Reverend Insanity
308 Auction 4
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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308 Auction 4

"Haha, I'm afraid Shang Ya Zi's face is green now." In the ninth private room, Wei Yang laughed uncontrollably: "But brother Fang Zheng, is it really okay for you to not get the bitter strength Gu?"

Beside him, Shang Xin Ci gave Fang Yuan a look of concern.

Fang Yuan laughed: "I must get the bitter strength Gu no matter what, but I am not idiot, spending eight hundred and ten thousand primeval stones on a Gu. I would rather refine it myself, eight hundred and ten thousand… it is enough for many tries."

"The chances of failure is very high, it will harm your body brother Hei Tu." Shang Xin Ci expressed her worry.

Fang Yuan shook his head slowly, he had others plans for this, but he could not tell them.

"Heh! This Fang Zheng played Shang Ya Zi like a fool. He spent eight hundred and ten thousand on a bitter strength Gu." The spectators watched with shining eyes.

"Shang Ya Zi, that idiot, this is a disgrace to all of us young masters!" The Shang clan young masters were furious.

"To say the truth, Fang Zheng's acting was superb, even I was fooled by him." Someone sighed.

"The person on the spot is baffled, the onlooker sees clearly. I knew something was amiss long ago." Someone claimed that he knew.

"Shang Ya Zi is so petty and enjoys revenge, thus he kept raising his bid. But Fang Zheng also failed to get the Gu he wanted, thus they were both losers. This is why you cannot bring feuds into the auction house." Ju Kai Bei thought in his heart.

"The real winner is the auction house."

"Ju clan must be overjoyed, one bitter strength Gu for eight hundred and ten thousand!"

Everyone discussed among each other.

But the truth is, they forgot one big winner.

That is, Lady An Yu who shot to fame.


Shang Ya Zi smashed his cup on the ground, breaking it.

In fifth private room, the servants knelt on the ground, breathing as silently as they could.

Shang Ya Zi sat on his seat, breathing roughly as veins popped up on his forehead, his face flushing with rage.

He was tricked!

Eight hundred and ten thousand, spent on a bitter strength Gu he could not even use.

Shang Ya Zi felt his own heart bleeding!

The truth is, he was smart, after that setback, he learnt his lesson and became wiser. For the last two years, he worked hard and managed the shops very well.

But character decides your fate.

He was petty and spiteful, hatred made him lose his rationality, thus falling for Fang Yuan's trap.

"Fang Zheng, Fang Zheng, if not for the poison vow Gu, I will definitely kill you, I will chop you into a million pieces!!!" Shang Ya Zi screamed in his heart.

The auction continued.

Fourteenth item, fifteenth, sixteenth… eighteenth… twenty-eighth…

Another climax occurred, as the atmosphere livened up, and people quickly forgot Fang Yuan and Shang Ya Zi's conflict.

"The thirty-second item — rank four atmosphere Gu." The female Gu Master said.

Atmosphere Gu was shaped like a butterfly, having a pair of blue wings, each time it fluttered, there would be sparkling dust created in the air, it was a very attractive sight.

Atmosphere Gu was a unique Gu, it absorbed life energy and was born from the wind, it was a natural Gu. Up till now, no recipe master had been able to develop their recipe.

There were three types of recipe masters. Those that looked at the past, studying the ancient strength path, qi path and other Gu worms recipes, attempting to restore them. Some looked at the present, studying naturally formed Gu, attempting to produce their refinement recipe. And those who looked at the future, creating new and innovative refinement recipes from afresh.

Atmosphere Gu was not only created in a unique way, its use was also unique.

It could be used on a race or group, using an invisible force to create a habit or hobby that affected the entire group.

In ancient times, Gu Masters used it to deal with beast groups. If they were dealing with a group of steel needle boars, the Gu Master would use the atmosphere Gu and target them, giving them the habit of rubbing their skin on rocks.

The steel needle boar's fur were like steel needles, it was offense and defense in one. After rubbing on the rocks, they would get damaged, and the Gu Masters would be able to deal with them easily.

But later, Gu Masters eventually realized that the atmosphere Gu was the perfect weapon in ruling tribes or clans.

Some clans lacked food, but loved to brew wine. After using the atmosphere Gu, they removed the habit of brewing wine, and they had more food to eat, allowing the clan to develop better.

The atmosphere Gu could not only be used to deal with internal habits, but also external.

In history, there was a very famous example.

Two clans were in conflict, the weaker one used the atmosphere Gu and caused the stronger clan's women to have the interest to bind their foot.

The caused the women in this clan to become unable to carry out laborious tasks. The female Gu Masters also experienced a fall in strength, eventually the weaker clan overthrew and wiped them out.

At the end of the day, this was a Gu world, and there were all sorts of unimaginable Gu worms.

The female Gu Master introduced the Gu before saying: "Atmosphere Gu, base bid is two hundred and sixty thousand primeval stones."

"Three hundred thousand." Yi clan elder Yi Bu Hui bid first.

"Three hundred and fifty thousand." Fei clan elder Yan Luan Feng was equally tough.

"Three hundred and seventy thousand." A recipe master shouted.

"Three hundred and eighty thousand." Wei Yang spoke, he was in charge of Feng Yu Manor, he wanted to use this atmosphere Gu to make his subordinates work better.

"Five hundred thousand!" Fang Yuan shouted.

The crowd was silent.

Fang Yuan was silent for a while, but this voice made everyone recall, it was the person who tricked Shang Ya Zi previously.

