Reverend Insanity
642 Thirty-Eight Sealing Arts
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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642 Thirty-Eight Sealing Arts

Chapter 642: Thirty-Eight Sealing Arts
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"Giant Sun, I admit your power. But don't forget that all of your Giant Sun's immortal essence is in my immortal aperture. Without any immortal essence, how will you use Immortal Gu? You have no chance of breaking through the wind veil of assimilation just by relying on your special will!" Fang Yuan's thoughts were racing as he attempted to negotiate with Giant Sun's will.

"Want to negotiate? Hahaha!" Giant Sun's will laughed loudly, not concealing the hatred within, "Why would I negotiate with you? Won't it be the same if I kill you and seize the immortal essence back from your immortal aperture? Why don't you try to destroy the immortal essence, you might even succeed."

Giant Sun's will was self-confident.

It was not that the immortal essence could not be destroyed, but at the moment it was not possible.

If Fang Yuan destroyed the immortal essence in his own immortal aperture, the foreign immortal essence would inflict serious harm to his immortal aperture; this would be the same as seeking his own doom!

If he destroyed the immortal essence outside his body, the scattered immortal essence aura would instead help Giant Sun's will to activate Immortal Gu.

"Fang Yuan, I won't compromise. You can't fight me and can't escape either. What can you still do? Just let it be, die quickly!" Giant Sun's will taunted while chasing.

Fang Yuan did not respond and only concentrated on fleeing.

As time passed, the wind veil of assimilation was creeping closer; it made no sound, but it devoured everything in its path, assimilating everything.

The space Fang Yuan could flee to was shrinking. As Giant Sun's will intercepted his paths, Fang Yuan was facing great dangers all around him.

"Giant Sun's will, I will stand here, do you dare to come?" Fang Yuan suddenly stood still and stopped using worldly wave trace Immortal Gu.

Giant Sun's will, however, stopped chasing; they were still hundreds of steps afar, but it did not dare to move closer.

"Hmph, I already expected you would make such a choice." He scoffed in disdain, "But so what? You are only delaying your death by a few moments. I will watch as you die!"

The area Fang Yuan was standing on was the area covered by the light of wisdom.

The light of wisdom was the bane of Giant Sun's will; Giant Sun's will could only stop its chase.

Through this intense battle, its remaining will was only the volume of an adult man, and could no longer endure any more severe exhaustion.

"Fang Yuan, your lifespan!!" Mo Yao's will warned.

"There is no other way, tell me, what else can I do in this situation?" Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, his tone filled with hatred and extreme helplessness.

Standing in the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan could clearly feel his lifespan was decreasing unceasingly, but he did not have any other choice. Giant Sun's will hated him to the extreme and gave him no chance to make compromises.

"Sigh…" Mo Yao's will heaved a long sigh, "This is simply a struggle at death's door. Perhaps wisdom Gu might stop sending out the light of wisdom in the next moment."

Fang Yuan was silent.

Giant Sun's will suddenly shouted to Hei Lou Lan's group: "Go deal with this thief! Most of his defensive Gu have already perished in our fight! Force him nearer to wisdom Gu where the light of wisdom is much stronger; his life span will be used up even faster. Let me see how much lifespan he can waste!!"

Hei Lou Lan's group accepted the order immediately.

Even Hei Lou Lan with his Great Strength True Martial Physique did not want to fight Fang Yuan in close combat.

They had long ago discussed as appropriate and right now, all of them used long range attacks.

Inside the light of wisdom, Fang Yuan gave a cold snort and used his Gu to counterattack with his own long range attacks while maintaining defensive Gu.

Four to five layers of light barriers covered his body, tens of bone shields hovered around him, and occasionally, stone barriers emerged from the ground to shield him from the attacks of Hei Lou Lan's group.

Ordinary defensive mortal Gu were not of much use against Giant Sun's will. But they were still effective in dealing with these mortal Gu Masters.

Fang Yuan cultivated strength path and was not specialized in long range battle. However, he had no shortage of long range attacking Gu worms, it was only that they did not follow a proper fighting system.

More importantly, he had unlimited primeval essence. Thus, he was not at any disadvantage and the situation was even many times better compared to when he fought with Giant Sun's will.

"Speed up the attacks, don't stop for even a moment! Even if he has unlimited primeval essence, mortal Gu cannot be activated non-stop!" Hei Lou Lan shouted.

"Right! Mortal Gu are not Immortal Gu and have a limit to what they can endure, activating them unceasingly will only cause them to collapse." Ye Lui Sang also added.

They were tribe leaders of Hei tribe and Ye Lui tribe, they understood the situation deeply.

Gu were the essence of heaven and earth, carriers of the Great Dao. Essentially, they were tools.

Every tool has their own respective usage. The more they were used, and when the burden on them crosses the limit, they will start breaking down.

When mortal Gu Masters used mortal Gu, they could only activate the Gu worms a few times because of the limitations in primeval essence, thus this flaw was not too evident. When Gu Immortals activated mortal Gu, this issue would become conspicuous.

However, after some time, Hei Lou Lan's group's hopes came to nothing.

"Why does he have so many Gu worms?" Someone shouted in an incredulous tone.

The quantity of Fang Yuan's Gu worms surpassed their imagination. During the course of the fight, he switched Gu worms one after another as if it was very natural and effortless.

"Even if he has a mysterious origin and made prior preparations for Gu Immortal advancement, preparing many mortal Gu, a mortal aperture is not able to hold so many Gu." No one could explain this no matter what they thought of and were bewildered.

"Could it be…" Giant Sun's will recalled the scene of Fang Yuan opening a stargate.

