Reverend Insanity
635 Important Decision
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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635 Important Decision

Chapter 635: Important Decision
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Imperial Court blessed land was the number one blessed land of northern plains, it had deep foundations and tremendous fortune.

Despite this, after Fang Yuan entered it, first, there was the contest of the land spirit, Frost Jade Peacock, and Giant Sun's will.

Next, Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng underwent immortal ascension and took in the heaven and earth qi of the blessed land.

Furthermore, there was the once in ten years blizzard ravaging the blessed land, and it even fused with Tai Bai Yun Sheng and Fang Yuan's tribulations to form a terrifying heavenly tribulation.

Frost Jade Peacock was able to endure it for so long, that was really quite a miracle already. Imperial Court blessed land's destruction was a foregone conclusion, now that the wind veil was formed, Imperial Court blessed land was surrounded like a sphere, and the walls of the sphere were extremely thick, at least hundreds of meters.

Even if the formless hands flew there, they would be crushed into bits, being assimilated into wind and lead to growing the strength of the winds of assimilation.

Even with flash bug Gu, Fang Yuan could not get through it.

However, this wind veil also formed an isolation barrier and prevented outside forces from intervening.

At this moment, thousands of meters above the ground, in the sky.

Three Gu Immortals looked down at the grand winds of assimilation that was like a giant dark green bowl inverted on the ground with a grim expression.

The wind veil's surface was very tranquil, but no one dared to underestimate the power of the winds of assimilation!

"Imperial Court blessed land's destruction is unavoidable! What happened inside? How did it become like this?!" One of the Gu Immortals, an elderly man, looked with a furious gaze as his brows were tightly folded.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, Imperial Court blessed land, they were the arrangement of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable to benefit his descendants.

As descendants with Huang Jin bloodline, they had already considered Imperial Court blessed land as their territory since long ago.

But now, the domain that held great treasures had been destroyed, these righteous path Gu Immortals of northern plains' super tribes were like dormant volcanoes turning active.

"Very evidently, this is a huge scheme. Our investigations earlier have shown that the most suspicious person is that Wolf King Chang Shan Yin. We have enough evidence to conclude that this person is an impersonator, the real Chang Shan Yin had died long ago!" Another young Gu Immortal said solemnly.

After pausing for a while, he continued: "Obviously, not just Chang Shan Yin, but other than him, Tai Bai Yun Sheng, Bian Si Xuan and the others are also suspicious. This scheme is very deep, it involves the forces of central continent!! According to what we've learnt, there are at least three of the ancient sects in central continent plotting against the Eighty-Eight True Yang Building for the last hundred years!"

Central continent Gu Immortals' secret plot expended a lot of their effort and resources, to create the loopholes and setups. In the end, Fang Yuan made use of these arrangements in advance, all of their hard work had gone to the benefit of someone else.

Northern plains Gu Immortals were not to be trifled with.

Imperial Court blessed land, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, they were the spiritual symbols of northern plains, they were extremely important.

The moment something happened to Imperial Court blessed land and the happenings inside were exposed to the outside world, northern plains' forces all paid close attention to it.

Unfortunately, they were all outside, and the situation had advanced too quickly, it was already too late by the time they wanted to save Imperial Court blessed land.

"Sigh…" The leader of the Gu Immortals sighed deeply.

He was good looking with red lips and white teeth, but for some reason, he had the appearance of a child, the aura he was emitting was extremely powerful, he was subtly the leader of the three.

"The most important thing now is not to investigate these matters, but to consider the ways to salvage this situation! Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was the arrangement of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, a rank eight Immortal Gu House, it is profound and mysterious, its heavenly power is not something we can understand. Although the winds of assimilation this time are fierce, forming a wind veil, it might not be able to destroy Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. We will stay here and look for an opportunity to help, while being careful of any unexpected situations."

The child Gu Immortal's words made the elderly man and the young man Gu Immortal breathe in deeply.

"Lord Tong Zu, you are absolutely right. Our Chanyu tribe has the immortal killer move — Winged Blade, as long as we activate it together, we will be able to forcefully break the wind veil of assimilation." The young man Gu Immortal said this, unable to conceal his pride.

"The winds of assimilation is not to be underestimated, even with winged blade, we only have one chance to attack. I have made my calculations, the injury that we cause on this wind veil of assimilation would recover in only eight breaths of time." The elderly man was a wisdom path Gu Immortal, he could make deductions and predictions.

The leader of the three, Chanyu Tong Zu, nodded slightly: "Right now, Hei tribe, Ye Lui tribe, Dong Fang tribe and others are surrounding the wind veil, all these righteous path super tribes have sent their Gu Immortals. There is also the number one demonic path force Snowy Mountain, they sent six Gu Immortals, attempting to take advantage of the situation. Don't underestimate them, we have our trump cards, so do they. When we use the winged blade, we have to prevent them from taking advantage of us."


"The luck path true inheritance cannot fall in the hands of the otherworldly demon, all these are mine, mine!" Giant Sun's will shouted loudly, his voice reverberated over the entire battlefield.

He turned into a golden dragon, taking form at will. Sometimes, seventeen to eighteen small dragons were created, while at the next moment, they combined into a giant dragon!

He carried Giant Sun's immortal essence, using it without holding back.

More than ten Immortal Gu were embedded on the dragon's body, there were two on its dragon horns, one in each of its eyes, and six to seven in its scales.

Blazing flames, divert disaster light beam, frost energy, all sorts of attacks were unleashed unceasingly.

At this point, Giant Sun's will could finally use his full strength.

Giant Sun's will had suppressed his anger for too long, he released all of it at this moment!

