Reverend Insanity
224 White Bone Inheritance End
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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224 White Bone Inheritance End

This Flesh Sac Secret Chamber was strange.

The surrounding flesh walls were filled with mouths and the mouths were open, revealing tightly clenched white teeth.

Not only this, these mouths were even letting out strange laughters, making one shiver all over.

Fang Yuan patted Bai Ning Bing's shoulder: "This is the effect of flesh laughter Gu, it is just like Earth Treasury flower, and is used to store Gu worms. No need to worry too much."

He had just finished saying this, when suddenly the teeth completely fell off from an open mouth and a scarlet tongue extended from the mouth.

The tongue was very long, about over a meter, and the front part was curled up.

When the tongue fully extended, the tip of the tongue started straightening and revealed a book on it.

This was a bone book too, except it was many times smaller than the Grey-Bone Huge Book; pocket-sized, about half of an adult's palm.

Fang Yuan took it and then started looking through it.

The main idea behind the contents of the book was: Since the successor could reach this place, it is a proof of your pure nature and you can now inherit my true inheritance. I have two identities; 'Grey Bone Scholar' and 'Flesh Bone Master'. This Flesh Sac Secret Chamber holds many Gu, if the successor is fated, you can try knocking the teeth; if your luck is good and you open the teeth, you could take the Gu worm hibernating inside.

"This is purely testing one's luck." Fang Yuan understood when he read this.

Bai Hua hadn't told him about this barrier in detail, in his previous life. Fang Yuan could only test it randomly.

The first to succeed, however, wasn't him, but Bai Ning Bing.

Bai Ning Bing bent her forefinger and lightly knocked the teeth. These teeth were like musical instruments and would produce some kind of clear musical tone when they were hit.

She had just randomly knocked, and this mouth suddenly stopped its laughter; its teeth completely fell off and scarlet long tongue extended out from it, revealing within it a Gu.

"What Gu is this?" After looking at this Gu, pleasant surprise emerged in Bai Ning Bing's face before changing into an odd expression.

This Gu looked quite peculiar as it looked like a set of dentures; spotless white teeth with an exceptionally neat set of upper and lower teeth, and gave off a pearl like luster.

Fang Yuan looked at it and immediately, a pleasantly surprised expression appeared on his face: "Not bad, this is the famous rank three healing Gu — Flesh-bone Gu!"

"Raising the dead, flesh white bone..." Bai Ning Bing mumbled.

Rising dead Gu was accepted as the number one healing Gu among rank four. Even if a Gu Master died, as long as the time of death didn't cross fourteen hours and their whole bodies were intact, one could use this Gu to resurrect them.

However, this Gu could only be obtained by chance and not by seeking it as it was too valuable and rare. It was also a one-time-use expendable Gu, with high demand but no supply.

Flesh-bone was a rank three Gu, but it wasn't an expendable Gu and could be used again and again.

It was often used together with rising dead Gu.

If a Gu Master's corpse wasn't intact, one could first use flesh-bone Gu to reconstruct their flesh, and then use rising dead Gu to resurrect the Gu Master.

Throughout the history, this pairing was quite common and had benefited a lot of big shots; among them were even rank nine immortal venerables and demon venerables.

This was an ideal healing Gu to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had painfully searched for such a long time, and now his wish was finally being realized.

"Hehe, want it? You can exchange it with Yang Gu." Bai Ning Bing held this Gu in his hand and laughed in satisfaction.

Fang Yuan sneered: "You think I am stupid?"

Bai Ning Bing's smile faded and her gaze became cold: "We can come to an agreement as long as you hand over the Yang Gu. Fang Yuan, I have followed you for so long, but know that my patience has a limit. I am no longer afraid of death, at worst we will both die together."

"You aren't afraid of death, but do you think I am afraid?" Fang Yuan sneered. He had already expected such a situation and thus wasn't surprised.

Bai Ning Bing took back her gaze and then carefully checked the flesh-bone Gu on her hand; the corner of her lips curled up: "Killing you might also be a good option. Look at yourself, you only have rank one cultivation but you can actually instantly refine Gu, and you also have the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus. Besides these, if I kill you, I can at least possess this inheritance. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat in excitement…"

Bai Ning Bing's words were full of threat.

"Possess this inheritance? Haha, did you forget the Bai clan who is chasing us? They might even be walking down the flight of stairs outside right this moment. Without me, do you know where to go to next? This inheritance looks like a one-way path from the surface, but actually has many branches. I can indeed not fight you at the moment, but you are too naive to think you can seize the treasures by killing me. Do you think I will give you the opportunity to take the Yang Gu? Just try it, if you don't believe me."

Fang Yuan then turned around and started knocking at the teeth again.

In fact, he also didn't know where to go from here, as this secret chamber didn't have any other passages.

Bai Ning Bing looked at the completely defenseless back of Fang Yuan; it looked like she could kill him if she just made a slight move.

But against all reason, Bai Ning Bing, however, didn't dare make a move recklessly.

Fang Yuan's words all struck her mind; Without Fang Yuan, how should she move next? Returning the way she came would be a death road.

Bai Ning Bing narrowed her eyes, and for a moment, she even felt 'Is even the Bai clan's attack under Fang Yuan's calculation? Creating an external force to prevent her from killing him for the benefits?'

