Reverend Insanity
223 White Bone Inheritance 2
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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223 White Bone Inheritance 2


There was an explosion, smoke and dust filled the air before clearing up to reveal a cave.

"There really was a cave!"

"No wonder they disappeared completely, they must have entered this cave."

"It's odd, why is there such a mechanism here? Ah, clan leader is here."

Bai Clan Leader had arrived just in time to see the group blasting open the wall and revealing the secret tunnel.

"This should be an inheritance ground." Accompanying the clan leader was Tie Dao Ku who deduced it at a glance.

"So it was like that, those two thieves' true destination was here!" Bai clan leader gritted her teeth as a chilling light flashed past her eyes.

Truly great acting!

She had been recalling the scenes of her interaction with these two in these few days, on her way here.

The more she recalled, the angrier she got; she was actually duped by two youths. The majestic Bai Clan Leader along with a group of clansmen were all playing into two juniors' hands!

If words of this were to spread, it would be an enormous strike towards Bai clan's reputation.

"Junior didn't handle it properly and couldn't protect the two young masters, clan leader, I ask for punishment." Bai Lian, Bai Sheng Jing and others nervously knelt on the ground, asking for forgiveness.

"Stand up, you only did it according to my instructions. If we have to blame someone, we can only blame those two thieves for being too cunning!" Bai Clan Leader's words relieved Bai Lian and the group from a great burden.

"You have been in contact with these two thieves all the time, did you really not find any flaws?" Tie Dao Ku asked.

The three girls stood up with complicated expressions.

It was especially so for Bai Lian; she had been thinking she was playing Fang and Bai like toys in her palms, but to think that she was the one that was played.

"There were no flaws."

"Those two were too capable at pretending!"

"Thinking back now, they were using our Bai clan. Truly cunning and devious."

The three girls shook their heads as a reply to Tie Dao Ku.

Tie Dao Ku had also learned about the general situation from Bai Clan Leader on the way. Of course, the matter regarding Bai Clan spirit spring was naturally not revealed.

"Yes… as you say, those two thieves real purpose should have been this place. Their strength is not enough to let them wander around Bai Gu mountain, so they borrowed your Bai clan's strength." Tie Dao Ku analyzed from a third person view.

Bai Clan's Gu Masters' faces turned ugly upon hearing him.

It was indeed so.

In these days, they had sacrificed a lot and paid a huge price to pave a way through Bai Gu mountain. However, they ended up paving the way for Fang and Bai.

"Curse these two scoundrels!"

"If those two thieves land in my hand, I will cut them into pieces."

"Clan leader, let my group take this task, I will kill those bastards and wipe away this disgrace!"

In an instant, the mountain cave was filled with angry uproars.

Bai Clan Leader looked around her before slightly nodding her head. It was not that she didn't want cruelest deaths for Fang and Bai; as the mother of Bai Sheng and Bai Hua, she hated not being able to be with her children at this moment.

Morale was at its peak as the entire clan was motivated by anger.

Bai Clan Leader looked towards the elder who had asked her to let him take the task: "Then I order your group to pave the way through this secret tunnel!"

"Yes!" The elder accepted the command.

"Hold up, the bone spikes in this passage are uneven and completely sealed off; how did those two thieves enter inside? There must be some mechanism. Let me check it first." Tie Dao Ku raised an objection.

The elder who had just accepted the command glared: "It is an emergency now, the two masters are in grave danger; it's going to take forever trying to slowly look for the mechanism!"


"Bone spike Gu…" Fang Yuan held this Gu and observed its details.

This Gu was about a fist sized and was like a ball cactus, with thorns like bone spikes all over on its surface. It was also somewhat heavy.

It was a rank three Gu, a typical Gu which would damage both the enemy and the user; if the enemy received thousand damage then the user would be inflicted with eight hundred damage.

The reason was when a Gu Master used it, their skeleton would undergo changes before sharp and hard bone spikes portrude out.

Before even using these bone spikes to confront the enemy, these bone spikes would first pierce through the Gu Master's own flesh and skin. The pain was still secondary, if there wasn't a corresponding healing Gu to pair up with it, the situation would truly be messed up.

The enemy might not die, but it sure would seriously injure the Gu Master that used it.

"What Gu is this?" Bai Ning Bing curiously gazed at it. But when she heard Fang Yuan's introduction, she lost all her interest.

It was not that she was afraid of pain, but rather she was already using ice muscle Gu.

All the flesh on her body was already permanently changed to 'ice muscle' by the ability of ice muscles Gu. It not only gave her defense but also stopped perspiration and stopped bleeding.

However, if she used this bone spikes Gu, it would first remove her ice muscles which to her was a loss instead of gain.

Fang Yuan was also not too interested in this bone spikes gu.

But it was after all a rank three Gu, thus Fang Yuan refined it and stored it in his aperture for the moment.

"Let's go." Fang Yuan chose the hidden door which appeared in the last.

Bai Ning Bing was still the one to scout ahead.

A downward flight of stairs was spread inside the door. This flight of stairs was long, at least about thousand meters.

The surrounding lights gradually dimmed when they reached the latter half of the stairs, and the stairs were also getting narrower.

By the time Fang and Bai reached the end of the stairs, the light had almost completely disappeared. In front of them was a tightly closed door.