First, he had to get rid of the otherworldly demon, and because of the luck path true inheritance's importance, Giant Sun's will first surrounded Ma and Zhao.

Large numbers of formless hands covered the luck path true inheritance tightly, at times, formless fists that captured luck path Gu worms flew out.

Giant Sun's will was like a golden dragon, surrounding the luck path true inheritance and coiling around it, destroying all of the formless fists that came out.

There were many formless fists, even Giant Sun's will could only choose some and attack those, trying to free more Immortal Gu to raise his battle strength.

But near the giant will dragon, there were also large numbers of formless hands.

When Giant Sun's will snatches these Gu worms back, the formless hands would steal them again. During this contest, the two were fighting intensely and occupied the sky.

Below this battle, the remaining surviving Gu Masters were fighting with a smaller number of formless hands.

Even though Giant Sun's will attracted most of the formless hands, the Gu Masters were not having an easier time.

With the destruction of true inheritance secluded domain, the Gu Masters were completely exposed and out in the open, they were attacked by even more formless hands.

The formless hands were almost immune to all attacks, they flew in the sky and pierced through rocks, nothing could obstruct them. Only after stealing a Gu worm would they form into a fist and be susceptible to attacks.

But the speed of the formless fists was very fast, not all Gu Masters could chase after them and destroy them successfully.

Fang Yuan, Hei Lou Lan, and the others were a minority, they were geniuses among geniuses.

"Old ancestor, please help… ahh—!"

A shrill scream could suddenly be heard.

Everyone could not help but raise their heads and look.

Only to see that a Gu Master from a super tribe, one who bears a pure bloodline, was left with no other choice after being chased by the formless hands and flew into the sky to seek help from Giant Sun's will. But in the end, he was the first to be slaughtered by Giant Sun's will after he activated the Immortal Gu to attack.

"Such might…" Hei Lou Lan raised his head and looked, even with his Great Strength True Martial Physique, he did not dare to get close to Giant Sun's will.

Giant Sun's will had completely erupted, his attacks were fierce and carried tremendous might. His entire mind was on the luck path true inheritance, while competing with the formless hands, he had no energy to care about Giant Sun's bloodline descendants.

"So painful…" At this moment, Ye Lui Sang drew in a breath of cold air, crawling up from the ground.

The Gu worms on his entire body were stolen, he had fallen from the sky. Thankfully, his body was once tempered using Gu worms, thus he only suffered bone fractures while keeping his life.

Looking at this unlucky person who died, he suddenly felt extremely glad. At least, compared to this unlucky guy, he was still alive!

Being alive was more important than anything.

Fang Yuan could feel an immense mental pressure.

"Damn it…" He gritted his teeth in annoyance, he wanted to leave but had no way to break out of this predicament.

"Thankfully, Giant Sun's will did not target me at the start, but instead went after that otherworldly demon Zhao Lian Yun, while also wanting to protect the luck path true inheritance."

Fang Yuan was very clear in his heart, once Giant Sun's will gets rid of this problem, he would not let him off.

By then, he would be like a sheep standing near a tiger, or a rabbit near a python.

"Giant Sun's will alone cannot activate so many Immortal Gu. Even though I became a Gu Immortal, if we fought head on, I would still not be Giant Sun's will's match. That is unless I cut away his connection with Giant Sun's immortal essence!"

Fang Yuan's mind was very sharp.

But unfortunately, there were too many formless hands, he had to exert himself in dealing with them.

Other than Giant Sun's will, he was the one with the most Immortal Gu, their aura was attracting the attack of many formless hands.

At the same time, Hei Lou Lan's continuous attacks were also quite a problem.

He had the Great Strength True Martial Physique of the ten extreme physiques, a true child of heaven, he could be thought of as the matured version of Bai Ning Bing. Be it his battle capabilities or foundation and accumulation, they were very outstanding.

He had heaven defying battle strength, even Tai Bai Yun Sheng was not his match, the power of his self-detonation could slay an immortal!

After being obstructed once again by Hei Lou Lan, Fang Yuan's gaze towards him became more ominous.

At the same time, Fang Yuan thought to himself: "This Hei Lou Lan has an absurd number of Gu worms. He had many of his Gu worms taken away, yet he still has so many remaining!"

There was a reason for this of course.

Hei Lou Lan's sole purpose was to enter Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and obtain a strength path Immortal Gu, before attempting his immortal ascension in Imperial Court blessed land.

Thus, he made ample preparation, especially with his father's help, he accumulated many Gu worms.

He considered the backlash of the heaven and earth qi during his immortal ascension which would lead to the death of Gu worms, thus he prepared a lot of Gu worms, more than what anyone could imagine.

"Junior brother, save me!" After dodging for a while, Fang Yuan heard Tai Bai Yun Sheng's cry for help.

It turns out, Tai Bai Yun Sheng was trapped by the formless hands, floating in the air as he desperately defended himself.

Eventually, his Gu worms were all taken away.

After losing the support of his Gu worms, even as a Gu Immortal, he started falling towards the ground.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was his only alliance mate, he could not abandon him yet.

Fang Yuan immediately made a turn and took a risk to save him.

But who knew that during that period, Tai Bai Yun Sheng's anxious shout could be heard: "Quick, junior brother, take back my Immortal Gu Man as Before!"

Fang Yuan's heart jumped, seeing that a six fingered formless fist was flying out.

If at this moment, Fang Yuan chooses to save Tai Bai Yun Sheng, then he would lose the best opportunity to take back man as before Immortal Gu. Most likely, after he saves Tai Bai Yun Sheng, Man as Before would be transported away by formless fist.

To save Tai Bai Yun Sheng, or to take back the Immortal Gu Man as Before?

At this moment, Fang Yuan had to make an important decision.


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