Till now, Bai Ning Bing was in a puzzled state. She couldn't understand: Why would Bai clan 'cooperate' and accompany Fang Yuan all the way here?

In fact, her heart concealed deep worry ever since she was controlled by Fang Yuan.

Yang Gu was with Fang Yuan, she had always been worried Fang Yuan would use this to threaten her. Although Fang Yuan said he would hand over the Yang Gu to her once his cultivation reached rank three, what kind of person was Fang Yuan?

Bai Ning Bing couldn't be more clear about this.

Going back on his words was a common thing to him, as natural as eating food and drinking water.

She might as well go die rather than to believe in Fang Yuan.

Let's take an example of something that happened just recently. That miserable Bai Clan leader, wasn't she an able woman? An elite and a very wise person, but after believing in Fang Yuan, what was her current state?

Fang Yuan was too good of an actor!

Goosebumps covered Bai Ning Bing's body when she recalled the scene of Fang Yuan's tears in the banquet.

This was a genuine sly fox!

He even intentionally glanced at Bai Lian repeatedly, just to lay a trap in which Bai clan was very happy to step in. She could still remember the brilliant expression on Bai Lian when Fang Yuan revolted; shocked and lifeless.

What Bai Ning Bing was most worried about now was Fang Yuan not handing over the Yang Gu even after reaching rank three.

The possibility was too big.

"Now I am a rank three and he is still rank one, I can still hold some initiative. But in the future when his cultivation reaches rank three or higher, wouldn't I just be controlled by him and become his chess-piece?"

Bai Ning Bing was holding this kind of worry in her heart, and this worry deepened even more after Fang Yuan used green copper relic Gu and instantly broke through to rank one upper stage.

Bai Ning Bing was worried, but right now, there were many who were more worried than her, their worries even reaching an extreme point.

"What's going on?" A group of people stood outside the exit of the inheritance and looked at their surroundings, their faces turning horribly ugly.

They had moved quickly through the path and charged through several bone halls. They were able to make some gains, but from the start to end, they didn't encounter Fang and Bai. In the end, they walked out of the secret tunnel, to the outside of the mountain.

"It really is like this!" Tai Dao Ku suddenly exclaimed.

His words immediately attracted the attention of many.

"Brother Tie, what do you mean?" Bai Clan Leader immediately asked. If it was before, she would have already realized the answer with her astute senses. But now, her children were kidnapped and as time continued to pass by, she became more disconcerted.

"This Bai Gu mountain inheritance seems to be a one-way path, but it actually has many branches. Like this branch in my hand." He casually broke off a thin branch from a bone tree near him.

"The path at the start should have been the same for both us and them, thus we could see their traces on our way. But afterwards, we should have walked through a branch path and they should have walked into another branch. Do you still remember the second hall? There were three pillars and I suspect that there was a contraption set up in the pillars; when we walked into the third hall, there was the Grey Bone Scholar's skeleton, but there were no signs of the skeleton being moved. The crucial point should be the secret tunnel after the second hall…"

Tai Dao Ku hadn't finished speaking when Bai Clan Leader coldly shouted: "Let's go back!"

Time continued to pass, Fang Yuan really wished time could extend by fifty-sixty times right now.

He knew Bai Gu mountain's inheritance, it could at most hoodwink someone for a while. When Bai clan Gu Masters realize the truth behind the structures, he and Bai Ning Bing would be in danger.

But as it so happens, he didn't know how to continue from here.

The secret chamber didn't have any other passages.

They definitely couldn't return back the way they came; even if the majority of Bai Clan group walked through another passage, they will definitely have some people guarding the exit.

"Could this secret chamber already be the final area? Did Bai Hua and Bai Sheng obtain all their Gu worms from these mouths? That can't be, the rumors in my previous life said Bai Hua and Bai Sheng arrived at a precipice after going through this inheritance site. This rumor has been publicly approved by Bai clan. Maybe the mechanism to open the passage is hidden in one of these mouths?"

Fang Yuan's mind moved lightning fast.

They didn't have much time left...

Bai Ning Bing was confused, he didn't know the state they were in and only thought Fang Yuan had made some plans. However, Fang Yuan knew their situation was becoming more perilous.

This door didn't have any defensive functions, who knows whether a furious mob of Bai Clan gu masters might come crashing down the door the next moment.

"By then, we can only rely on Bai Hua and Bai Sheng as our protective amulets. But this is not a very reliable guarantee. This world has many magical Gu worms; there are many with control abilities like causing dizziness, hypnosis, paralysis and so on. Bai Clan is a powerful clan and definitely has such methods." When he thought of this, Fang Yuan couldn't help looking at Bai Hua and Bai Sheng.

The twin siblings were lying on the ground, still unconscious.

"Got it." Fang Yuan suddenly got a great idea.

He decided to wake up these two kids.

First of all, time was pressing, he needed more manpower. Second, Bai Hua and Bai Sheng were the true fated owners of Bai Gu mountain inheritance. What's more, they were both mortals, there was no need to worry they could cause any accidents.

Executing his ideas immediately, Fang Yuan quickly walked over and kicked the twins.


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