Reverend Insanity
307 Auction 3
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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307 Auction 3

"Take a look everyone, this is a thousand year wind willow." The female Gu Master pointed at the item on the stage and introduced.

"Wind willow is a rare type of plant that is used in refinement as material. It only grows in a location where there is sufficient wind energy to sustain its growth. Because Ju Feng mountain has winds all year round, they can produce large amounts of wind willows."

"An ordinary wind willow is only a few decades old, or a few centuries. But the current auction item, it is a thousand years old, able to be used in rank five Gu refinement! The base bid is fifty thousand primeval stones, the auction starts now."

Once she said so, people started bidding.

"Fifty-five thousand!"

"Fifty-eight thousand."

"Sixty-five thousand."

"Seventy thousand."

The bids went up, as many people participated, most of them were professional refinement Gu masters.

A thousand year wind willow is rarely seen, even Ju clan who had lived on Ju Feng mountain for hundreds of years, had only eighteen remaining.

Wind willow did not have tree branches, there is only the roots underground, and one stem.

When the winds blow, this sole stem would sway with the winds, like seaweed underwater.

The thousand year wind willow on the stage had been coiled up, but its length definitely exceeded a hundred meters.

Fang Yuan tried to intervene and bid, but that Shang Ya Zi immediately raised the bid by five thousand.

Eventually, a refinement master obtained the wind willow, spending almost a hundred thousand.

"The thousand year wind willow is the eighth item, during this period, whenever I bid for something, Shang Ya Zi would interfere. If I do nothing, he would remain silent too. It seems his sole purpose here today is to oppose me." Fang Yuan's gaze shone, gaining a deeper understanding of Shang Ya Zi's narrow-mindedness.

Time continued to pass.

Ninth item, tenth item…

"What is displayed next is the twelfth item. This is a chasing wind Gu, rank four movement Gu, it allows the Gu Master to have the speed to chase after winds. Base bid is a hundred and eighty thousand." The female Gu Master's delicate voice reverberated in the entire auction house.

"A hundred and ninety thousand."

"Two hundred thousand!"

"Two hundred and twenty thousand!"

"Two hundred and fifty thousand!"


Chasing wind Gu was a popular auction item, once it appeared, the first climax of the auction house appeared.

Many people participated and bid, even the quiet private rooms started to bid for the item.

Wind, light, lightning, cloud, these four types of Gu were outstanding movement Gu worms. Chasing wind Gu was a rank four Gu, it gave a great boost to the Gu Master's speed.

Fang Yuan tried to bid, but Shang Ya Zi immediately followed after.

Fang Yuan no longer said anything, as their bids were buried under the other people's voices.

At times, new competitors entered the bidding, but more people gave up after seeing the absurd prices.

When the chasing wind Gu's price rose to three hundred and fifty thousand, only two Gu Masters were left competing.

One was Yi clan elder Yi Bu Hui, the other was Fei clan elder Fei Luan Feng.

Yi clan and Fei clan did not have a good relationship, the two competed as sparks arose.

Eventually, the chasing wind Gu was bought by elder Yi Bu Hui using four hundred and forty thousand.

Although Fang Yuan had over two million primeval stones, he did not participate.

Chasing wind Gu contained the Dao mark of wind, if he used it, his beast phantoms would cause a huge disturbance to the Gu, causing the effect to weaken. Thus, chasing wind Gu was not a good choice for Fang Yuan.

"If this was the rank four fairy wind Gu, I would buy it, too bad this was merely a chasing wind Gu."

Fang Yuan had a recipe, he could use fairy wind Gu, seven shining stars Gu and a few other materials to refine the fixed star Gu, which was the main ingredient in refining fixed immortal travel Gu. 

Dream Travel, Carefree Travel, Fixed Immortal Travel, Liquor God Travel, these were the four great movement Gu.

All of them were rank six Gu.

Dream travel could allow Gu Masters to enter other people's dreams. Carefree travel was best at dodging attacks. Fixed immortal travel could allow a Gu Master to teleport themselves to anywhere they want to go. Liquor god travel was the most special, and first appeared in >, but that story is for later.

Fang Yuan had his previous life's memories, thus he had the carefree travel Gu and fixed immortal travel Gu's recipes. Among them, the fixed immortal travel Gu was most needed by Fang Yuan, but the success rate of refinement was extremely low, and he did not have enough materials for it either, thus he could only set it aside for now.

"Alright, for our thirteenth item, it is a… bitter strength Gu!"

The female Gu master introduced on the stage, but even without her explanation, many Gu Masters' eyes were shining brightly.

"I have to obtain this bitter strength Gu no matter what, no one can stop me, two hundred thousand primeval stones!" Before the female Gu Master gave the base bid, Fang Yuan quickly shouted.

Fang Yuan's words made Ju Kai Bei unhappy: "Youngsters are so anxious, I bid two hundred and fifty thousand."

"Three hundred thousand." Shang Bi Xi also bid quickly.

"Five hundred thousand!" Fang Yuan reported a frightening price.

The entire auction house went wild.

"That voice, I think it is Gu Yue Fang Zheng!"

"He sure is rich, bidding five hundred thousand just for a bitter strength Gu."

"He had won so many times on the battle stage, he is affluent and loaded."

People sighed, while some strength path Gu Masters had a bitter expression, they held some expectations towards the bitter strength Gu, and wanted to try bidding, but with Fang Yuan's bid, they were kicked out of the race before even beginning.

