Reverend Insanity
306 Auction 2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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306 Auction 2

As time passed, more and more people entered the auction house.

"Look, that is one of the five generals of Shang clan, White Light Swordsman!" Someone shouted.

Wei Yang's title was the White Light Swordsman, he came as well.

"I have already checked, the bitter strength Gu you want is the thirteenth item. But, Shang Ya Zi is already in the fifth private room. I heard he purposely withdrew all of his assets, you have to be careful brother Fang Zheng." Wei Yang walked into the private room, giving Fang Yuan important information.

According to logic, the sequence of the auction items should not be revealed, and the identities of the guests should be kept secret as well. But as one of the five great generals of Shang clan, Wei Yang controlled the intelligence agency Feng Yu Manor, thus it was easy for him to get all the information he wanted.

Wei Yang patted Fang Yuan's shoulders, still feeling worried: "Shang Ya Zi is not here for fun, he has at least one million and two hundred thousand primeval stones on hand. The bitter strength Gu is a treasure for strength path Gu Masters, other than Shang Ya Zi, there are two more people who are your greatest competitors, one is Shang Bi Xi, the other is Ju Kai Bei, you have to watch out."

Tenth son Shang Bi Xi had the turtle tire Gu, having the strength of ten turtles, he was a strength path Gu Master not inferior to Fang Yuan. He controlled the Shang clan city's substitute refinement zone, although there was not much profits there, his eighth brother Shang Pu Lao controlled the brothels and ninth brother Shang Suan Ni controlled the restaurants and silk stores, they earn buckets of primeval stones everyday. If Shang Bi Xi wants the bitter strength Gu, as an alliance mate, the two of them would surely help.

Other than them, there was still Ju Kai Bei.

He had rank four cultivation, dominating third inner city battle stage.

What did rank four cultivation mean?

In an ordinary clan, he would be a clan leader!

Ju Kai Bei was a rank four Gu Master, but remaining in the battle stage and rejected all of the invitations sent to him by all sorts of forces.

"I will not leave the battle stage unless I defeat Yan Tu!" He declared.

Yan Tu was also a rank four Gu Master, and was the same as Ju Kai Bei as 'half the sky of battle stage'. Both of them vowed to defeat each other, and only after they became a true number one would they leave the battle stage gloriously.

Yan Tu is a fire path Gu Master, he would not have any desire for the bitter strength Gu. But Ju Kai Bei was a genuine strength path Gu Master, he had won numerous battles, only losing occasionally to Yan Tu, he had to have a lot of primeval stones on him!

Thus, be it Shang Bi Xi or Ju Kai Bei, they were Fang Yuan's competitors.

"I have some spare money here, use them for now." Next, Wei Yang passed Fang Yuan a primeval elder Gu.

Shang Chi Wen gasped, slightly surprised.

She knew Wei Yang and Fang Yuan were close, but did not think their relationship was so deep!

She had investigated earlier, this auction had a light type Gu that would be useful to Wei Yang. To think he would hand his primeval stones over to Fang Yuan just for his sake.

Looking at the elderly's cheerful expression, this primeval elder Gu had nearly a million primeval stones!

This means that Wei Yang gave up on his own Gu.

"Brother Wei, this…" Fang Yuan showed hesitance, as he also revealed a look of gratitude.

"Say no more, accept them. I am only lending them to you, not giving them. From now on, I am your creditor." Wei Yang laughed loudly, not giving Fang Yuan a chance to reject, forcing the primeval elder Gu onto him.

Shang Xin Ci at the other side also took out a primeval elder Gu.

"Brother Hei Tu, this is mine."

In her primeval elder Gu, the cloud elder was frowning and upset, from that, one can deduce that there was around a hundred to three hundred thousand primeval stones in it.

This was the pocket money Shang Yan Fei gave to her every month. She scrimped and saved, accumulating them and handed them all to Fang Yuan now.

"If I speak anymore, it will be hypocritical. I accept it all, I will definitely repay you later!" Fang Yuan laughed heartily, cupping his fists and keeping the primeval stones.

Shang Xin Ci smiled lightly, not thinking about Fang Yuan's repayment. Even if she had to give these to him, she would not feel upset. But she knew, with his temper, he will not accept such a 'gift', thus she could only 'lend' him.

"That's the way." Wei Yang nodded.

He had high hopes for Fang Yuan, and liked his clear definition of kindness and grudges.

At one side, Shang Chi Wen hesitated, but eventually did not take out her primeval elder Gu.

Her gaze was flickering with light, as she changed the topic: "Look, Ju Kai Bei is here."

At the entrance of the auction house, a strong and muscular man appeared.

He was at the prime of his life, eight feet tall. His skin was tightly wrapped around his muscles, layers after layers. When he walked, every step was the exact same distance, showing his strict and disciplined nature.

He was like a tower, tall and straight, giving off a sense of pressure to his surroundings. It caused people to move away from him, but also look at him with respect and reverence.

He was Ju Kai Bei.

Rank four Gu Master, the peak of experts in third inner city battle stage!

"Senior Ju, my clan's young master Shang Ya Zi invites you to the fifth private room."

"Lord Ju, my clan's young master Pu Lao is already in fourth private room, and has prepared a banquet."

"Sir Ju Kai Bei, this is the invitation from my clan's young master Chao Feng, please accept it."


