Reverend Insanity
653 Bankruptcy and Zombie Alliance
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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653 Bankruptcy and Zombie Alliance

In the underground cave, Fang Yuan bathed in the light of wisdom and pondered deeply.

"Although I am reborn and have five hundred years of experience from my past life, but in contrast to old monsters like Mo Yao and Giant Sun, I pale in comparison. My previous dominance in this aspect has already vanished."

Throughout the flow of history, there were as many grand heroes as there were stars in the sky!

In the history of humans, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was an unrivalled expert that could seldom be produced even in a million years.

Fairy Mo Yao was a refinement path grandmaster, and back then was the fairy of Spirit Affinity House; she was a famous and influential person with shocking talent. In those days, she would be listed among the top ten renowned Gu Immortals in the large Central Continent.

Fang Yuan had firm willpower and had gone through unique experiences, but he was also a single unremarkable star in this vast starry sky. With just his current strength and foundation, it was hard for him to be on par with the great experts that appeared in history.

"This trip to northern plains has far surpassed my original expectations. If not for the meddling of Mo Yao's will, I could have stayed in True Yang Building and explored gradually using a different identity every ten years. But at this point, the die is cast and northern plains is bound to be in a great uproar; countless experts and powerful forces will seek to find trouble with me!"

Fang Yuan summed up his experiences and sensed that the losses he suffered were due to his weakness in the aspect of wisdom path.

His strong points were in calculating and scheming. And building upon his experience preserved from rebirth, his advantages were further amplified.

However, Mo Yao's will was able to disturb his thoughts which caused him to not be able to think properly.

"Eighty-Eight True Yang Building is a spiritual symbol of northern plains and I am the main culprit in causing it to be toppled. If I am captured now, the consequences will be unimaginable. Although I am able to hide in Hu Immortal blessed land right now, it is not actually safe. Not speaking of Immortal Crane Sect which has been eyeing Dang Hun mountain since the beginning, perhaps northern plains' Gu Immortals could discover my origins and track me down through wisdom path deductions!"

Fang Yuan knew clearly that holing up within Hu Immortal blessed land seemed extremely safe but was actually akin to waiting for death. Only by going on the offensive before these enemies ascertain the truth could he remedy this perilous situation.

"Dark limit Immortal Gu, I have heard of it even in my previous life, it can indeed conceal aura and obstruct calculations. If I can get this Gu, I believe I can avert the dangerous situation."

Fang Yuan thought of Hei Lou Lan.

This woman was not of minor importance and was an outstanding, ruthless person. She was pragmatic and could flexibly take advantage of situations; she betrayed her ancestor for her own interests and wanted to kill her own father - these evidently displayed a demonic nature! She possessed Great Strength True Martial Physique and also obtained a strength path Immortal Gu, once she advanced into a Gu Immortal, her path would be one of rapid progress.

One could say that she was similar to Fang Yuan, but precisely because of this, in cooperating with her, it demanded exceptional caution.

Whether it was Immortal Gu Dark Limit or Fixed Immortal Travel, they were both things he desired.

Fang Yuan's thoughts started to slow down as he thought till this point.

The wills in his mind were nearly expended.

Fang Yuan was dazed for a moment, before retreating from the light of wisdom to activate Gu worms and create new wills.

His mind was soon filled with many types of wills.

"It is a pity that mortal Gu cannot create too many wills and they are easily consumed in the light of wisdom. If I can use an Immortal Gu to create wills, their number would be enormous and could also be sustained for a long period of time, allowing me to think as much as I like!"

Fang Yuan felt some regret.

He had a rank six wisdom path Immortal Gu, Delight in Water and Mountain which could create joyful will.

However, Fang Yuan did not use it after slight consideration.

Immortal Gu required immortal essence. He only had nineteen beads of green grape immortal essence left, and because his immortal aperture had become a dead land, using one immortal essence bead would mean one fewer bead left without replenishment.

He needed to save his immortal essence as much as possible to be prepared for the times when they are necessary.

Thus, he opted to use mortal Gu for now.

After accumulating a fixed amount of mortal wills, Fang Yuan stepped into the light of wisdom again.

This time, he did not think about external situations, instead concentrating on himself.

"I have transformed into a zombie, my cultivation cannot progress an inch, how to resurrect and restore my human body is the first issue. It would be great if I could use yin-yang rotation Gu, but I am an immortal zombie while yin-yang rotation Gu only is at rank four. The second issue is that I am already bankrupt!"

Fang Yuan had invested almost all of his savings in his trip to northern plains. His required expenses were now already greater than his earnings and he was now facing bankruptcy.

He did not even have one immortal essence stone in his possession now, even Hu Immortal blessed land had become extremely barren.

Before the decisive battle in northern plains, Fang Yuan had already used up the remaining immortal essence stones. At the final juncture, he even had to exchange his goods to make purchases. He had already sold almost all the fox groups and wolf groups in Hu Immortal blessed land; in the large grassland in the blessed land, foxes and wolves could only be seen occasionally.

Most of the nearly ten thousand hairy men Fang Yuan had bought in the past were also sold for emergency support. Now there were only around two thousand old hairy men that were experienced in refining Gu left which Fang Yuan was reluctant to sell off.

The rockmen slave transactions had been a strong economic pillar for Fang Yuan. But after Immortal Crane Sect stopped the transactions, this pillar crumbled down. The rockmen trading market in treasure yellow heaven had already been divided up completely and it would be hard for Fang Yuan to squeeze in. This caused the already bad situation to turn worse.

