Reverend Insanity
634 Wind Veil of Assimilation
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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634 Wind Veil of Assimilation

Chapter 634: Wind Veil of Assimilation
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Fang Yuan felt no regret towards obtaining a medium grade blessed land.

This was for the best!

Within the first aperture, Spring Autumn Cicada's pressure had already reached its limits, the first aperture's walls were full of cracks. If he continued, he might cause the aperture to explode.

If it was a high grade blessed land, it could refine an Immortal Gu and create a heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity within the blessed land.

Fang Yuan's predicament was extremely dangerous, he had both internal and external threats. If his immortal aperture had a heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity wrecking havoc inside, Fang Yuan would surely become too distracted, it would be fortunate if he only suffered a great loss, but most likely he would lose his life.

"Regardless, becoming a strength path Gu Immortal means I have the ability to interfere in the battle now." Fang Yuan sighed deeply, throwing all of his Gu worms, be it mortal or Immortal Gu, into his strength path immortal aperture.

The immortal aperture had a huge space, it could easily hold Immortal Gu.

Next, Fang Yuan willed and used a bead of green grape immortal essence.

Immediately afterwards, the green grape immortal essence spread and filled the entire blessed land, turning into almost limitless primeval essence.

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief, from this moment on, he no longer had to worry about primeval essence expenditure, he could use mortal Gu without any restraints anymore.

This was the biggest difference between mortal and immortal.

"At the same time, after becoming an immortal, the heaven and earth qi were all consumed, thus there would no longer be any threat of a backlash!" Fang Yuan's aura was surging, his eyes were shining with brilliance.

His body shook slightly, and another pair of eagle wings grew on his back.

Flying with eight wings, Fang Yuan's speed become faster again, chasing after Fixed Immortal Travel.

Seeing that he was about to reach his target, Tai Bai Yun Sheng called out for help behind him.

"Junior brother, assist me, that hand took away my Immortal Gu Landscape as Before!"

Fang Yuan turned around and saw a six fingered formless fist flying towards his left. Tai Bai Yun Sheng was dragging the supreme true inheritance light lump as he chased after it desperately.

Fang Yuan hesitated for a moment, this six fingered formless fist was right beside him, if he did not help, he would not be able to explain himself.

He immediately activated the wind flower Gu, barely turning around.

His speed was simply too fast, even the wind flower Gu in his immortal aperture could not take it, as many petals fell out.

Fang Yuan caught up to the six fingered formless fist and smashed at it, breaking it open and rescuing Landscape as Before.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was overjoyed upon seeing this: "Great, junior brother, if not for your help…"

Fang Yuan's pupils shrunk, shouting anxiously: "Senior brother, dodge!"

Too late!

An eight fingered formless hand flew over and grabbed onto Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was immobilized, his face was full of shock and fear. During this time, hundreds of formless hands flew over and encircled Tai Bai Yun Sheng!

At the same time, large numbers of formless hands were flying over from far away.

"Damn it… not only was Tai Bai Yun Sheng caught, he had the supreme true inheritance with him. This is bad, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building is going to be destroyed! I have to take back Fixed Immortal Travel quickly!" Fang Yuan did not dare to save him, his eyes flashed with a cold light as he placed the landscape as before Gu into his immortal aperture and turned around to leave.

Fixed Immortal Travel Gu was the best method to escape, it was more important than any other Immortal Gu right now in Fang Yuan's heart!

Fang Yuan flew rapidly, about to reach the formless fist.

"After I take Fixed Immortal Travel, I will leave, who cares about Tai Bai Yun Sheng anymore!" Fang Yuan's eyes shone with brilliance, he had made up his mind.

True inheritance secluded domain was at the deepest part of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, and there were already so many formless hands here, not to mention the outside world.

He had obtained enough benefits, and he had even successfully advanced to an immortal, if he continued staying here, he might lose his life.

Fang Yuan had the intention to retreat already.

But just when he was about to succeed, Hei Lou Lan blocked his path.

"Don't think that I'll be afraid just because you became an immortal! Return my Gu worm to me now and I'll give way immediately!" Hei Lou Lan screamed.

"You are courting death!!" Fang Yuan stared furiously, he wanted to tear Hei Lou Lan into several pieces, but his logic dictated him to change directions and swerve around Hei Lou Lan, continuing his pursuit.

Hei Lou Lan snickered, he was unable to catch up to Fang Yuan, but in terms of long range methods, he had his ways to obstructing Fang Yuan in his chase.

Fang Yuan was obstructed by Hei Lou Lan time and again, he had to change his direction.

"Is this worth it? Just return my Gu to me and you'll be able to reach this formless fist. Don't forget, after the formless fist flies for a certain distance, it will vanish along with the Gu worm." Hei Lou Lan urged.

He was extremely anxious, his vital Gu was in Fang Yuan's hands, but he had to control himself and mask his anxiety.

Fang Yuan shouted out in anger, his expression still as water.

There was no way he would return the Gu worm to Hei Lou Lan.

The more Hei Lou Lan cared about this Gu, the more important this Gu was to him.

Hei Lou Lan was a huge enemy, even if he returned the Gu worm, if he did not keep his promise and continued obstructing Fang Yuan, what then?

Fang Yuan could only make detours and continue chasing after his target.


Right at this moment, there was a huge sound.

True inheritance secluded domain completely broke apart, instantly exploding.

Eye piercing sunlight filled everyone's vision. At once, Fang Yuan and the others were caught off guard, their entire vision turned white.

