Reverend Insanity
659 The dirtiness of humans
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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659 The dirtiness of humans

Hearing Fang Yuan say "insufficient", Hei Lou Lan snorted in displeasure: "Fang Yuan, you are not very clear about northern plains' situation, I will tell you right now. Not long ago, northern plains' number one wisdom path Gu Immortal, Dong Fang Chang Fan, invited all of the super tribes and personally made deductions for them. His condition was that they had to ally with Dong Fang tribe, and within the fifty years of his death, they are not allowed to target or suppress Dong Fang tribe."

"Oh?" Fang Yuan's gaze focused: "There's such a thing? Then, what did he deduce?"

"Reportedly, Dong Fang Chang Fan made one deduction for each tribe, regarding Gu recipes, appearance of Immortal Gu, or some tips for killing desolate beasts. He has already deduced much of your information, though I do not know the deeper details. But now, everyone knows that you are not a northern plains Gu Master, but there is also a northern plains Gu Master colluding with you."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's pupils shrunk, he said with some fear: "He actually deduced so many things? As expected of Dong Fang Chang Fan…"

Hei Lou Lan snickered, continuing: "Fang Yuan, our lives are tied together now! If I die, who is to say that I will not expose you and Tai Bai Yun Sheng. Other than that, is wisdom Gu in your hands?"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's expression changed, he firmly wanted to deny it, but he stopped himself from acting rashly.

Fang Yuan calmly laughed: "How is that possible! Wisdom Gu was already destroyed in the wind veil of assimilation, how could I have brought it here?"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng immediately praised him in his mind, Fang Yuan's skills in lying were simply spectacular. His tone and expression were flawless, it was filled with pity, regret and other sad emotions, it was as if he really had narrowly missed out in obtaining wisdom Gu.

Hei Lou Lan could not see any flaws in his performance, but next, she squinted, saying in a thuggish tone: "I don't care if you really lost wisdom Gu, I only know that wisdom Gu could have taken the initiative to follow you under the pressure of survival. Hehe, you don't have to deny it now. I'm sure you understand my idea, it is not safe for you to hide in central continent. It doesn't matter if wisdom Gu is really in your hands, as long as I spread information that wisdom Gu is with you, there will be nowhere for you to hide! The entire world's Gu Immortals will chase you down like lunatics, until they get to the truth."

"Are you threatening me?" Fang Yuan's expression turned cold, he slowly stood up.

"Hei Lou Lan, you have some guts. Do you not know that you are now on Dang Hun mountain. As long as we instruct it, the land spirit will use Dang Hun mountain and kill you right here." Tai Bai Yun Sheng shouted.

Hei Lou Lan laughed with her head high, she said fearlessly: "Hahaha, even if this is a dragon's nest or a tiger's den, what can you do to me? I made some arrangements before I came, as long as I do not return in three days, the entirety of northern plains will know that you apprentice brothers are the culprits behind the collapse of True Yang Building, furthermore, the entire world will know that wisdom Gu is with you!"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's expression froze, Hei Lou Lan indeed came prepared, this was targeting his weakness.

But at this time, Fang Yuan's eerie words made Hei Lou Lan's laughter stop —"Hei Lou Lan, I know you are not afraid of death, but have you forgotten your hatred?"

Hei Lou Lan's expression changed, her aura diminished as her eyes were like lightning, looking at Fang Yuan: "State your conditions."

"You have to agree with my first condition, that is, you have to return Fixed Immortal Travel to its owner, me." Next, Fang Yuan raised four fingers: "Secondly, after we cooperate, during the process of your revenge, the loot will be split four to six, for you and us respectively. After all, Tai Bai Yun Sheng and I make up two Gu Immortals."

Hei Lou Lan snorted: "Do you think you have a helper while I don't? But never mind, I accept these conditions."

She hesitated for a bit, but she still chose to give in, even though she had a tough personality.

Fang Yuan smiled lightly, he could see her sincerity from this, he continued: "Lastly, I need to know the entire story of this, as well as the reason why you need to kill your father personally."

Hei Lou Lan was silent for a while, but she soon agreed: "You are indeed overly suspicious, I can satisfy all three of your conditions, this is nothing I can't speak of anyway."

Next, in their conversation, Fang Yuan finally understood the secret behind Hei Lou Lan's thirst for revenge.

The root of all this was actually Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

In True Yang Building, there was a true inheritance called "yin-yang life extension method", it had been taken by Hei Cheng long ago.

Fang Yuan had actually seen the empty light lump of the yin-yang life extension method by coincidence in the past.

This true inheritance was created by Giant Sun Immortal Venerable when he researched about Ren Zu for life extension methods.

To use this method, a male and female Gu Immortal have to cooperate, using copulation to extend the lifespan of one of them.

But there was a flaw in this.

If one gains lifespan, the other must lose lifespan.

In other words, it was to transfer the lifespan of one person to the other.

The story of Su Xian's Night Elopement had long since been widely spread in northern plains, it had given many young women in northern plains the courage to find their true love, to take the first step.

Two hundred years ago, Su Xian Er was the daughter of a concubine in Su tribe, her status was not high and she was often serving wine to guests in banquets, like a servant.

Once, when Su tribe leader was attending to Hei Cheng, Su Xian Er poured wine for him and fell in love with him at first sight.

However, Su tribe leader harmed Hei Cheng in secret, using a poison Gu on him, causing his strength to fall to rock bottom, and he was chased down by enemies.

Su Xian Er learnt of this and ran out of her tribe's campsite in the middle of the night, to save Hei Cheng who had only met her once.