There was no use in merely having powerful battle strength. There must be enough resources to support one's cultivation.

The way of Gu involved nurturing, using and refining; Gu Masters could not just use Gu, they had to raise and also refine Gu.

Fang Yuan was now a zombie, his cultivation had stagnated which further increased the resources he required. Only by doing so could he have a higher chance of restoring his life.

Three days later.

Within Dang Hun Palace.

Fang Yuan made simple arrangements once again, building a rough hall where stone chairs were arranged in two rows. The main chair was as spacious as a bed with its back as high as a monument, however when Fang Yuan sat on it, it fit him just right.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was sitting on the first seat to Fang Yuan's left; his brows were furrowed as he held a small and exquisite white dove.

This white dove was flickering with faint radiance, it was the rank five messenger dove Gu.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's consciousness left the messenger dove Gu after few moments; he heaved a deep sigh and worriedly said: "Master does not plan on helping and is making this a test for junior brother."

Fang Yuan nodded: "Right. Master criticized me in the letter, saying I was greedy for small gains, not listening to his advice before I left and rashly opening Di Qiu inheritance, which caused me to encounter Mo Yao's will and created a series of ill consequences. So this time, he wants me to resolve this issue by myself. Sigh, master's style has always been like this, it seems I have no other option but to work hard!!"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng nodded, approving of Fang Yuan's last sentence.

Back then, the old beggar disappeared right after giving him the Gu Immortal inheritance, not concerned with anything else. This style was the same as Fang Yuan's test, thus Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not sense anything weird.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng asked in a quiet voice: "Junior brother, you said master had already taken in six legacy disciples. You are ranked fifth, grasping strength and enslavement path, with two Gu Immortal inheritances. That means you have five other fellow disciples, how about we ask them for help?"

Fang Yuan shook his head.

What a joke, of course it was not possible!

This messenger dove Gu's contents were fabricated by Fang Yuan. Purple Mountain True Monarch's name was also casually made up by him. The six great legacy disciples were even more fictitious, how could one ask for help from those that did not exist?

"This is not possible." Fang Yuan gave a bitter smile, his gaze revealing extreme sincerity, "First of all, I only have heard master mentioning these fellow disciples once in a while. I have not personally seen them and also don't know what their identities are or where they are located. More importantly, this is a task assigned by master! He has already approved of your status in the letter and has ranked you as the fifth disciple, and has said you have to help me for this period of time to solve this issue. At the same time, he allowed me to retain and use all the spoils of battle from northern plains, this is the help master is giving me. If I still ask for help from the other disciples, it would not be what master wishes for. After all, this is his test for me."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng worriedly and anxiously said: "Even if master did not say it, I would still remain by junior brother's side and use all my strength to help you! What are your plans now?"

"Old Bai, you also read the contents in the letter. Master mentioned for me to join Zombie Alliance."

"What kind of organisation is this Zombie Alliance?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng asked. He had just recently advanced into a Gu Immortal, as such there were many things regarding Gu Immortals he did not know about.

"Zombie Alliance is just like what its name implies, it is an alliance of zombies. This alliance has existed since long ago, and reportedly it appeared in the Medieval Antiquity Era, three hundred thousand years ago. Now, it is a super force which is spread throughout the five regions; its main headquarters is in eastern sea, with a branch in each of the other four regions." Fang Yuan introduced.

"It actually extends throughout the five regions, could they be even more powerful than northern plains' Huang Jin family?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng was moved.

Fang Yuan shook his head: "That isn't the case. Almost all of Zombie Alliance's members compose of zombies, and their higher ups are immortal zombies like me. For the most part, these immortal zombies are Gu Immortals who reached the end of their lifespan and had no choice but to turn into zombies to prolong their life. These Gu Immortals' immortal apertures are dead; they cannot produce immortal essence nor can they absorb heaven and earth qi, and after some time, their blessed land would start shrinking and parts of it would crumble. Thus, their battle strengths often can't compare to normal Gu Immortals. Naturally, certain immortal zombies are exceptions."

Zombie Alliance's branches were weaker than the respective region's super forces. But the headquarters at eastern sea was a level stronger than the native super forces.

"So it is like that." Tai Bai Yun Sheng had grown in knowledge, he then asked with some doubt, "Then why does master want junior brother to join Zombie Alliance?"

Fang Yuan thought for a moment before saying: "If a Gu Immortal reached the end of their lifespan and transformed into an immortal zombie with no other choice left, then later on, if they obtain lifespan Gu, they are sure to want to resurrect. Originally, one of the purposes for Zombie Alliance's establishment was to help each other to research the method to regain a live physical body. So much time has gone by, they definitely have obtained some results. I think master's purpose lies in this point."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was happy and also worried: "This suggestion is really good. But how will you join Zombie Alliance?"

Fang Yuan laughed: "Old Bai, you don't need to worry. Joining Zombie Alliance is extremely simple, I only need to show my status as an immortal zombie."

"It's that simple?"

"Of course. Zombie Alliance is suppressed by all the super forces, thus they operate with much difficulty, as such they are very eager to have more members in the alliance. At the same time, an immortal zombie's identity is not easy to disguise. Zombie Alliance has researched very deeply and has many methods to distinguish between immortal zombies. I intend to join northern plains' Zombie Alliance, but before this, we have to wait for someone."

"Hei Lou Lan." Tai Bai Yun Sheng blurted out.

Fang Yuan nodded.

He did not hide his plans to go to northern plains from Tai Bai Yun Sheng and had revealed almost everything, as he still needed to borrow the latter's strength in the future.


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