Reverend Insanity
639 Giant Sun flaunts his might, Fang Yuan receives help
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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639 Giant Sun flaunts his might, Fang Yuan receives help

Chapter 639: Giant Sun flaunts his might, Fang Yuan receives help
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Seeing that he was about to succeed, Fang Yuan's lips curled into a faint smile.

But that did not stop unexpected events from happening.

Wisdom Gu quickly descended, as the light of wisdom shrouded Fang Yuan.

Once he entered the wisdom halo, Fang Yuan's thoughts were created and destroyed intensely, he aged rapidly.

"This?!" Fang Yuan was shocked, raising his head to take a look, he saw wisdom Gu descending towards himself.

Meanwhile, Giant Sun's will which had lost a huge portion of its body shrunk into a tiny ball and followed closely after.

In reality, Giant Sun's will knew that if he took a detour around wisdom Gu, he would not be able to stop Fang Yuan. Thus, he forcefully got close to wisdom Gu and used a technique to send it flying.

Although wisdom Gu countered Giant Sun's will, Giant Sun's will was large enough and after paying a huge price, he could barely come into contact with wisdom Gu by risking his life.

This way, wisdom Gu was like a rubber ball flying straight for Fang Yuan, it became greatly troublesome for Fang Yuan now.

"As expected of Giant Sun!" Seeing wisdom Gu approaching himself, Fang Yuan could not help but praise Giant Sun's will's decision.

He laughed heartily, his heart was extremely resolute.

If you, Giant Sun, could make such a sacrifice, why can't I, Gu Yue Fang Yuan?

Thus, Fang Yuan endured the light of wisdom and used his method to sweep away all of the falling immortal essence of Giant Sun!

Immediately afterwards, he used wind flower Gu to change his direction, moving to the side and trying to get away from wisdom Gu.

Wisdom Gu continued to descend, as Fang Yuan narrowly passed by it.

"Cough cough cough…" Fang Yuan coughed non stop, he was finally out of the range of the light of wisdom. But his face no longer had the appearance of a young man, anyone who saw him would think he was a middle aged man.

The closer one was to wisdom Gu, the more intense the light of wisdom would be.

Earlier when Fang Yuan was inside the true inheritance secluded domain, he was still a great number of steps away from wisdom Gu, but in just a few breaths' time, he lost two years of his life.

Earlier, he was so close to wisdom Gu, and had endured the light of wisdom for such a long time, thus he lost more than ten years of lifespan.

Ordinary people only had a hundred years of lifespan.

In order to snatch Giant Sun's immortal essence, Fang Yuan paid a heavy price!

"Little scoundrel, die!" Drawing an arc in the air like lightning, Giant Sun's will pounced like an eagle.

Fang Yuan immediately felt an intense sensation of danger and death assaulting him, at the crucial moment, he only had time to activate six arm heavenly zombie king.


With a loud bang, Fang Yuan was swatted like a fly.

Crashing down like a meteor, he landed heavily on the ground, forming a huge crater.

Rocks were sent flying as dust clouds formed.

Fang Yuan was lying in the deepest part of the crater, he regained his senses three breaths of time later.

Out of his eight arms, six were broken. His entire back was in a terrible state, his spine and ribcages could be seen. He was dizzy, he could barely think — the attack of Giant Sun's will earlier had not just targeted his body, but a large amount of special wills entered his mind, trying to destroy it and affect his cognitive ability!

While only barely conscious, Fang Yuan actually dodged without thinking about it.

The next moment, Giant Sun's will in the form of a huge golden axe swung down from high in the sky, cutting away Fang Yuan's left arm and left leg.

If Fang Yuan did not dodge in time, perhaps he would have been split into two by this attack.

As his consciousness recovered, Fang Yuan quickly used his sole remaining palm to support himself, his immense strength pushing his body out of the crater.

But as he was doing so, Giant Sun's will turned into a huge golden hammer, flying into the sky and slamming towards Fang Yuan.


Fang Yuan was like a giant elephant who was hit while running, his ribcage was completely broken while his intestines were crushed to bits due to the impact.

At the same time, in his mind, he was invaded by Giant Sun's will again, as he fell into greater confusion.

Fang Yuan was like a rubber ball that was slammed on the ground, he rolled along the ground as he flew, causing a long trail to appear on the ground where he was sent flying.

The intense collision caused his clothes to be torn, and he was covered in dust.

Eventually, he sprawled on the ground weakly, motionless. His broken bones and hanging flesh were all exposed, as blood flowed, they were not red, instead, his blood had a deep green color due to six arm heavenly zombie king.

His expression was distorted, his fangs were exposed as he struggled in pain.

At this moment, there was a huge battle in Fang Yuan's mind, the battle of wills was intense, and Giant Sun's will had the upper hand.

Fang Yuan was taking a beating passively, although he resisted stubbornly, he could barely think clearly now.

Only after he exterminated the portion of Giant Sun's will in his mind could he reawaken and regain his consciousness.

But Giant Sun's will would not give him such a chance.

It condensed into a golden sword, sixteen meters long and six meters wide, it gave off an indomitable aura, and had the ability to judge all beings.

"This, this is Giant Sun's will's true battle strength? This is too terrifying…" Far away, Hei Lou Lan held the unconscious Tai Bai Yun Sheng as he said with a tongue-tied expression.