Fang Yuan had opened a stargate within Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, thus Giant Sun's will knew it clearly.

"It seems he relied on that gateway to leave Imperial Court blessed land and obtained significant support!" Giant Sun's will was very experienced and knowledgeable, immediately realizing the usage of the stargate when it thought of hole earth Gu and connecting heaven Gu.

It was thanks to Fang Yuan having Hu Immortal blessed land behind him that he was able to purchase large numbers of mortal Gu from treasure yellow heaven.

Although he had given most of them to Tai Bai Yun Sheng, he had also left many for himself.

Fang Yuan's naturally cautious nature of being prepared for anything had paid off at this moment.

"Hmph, you borrowed external strength. Unfortunately, your opponent is me!" Giant Sun's will gave a cold snort before suddenly making a move.

He pierced the air at lightning speed.

He did not move into the light of wisdom but shot towards the Gu worms.

Several breaths later, he appeared above Hei Lou Lan's group and dropped a large group of mortal Gu.

"Take it. I am going to impart a killer move to you!" Giant Sun's will split itself into a dozen or so parts which covered the Gu worms and directly moved into everyone's apertures.

Every person received thirty-eight Gu.

These mortal Gu had already been refined by Giant Sun's will.

Under the coordination of Giant Sun's will, the group was able to immediately refine the Gu worms and learn the killer move through the directions of the special will.

"This killer move!" Hei Lou Lan's group showed expressions of joy and shock when they comprehended the killer move.

"It is just a small trick my main body created when I had inspiration during my leisure time, I have not given it name yet." Giant Sun's will said in a light tone, "Now is a good time to use it, for the time being let's call it Thirty-Eight Sealing Arts."

Hei Lou Lan's group immediately activated the killer move, breathing out rays of purple light qi from their mouths.

Fang Yuan's eyes narrowed and he immediately dodged them.

But he had limited space and the purple light qi mixed in with other attacks, as such he was still struck.

"So it was like this, this killer move's effect is this…" Fang Yuan's expression changed slightly.

Thirty-eight sealing arts was targeted against Gu worms.

This concept was not unusual. A Gu Master's battle strength came mostly from their Gu worms, thus many Gu worms targeted this point like rank four problem nipped in the bud Gu, or rank five pitch black Gu.

However, this killer move, thirty-eight sealing arts, was much stronger than pitch black Gu. It could contaminate moves that were used by a Gu Master, and all the Gu worms used for it would be sealed one after another.

This killer move naturally could not seal Immortal Gu. And as for mortal Gu, the higher the rank of the Gu, the shorter the duration of the seal.

But it could seal them completely, and the Gu worms that formed this killer move were mostly ordinary and could be easily gathered. It touched upon qi path and even if an attacking Gu was used, it could follow the qi back to the source, sealing the Gu.

This was an exceptional killer move which particularly suited the current situation.

After Fang Yuan was struck, his defensive Gu were sealed successively.

The stone barriers were pervaded by the purple light qi, the stone barrier shield Gu were immediately sealed. The white bone shields hovering around Fang Yuan were also shrouded in the purple light qi, falling down one after another, turning back into flying bone shield Gu.

The windblades Fang Yuan attacked with were touched by purple light qi and even if the corresponding wind blade Gu were inside his aperture, the Gu worms would be covered by a faint layer of dense purple qi and be sealed.

Historically, sealing defensive Gu was easy while sealing attacking Gu was difficult all because defensive Gu were easier to attack. But thirty-eight sealing arts could deal with both equally.

Fang Yuan's Gu worm quantity decreased the more he used them.

He already did not have a lot of defensive Gu and could not forcibly resist the purple light qi, only able to dodge and evade all over the place.

But there was only so much space, he would sooner or later run out of space to run to.

At this moment, Fang Yuan took the initiative to attack the purple light qi. He would rather more of his attacking Gu be sealed, he required defensive Gu to protect his whole body.

Once the purple light qi touched his six arm heavenly zombie king form, who is to say it might not seal the corresponding Gu worms and break the killer move six arm heavenly zombie king.

Soon, Fang Yuan's offensive started becoming sparser as he was suppressed into disadvantage by the crowd of Gu Masters.

"Kill, kill this demon!" Ye Lui Sang shouted excitedly and sent out hundreds of fireballs; the fireballs detonated in an intense explosion with dust and dirts flying everywhere. Fang Yuan dodged here and there but he was still struck by the explosions, his skin and flesh were torn open.

"You demon, you are guilty of the most heinous crimes, you went as far as daring to topple True Yang Building! We ended up in this state all because of you!" Gu Guo Long shouted furiously, throwing out endless wind blades that were as sharp as knives and could also chase the target, new cuts were formed on Fang Yuan's body.

Rays of purple light qi were also constantly sent out now and then.

These surviving Gu Masters, more than ten in number, gritted their teeth with eyes filled with fury; they wished they could eat Fang Yuan's flesh and drink his blood!

They had painstakingly fought in many battlefields and taken huge risks to arrive at Imperial Court blessed land. It was supposed to have been an enormous opportunity, but they ended up in this plight, almost all of their tribesmen, relatives and friends were dead.

The disparity from the beginning to the end was too large, it could easily be imagined how much hatred and anger they felt towards the main cause of this disaster.

"You will die a dog's death today, this is your end for offending Ancestor Giant Sun!" One Gu Master did not forget to flatter Giant Sun's will. It was a pity Giant Sun's will was not human and his expression could not be seen.

He only reminded everyone: Do not cause harm to wisdom Gu no matter what!


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