Reverend Insanity
305 Auction 1
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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305 Auction 1

Strong winds blow continuously throughout the year on Ju Feng mountain, since its creation, Ju clan village had been facing the threat of hurricanes.

Ju clan village is situated at the top of Ju Feng mountain, having hundreds of years of history. Contesting the natural disaster as mere humans, the clan often faced the threat of extermination, but they pulled through every time. But this time, they faced a giant hurricane that is rarely seen in a hundred years.

Ju clan village could not longer defend themselves, and was destroyed by the disaster.

The terrifying hurricane destroyed the spirit spring, and many people in Ju clan died. After losing their village, they could only leave and come to Shang clan city, seeking refuge in hopes of rebuilding their home in the future.

Commodity prices are high in Shang clan city, to live, they had to sell their assets.

To Ju clan, this was a disaster, but to others, this was a rare opportunity.

Although Ju clan was a small size clan, they had their secrets for being able to live on Ju Feng mountain and fighting the natural disaster for hundreds of years without falling.

Ju clan selling off their assets made this auction very attractive to people.

Once news got out, it attracted most people's attention in Shang clan city.

Seven days later, the auction was held.

At the auction, it was overcrowding with people and there were zero empty seats in the large hall. The private rooms on higher floors were all sold out as well.

Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing, using their purple thorn tokens, snatched a private room for themselves.

Fang Yuan opened a slit in the curtain of the room, standing at one side feeling the rowdy atmosphere of the hall.

At this time, the auction had not started yet, and nearly a thousand people in the hall were talking among themselves, making a great commotion.

"Sigh, what a pity for Ju clan. After hundreds of years, they finally lost to the hurricane. Man really cannot contest the strength of the natural elements." Someone exclaimed.

"This is nothing much, new clans rise up and old clans get eliminated. Just like a few years ago, the three clans on Qing Mao mountain were wiped out together. Ju clan's demise was nothing extraordinary." Someone felt indifferent.

"Ju clan's tragedy is our happiness. I hear there are lots of good stuff in this auction." Someone was gloating at the clan's disaster.

"So many Ju clansmen entered Shang clan city, this will cause great disturbance to Shang clan city's economy." Someone predicted the future.

At this moment, there was a huge commotion.

"Look, that is Shang clan young master Qiu Niu."

Fang Yuan followed the voice and looked, seeing Shang Qiu Niu walk in from the entrance, taking large strides in.

He had a muscular build and his steps were stable. He was thirty years old now, as Shang Yan Fei's eldest son.

"Greetings to eldest young master Qiu Niu!"

"My respects to eldest young master."

"It is our honor to be able to see eldest young master in person."

At once, many people rushed up and paid respects to Qiu Niu.

"Hello everyone." Qiu Niu did not speak much, smiling lightly as he calmly faced the situation.

Finally, he walked into a private room under everyone's gaze.

The auction house became quiet again.

But soon after, a commotion rose again.

"Young master Chao Feng and Fu Xi are here too!"

"They had a great relationship since young, as expected, they came here today together."

The fourth son Shang Chao Feng, still had a messy hair and a wild aura. The thirteenth son Shang Fu Xi was refined and delicate, looking like a scholar.

The two talked as they entered the private room together. Their servants opened a path for them along the way, and they did not care about the surrounding people.

Fang Yuan looked with a cold expression, squinting.

In his memory, Shang Chao Feng almost managed to get the Shang clan leader position, he was Shang Xin Ci's greatest competitor. He was wicked and devious, and had decisive courage, this was somewhat like Shang Yan Fei.

Shang Fu Xi was his greatest supporter, willingly going under him and had wits, being good at planning. In the future, when the righteous demonic battle at Yi Tian mountain occurred, he schemed and employed strategies that caused great damage to the demonic Gu Masters, gaining fame instantly.

The two, one was capable and the other was good at scheming, complementing each other. The former controlled the Gu battle zone while the latter controlled the auction zone. They were both important domains in Shang clan city, being fully developed. Right now, these two were the third largest faction among the ten contesting young masters.

Before Shang Chao Feng and Shang Fu Xi entered their room, another group of people came.

Shang Pu Lao, Shang Suan Ni, and Shang Bi Xi walked in full of smiles as they spoke.

These three were the eighth, ninth, and tenth children of Shang Yan Fei. Because of benefits, they formed into a small alliance. They were the second largest faction among the contesting young masters as they had a strong collective force and were temporarily suppressing Shang Chao Feng and Shang Fu Xi.

Shang Pu Lao controlled the brothels in Shang clan city, he was a casanova and womaniser. Shang Suan Ni was in charge of restaurants and silk stores, having a large mouth and wide nose, two traces of yellow smoke came out of his nose when he breathed. Shang Bi Xi was short and fat, but was also a strength path Gu Master. His core Gu was the turtle tire Gu, having the strength of ten turtles.

Shang Suan Ni and Shang Bi Xi were strong experts in cultivation, while Shang Pu Lao had literary talent and fate with women. With the three as the head, two fighters and one scholar, they had great coordination.

The three young masters did not choose a room, but sat in the hall.

Shang Pu Lao had great interpersonal communication skills, everywhere he went, people followed. He spoke casually among the people, blending in perfectly, causing the scene to be even more liven.

On his left and right, Shang Suan Ni and Shang Bi Xi stood like two guardians.

"Shang Yan Fei's children are all dragons and phoenixes among men!" Fang Yuan sighed internally.

He had a clear understanding of Shang clan's ten young master situation now.

Right now, there were three factions among the young masters.