In such a situation, who would dare to shut their eyes completely?

Even though their eyes were overflowing with tears due to the intensity, they had to open a slit.

As the white light faded slowly, from their blurred vision, everyone could see that they were floating in the air.

"Save us!" Many Gu Masters cried out desperately for help.

They were all unlucky people who had their Gu worms taken away. Without Gu worms, this rapid descent would cause them to die upon impact with the ground.

Nobody lent a hand to help them. Those Gu Masters who were barely floating in the air could only care about themselves, as they looked around in shock.

In the sky, there were thousands of formless hands, closely packed together.

On the ground, smoke was rising and there was debris of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building everywhere. These broken walls and structures were disintegrating, turning back into Gu worms.

The number of Gu worms was too many, each tile could split up into an ant's nest worth of Gu worms.

"Oh my heavens!"

"Eighty-Eight True Yang Building collapsed!"

"Oh Longevity Heaven, why is this happening?"

Everyone was flustered and shocked, when suddenly a bright golden rainbow shot up in the sky!

"Leave behind the Immortal Gu!" The remaining Giant Sun's will had been storing energy for this moment, he finally made his move!

The golden rainbow shot out like lightning, in the blink of an eye, it destroyed one formless fist and obtained the Immortal Gu within.

Divert disaster Gu!

Giant Sun's will entered the Gu and quickly activated it.

Divert disaster Gu shot out pillars of light and shone everywhere.

The formless hands that were swept by the light pillars shrunk in size and their speed fell. Those formless hands that were hit by the light pillar disintegrated rapidly and the Gu worms within were released.

At once, Giant Sun's will regained several Immortal Gu!

"Otherworldly demon! Luck path true inheritance!!" Giant Sun's will looked at the luck path true inheritance that was trapped by the formless hands, as well as Ma and Zhao who were inside the light lump.

Without a trace of hesitation, he flew over with killing intent.

"My Fixed Immortal Travel…" Fang Yuan's heart sank to rock bottom.

He lost his target.

The formless fist that contained Fixed Immortal Travel had gone missing, it had flew away with Fixed Immortal Travel into the unknown.

Fang Yuan had completely lost Fixed Immortal Travel!

"Damn it!" Fang Yuan controlled his heartache as he forced himself to calm down.

Without Fixed Immortal Travel, he could still use the stargate to return to Hu Immortal blessed land, but this stargate needed to be sustained, so if Fang Yuan wanted to leave this place, he first needed to find a safe environment.

"Old Ancestor is here, you have no way out now. Return my Gu worm to me and I can still help you ask for mercy." Hei Lou Lan flew over, shouting.

Fang Yuan's eyes flashed with cold light.

Hei Lou Lan's words reminded him, his biggest threat now were the formless hands, followed by Giant Sun's will.

Although the current Giant Sun's will was heavily damaged and was not even a tiny fraction of its original state, it was still not something Fang Yuan could take on!

The will that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable left behind was too grand and majestic. Even though it had undergone such tremendous weakening, even though Fang Yuan was now a Gu Immortal, he was still not its match.

Most importantly, it was currently snatching Immortal Gu all over the place, once it activates the Gu, its battle strength would surge!

"Ordinary Gu worms need primeval essence or immortal essence to activate. No matter how powerful Giant Sun's will is, he is still a will and needs to use the rank nine yellow apricot immortal essence that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had left behind."

Fang Yuan's gaze was like an eagle, he looked towards Giant Sun's will who was far away.

He had just taken a look when a formless hand flew over.

Fang Yuan flapped his wings, evading successfully.

"Damn it!" Hei Lou Lan cursed ruthlessly, he had also suffered the attacks of three formless hands along the way.

True inheritance secluded domain was broken apart, the number of formless hands in the air increased by at least ten times!

These formless hands attacked, causing Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan to be dodging them with all their effort, they could not spare the energy to care about other things.

Bam bam bam...

Wind blades danced in the air, cutting apart several formless hands.

The Gu that were caught earlier were released, while Giant Sun's will was like a golden dragon, pouncing on them.

He had much of Giant Sun's immortal essence, he had the capability to instantly refine Gu worms when he got them, his battle strength surged and his aura was like a rainbow.

"Otherworldly demon! Luck path true inheritance!" Soon, Giant Sun's will found Ma and Zhao.

They were surrounded by countless formless hands, the originally large true inheritance light lump had shrunk by at least a third of its size.

Giant Sun's will howled loudly, as several Immortal Gu and hundreds of rank five mortal Gu were used together at once.

The light of divert disaster shot straight, a thousand wind blades danced in formation, a bright red fire crow spread its wings and flew while screeching…

All sorts of attacks surrounded the luck path true inheritance like the falling petals of a flower.

Once any formless hands flew out, they would be instantly destroyed, and the Gu worm within would be taken by Giant Sun's will.

"Oh no, this luck path true inheritance originally belonged to Giant Sun Immortal Venerable. If Giant Sun's will obtains it, it would truly be a tiger gaining wings, or a flood dragon entering the sea!" Fang Yuan flew rapidly, taking a look at this scene, his heart turned heavy.

He looked around, but realized that to leave this place, he needed the stargate Gu.

"Imperial Court blessed land is on the brink of destruction, the outer fringe of the blessed land is already blowing with winds of assimilation, forming a huge circular wind veil. This wind has tremendous force, even if I am a Gu Immortal, I cannot resist it, I cannot force my way out!"


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