Reverend Insanity
656 I will take down my brother in the name of justice
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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656 I will take down my brother in the name of justice

"Old Bai, your reminder is very true, but I have no way to directly contact Lang Ya land spirit. I used two opportunities in the past to obtain two Immortal Gu from that old man, Lang Ya land spirit, and I was nearly chased out by him. Hehehe, I don't think I'll be able to contact him." Fang Yuan smiled bitterly.

"Is that so…" Tai Bai Yun Sheng's joy on his face froze.

Linking between two blessed lands could be done through hole earth Gu, directly connecting both of their territories. Earlier, when Fang Yuan traded with Immortal Crane Sect, he used this method.

But Fang Yuan and Lang Ya land spirit's relationship was naturally not close to that extent.

Most critically, Hu Immortal blessed land was in central continent, while Lang Ya blessed land was in northern plains, even the hole earth Gu was not easy to use. To directly connect to there, he needed to use stargate Gu.

Stargate Gu came in pairs, but Fang Yuan only had one stargate Gu left now. The other one was destroyed in the wind veil of assimilation.

"It seems we can only return to northern plains and meet Lang Ya land spirit personally, before asking for cooperation." Tai Bai Yun Sheng sighed.

"No, there is another method that relies on luck." Fang Yuan hummed: "That old land spirit loves refining Gu, but he cannot go out to search for Gu refinement materials. Lang Ya blessed land's terrain is very plain, it can produce very limited varieties of materials, he will have to go to treasure yellow heaven often. We can wait for him patiently, staring at treasure yellow heaven until his divine sense appears."

"Right, there is still this method!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng's eyes shone.

"So from now on, I will be relying on you, Old Bai." Fang Yuan said as a matter of fact.

"No problem, count on me. I will go back now and open connecting heaven Gu, linking to treasure yellow heaven!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng patted his chest, he could not wait any longer, he was brought back to his residential area by the land spirit.

He chose to build a temporary house at the western area of the blessed land.

That was his temporary home.

The terrain of Hu Immortal blessed land was similar to northern plains, Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not feel any discomfort living here, he felt a serene feeling like being at home.

Having roamed northern plains for about half his life, he had finally found an organisation and had settled down, therefore he especially treasured this home.

After sending Tai Bai Yun Sheng away, Fang Yuan fell into deep thought.

He had already thought of cooperating with Lang Ya land spirit long ago. In truth, a few days ago, he had asked Little Hu Immortal to keep an eye on treasure yellow heaven, waiting for Old Immortal Lang Ya's divine sense.

But there was no progress at all.

What he was thinking about now was not the matter about Lang Ya land spirit, but about Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

His journey in northern plains was very chaotic, now during these days when he was in Hu Immortal blessed land, he observed Tai Bai Yun Sheng heavily and gained a lot of insight on this person.

"Tai Bai Yun Sheng is indeed a good person. He has ability but no ambition. His intelligence is only that of an average person, what he really has is the wisdom accumulated from his entire life's experiences. He does not have a grasp of the big picture, it is no wonder that even though he was a former young tribe leader, and having roamed for so many years, with sufficient reputation and strength, he did not manage to create a force of his own." Fang Yuan evaluated in his mind.

Such a person is best as a follower that closely sticks to him, he should not be left alone due to his lack of leadership capability. Because of his nature and beliefs, if he is far away, not only would he be unable to cooperate, he might even ruin plans.

Over these days, Fang Yuan had been in constant contact with Tai Bai Yun Sheng, their relationship had been improving.

During several of their late night talks, Fang Yuan talked of his experiences since rebirth, only with the addition of the non-existent "Purple Mountain True Monarch".

Meanwhile, Tai Bai Yun Sheng talked about basically all of his life's experiences.

Many times, even though Fang Yuan already had some plan in his heart, he still asked Tai Bai Yun Sheng to come over and discuss it.

It might seem like a waste of time, but this was Fang Yuan's elaborate plan.

Firstly, it was to test Tai Bai Yun Sheng's ability and true self, to see if his emotions really came from the bottom of his heart.

Secondly, telling him about the current situation without concealing anything increased his sense of belonging, and his feelings of responsibility.

Thirdly, it was a type of formless suppression towards Tai Bai Yun Sheng. The result of all their discussions usually ended up with Fang Yuan's method being used, and Tai Bai Yun Sheng's method being denied. As this happened more frequently, subconsciously, Tai Bai Yun Sheng would rely more and more on Fang Yuan, paying greater attention to his plans and denying his own ideas. At crucial moments, Fang Yuan would be able to make decisions without any opposition. They would not quarrel over their own ideas and lead to conflict which could botch a situation.

Fang Yuan was not Hei Lou Lan, Hei Lou Lan had the rank six slavery Gu and could enslave a Gu Immortal.

Fang Yuan did not have it, but Tai Bai Yun Sheng was neither Bai Ning Bing nor Hei Lou Lan.

Most importantly, Fang Yuan had his own methods, and he believed: Even without slavery Immortal Gu, he could still subdue Tai Bai Yun Sheng, to squeeze out his greatest potential and become his tool.

This was the confidence of a demonic path overlord!

Central Continent, Fei He mountain.

The clouds were abundant in the sky, thousands of cranes were flying.

Winds blew on the verdant green mountain, Fang Zheng sat on a cliff, focusing his gaze on thousands of iron beak flying cranes, as they created different formations according to his will. At times they charged, at times they split into two to pincer attack, and at times they formed a circular defensive formation.

The wind blew his long hair, his bright eyes were shining with determination.

Tough times make men grow, to Fang Zheng, the Hu Immortal blessed land's competition a year ago was a major setback for him.

After some consolation, he walked out of his despair, and put in even more effort, he had almost risked his life to cultivate daily!