The first, was Shang Qiu Niu. He was Shang Yan Fei's eldest son, with just this identity, he had many Shang clan elders and clansmen supporting him.

The second, was Shang Pu Lao, Shang Suan Ni, and Shang Bi Xi, the three gathered into a strong force and were currently the center of attention.

The third was Shang Chao Feng and Shang Fu Xi, hiding their strength and awaiting a chance to rise up.

As for the others, Shang Ya Zi was a loner, having little influence. Shang Chi Wen was bubbly and vibrant, but had no ambition. Shang Pi Xiu had great talent, but was too scheming…

"I want to help Shang Xin Ci ascend to the throne, we cannot compete with the three factions. Although Shang Xin Ci can cultivate, a forcefully awakened aperture only has C grade aptitude, this is not a weak foundation, but zero foundation."

Shang Xin Ci was Shang Yan Fei's illegitimate daughter, and her mother was from Zhang clan. Zhang clan and Wu clan were very close, having much grudges with Shang clan. This was Shang Xin Ci's political weakness.

"Every year, during the young master assessment, there is a great opportunity for Shang Yan Fei's other children to rise up. In my memory, Shang Xin Ci only became Shang clan young master after six years. But this is too long, if I want to make use of her, I have to get her up there as soon as possible. This year's assessment is a chance." Fang Yuan evaluated in his heart.

To get Shang Xin Ci into power, he had to deal with Shang Yan Fei's other children. Since he could not deal with the three large factions, he will have to deal with the others.

On this aspect, Fang Yuan had a plan every since he entered Shang clan city.

Just as he thought about Shang Xin Ci, she arrived.

Numerous eyeballs were attracted to the entrance of the auction house.

"Shang clan's two beauties!"

"Really pretty…"

"Young master Shang Chi Wen looks cute and innocent, but coming with Lady Shang Xin Ci, she loses out in terms of appearance."

The people discussed.

Shang Xin Ci and Shang Chi Wen held hands and spoke as they entered the auction house.

Shang Chi Wen wore a colorful dress, her face was like peach, soft and tender. Shang Xin Ci wore a green skirt, her black hair silky and her eyes shining like the moon. Her skin was white as snow and her lips were pink and tender. She looked elegant and graceful, gentle like water, when she smiled, it was pure and flawless, a perfect beauty. It caused people's gaze to become dazed.

Beside the two of them, there were four servants.

Two of them were Tian Lan and Xiao Die, Shang Xin Ci's personal servants.

The servants blocked the excited young men in the hall, as Shang Xin Ci and Shang Chi Wen walked towards Fang Yuan's private room.

"Brother Hei Tu, Sister Bai Yun." Shang Xin Ci greeted, unable to hide the joy and excitement in her voice.

Shang Yan Fei used the man triumphing heaven Gu to forcefully awaken her aperture. These two years, he used a lot of precious Gu worms to raise her aptitude. From the lowest twenty percent D grade aptitude, it slowly rose to C grade fifty-nine percent, a step away from B grade.

Shang Yan Fei paid such a huge price to nurture her, and taught her personally, Shang Xin Ci felt his fatherly love, and her hatred vanished into thin air, enjoying the love and bliss.

Shang Yan Fei chose many Gu Masters to teach her. Shang Xin Ci stayed home for most of the time, studying more about Gu Master cultivation of her own accord. She was smart and mature, having faced some difficulties, she desired strength but was not arrogant, had strict goals for herself and improved by leaps and bounds, causing Shang Yan Fei to be extremely pleased.

This auction was a rare chance to relax, she had accepted Fang Yuan's invitation and wanted to come alone, but met Shang Chi Wen along the way.

"Fang Zheng, I came uninvited, are you going to chase me out?" Shang Chi Wen laughed as she followed Shang Xin Ci into the room.

"How would I dare to, please take a seat." Fang Yuan invited her with a smile.

Bai Ning Bing sat at one side, hearing this, she did not turn around, but remained expressionless.

Shang Chi Wen gave this ice beauty a curious look, thinking: "Outsiders say Bai Ning Bing is cold and arrogant, it seems they were right."

Next, she looked at Fang Yuan.

"Actually, this Fang Zheng is also extremely arrogant. After reaching third inner city, and winning all his battles, never having a single loss, many forces started recruiting him. Shang Chao Feng, Shang Qiu Niu, Shang Pu Lao and others, they even held a banquet and invited him personally, but were rejected. These two being together… truly birds of a feather flock together."

Shang Chi Wen controlled Shang clan city's battle stage, she was extremely clear of Fang Yuan and Bai Ning Bing's situation.

Fang and Bai had never lost a battle since they joined the battle stage, they had overwhelming talent and were the most famous people in the battle zone. Their fame even rivalled the two great rank four Gu Masters, Ju Kai Bei and Yan Tu.

Anyone could tell that their future was promising, if any of the Shang clan young masters get their assistance, it would be a huge boost to their force.

But she, Shang Chi Wen, had no ambition, thus she did not send any invitations to them.

"Brother Hei Tu, it has been a while, are you doing fine? I heard you fought with a Gu Master called Teng Jiu Long…" Shang Xin Ci sat beside Fang Yuan, her gaze fixed on him as she asked in concern.

Fang Yuan laughed lightly: "It has only been ten days since we met, why is it 'been a while'? As for Teng Jiu Long, he could not even stop my advancement before losing. In this battle stage, only Ju Kai Bei and Yan Tu are a threat, the rest are nothing to be worried about."

Fang Yuan's calm words displayed his extraordinary pride and self-confidence, as Shang Chi Wen listened with shining eyes, and Shang Xin Ci's heart was moved once again.


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