Reverend Insanity
222 White Bone Inheritance 1
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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222 White Bone Inheritance 1

The secret tunnel was not long; after walking for a while, Fang and Bai arrived at a huge hall.

The pure white hall was made out of bones. In the center was a huge vat.

The vat was filled with milk like white liquid that was giving off a fragrant smell.

As Fang Yuan got close to it, his memories resurfaced.

According to Bai Hua, this vat should be connected to a spring below it.

This spring was a milk spring.

The spring water tasted like milk, a clean sweet taste. Not only was it a top tier beverage, it was also extremely nutritious, children grew better drinking it, and the elderly could maintain a strong healthy body as well.

Milk spring was the specialty product of Bai Gu mountain.

In Fang Yuan's previous life - after Bai clan relocated here, they unearthed five milk springs, causing it to become their specialty production and even used it as a commercial product to attract many traders and merchants to come and make a deal.

"There is a Gu inside this vat..." Fang Yuan said, indicating to Bai Ning Bing using his gaze.

Although according to his memories, there was no danger at this location, Fang Yuan was vigilant, after all this was not something he had experienced personally and his information was all from a third party.

Things that carried risks, he'd rather let others do it.

Bai Ning Bing snorted, activating her defense and putting her hand into the vat.

"There are so many Gu inside!" Her brows raised in shock.

When she pulled her hand out, her hand was full of Gu worms.

These Gu were as large as a human finger and were completely white. One end was round while the other was sharp, like a miniature spear.

This was the Bone Spear Gu.

"Although this Gu is only rank one, the whole vat is almost filled to the brim with it." Bai Ning Bing was slightly excited.

Bone Spear Gu was similar to Gu Yue clan's Moonlight Gu in that it was the foundational gu of the White Bone inheritance.

In his previous life, after Bai clan found this inheritance, many of the clan's Gu Masters equipped this Gu, thus the Bone Spear Gu also became a characteristic of Bai Clan's Gu Masters.

"Look around again, there should be a rank two Gu inside." Fang Yuan stood at the side with a plain expression.

Bai Ning Bing hauled for a few more times, before finally finding a rank two Gu.

This Gu was similar to the Bone Spear Gu, but on the surface of the bone spear, there were spiral markings — Spiral Bone Spear Gu.

This Gu was the evolution of the Bone Spear Gu, its attack power and penetrative force was higher than the Bone Spear Gu.

In the huge vat, the Bone Spear Gu was in the majority, and only a small number were Spiral Bone Spear Gu.

"This way, I finally have a standard method of attacking." Fang Yuan grabbed a Spiral Bone Spear Gu and thought.

Charred Thunder Potato Gu was very unstable, it needed to be planted in the ground, and it would have been planted in vain if others do not step on it. Also if a Gu Master with poor memory planted it and forgot the location of the potatoes, he might even injure himself by accident.

Moreover, the Charred Thunder Potato Gu's use had restrictions. It must be used in soil, and the more fertile the soil the better. As for a special location like Bai Gu mountain, the charred thunder potato could not be used. Otherwise, Fang Yuan would not mind setting one or two more traps here.

"A pity there isn't a rank three Gu." Bai Ning Bing was slightly disappointed. She chose a Spiral Bone Spear Gu and placed it into her sleeves, planning to refine it later.

She only felt curiosity towards these types of rank two Gu worms. They could not display the true power of a rank three Gu Master in battles..

Seeing no danger in the vat, Fang Yuan started to act.

He hauled Gu worms after Gu worms out of the vat, and used the Spring Autumn Cicada's aura to instantly refine them using his primeval essence.

"You, you, this…. What..." Bai Ning Bing was tongue-tied at this scene.

In the matter of a few minutes, Fang Yuan had already refined a few dozen Gu worms, and he was still continuing!

Because of the Spring Autumn Cicada, he could instantly refine them. And because of his aptitude and the Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus, his primeval essence recovery speed was much greater than the refining expenditure, thus he could continue the refinement non stop.

This was a crazy sight!

Fang Yuan refined over two hundred Bone Spear Gu in his aperture, and over twenty Spiral Bone Spear Gu.

Gu refinement was a tough barrier for Gu Masters, although Bai Ning Bing had seen Fang Yuan instantly refine Gu a few times before, it had never been so visually impactful.

In Fang Yuan's hand, refining Gu worms was as easy as eating and drinking, no, it was simply as easy as blinking.

Simply way too easy!

"What secret does he have?" Bai Ning Bing was very shocked, Fang Yuan's image became even more mysterious in her heart.

But on the surface, she just curled her lips and said calmly: "You got so many Gu worms at once, can you afford to raise them?"

Fang Yuan laughed: "Of course not."

Bone Spear Gu, Spiral Bone Spear Gu, they all fed on milk. Thus, they were kept in this vat of milk.

Don't see how this milk spring is one full vat, the expenditure was huge, only because there is a spring eye at the bottom of the vat, can it sustain till now.

If Fang Yuan wants to raise and feed so many Gu worms, he would need to have a milk spring himself.

"Even though I can't feed them, I would rather bring more with me, than let the Bai clan people gain them." Fang Yuan laughed, pointing to the vat: "Alright, destroy the rest of the Gu."

The vat had way too many Gu worms, although Fang Yuan refined a lot of them, considering the limits of his rank one aperture, there was still a large number left behind.

A moment later, Bai Ning Bing looked at the floor of Gu corpses with a complicated expression. She knew clearly what the value of these Gu were.

Destroying them was tantamount to destroying a small mountain of primeval stones, even Bai Ning Bing felt heartache.

But, rather than leaving them for enemies, and letting Bai clan take them and grow stronger, they might as well destroy all the Gu.