At once, many servants crowded over, representing their young masters and sent out invitations to Ju Kai Bei.

But Ju Kai Bei snorted coldly, not looking at them, walking to the first row of the hall and sitting down.

The servants looked at each other before helplessly leaving.

Time passed, and after Ju Kai Bei, another important person arrived.

This person was neither fat nor thin, not tall or short, had a common face but his features were strange.

The left of his face was bright red, and the right was pale blue. The two colors split his face into two portions, from the center of his nose, two colors split on both sides.

"He is Shang Bu Li, to think he came." Wei Yang told Fang Yuan immediately.

"It is him indeed. "Fang Yuan nodded slightly, having a clear picture in his mind.

Shang Bu Li, titled 'Two faced man', was the number one general under Shang Yan Fei. He had rank four cultivation, controlling Gu worms of fire and ice.

He was Shang clan's most important subject, and was a clan elder in Shang clan, in charge of the trading of servants in Shang clan, his authority was higher than that of Wei Yang.

When Shang Bu Li appeared, it attracted many greetings and bootlicking. He had a proud expression, squinting as he walked slowly between the people, enjoying the feeling of being praised to the heaven.

His authority was greater than the ten young masters.

The young masters can only control some of Shang clan's businesses, but as the number one subject of Shang clan, Shang Bu Li controlled the entire slave trade market in Shang clan.

"Shang Bu Li, can you walk faster, dragging your steps like this, are you a man?" At this time, an unhappy tone complained.

With Shang Bu Li's position, in Shang clan city, he was second only to the clan leader, who dared to be so rude to him?

Shang Bu Li heard this, and his heart shuddered, shrinking his head as he turned around, bowing to the person speaking: "Lord Doctor Su Shou, Bu Li pays respect to you."

The person who came was Doctor Su Shou.

She was one of the four great doctors of southern border, and had rank five cultivation, she had once treated Fang Yuan's injuries.

She still wore a white shirt, and her face was covered in a white veil, preventing others from seeing her appearance, but her body curves could not be hidden.

Shang Bu Li did not dare to look at her body, shifting his gaze to the floor beside her feet.

Doctor Su Shou and clan leader Shang Yan Fei had a complicated relationship, she had a high position in Shang clan. As Shang Yan Fei's 'rumored lover', even if Shang Bu Li had a million guts, he would not dare to disrespect her.

"Just don't block my path." Doctor Su Shou snorted coldly, bringing her eight white shirt servants and walking past Shang Bu Li, entering a private room and vanishing from everyone's sight.

Shang Bu Li rubbed his nose, laughing bitterly, there was nothing he could do in front of Doctor Su Shou.

Not long after, many people appeared again.

Yan Tu who shared the same fame as Ju Kai Bei, Shang Yan Fei's fifth general Yi Huo, Yi Bu Hui elder from Yi clan, Fei Luan Feng elder from Fei clan, and others.

"This auction is a gathering of experts. There are established Gu Masters, new generation rising stars, lone warriors, and leaders of large clans. Among them, I wonder how many will become my obstacle?" Fang Yuan thought.

"Sorry for the long wait everyone, the auction officially starts now!" The hosting female Gu master had a young beautiful appearance as she stood on the stage using the sound amplify Gu.

She knew everyone was impatient, thus she spoke quickly, and started introducing the first item.

Frost arrow Gu.

Rank four Gu, shaped like a drain fly, its body was blue like ice, and its mouth was long and needle-like.

This kind of ice type Gu was a treasure in Ju clan village. It was like Gu Yue clan who collected many types of moon type Gu.

"Once the frost arrow Gu is activated, frost energy gathers and it shoots out an arrow of ice to quickly assault the enemy. As everyone knows, its greatest advantage is low primeval essence consumption, even a rank three Gu Master can use it. The base price is seventy thousand primeval stones!" The female Gu Master quickly introduced.

"Seventy-five thousand."

"Eighty thousand!"

"Eighty-five thousand!"


The bids continued to rise, until ninety thousand, and the speed decreased drastically. Gu Masters' bids increased by three thousand, compared to five thousand at the start.

After the hundred thousand benchmark, the three thousand increment shrunk to one thousand.

"A hundred and ten thousand. " Bai Ning Bing said.

"The esteemed guest from ninth private room bid a hundred and ten thousand!" The hosting Gu Master raised her pitch, this was the first time a guest from a private room had bid.

"A hundred and twenty thousand." Shang Ya Zi's voice came out of fifth private room.

Bai Ning Bing squinted, calling: "A hundred and thirty thousand."

Shang Ya Zi quickly followed: "A hundred and forty thousand."

Bai Ning Bing gave Fang Yuan a glance, saying: "A hundred and fifty thousand."

Fang Yuan shrugged.

This bid was obviously Shang Ya Zi finding problems with them. Bai Ning Bing was in the same room as Fang Yuan, thus she was targeted by Shang Ya Zi, she was really under fire for no reason.

"A hundred and fifty thousand for a frost arrow Gu… hmph, I want you guys to suffer!" In fifth private room, Shang Ya Zi laughed sinisterly, not bidding anymore.

Although Bai Ning Bing bought the frost arrow Gu, she paid forty thousand extra.

"It seems Shang Ya Zi is here with a vengeance." Wei Yang sighed.

Shang Xin Ci also frowned, feeling worried for Fang Yuan.


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