Reverend Insanity
650 Return to Hu Immortal Blessed Land
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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650 Return to Hu Immortal Blessed Land

Book 4: The Demon Lord Rampages Unhindered

Slowly opening his eyes, Fang Yuan woke up.

Seeing crystal walls sparkling with a bright pink colored light, Fang Yuan was dazed, before reacting — he had used the stargate to return to Hu Immortal blessed land from northern plains.

Except that in this trip to northern plains, he had exhausted his mind and spirit, it was such a dangerous trip, it was a near fatal experience. Even though Fang Yuan's body was that of six arm heavenly zombie king, his mind was still filled with fatigue.

After returning to Hu Immortal blessed land, he made some arrangements and fell into deep sleep.

He slowly woke up now, after sleeping for an unknown amount of time.

He was very exhausted, even now, Fang Yuan only wanted to lie down and not get up.

"My body is filled with death energy, I have completely turned into a zombie, my body knows no fatigue, but my soul is still my original soul, it has its limits and will suffer injuries too."

A thought flashed in his mind, as Fang Yuan gradually got up.

His mind was in tranquility, it was a comfortable feeling.

Sleeping had the effect of soothing one's soul.

Fang Yuan breathed out some turbid air, stretching his limbs, but he only felt like his body was rusty, he felt very inflexible and heavy.

He was not surprised, he knew that this was the backlash of using his killer move, myriad self — his soul was greatly depleted. Thus, when he tried to move this extremely strong zombie body, he felt difficulty and resistance.

"Where is the land spirit?" Fang Yuan spoke. His voice was coarse and irritating, like the sound of sand grinding on ice shards, it would give a dry and icy feeling to people.

"Master!" At the next moment, the land spirit Little Hu Immortal's voice resounded in Fang Yuan's ears.

The voice was still cute and sweet, but there was a hint of worry and sadness in it.

Fang Yuan turned around, only to see Little Hu Immortal appearing before his left hand with reddened eyes.

"How long have I been asleep?" Fang Yuan nodded, asking.

"Master, you have been asleep for two days and three nights." Little Hu Immortal replied.

Fang Yuan recalled, two days and three nights was in terms of Hu Immortal blessed land time. Five days in Hu Immortal blessed land was one day in the outside world of the five regions. That means that since Fang Yuan left the wind veil of assimilation, less than a day had passed in northern plains.

Fang Yuan's inner thoughts settled.

Before he slept, he had made an agreement with Hei Lou Lan, they were temporarily cooperating, thus, he would have to return to northern plains soon.

Little Hu Immortal saw that Fang Yuan was silent, and thought he was upset. She opened her tiny mouth and consoled; "Master, master, don't be too upset. Your current appearance, although it is quite ugly, I'm sure there's a way to change it back. I believe that one day, master will go back to his original form. Master, you have to cheer up!"

Fang Yuan laughed speechlessly, stretching out one arm and touching Little Hu Immortal's tiny head.

Little Hu Immortal dodged for a bit, but eventually, Fang Yuan's terrifying giant zombie hand landed on her head.

She lowered her head, not making a sound.

Fang Yuan started stroking her hair and Little Hu Immortal could not take it anymore, she cried: "Master, although your palm is icy cold, I still like it!"

Saying this, she hugged Fang Yuan's huge legs and began sobbing.

Little Hu Immortal was still so cute, she was like a five to six year old child, pure and innocent, cute and tiny. She wore a rainbow dress and her snow-white fox tail was drooping towards the ground, showing her current sad mood.

The land spirit was formed from the fusion of obsession and heavenly power, it was different from wills and would never lie.

Little Hu Immortal spoke the honest truth.

Fang Yuan's expression was calm, he did not speak. But the fangs that were outside his mouth retracted a little, and the movement of his hand stroking Little Hu Immortal's head became more gentle.

He split a portion of his consciousness and looked inside his body.

In the first aperture, there was dead silence. There was not a bit of primeval essence inside, only Fang Yuan's first vital Gu.

The originally clear crystal purple walls had turned into a rock-like material. The rock wall was filled with small cracks, the culprit behind this wound was the Spring Autumn Cicada in the middle of his aperture.

Spring Autumn Cicada's body was glowing with green and yellow light, the aura of a rank six Immortal Gu was permeating the entire aperture.

If it was his rank five peak stage aperture, it might have burst already. But now that the aperture was dead, it could handle more of the Immortal Gu's pressure. Even though there was a limit, he was far from reaching it yet.

At the same time, Fang Yuan also noticed that the aperture was completely dry and could not produce any more primeval essence.

"This is the price for turning into a zombie, the aperture is dead and cannot produce any primeval essence." Fang Yuan assessed in his mind.

He could not help but think of First Gen Gu Yue, he had turned into a blood wight and his aperture could not produce primeval essence, thus he had great desire for Gu worms like Heavenly Essence Treasure Lotus.

"My current situation is way better than First Gen Gu Yue. I have already ascended into an immortal, I have nineteen green grape immortal essence and limitless primeval essence!"

Thinking of this, Fang Yuan moved his consciousness from the first aperture to the second aperture.

The newly born strength path immortal aperture had also turned grey, the blessed land was now a dead land. The sky was grey and the white stone mountains had collapsed, the ground was rotten and dark, emitting a foul odor. The ground was full of cracks, like the aftermath of an earthquake. This was the result of forcefully containing wisdom Gu.

Inside this immortal aperture were almost all of Fang Yuan's Gu worms.

The most attention grabbing ones were naturally the Immortal Gu.

There were seven Immortal Gu in here!

This amount was bound to shock others if revealed publicly. Immortal Gu were unique, they were extremely hard to get. Most ordinary Gu Immortals would not even have one Immortal Gu.