The two left the hall, and moved along another secret tunnel, getting to the second white hall.

At the center of the hall, there were three white bone pillars.

At the tip of the pillar, it was carved into a human hand, without skin or flesh, only left with bones.

In the white bone hand, they each held one Gu.

Three pillars, three slumbering Gu worms.

Fang and Bai got closer, and saw what was carved on the pillars, explaining characteristics of the three Gu.

"Ribcage shield Gu, Flying bone shield Gu, Arm bone wings Gu..." Bai Ning Bing stared at the pillar, muttering.

Very quickly, her gaze was focused on a line —"Three, choose one, satisfied at heart. Bai Gu inheritance, left for future descendants."

The meaning was obvious, they can only choose one Gu, and leave the others to future inheritors.

Ribcage shield Gu, could cause a Gu Master to grow two rows of ribcages, shielding their chest, and had great defense. It was a rank three Gu, advantages being: Other than the initial growth period, which needs a lot of primeval essence, afterwards it can be sustained without primeval essence, something like the heavenly essence treasure lotus, after it is refined, it can be used without injecting primeval essence.

Flying bone shield Gu, after using, three flying bone shields would fly out, being small and floating around the Gu Master's surroundings.

Arm bone wings Gu, would grow a pair of bone wings at the forearm area, waving the wings would increase movement speed slightly, most importantly it increased attack speed.

"Ribcage shield Gu can be used together with the carapace Gu, to form defenses front and back. But the carapace Gu is bound to be replaced, and only the Ribcage shield Gu alone is not wide enough. I have the jumping grass, and do not fight close combat, the Arm bone wings Gu is also useless.

Fang Yuan thought about it, and chose the Flying bone shield Gu.

He smashed the bone arm, refining the Flying bone shield Gu and keeping it in his aperture.

As for the other two gu, he did not touch them.

This is a righteous faction inheritance, this area tested the self control of the inheritor, if they cannot control their greed and desires, taking all three Gu, then the future tunnels would change drastically, although there would not be devious traps, their rewards would be much lower.

Righteous inheritance is unlike demonic inheritance.

Normally speaking, they are designed kindly. Gu Masters having luck to encounter their opportunities would gain them, the only difference is how much.

Bai Ning Bing seeing Fang Yuan not moving, also did not dare to move the pillars, afraid of special traps.

The two moved along the secret tunnel entering a third hall.

There was no more tunnels now after the hall, only one human skeleton in the cave in a sitting position.

Before the human skeleton, there was a huge book.

This book was made with bones, as long as an arm, wide as half an arm, and as thick as eight inches.

Fang Yuan indicated to Bai Ning Bing to pick it up, and seeing no danger, took the book from her.

This book, was named "Grey Bone Huge Book" by the Bai clan twins in his previous life. Inside, there were many refinement recipes as well as the creator of the inheritance, Grey Bone Scholar's life experiences and why he set up this inheritance.

Fang Yuan flipped the book, it was truly so.

This is a genuine righteous inheritance.

At the end of the book it says: This corpse, is the Grey Bone Scholar himself. If the future inheritor has the kindness, they might as well pay respects to it, and kowtow three times. Afterwards, they can split the skull apart, and obtain one Gu. That is the Grey Bone Scholar's lifebound Gu, if the inheritor obtains it, they should make the world a better place and uphold justice.

Fang Yuan laughed upon seeing this, handing the grey bone huge book to Bai Ning Bing and kneeling on the ground, kowtowing three times respectfully.

This was a true kowtow.

His forehead hit the rough floor, emitting three loud sounds.

Bai Ning Bing was surprised, not expecting this side of Fang Yuan!

After Fang Yuan finished, he stood up, and there was no commotion in the hall.

He did not mind it, smiling lightly.

In this hall, there are no more secret tunnels, but it is not the end. This place tests the inheritor's nature, if the person is kindhearted and knows gratitude, they would kowtow.

If they do three genuine "knocks" on the ground, a new tunnel would appear.

But this is only one aspect.

If they not only kowtow, but do not move the corpse, showing respect for the corpse of the senior, a second path would appear.

"In the previous life, Bai Sheng and Bai Hua both kowtow, but Bai Hua was afraid of pain, not giving off a loud sound. But Bai Sheng triggered the first path. Bai Sheng wanted to retrieve the Gu, but Bai Hua stood him, wanting to leave the senior in piece. Thus, Bai Hua triggered the second path."

Fang Yuan thought about it, looking at Bai Hua and Bai Sheng.

They were carried by Bai Ning Bing, still unconscious.

Bai Ning Bing also looked at them, sighing: "It seems that from now on, we have to rely on these two to protect our lives. But I am very curious, what the lifebound Gu of this Grey Bone Scholar is, let's split the skull."

Fang Yuan shook his head: "This is the most exquisite part of the inheritance, curiosity would make a person want to see the Gu inside the skull, and the better they imagine it, it would be even greater than seeing the real thing, don't be rash."

Once he finished, a part of the bone wall shrunk, moving away and revealing a new tunnel.

"I see." Bai Ning Bing seemed to have understood something, about to strike but stopped by Fang Yuan.

"Although this cave is correct, it is not the most valuable one, wait a bit longer."

Waiting makes time feel much slower.

Especially when Fang and Bai are still being pursued by Bai clan.

After waiting for five minutes, Bai Ning Bing started to get impatient, but suddenly a new door slid open, revealing another tunnel.

"Haha, this is it." Fang Yuan laughed loudly, moving forward and raising his leg, smashing Grey Bone Scholar's corpse to bits.

When this tunnel appeared, the corpse lost its meaning.

Fang Yuan took out a Gu from the skull, a rank three Bone Spike Gu.


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