Reverend Insanity
300 Fang Yuan vs Zhu Ba 1
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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300 Fang Yuan vs Zhu Ba 1

"He… he actually dared to scold senior Zhu Ba?"

"This newbie is too arrogant."

"Lord Zhu Ba, teach him a lesson, let him know the depths of heaven and earth!"

After the short silence, the audience flared up.

"Young man, you should learn humility. I tried to persuade you with good intentions; nevermind if you don't listen to it, but you still cursed me. How can a person behave like this? In the end, you will run into walls everywhere and no one will help you." Zhu Ba sighed.

Fang Yuan laughed loudly: "Are you concerned about me, or are you just afraid to attack? More likely, you can only passively defend my attacks. Your ability to send counter-shock force to injure me while defending is really amazing but how many Gu are you controlling to maintain such a defense? At least three? Can't concentrate enough to attack while defending? I have already seen through your tricks, do you think I am like those idiot spectators?!"

As he spoke, the spectators got furious and started shouting.

"What nonsense is this!"

"He dares to call us idiots, my insight is much wiser than yours."

"This kid is overflowing with arrogance. Senior Zhu Ba, he is treating your kindness as dirt, please quickly teach him a lesson."

Zhu Ba's expression changed and said in a grave tone: "Young man, since you are so ignorant, I will teach you a lesson to teach you reality. This is a good thing for you."

He then moved.

This movement was not a small action!

His whole body curled into an enormous meatball and rolled towards Fang Yuan.

At the same time a pale black blade aura wrapped around the enormous ball.

As the enormous ball rolled, stone slabs split open and stone fragments flew. The crushing attack fused with the sharp blade aura, further increased in might making people feel the urge to dodge.

"It appeared, Lord Zhu Ba's killing move — rolling blade meat!" The Gu Master spectators shouted with excitement.

Bai Ning Bing's gaze concentrated: "A movement type rolling meat Gu with blade aura Gu? A normal person would not be able to unleash such power but Zhu Ba's enormous body can amplify his attacking strength!"

"Couldn't endure it anymore?" Facing Zhu Bai's violent offense, Fang Yuan was not afraid but pleased instead, his lips outlining a trace of madness.

Vertical crash Gu!

Boar phantom!

Abruptly, he charged straight towards the giant ball!

"Has this kid gone mad?"

"Facing this attack head-on, does he not want his life?!"

"Someone is going to die!"

The audience were stunned.

The two sides collided; meat ball's charge immediately slowed down while Fang Yuan was sent flying before falling heavily on the ground.

"Look, this is what happens when you overestimate yourself."

"Eh? This kid didn't die!"

Fang Yuan wiped off the bloodstains on the corner of his lips and jumped up.

The giant ball charged towards Fang Yuan again. Fang Yuan gave a loud laugh before charging again.


A dull thud and Fang Yuan was sent flying again.


Sent flying once more.


Sent flying yet again!!

"This match is already set. Fang Zheng might have all-out effort Gu, but he unfortunately met an opponent who counters him." Someone commented, gloating in Fang Yuan's misfortune.

"It is difficult to overcome Zhu Ba's killer move. As his rolling speed increased, his striking force also became stronger. Actually, Fang Zheng's method was correct, to stop Zhu Ba's momentum immediately. But the way he chose to do it was too forceful." Another spectator sighed and shook their head.

"I have never seen such a stupid guy. Choosing to ram into Zhu Ba like this, most of the strength is returned back to him as counter-shock." Another spectator scoffed.

"This kid shouldn't be able to get up anymore. Eh? He actually got up!"

Fang Yuan was sent flying again and again, but also stood up each time.

His injuries were not light, but self-reliance Gu gave him potent sustainability.

"Still so stubborn, then die!" Zhu Ba let out an angry roar and fiercely rammed at Fang Yuan.

Vertical crash Gu!

Fang Yuan did not change his battle tactic. Boar phantom flashed above his head.

The two sides collided like meteors.

However, this time, Fang Yuan was not sent flying, instead his fist wedged deeply into the meatball. Rather it was the meatball that shook violently, as blade aura moved rampantly and slashed Fang Yuan like a dark waterfall.

Fang Yuan was ruthlessly sent flying, as the blade aura was completely expended.

Canopy Gu suffered heavy damage, the white light armor flickered weakly before dissipating completely.

Fang Yuan's whole body was bathed in blood, deep and long injuries on all parts of his body as if he had been hacked by countless sharp knives. He was not like Bai Ning Bing with the defense of her ice muscles, but still the tendons in his body were mostly intact and there was also no damage to his bones.

Self-reliance Gu!

Fang Yuan activated it and his blood loss immediately came to a stop, new flesh grew and the wounds began healing. However, the recovery of his tendons were slightly slower.

Bai Ning Bing's eyes flashed as she analyzed inwardly: "Without the canopy Gu, it would be difficult for Fang Yuan to win this battle by just relying on self-reliance Gu's recovery… eh?"

Right at this time, golden rays of light flashed around Fang Yuan.

The light condensed and formed into a light armor: Golden Shield Gu!

"This kid has quite a few defensive Gu!"

"First it was canopy Gu and now it is golden shield Gu; both are great defensive rank three Gu. This kid is rich!"

Golden shield Gu could not be used at the same time as canopy Gu; it was always stored inside Fang Yuan and now it showed itself for the first time.

