Reverend Insanity
654 Asking Mo Yao’s will
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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654 Asking Mo Yao’s will

"Sigh, it has been so many years since I last saw a mirror willow." Mo Yao's will sighed, she touched the one and only mirror willow tree, speaking with deep emotions as she recalled the memories of her past.

Fang Yuan's will was by her side, he silently watched and did not say a word to disrupt her.

This world was rotting and dark, it was Fang Yuan's dead immortal aperture.

Fang Yuan had tricked Mo Yao's will into entering his immortal aperture, suppressing her afterwards.

Mo Yao was a refinement grandmaster, she was once a legendary Gu Immortal. In the history of central continent, she had left behind her markings.

Her will naturally had great value.

Although Fang Yuan was harmed by Mo Yao's will and had gone through a near death experience in northern plains, Fang Yuan did not hate Mo Yao's will. On the contrary, there was appreciation, even as much as admiration.

If he was the one scheming, he might not have done any better than Mo Yao's will.

He was prepared to interrogate Mo Yao's will, but it turned out that she was extremely cooperative. Towards the questions that Fang Yuan asked regarding refinement path, not only did she answer all of them, she even elaborated on the points and Fang Yuan gained huge insights from her words.

But when Fang Yuan asked about the information of Spirit Affinity House, Mo Yao's will suddenly had a request: "I have been away from central continent for so many years, over these years, I have been missing the people and things over there more and more. Please find for me a tree of the mirror willow, it will alleviate my longingness for my homeland."

Mirror willows were ordinary plants, they were about the size of ordinary willow trees, but their leaves were like pieces of mirrors. The leaves of these willows were the food of beggar moths.

In the past, during the rockmen transactions, Fang Yuan had purchased a batch of mirror willows from Immortal Crane Sect and had planted them in Hu Immortal blessed land.

Thus, he casually picked one of them and placed it into his immortal aperture.

"Back in the day, my main body and brother Bo Qing had first met each other under this mirror willow. The world moves on after a genius perishes…" Mo Yao's will sighed.

Immediately after, she turned around, looking at Fang Yuan's will: "Thank you for acceding to my request. Since you want to know about Spirit Affinity House's matters, I will tell you about them. However, my information is extremely dated, you need to take note of this."

Fang Yuan's will nodded.

Mo Yao's will stood below the mirror willow, telling him much of Spirit Affinity House's inside information.

Fang Yuan listened to her as he made comparisons to his five hundred years of experience, his understanding of Spirit Affinity House greatly increased.

"Your immortal aperture is already dead, the mirror willow will be corroded by the death energy and turn into a dead tree in less than three days. What a pity…" After giving him Spirit Affinity House's details, Mo Yao sighed again.

But it unclear whether her 'pity' was directed towards the mirror willow or Fang Yuan's immortal aperture.

"The next time you come here, can you bring a cup of qingpu tea? This is Spirit Affinity House's specialty tea, it is not rare. Although I cannot taste it, I would like to see it." Mo Yao said.

Fang Yuan's will snorted: "It seems you have no awareness of your captive status. You are asking for this and that, are you scheming something again?"

Mo Yao's will laughed charmingly: "Oh Fang Yuan, you are too vigilant. Ever since my plan was exposed by you and was lured into the immortal aperture to be suppressed, I was already meat on the chopping block, subjected to your supervision at all times, you can do anything you want to me. How can I create any schemes and how would I be able to execute them?"

"However, let's speak openly. Even though I failed completely and have no way of turning this around, if you try and be forceful, you will get a very incomplete result. After all, soul searching is easy, but will searching is tough. If you were a wisdom path grandmaster, that would be possible, but sadly you have nearly no foundation in wisdom path, all your Gu worms were bought randomly in the market. Wisdom path is different from other paths, it is mysterious and complex, you have not even reached the entry level yet."

Mo Yao's will started criticizing Fang Yuan, she was not holding back at all, after all, she knew that Fang Yuan was very broad-minded, he was a rare and extraordinary demon.

Indeed, at the next moment, Fang Yuan's will laughed: "You are right, my wisdom path attainment is low, but thanks for your cooperation, from now on, you can live in my immortal aperture. I will bring the qingpu tea next time."

Saying so, his will flew into the sky.

The immortal aperture opened a tiny slit, and this will flew all the way up into Fang Yuan's mind.

In an instant, Fang Yuan learnt of all the information that this will had gotten from Mo Yao.

Indeed, he lacked methods to proper search wills.

Soul searching was easy, will searching was hard, this was normal.

If that was not the case, when wisdom path Gu Masters fight their enemies using wills, these will would reveal their own secrets to their enemies when they are captured and taken.

Precisely because will searching was hard, wisdom path Gu Masters used them to fight enemies.

As for Mo Yao...

"She is indeed quite a formidable person, no wonder she could leave her name in history." Fang Yuan praised her and sighed secretly.

Mo Yao's will's plan was exposed, she had utterly failed. She could not even self-detonate, she was sealed in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture and was fully suppressed.

But even in such a desperate situation, she did not give up.

She cooperated with Fang Yuan, answering his questions for him, that was to display her value, and to fight for more time for herself.

If one day, Fang Yuan encounters any danger and his immortal aperture shatters, or if he was captured by anyone, or died in the battlefield, Mo Yao's will would have a chance to escape for freedom.

Mo Yao's will did not give up, her persistent and unyielding attitude made Fang Yuan inwardly feel admiration towards her.

Of course, if Fang Yuan had the proper methods and could search wills, he would strike at the first moment. But currently, Mo Yao's will was cooperating with him, this was better for his benefits.