At this time, a voice came from Fang Zheng's aperture: "Good, your command of the iron beak flying cranes have reached a stage where you can manipulate them with ease, they move with a thought from you. Now, you can already go back to the sect to take the flying crane manipulation test, and attempt to get B grade evaluation. You have a sixty percent chance of succeeding, if you do, you will get the test reward — a rank five, five hole jade flute Gu. Once you have this Gu, your manipulation of the crane group would reach quasi enslavement master level."

The voice originated from a spirit incubating flea in Fang Zheng's aperture.

Fang Zheng's master — Lord Sky Crane's soul was residing in this Gu worm.

"Rank five, five hole jade flute Gu?" His eyes shone, excitement was all over his face: "Yes, master, I will go now."

Fang Zheng stood up, he willed and a large iron beak flying crane king arrived before him.

He jumped and easily got on the crane king's back.

The crane king cried out in a proud tone. Fang Zheng sat on the crane king's back, the crane group flying around him, it was a scene of white as he flew towards Immortal Crane Sect amidst the wind and clouds.

Not long after, he arrived at white jade square D.

The iron beak flying crane landed in the square, Fang Zheng had just landed, when one of Immortal Crane Sect's disciples ran over quickly, greeting him: "Senior brother Fang Zheng."

Fang Zheng nodded: "Junior brother, I am here to take the flying crane manipulation test."

"Senior brother Fang Zheng, please follow me." Immortal Crane Sect's disciple led the way.  

"Quickly look, guys, that is senior brother Fang Zheng. He is the number one elite disciple of our batch!"

"Did you hear, senior brother Fang Zheng is actually attending the flying crane manipulation test."

"Senior brother Fang Zheng is an enslavement path genius, to think that he has already reached the stage of quasi enslavement path master, he is truly amazing…"

Along the way, everyone's whispered discussions entered Fang Zheng's ears.

Fang Zheng heard them and smiled lightly.

He was now fully grown, his body was tall and he had long black hair that resembled a cape, his eyes were crystal clear. Although he looked ordinary, he had quite the disposition and was full of life. Wearing a green and white robe, he looked like a gentleman, it was very comfortable to look at him.

"Although senior brother Fang Zheng is strong, his brother is even more amazing, he is a superb character who managed to obtain Hu Immortal blessed land."

"That's right, according to a reliable source, his brother, Fang Yuan, is secretly a legacy disciple of a certain supreme elder. When Spirit Affinity House were on the verge of taking Hu Immortal blessed land, the supreme elder had no choice but to send senior brother Fang Yuan out, as expected, he shocked everyone and sealed the deal, obtaining Hu Immortal blessed land!"

"Fang Zheng has a good brother, the guts Gu on Dang Hun mountain can strengthen the soul. I can bet that Fang Zheng used the guts Gu. Otherwise, with just his own hard work, how can he raise his cultivation to rank five in one year? Furthermore, his enslavement path attainment improved at lightning speed, he is actually going to take the flying crane manipulation test!"

The tone of these people was sour and bitter, Fang Zheng heard them as his smile slowly vanished, his fists which were hidden in his sleeves were tightly clenched.

"Brother!" Fang Zheng's eyes shone with a trace of darkness.

Ever since Fang Yuan used some unthinkable method to snatch Hu Immortal blessed land, Immortal Crane Sect had declared publicly that Fang Yuan was Immortal Crane Sect's disciple.

During this year, Fang Zheng felt like life had returned to the past, when he was suppressed by Fang Yuan.

No matter what great results he obtained or how many improvements he made, others would only praise him briefly before mentioning the even more impressive Fang Yuan.

"Calm your spirit, my disciple." Lord Sky Crane's voice came from the spirit incubating flea.

Lord Sky Crane's experiences were much richer than Fang Zheng. After these years of staying together, he had grasped a firm understanding of Fang Zheng.

He consoled Fang Zheng: "These years, I have seen all of your hard work. You are in no way inferior to your brother. Don't forget, you are now a rank five Gu Master, a quasi enslavement master! I bet your brother is not your match right now. In any case, Fang Yuan is going to face extermination soon. The sect has mobilized three supreme elders in this plan, they are tasked to take back Hu Immortal blessed land, your brother has no way to survive."

Three supreme elders… that is the battle strength of three Gu Immortals.

Fang Zheng heard this and licked his lips, before his gaze turned a bit dimmer.

Lord Sky Crane knew what he was thinking, he laughed and said: "Fang Zheng, don't feel any guilt towards this. Your brother had ventured into the wrong path, he is walking on the demonic path now. He actually slaughtered his entire clan, this makes him a beast worse than pigs or dogs! Fang Yuan is a true and blue demonic head, you cannot feel any sympathy towards him. Killing him is equivalent to benefitting the people of the world. Think about it, if he is alive, how many innocent people would be harmed?"

"That's right. Brother's hands are full of blood, he is a murderer! A killer! I will take revenge for my clan, for my uncle and aunt, for Shen Cui Er!" Fang Zheng inwardly shouted, urging himself.

"Good, that's it." Lord Sky Crane was evidently very happy with Fang Zheng's attitude: "Think about these years, you were training in Fu Hu blessed land, how dangerous and terrifying was it! One year outside was eight years inside Fu Hu blessed land! You became a rank five Gu Master, suffering so much and enduring so much, wasn't it for the greater plan of taking back Hu Immortal blessed land? Don't screw up at the last moment, you cannot disappoint everyone at this most crucial juncture."

"Don't worry, master! I understand, I will do my best and contribute to the sect, I will exterminate all evil, and take down my brother in the name of justice! I will not disappoint you!" Fang Zheng assured resolutely and unhesitantly.


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