If he included Fixed Immortal Travel that he had lent to Hei Lou Lan, as well as Spring Autumn Cicada, Fang Yuan had a total of nine Immortal Gu.

This number could put most rank seven Gu Immortals to shame.

There were three Immortal Gu that were related to Water Pavilion, they were: worldly wave trace Gu, delight in mountain and water Gu and calamity beckoning Gu. The other four Immortal Gu were obtained when Fang Yuan painstakingly smashed the formless fists.

Other than the Immortal Gu, there were mortal Gu.

The most valuable mortal Gu were also obtained when Fang Yuan smashed the formless fists. All these Gu worms originated from the true inheritance secluded domain's many inheritances, each of them were high quality Gu worms and had profound differences from common Gu.

But of greater importance was the second aperture's vital Gu — rank four all-out effort Gu, as well as bitter strength Gu, borrow strength Gu, self-reliance Gu, refine essence spirit Gu, earth strength Gu, water strength Gu, wind strength Gu, lightning strength Gu, fire strength Gu, lurking beast coat Gu, aura concealment Gu and so on.

It was these Gu worms that formed the foundation of the killer move myriad self, allowing Fang Yuan to ultimately clinch victory within the wind veil of assimilation.

Other than these, there were the other random Gu worms, like the eagle rise Gu which Fang Yuan had used and expended the most in this journey within northern plains. The wind flower Gu which could allow changes in direction easily, the sole blade Gu obtained from Sole Blade General Pan Ping. There was also the battle bone wheel Gu, Stargate Gu, and the Gu that made up the foundation of a Gu Immortal, hole earth Gu, connecting heaven Gu, divine sense Gu and others.

The highest quantity that he had among them were of beggar moths, almost a thousand of them, they had the effect of storing primeval essence. They were a huge help to Fang Yuan during the final moments of his northern plains trip.

After inspecting his mortal and immortal aperture, Fang Yuan directed his attention to his body.

Without using a mirror, he knew that he had turned into a monster completely. Six meters tall, a green face and sharp fangs, blood red eyes, bulging muscles that were tough as rocks. Most importantly, he had eight arms, other than his two human arms, his other six arms were terrifying in appearance, they originated from the other rank five flying zombie Gu — asura zombie Gu, heavenly demon zombie Gu, blood wight Gu, nightmare zombie Gu, plague zombie Gu, and earth chief zombie Gu.

Fang Yuan did not care whether his appearance was handsome or ugly. Little Hu Immortal was concerned about it because she was formed from the obsession of the female Gu Immortal, Fairy Bai Hu.

What Fang Yuan cared about was that the zombie body caused his cultivation to stagnate, he was unable to advance his cultivation in the slightest. This was a huge obstacle in his pursuit of the demonic path and his dream.

He had grand ambitions, he wanted to obtain eternal life. Eternal life was in reference to being the strongest, an indestructible being that cannot be taken down by tribulations or disasters, a person that cannot be harmed by anyone, as well as having infinite lifespan.

Although a zombie body had no lifespan, his soul could still suffer damage, and his body could still be destroyed if he was attacked by someone stronger than him, there were still many flaws and weaknesses. Thus, many Gu Masters and Gu Immortals would turn into zombies only after they were left with no other choice. This method was truly a last resort for survival, it was like longing towards heaven while being in hell.

"How can I get rid of the zombie body, returning to life from death, and obtain a live human body again?" Fang Yuan asked in his heart, evidently, this was a problem that needed to be solved.

Although he had no answers, he had some rough ideas.

Interrogating Mo Yao's will who was in his immortal aperture was one method. Using wisdom Gu was the second.

Little Hu Immortal's crying slowly stopped, as Fang Yuan retracted his hand, his emotions calmed down as he asked: "During the days when I was asleep, did anything happen?"

Little Hu Immortal heard her master's inquiry and immediately stood up straight, she wiped her tears and answered him maturely: "Reporting to master, there were two things. First, your senior brother, Tai Bai Yun Sheng, had already woken up, he has been wanting to meet you over these last few days, he was so anxious he even cried several times. But master had given me the orders, thus I refused to let him in. The second matter is regarding Immortal Crane Sect, they have stopped engaging in our rockmen transactions."

Fang Yuan heard this and frowned lightly.

Fang Yuan was well aware of the reason why Immortal Crane Sect stopped the rockmen transactions. Hu Immortal blessed land had Dang Hun mountain, this was something known by everyone in central continent. Immortal Crane Sect's target was Dang Hun mountain, but they could not attack Hu Immortal blessed land directly, thus over a year ago, they had sent Fang Zheng to negotiate, eventually settling on the transactions of rockmen. But their primary objective was Dang Hun mountain and the guts Gu.

After that, Immortal Crane Sect had repeatedly urged and emphasized while requesting Fang Yuan to sell the guts Gu, but he refused them every time.

After a year, seeing that Hu Immortal blessed land was refusing to give in, Immortal Crane Sect had lost their patience, thus stopping the rockmen trade. As to whether they would express anger and want to force Fang Yuan to renegotiate, or whether they have other objectives, that would depend on how the situation progresses.

"Hu Immortal blessed land is not a utopia, it is located at Tian Ti mountain, and the outside situation is also perilous."

If Fang Yuan had a blessed land as an immortal aperture, his reliance towards Hu Immortal blessed land would greatly reduce. He could even swallow Hu Immortal blessed land directly, making his escape and leaving this place. Unfortunately, he was now a zombie, his immortal aperture was a dead aperture, there was no way to consider this.

Fang Yuan thought about it, but for now could not come up with any ideas.

"Damn it, after becoming a zombie, my cognitive abilities have weakened, my thoughts are moving slower and slower, it is too inefficient." Fang Yuan frowned deeply, he started to feel the drawback of the zombie body.


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