His battle intent rose with the pain like burning fire! His blood boiled like boiling water!

"This type of battle is the most satisfying! It is only interesting when defeating such a strong enemy! Hehehe… hahaha!" Fang Yuan stood from within the dust with his head high and started laughing without restraint.

"What is Fang Zheng saying? He seems to be laughing?"

"Was his brain damaged by Ju Kai Bei?"

Because of the barrier around the stage, the spectators could not hear clearly.

Ju Kai Bei, who had an indifferent look since the start of the battle, had a change in his expression for the first time after he heard Fang Yuan's crazed laughter!

"This kid…" His expression turned grim as he got a familiar as well as strange feeling from that laughter.

With a little bit of thinking, he immediately realized.

This was the aura of the demonic path!

A killing intent as sharp as a knife, a crazed will to destroy the world, an arrogance that looked down on the world, a ruthlessness that trampled on all living things…

This laughter seemed to have made Ju Kai Bei return to the past.

That painful and unbearable past.

He had to engage in slaughter almost every day as if walking alone in an endless darkness, with no one to talk to, an endless loneliness repressed into fear, the life of the demonic path that was worse than death…

You must keep going forward and you must keep on winning. It was like walking on a steel rope between cliffs, your nerves stretched to the limits and you had no moment to relax. With just one loss, you could fall into the abyss, consigned to eternal damnation.

Ju Kai Bei was fed up with such a life so he threw in his lot with Shang clan and became a hidden elder. These years, he felt like he was a person who had climbed ashore after struggling and almost drowning in the sea of bitterness.

He was already standing on the shore, but Fang Yuan's laughter was like a tide making him look back at the sea of bitterness.

This laughter evoked a trace of fear in Ju Kai Bei!

I cannot go back to my past...

I don't want to think about the past...

I have turned over a new leaf, I have already begun a new life, I am already a member of the righteous path!

Righteous could not coexist with demonic!

Ju Kai Bei's face shook to reveal a sinister expression, he felt an extreme hatred towards Fang Yuan from the depths of his heart.

Dragon travel tiger steps Gu!

Ju Kai Bei took the initiative to attack, he took large strides like a tiger or dragon and charged into the dust.

His every step was accompanied by the dragon's cry and tiger's roar.

This was the rank four dragon travel tiger steps Gu and it allowed Ju Kai Bei to move rapidly. It was also similar to charging crash Gu and used the charging and crashing force to bring out Ju Kai Bei's stored strength.

Ju Kai Bei charged fiercely into the dust, straight towards Fang Yuan.


Dragon-elephant phantom appeared again.

It was only one phantom and not two phantoms.

However, this was enough to suppress Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan did not avoid it and took it head-on; stone turtle phantom soared behind him.

The two fiercely collided.

The collision created a fierce wind wave, blowing away the dust.

Ju Kai Bei had a flabbergasted look as he retreated five steps; while Fang Yuan did not budge even a bit.

There were only bewilderment outside the stage.

"What in the world is going on?" This scene was beyond almost everyone's expectations.

It was the same stone turtle strength against dragon-elephant strength, but why was the result completely different?

Ju Kai Bei gritted his teeth as he pounced forward again.


A loud sound. He was sent flying by Fang Yuan like a sandbag before crashing onto the ground.

He got up with difficulty and stared deadly at the space above Fang Yuan.

In the air, brown bear phantom and boar phantom slowly disappeared.

"Using two beast phantom at once!"

"How is this possible?"

"This goes against common sense!"

There were cries of surprise and alarm from the spectators.


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