Bai Ning Bing was slightly dazed before coming back to her senses. She had gotten many new Gu worms, Fang Yuan certainly would also do the same. To Fang Yuan, golden shield Gu was slightly better than canopy Gu since it was more suitable for his strength path methods.

"Even if you have golden shield Gu, the result remains the same." Zhu Ba's deep voice came from within the meatball.

The meatball charged towards Fang Yuan, sending him flying again.

"How many times do I have to say it till you understand? You can't defeat me, you will only bring disgrace upon yourself if you continue." Zhu Ba sighed.

"Enough, how long are you going to keep acting?" Fang Yuan stood up and wiped the bloodstains on his lips. Others felt no hope for him, but he saw victory waving at him!

It was time.

Fang Yuan lowered his eyes, covering his pupils which were flashing with a sharp light.


He again charged head-on.

"Ungrateful kid, then I shall show it to you the true difference between us." Zhu Ba rolled towards him.

Horizontal charge Gu.

Fang Yuan suddenly charged horizontally and evaded.

Vertical crash Gu.

After charging fifty steps, he quickly turned his direction and charged.


In the moments before collision, he activated all-out effort Gu; a brown bear phantom flashed.

Under this attack, the meatball's skin and flesh folded over and over like the waves in river and sent the counter-shock back towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was sent back several steps before he charged forward again.

He unleashed violent attacks while constantly moving around the meatball, all his punches and kicks were targeted at different areas. This greatly raised the difficulty for Zhu Ba to defend.

Right now, Fang Yuan's attacks were fiercer than ever before!

Zhu Ba controlled his Gu worms frantically till he was no longer able to cope with it. The meatball trembled crazily but this time, it was not able to return even a bit of the force as counter-shock.


Zhu Ba was extremely furious, he cancelled his meatball form and turned back to his human form. Blade aura formed again and flew towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was overjoyed at this; the more Gu Zhu Ba used, more difficult it would be for him to control all of them.

Zhu Ba's mind was already in a mess!

The opponents he faced before would admit defeat after being struck several times. Even those persevering ones lost their fighting spirit after experiencing Zhu Ba's rolling attack.

But unfortunately, he met Fang Yuan.

There were many types of men in this world. Some loved their family and some had high ambitions.

Among them, there was a type of man: After he has a clear goal and ambition, he cannot be stopped even if the whole world turned against him!

Fang Yuan was such a man!

No one could stop him, not to mention just merely this Zhu Ba.

Horse phantom!

Vertical crash Gu!

His speed increased suddenly, rapidly charging fifty steps. Horse strength increased his speed by thirty percent more than boar strength.

Horse hooves hit the floor and sped forward!

Zhu Ba did not expect Fang Yuan to still have this trump card and due to being caught unprepared, his blade aura hit the air behind Fang Yuan.

As for Fang Yuan, he was already right before Zhu Ba.

There were no words. Just…

One punch!

This punch was incomparably powerful, exploding even the air around it, the heavy recoil from the punch destroyed the stone tiles under Fang Yuan's feet into countless shards and even shook the whole stage.

Zhu Ba's fats trembled violently to disperse the force of the punch around his body before attempting to return eighty percent of the force back to Fang Yuan.

However, Fang Yuan immediately followed with another punch.

Zhu Ba's physique was huge and was poor at agility. The punch ruthless hit his body.

"I… I… counter-shock!" Zhu Ba opened his eyes wide as he did his best to manipulate several Gu in his body.

However, he had just used all his concentration to manipulate blade aura Gu, and now he was activating other Gu at the same time; it might be okay if he was at peak condition, but right now his mind was in disarray and his mental state had already weakened due to manipulating all the Gu for such a long time.

A flaw appeared.

The fats on Zhu Ba's body that was shaking like water ripples stopped.

His defense crumbled!

He was still dispersing the force of Fang Yuan's previous force and so had to stiffly endure this punch.

An intense pain assaulted him, causing his head to spin. The dispersing process of the force of Fang Yuan's punch was broken. Eighty percent of the force exploded in all parts of his body.


In that instant, Zhu Ba's heart suddenly stopped due to the intense pain!

Fang Yuan's fierce gaze flashed, he had been waiting for this moment for so long and he finally created it forcefully.

Grabbing the opportunity, and strike!

Punches were thrown out like the wind. Bear phantom, boar phantom, crocodile phantom and horse phantom flashed in turns in mid-air.

Wind whistled, beast phantoms roared, golden armor covered Fang Yuan's whole body as his punches exploded out with unrivalled fierceness.

Under everyone's astonished gazes, the 'giant' Zhu Ba was beaten into retreating and howling in pain by the 'dwarf' Fang Yuan.

However, Zhu Ba's extremely obese body forced him to become a punching bag.

Fang Yuan's vigor rose continually, his unyielding ferocity birthed a feeling in all the spectators that this person could not be stopped.

The intense pain surged like a tsunami and struck Zhu Ba head-on, almost drowning his consciousness.

His thoughts were in a mess and he found it even more difficult to activate his Gu to increase his defense.

Fang Yuan firmly held the upper hand and Zhu Ba was already starting to show the white part of his eyes.

"How can this be? Just now, it was clearly…"

"Was Fang Zheng right about him?"

The audience were in an uproar, the shocking swap of their predicament stupefied them.


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