Even the female Gu Master on the stage was shocked.

Bitter strength Gu was rank four, but strength path Gu worms had little requirements towards the Gu Master in terms of primeval essence, rank three could barely activate them. Its market price was around three hundred and eighty thousand, lower than the chasing wind Gu.

To think that Fang Yuan bid five hundred thousand immediately, a hundred and twenty thousand above the market value.

"Youngsters these days sure have vigor." Ju Kai Bei sighed, no longer competing. Half a million primeval stones was enough for him to buy a few other useful Gu worms.

"Eighth brother, ninth brother…"Shang Bi Xi looked at the two young masters hesitantly.

Ninth brother Shang Suan Ni did not say anything, only looking at Shang Pu Lao.

"Tenth brother, this depends on you. If you want to compete for it, we as brothers will support you all the way." Shang Pu Lao smiled and encouraged.

Shang Bi Xi gritted his teeth: "Five hundred thousand… it's too much of a loss. Nevermind, let Fang Zheng take it."

He also gave up.

Fang Yuan's determined display removed two competitors for him.

"Five hundred thousand, going once."

"Five hundred thousand, going twice."

"Five hundred thousand, going thric…"

"Hold on, I bid five hundred and ten thousand." Right before the female Gu Master slammed the hammer, Shang Ya Zi said slowly in his private room.

"Hmph, Shang Ya Zi, you think you can stop me? Six hundred thousand." Fang Yuan immediately followed, speaking with strong disdain.

Shang Ya Zi laughed coldly: "I'll play with you if you want to Fang Zheng. Six hundred and ten."

The people in the auction house started chattering.

"Fang Zheng and Shang clan young master are at odds!"

"How can this be?"

"Fang Zheng has the purple thorn token, and is an esteemed guest in Shang clan, he has no fear towards Shang Ya Zi's young master identity. But Shang Ya Zi is in charge of all the shops in Shang clan, and has great wealth. This will be a battle among tigers and dragons!"


"Seven hundred thousand!" Fang Yuan shouted: "Shang Ya Zi, you lost to me previously, you are a loser. It seems you have not been punished enough."

Shang Ya Zi retorted: "Complete bullshit, we'll see who teaches who a lesson! Seven hundred and ten!!"

Once he said that, the crowd went wild.

Shang Ya Zi and Fang Yuan's dispute was no secret to Shang clan city's higher ups. But to ordinary Gu Masters, it was news to them.

At once, people started guessing why Shang Ya Zi has a grudge against Fang Yuan.

"Evidently, Shang Ya Zi lost in a fight to Fang Zheng before, and wants to take revenge."

"Why bother with the reasoning. Young master Ya Zi is well known for his pettiness, even if a bystander knocks into him, he will take revenge. Fang Zheng is a lawless brute, it is no wonder that they would have conflicts."

"You are both wrong, I heard already, Shang Ya Zi and Fang Zheng went to Qin Yan brothel before, and were interested in the number one lady there. But eventually Fang Zheng got her, and that led to Shang Ya Zi's animosity."

"Real or fake?" Someone expressed doubt.

The person who spoke earlier, showed a fearless expression, pointing at a seat: "Look there, that is lady An Yu, you don't have to doubt me, just ask her."

Thus, everyone sent a curious gaze towards her.

Lady An Yu was stunned too, not expecting herself to get involved, but she suddenly saw among the people, her pimp was winking at her.

She immediately understood, this was a way to get famous. For a brothel prostitute like her, only such news would be able to raise her worth.

She did not answer, but lowered her head, blushing. Once she did that, most of the suspicious people believed it.

"So that's what happened."

"Looking at Lady An Yu's expression, the answer is clear!"

"You guys do not know the true story, but I do. In history, beauties are always paired with heroes, why do you think Lady An Yu likes Fang Zheng?"


"Hehe… because Shang Ya Zi is thin and weak, he has a 'weak' lower body. But Fang Zheng is strong and energetic, every one of his 'strikes' carries the all-out effort Gu's vigor. The impact of the wild boar, the slamming of the brown bear, the twisting of the crocodile tail, the force of the horse, the stamina of the green bull, and the endurance of the stone turtle… Hehe, such a man, which lady would not like him?"

"Ohhh!" Immediately, many men understood.

Some girls squeezed their thighs together, their faces blushing as they were deep in their imaginations.

Lady An Yu's head was lowered even further, thinking happily in her heart: "I'm on fire, I'm going to be famous!"

Just as the auction house was filled with rumors and guesses, Fang Yuan and Shang Ya Zi's competition had reached eight hundred and ten thousand.

"Fang Zheng, with me here today, you are bound to lose. Give up, you are not my match." Shang Ya Zi laughed happily, he added ten thousand every single time to piss off Fang Yuan.

"You think I am afraid of you! It is merely eight hundred and ten thousand, so what." Fang Yuan snorted coldly.

"Young master, this is enough, we should stop now." A servant carefully observed and advised.

Shang Ya Zi hesitated: "I know. Fang Zheng is adamant on getting the bitter strength Gu! After he bids, I am going to bid once more, and stop. This idiot, spending more than eight hundred thousand to buy a bitter strength Gu, it is almost twice the market price. I can finally vent this anger, it feels so good. Hahaha!"

At this time, Fang Yuan continued.

"But this time, I shall let you off. You can have the bitter strength Gu."

Servant: "..."

Shang Ya Zi: "..."


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