"Five hundred thousand for an atmosphere Gu? Fang Zheng, you still want to con me? Do I look like an idiot!" Shang Ya Zi gritted his teeth, his eyes burning with rage.

He had just spent eight hundred and ten thousand primeval stones, if he spends another five hundred thousand, he would go bankrupt.

"Five hundred thousand, going once… twice… thrice… sold!" The female Gu Master announced.

Five hundred thousand was slightly above everyone's budget, no one bid anymore.

The atmosphere Gu was effective on a clan or force, but had little use towards individuals, it made many people feel indifferent towards it.

"Brother Fang Zheng, you could've gotten this Gu for four hundred and sixty thousand." Wei Yang sighed.

Shang Xin Ci had a different interpretation: "No, considering Yi clan and Fei clan, those two elders might compete and raise the prices above this. Bidding five hundred thousand made both of them reluctant to bid, it was a good call."

"Four hundred and sixty thousand… five hundred thousand… it is only forty thousand more. Brother Wei, I will keep this Gu then." Fang Yuan waved his hand, not bothered by it.

"Why, don't tell me you want to rebuild Gu Yue village?" Wei Yang was shocked, not expecting Fang Yuan to be interested in the Gu.

Earlier, he thought Fang Yuan was bidding for his sake.

"Of course I need this Gu, but the reason will have to kept secret for a while longer." Fang Yuan smiled, but did not elaborate.

"Hmph, acting secretive." Bai Ning Bing hated this side of Fang Yuan, she knew he was scheming again and kept her guard up.

After the atmosphere Gu, it was a set of eating wind Gu.

Thirty-eight eating wind Gu, grouped into one set and auctioned together.

Eating wind Gu was only rank two, but had a great use, it allowed the Gu Master to consume wind and fill their stomachs.

Ju clan was situated on top of Ju Feng mountain, they specialized in wind type Gu. The eating wind Gu was one of their specialties.

Time continued to pass.

Thirty-four… thirty-five… thirty-eight… forty-four…

Fang Yuan did not bid anymore, but Wei Yang tried once and successfully bought a light type Gu, getting what he wanted.

Bai Ning Bing also bid three times, eventually getting a rank three tornado Gu.

Just as Fang Yuan lost all his interest, the final forty-ninth item was displayed.

"This is the greatest treasure we have for this auction. It is not a Gu worm, and is not a precious refinement material, but it is a recipe." The female Gu Master introduced.

Next she added: "This recipe, because it is extremely precious, it has not been appraised yet.

This sentence made everyone curious.

Normally, precious refinement recipes would have to be appraised carefully. Because, once the recipe is handed to a recipe master to appraise, there is a danger of it leaking.

Recipe, recipe, it is best if less people know about it. A recipe that is known by everyone, is worth less than a blank piece of paper.

The female Gu Master was experienced, thus she did not speak but let everyone digest the information.

Seeing everyone deep in thought, but gathered their gaze on her once again, the female Gu Master smiled, throwing a bomb at them: "This recipe, is regarding the Heavenly Essence Treasure Monarch Lotus."

"Heavenly Essence Treasure Monarch Lotus? Did I hear wrongly!"

"Rank three Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, rank four Heavenly Essence Treasure Monarch Lotus, rank five Heavenly Essence Treasure King Lotus… This series of Gu worms are too famous, I can easily recite them."

"This is the Immortal Venerable Genesis Lotus' core Gu. I heard whoever is able to refine the rank six Heavenly Essence Treasure Imperial Lotus would be able to receive the Immortal Venerable Genesis Lotus' inheritance ground!"

"To think Ju clan had such a treasure…"

The people in the auction house were bursting with excitement.

The female Gu Master continued: "Since everyone has an understanding of the heavenly essence treasure lotus, I shall not explain further. This is a recipe involving the refinement of the heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus. The starting bid is five hundred thousand!"

The price of the recipe was much higher than Gu worms.

The recipe of the rank four heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus was even more expensive than the monarch lotus itself.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. In theory, with the recipe, you will be able to create many heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus.

"Hold on, I have a question. Does this recipe require the heavenly essence treasure lotus as the refinement material?" Fang Yuan suddenly asked, shouting at the top of his lungs.

The female Gu Master's expression changed, she did not want to answer, but Fang Yuan was the owner of a purple thorn token.

She had been avoiding this question, but did not expect Fang Yuan's mind to be so astute, asking the most crucial question.

She had no choice but to confess: "Although in principle, we do not reveal the details of the recipe, but with Shang clan's integrity, this recipe does indeed need the heavenly essence treasure lotus as the main ingredient."

Everyone gasped.

"The heavenly essence treasure lotus is needed as the main ingredient, where are we going to find one?"

"No wonder Ju clan did not refine the heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus despite having this recipe."

"What use does this have? We can't do anything with it, this is too awkward."

"That was close, thankfully Fang Zheng asked that question."

"Mostly importantly, this recipe's authenticity has not been appraised yet."

"This recipe was kept as a treasure by Ju clan, it definitely is something good. I will bid five hundred and twenty thousand." A recipe master bid.

Even so, the recipe regarding the heavenly essence treasure monarch lotus still had great attraction to some Gu Masters.

"Five hundred and fifty thousand."

"Five hundred and eighty thousand."

The bids went up, slower and slower, until it stopped at six hundred and sixty thousand.

"Six hundred and seventy thousand." Wei Yang was the last to bid, as he obtained this recipe eventually.


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