"If I could really find a wisdom path inheritance, it would all be easier. Unfortunately, wisdom path is mysterious and deep, there are very few wisdom path Gu Masters and Gu Immortals in number. There are no wisdom path inheritances that I know of in my memories."

Back then, Fang Yuan had collected some scattered wisdom path Gu worms in treasure yellow heaven. He had mild progress in terms of wisdom path.

But now that he was bankrupt, he had almost no purchasing power, he could not even continue this mild progress.

As for the details of Red Lotus Demon Venerable's inheritance, he did not ask. Because Mo Yao's will knew: Fang Yuan did not have any methods to deal with her yet.

The two of them were smart people, they knew that asking forcefully was not possible.

"Master, Immortal Crane Sect's reply is here." At this time, Little Hu Immortal appeared beside him, holding a rank five letter Gu.

Immortal Crane Sect suddenly stopped the purchase of rockmen, not long ago, Fang Yuan had sent them a letter to probe about this.  

Immortal Crane Sect's reply came very quickly.

Fang Yuan took the letter Gu and his consciousness went into it.

The content of the letter was written in a tough stance, they requested for Fang Yuan to initiate the trade of guts Gu, otherwise, Immortal Crane Sect would announce that Fang Yuan was a traitor of the sect, and would mobilize the Gu Immortals to attack Hu Immortal blessed land!

A year ago, Fang Yuan had used Fixed Immortal Travel and snatched Hu Immortal blessed land from under everyone's nose, it was like he was taking food from a tiger.

Immortal Crane Sect immediately reacted, using the similar appearance of Fang Yuan and Fang Zheng to announce that Fang Yuan was actually a disciple that Immortal Crane Sect had nurtured in secret. The other nine sects thus recognised Immortal Crane Sect's victory.

Immortal Crane Sect's plan was to remove the other nine competitors, then deal with Fang Yuan single handedly, attempting to take Hu Immortal blessed land for themselves.

Fang Yuan was happy to see this.

After all, the difficulty of dealing with solely Immortal Crane Sect was completely different from dealing with the ten great sects at the same time.

But this way, Fang Yuan silently agreed with Immortal Crane Sect's lie — he was Immortal Crane Sect's disciple.

"Hu Immortal blessed land is situated on Tian Ti mountain, even the ten great sects cannot attack it casually, as it would provoke public anger within central continent. But if they announced that I was a traitor of the sect, they would have the perfect reason to attack." Fang Yuan's expression was solemn, thinking about the situation.

He was not afraid, this was something that he had expected over a year ago.

He only did not expect that Immortal Crane Sect's patience had worn thin so quickly.

Fang Yuan laughed, saying to Little Hu Immortal: "Bring Tai Bai Yun Sheng here."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng heard this news and his face turned gloomy: "What shall we do now? Immortal Crane Sect is one of the ten great ancient sects of central continent, it is a powerful force that surpasses northern plains' super tribes. If they really attack, just the two of us cannot stop them!"

Fang Yuan laughed: "Old Bai, oh Old Bai, I asked you here to inquire about your opinion regarding this difficult question. But the moment you met me, you asked me a question instead."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng gasped, he showed some embarrassment and shame as he frowned, thinking about it. Eventually, he had an idea: "Didn't we ally with Hei Lou Lan? We can ask her to help us!"

Evidently, Hei Lou Lan's great battle strength was ingrained into Tai Bai Yun Sheng's heart.

"Although Hei Lou Lan has the Great Strength True Martial Physique, even if she advance into a Gu Immortal successfully, with just the three of us, we cannot stop Immortal Crane Sect." Fang Yuan sighed and shook his head.

"Then what shall we do? What shall we do?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng paced back and forth, thinking hard.

Fang Yuan looked at him, laughing but not saying a word.

Suddenly, Tai Bai Yun Sheng stopped in his tracks, he patted his head: "I've got it! Didn't master ask you to join Zombie Alliance? We can totally join Zombie Alliance, and use Zombie Alliance's force to threaten Immortal Crane Sect."

But Fang Yuan shook his head, saying: "Zombie Alliance's structure is loose with little binding force, and central continent's Zombie Alliance branch is far inferior to Immortal Crane Sect, it is not threatening in the least. Furthermore, if I try to make use of Zombie Alliance, I will have to give up some benefits. I'm afraid that instead of Immortal Crane Sect, Zombie Alliance would be the first to benefit from this."

"That won't work too, then what are we going to do?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng raised his head and looked at Fang Yuan with a bitter, frowning expression.

But when he saw Fang Yuan's smile at the corner of his lips, he was stunned, before reacting, pointing at Fang Yuan as he scolded laughingly: "What a junior brother you are, actually lying to this senior brother, watching my desperation! You look so confident, it is obvious you already have a plan."

"Hahaha, Old Bai, you have amazing vision, I could not lie to you." Fang Yuan laughed loudly, admitting it.

"What method do you have, aren't you going to tell me?"

Fang Yuan replied: "I had already told you the background of this matter. Immortal Crane Sect said I was their disciple because they were afraid of the other nine great sects' interference. This is their weakness, and is something I am going to use to make a breakthrough."

"What are you going to do?"

Fang Yuan did not keep it from him: "I already have a plan to send a letter to Spirit Affinity House, establishing our first contact."

Earlier, Fang Yuan had asked about Spirit Affinity House's information from Mo Yao for this purpose.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was worried again: "Establishing a relationship now and only sending a letter, isn't that too late? The ten great sects compete with each other, but they also cooperate. Is it possible that Spirit Affinity House would reject your letter and give it to Immortal Crane Sect to express goodwill?"

"Of course not, because this letter… is very special." Fang Yuan was extremely confident.


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