There were four words carved on the door — Flesh Sac Secret Chamber.


"These bones are really god damn hard!" Bai clan elder cursed out as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Fifteen minutes had already passed, but they had only opened this secret tunnel by half.

These uneven densely packed bone spikes didn't look any different from the stones of Bai Gu mountain. But only after attacking them would one realize how shocking hard these bones were.

Bai Clan Leader's expression also didn't look good.

The more time passed by, the more danger her children could be in.

Right now, this mother felt a century had painfully passed by instead of just fifteen minutes. However, as a clan leader, she had to be calm and cool even if it was only on the surface, she had to be a role model to give confidence to her clansmen.


Suddenly, a light sound echoed, the mechanism had turned on, causing the remaining bone spikes to swiftly shrink back to the holes on the cave walls.

Everyone was shocked and looked towards the source one after another.

Tie Dao Ku touched his chin and analyzed to himself: "This mechanism is somewhat ingenius. To open the entrance, one would need to twist the spiral bone spike. This leaves a deep impression on people and when people come to this secret tunnel, they would often rely on this impression and try twisting the spiral bone spikes near them. Unfortunately, to shut down this mechanism would require one to pull up the spiral bone spike and not twist them."

In that instant, everyone was dumbfounded.

The elder who had accepted the command was now completely red and seemed to be very embarrassed.

After the group passed through this secret tunnel, they arrived at the first hall.

"This is?!" They were stunned.

All around them were dismembered corpses. These corpses were the result of Bai Ning Bing killing the Gu worms that were in the vat.

"These should be bone spear Gu...and there are also spiral bone spear Gu." Some elders quickly recognized these Gu.

"This really is an inheritance ground! In all my life, this is the first time I am experiencing it!" Someone said excitedly.

"Look, there is a big vat in the middle, what could be inside it?" Someone curiously pointed at the vat.

However, the vat didn't have anything other than the milk spring.

The Bai clan group were disappointed and then turned furious.

"These thieves really don't leave room for compromise! They didn't leave behind anything."

"Damn it, so heartless, they destroyed so many Gu worms!"

Many cursed out in sorrow and indignation.

Even the elders felt grief at this.

"Let's move quickly, the earlier we catch them, the less the damage we suffer." Tie Dao Ku said, causing everyone's gazes to brighten.

With this stimulation, the morale of the group increased even higher, wishing they could immediately appear in front of Fang and Bai.

The group then arrived at the second hall and saw the three stone pillars.

"There are Gu worms left!" The gu master in front shouted in happiness.

"Please take a look clan leader." Soon, arm bone wings and rib shield Gu both appeared in the clan leader's sight.

Bai Clan Leader glanced at them and then made her people stow them, she didn't feel any happiness.

Compared to Gu worms, she was more concerned for her children's safety.

"Did you see? Those two Gu were rank three Gu worms."

"This inheritance really makes one anticipate what's coming."

"Luck and misfortune comes in turn, this saying is really true…."

Some were deeply moved and some were in awe.

"Don't you find it odd? Why did they leave behind these Gu?" On the contrary, Tie Dao Ku could clearly sense something fishy as a spectator.

"Three, choose one, satisfied at heart. Bai Gu inheritance, left for future descendants." Someone soon discovered the words carved in the stone pillar.

"This doesn't look like a demonic path inheritance, I am afraid it is left behind by a righteous path Gu Master."

"Tsk, heart is satisfied, but none of us are satisfied."

"Let's move, quick. We need to save the two young masters first, it won't be late to visit it again later."

The group urged each other and arrived to the third hall.

They saw the skeleton sitting cross legged and an enormous bone book.

"Gray Bone Scholar…. so this inheritance belonged to this senior." An elder opened the book and realized that this was indeed a righteous path inheritance.

Bai Clan Leader's furrowed brows relaxed a little.

This was the first good news she had heard till now.

Righteous path inheritance was usually mild and wasn't treacherous like demonic path inheritance.

Tie Dao Ku, however, was starting to frown. He increasingly felt something was wrong, the words on the stone pillar had given to an indescribable worry in him.

The group picked up the smashed skull and saw a bone spike Gu inside it.

Following that, a part of the stone wall slid open and showed a new secret tunnel. The group entered this passage.


"Flesh Sac Secret Chamber..." Bai Ning Bing murmured before trying to push open the door.

The door was not locked at all and easily opened.

Behind the door was a hidden room which was not that big, but was very grotesque.

The walls in the hidden room were all made of flesh. When Fang and Bai walked inside, they felt like they had walked into the stomach of some monster.

The flesh walls were warm and slightly throbbed rhythmically as if there was a heart inside them.

As if sensing someone's presence, the flesh walls suddenly opened up a small crack and revealed white teeth all over it.

Bai Ning Bing was astonished.

There seemed to be countless opened large mouths in the flesh walls.

The mouths opened up with jaws clenched, revealing a set of even teeth. The phrase 'baring one's fangs' seemed to match this scene perfectly.

Heeheehee… hahaha… hehehe...

These mouths let out all kinds of laughing sounds. The laughs mixed together and echoed in this narrow secret chamber; anyone that heard it would feel their hearts palpitate!


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