Back then, she only had rank one cultivation, but during the night there were wild wolf groups roaming, it was extremely dangerous and she was simply courting death.

But due to coincidence, she found the unconscious Hei Cheng.

Hei Cheng was thus saved, and their following conversation became a classic that was passed down in northern plains.

He had asked Su Xian Er: "I was plotted against by your tribe leader and you are a Su tribesman, why would you save an enemy of your tribe?"

Su Xian Er then answered: "Lord has a noble spirit, this humble girl fell in love at first sight. Su tribe leader is short-sighted and plotted against lord under the persuasion of some petty people, but he never considered the result of offending Hei tribe. If he was allowed to have his way, Su tribe is destined to become a sacrificial pawn between two super tribes. People say lord repays a favor received by a hundred times. This humble girl saved lord today and only hopes lord can give me a place to stay. It is just and proper for lord to take revenge against Su tribe, but I hope lord can be merciful and leave behind a trace of bloodline for Su tribe."

Hei Cheng was overwhelmed at this sight, he tightly held Su Xian Er's hand and swore: "Your love is as deep as the sea, I, Hei Cheng, am not a cruel person, how could I not repay you? From today onwards, you will be my only wife! I will not care for any other beauties, no matter how beautiful they are. In this life, I will never betray you!"

From then on, the two of them became a loving couple that respected each other equally.

A hundred years later, they both became Gu Immortals, and the story was a legend of northern plains.

But most people did not know that Su tribe faced extermination soon after.

Hei Cheng had many wives and children, Su Xian Er was neither the first, nor the last.

Hei Cheng and Su Xian Er had a daughter, she followed her father's surname, while getting the name Lou Lan. Years later, Su Xian Er died, and Hei Cheng was extremely aggrieved, he announced to the public: His wife's body had deteriorated after giving birth to Hei Lou Lan, she fell heavily ill and her strength fell drastically, thus she died a few years later in her blessed land's earthly calamity.

"He had obtained the yin-yang life extension method in the true inheritance secluded domain, he kept it very secretive. For his own selfish desires, he lied to my mother with ill intentions. My mother did not know the details and because she trusted and cooperated with him, almost all of her lifespan was taken by him mercilessly."

"After my mother died, he concealed the truth, thus he could still openly be a righteous path Gu Immortal. He absorbed my mother's aperture and took all the Gu worms that she accumulated in her life. He is a coward, a dirty and despicable scoundrel, in order to live longer, he actually plotted against the person who loved him the most!"

"Before mother died, she saw his true colors and told me to be careful of him! As expected, mother was right. There was a problem with his cultivation, the lifespan that he took away was consumed very quickly, he is now facing another crisis of dwindling lifespan. This time, his target is me."

"I have the Great Strength True Martial Physique, once I advance to a Gu Immortal, my foundations will be extremely firm. If he uses the yin-yang life extension method on me, less lifespan would be wasted in the process, and he would gain much more lifespan!"

Hei Lou Lan spilled all of the secrets hidden in the dark, in her calm tone, one could nonetheless sense her utter hatred.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng shook his head as he listened: "To think that Lord Hei Cheng is such a person, this is really disappointing…"

He was a prospective Gu Immortal candidate in the past, with high hopes to become one, he had interacted with Hei tribe's Gu Immortal, Hei Bai, in secret, and he was even recruited.

Thus, Tai Bai Yun Sheng's impression of Hei tribe had always been good.

Hei Lou Lan's words destroyed this good impression.

"Hmph, this is the so-called righteous path, who knows how many dirty and disgusting things are going on underneath this glorious surface. In contrast, the demonic path consists of countless characters that are more straightforward!" Hei Lou Lan scoffed.

"No wonder you didn't respond to Hei Cheng when he called you at the point when the wind veil of assimilation was cut open." Fang Yuan nodded, he looked at Hei Lou Lan again, feeling a different emotion.

Hei Lou Lan was born with a golden spoon, yet this actually was a tragedy.

Her own father harmed her mother, and was now targeting her, attempting to take her lifespan.

Lacking the warmth of a family, under threats and dangers for many years, she had no option but to disguise herself while secretly putting in immense effort, swearing to take revenge for her mother.

This was likely the reason why she obtained such a formidable personality.

Where there is a cause, there will be consequences.

There is a saying called "heroes often meet their end", the "hero" here could also be replaced with formidable characters.

But in fact, it is not that heroes and conquerors often meet desperate situations, it is the desperate situations that create them. In this way, they are people with very pitiful lives, they often encounter and feel much greater pain than normal people. But because of this pain, they learn and become who they are.

Those who live in happiness, living like an upright person, being open and honest without any rough rides in life, while attaining numerous achievements and gaining reputation and praise. Are there truly such people in real life?

Fang Yuan thought about Earth, about the five hundred years of his previous life, and scoffed.

Where there are high achievers, there are sacrifices. Those who are higher ups often need to sacrifice their morals.

Of course, there are outliers, lucky people, and those who rely on their family, but how long can they last, how many will be left in the end?

Legend says, when Ren Zu started walking on the road of life, his vision changed, it was pure darkness.

He took the first step.


At the next moment, he stepped into the mud.

He raised his foot, wiping it with his hand, it was full of mushy mud and extremely smelly.

He was hesitant to move forward.

At this moment, self Gu said: "Oh human, do not hesitate, if you want to walk on your own road, you will need to rely on your own legs. When your leg steps on the road, do not be afraid of dirtiness."


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