Giant Sun's will had refined many Immortal Gu, and was struck by wisdom Gu and also attacked by a group of over twenty Gu Immortals, in the end, he had to make a sacrifice and forcefully charge ahead to send wisdom Gu flying.

After all these, he had suffered great injuries, his mass was a miniscule fraction compared to the time he was slumbering.

But even so, Fang Yuan had no way of fighting back. And without using a single Immortal Gu, no wonder Hei Lou Lan watched with such nervousness, this battle strength was simply too terrifying!

But immediately after, Hei Lou Lan calmed down: "No, the special will is not this strong. But earlier, Ancestor Giant Sun struck at the perfect moment, while he was unprepared, he dealt a serious blow. The scoundrel wanted to retaliate, but he could not think as his mind was already invaded by the special will, falling into chaos. If he was prepared and had ample time to react, it would not have ended this way!"

"The main factor was because he inherited Old Ancestor's battle experience, he is ruthless and decisive, once he finds an opening, he would strike at the opponent's weakness and give him no chance of fighting back! Especially the will invading the mind, this is too scary, it is simply impossible to fight back. It seems that I need to be careful about this when fighting a wisdom path Gu Master!"

Hei Lou Lan reminded himself as he landed slowly on the ground.

He looked at the sword of will, it was floating and eventually landed above Fang Yuan, the tip of the blade was right on top of his brain.

"This guy is finished." Hei Lou Lan muttered softly; the great foe before him had landed in such a state because of a mistake that was strictly not his fault. He felt some relief, some joy, and even a slight sadness.

The strength of Giant Sun's will was due to the battle experience that it had inherited from Giant Sun Immortal Venerable.

Although Fang Yuan had five hundred years of experience, in this aspect, Giant Sun's will was much stronger than him and had much greater experience.

Once Giant Sun's will gets a chance, he would attack consecutively and gain the upper hand, expanding on his advantage and preventing Fang Yuan from recovering any of his footing!

Giant Sun Immortal Venerable was not only lucky, this aspect of him displayed his invincible nature, his firm and domineering battle talent.

"It's over." Hei Lou Lan looked at Tai Bai Yun Sheng who was in his arms.

Inside the wind veil of assimilation, he was Fang Yuan's only ally, but now he was unconscious.

Hei Lou Lan threw him onto the ground casually, his gaze fixed on the sword of Giant Sun's will.

Without hesitation, the sword of Giant Sun's will shot down soundlessly, the tip of the sword pointed at Fang Yuan's brain.

Even though Fang Yuan was in six arm heavenly zombie king state, and had transformed into the body of a zombie, but once his head was pierced, Giant Sun's will would completely destroy his brain, along with his entire soul.

This was a truly fatal blow!

Tai Bai Yun Sheng had fainted, Fang Yuan was unconscious, he had no way to fight back.

But just when the sword's tip was about to reach Fang Yuan's forehead, with just an inch away, a water wall suddenly appeared.

At the same time, a shrill woman's voice could be heard: "With me here, don't think of taking his life!"

"Who is this?" Hei Lou Lan gasped, he looked at the water wall with shock, the surface of the water wall had turned into a spiral, coiling around the sword tip and preventing the sword of Giant Sun's will from descending.

At the same time, a strong aura burst out from Fang Yuan's body.

Giant Sun's will pulled back the sword, retreating several hundred steps away rapidly.

He stood in the air for a moment before saying in a low voice, as he remembered: "It's you! Over ten thousand years ago, you barged into Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, you were the one who freed fortune rivalling heaven Gu!!"

Mo Yao laughed delicately: "I'm surprised you remember."

Saying this, the water wall turned into a liquid armor that covered Fang Yuan's body.

A light blue glow surrounded Fang Yuan, causing his wounds to heal rapidly, his broken limbs, flesh and bones were all rapidly healing.

Giant Sun's will was able to remember because Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had recording Gu worms that filmed all that had happened inside it.

When Mo Yao explored Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, she did not wake up Giant Sun's will. But this time, after Fang Yuan woke up Giant Sun's will, he used the respective Gu worms to look through the records, learning what had happened.

Mo Yao's voice, appearance, Fang Yuan's name as well as his wicked deeds inside Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Giant Sun's will was very aware of all of them, that was why he was able to expose the secret of the Chang Shan Yin impersonation.

Giant Sun's will was extremely furious: "You unscrupulous and shameless thieves, you have been targeting my True Yang Building for tens of thousands of years! Die!"

Giant Sun's will attacked with rage, the golden sword flew like lightning, piercing the air and drawing a golden rainbow in the air.

The rainbow hit the liquid armor, causing ripples on it, but could not pierce the armor's protection.

Fang Yuan slowly woke up.

"This is… the rank seven Immortal Gu House Water Pavilion?" He looked at the liquid armor on him and realized.

It turns out that since an unknown time ago, Water Pavilion had been on him.

When he was in a chaotic state and his life was at risk, Mo Yao's will activated Water Pavilion and protected him.

Giant Sun's will could control Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Mo Yao's will could naturally manipulate Water Pavilion.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's yellow apricot immortal essence, how could Water Pavilion not have Fairy Mo Yao's red date immortal essence?

"Lad, you are finally awake. The immortal essence that my main body had left behind is limited, Water Pavilion's consumption is too great, quickly take over the battle, I will defend your mind!" Mo Yao's will said.


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