Reverend Insanity
633 Finally becoming a Gu Immortal
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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633 Finally becoming a Gu Immortal

Chapter 633: Finally becoming a Gu Immortal
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As time continued to pass, Fang Yuan had no more opportunity to go shatter formless fists. He was busy running from the pursuit of the formless hands.

"Return my Gu!" By some coincidence, Hei Lou Lan appeared in front of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan sneered and activated wind flower Gu.

A translucent wind flower appeared beside him and quickly changed direction, taking him with it.


With the wind flower Gu's help, Fang Yuan's speed remained the same when he changed his direction, and was able to avoid Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan, however, was very happy: "I am finally lucky for once! He actually ran that direction!"

Fang Yuan had not flown far away before his speed rapidly declined.

"This is…"

His expression changed as he sensed that he had fallen into a dark vortex.

This was the trap Hei Lou Lan had set using one time expenditure Gu, specially used to trap enemies.

The formless hands were less than a hundred steps away.

Fang Yuan snorted and without losing his composure, used flash bug Gu; he disappeared from the spot and appeared five hundred steps away the next moment.

After getting out of his predicament, Fang Yuan immediately increased his speed, but not even a few breaths later, he once again fell into a dark vortex.

He again used flash bug Gu to free himself.

But following that, he fell in the third dark vortex again.

True inheritance secluded domain was originally a place filled with darkness, as such dark vortexes were extremely concealed here. Without someone running into them, they would remain still and there would be no way to sense them. But once someone ran into them, they would form a sinking force like one had stepped into a swamp or quicksand.

"You can't run away! I have placed countless traps all over the surrounding hundred li!" Hei Lou Lan shouted while rapidly flying towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was suffering the consequences of a lack of investigation. He shouted furiously: "You are seeking your own death, don't blame me!"

He activated six arm heavenly zombie king and forcefully freed himself from the vortex, charging straight towards Hei Lou Lan.

Hei Lou Lan felt a chill before it turned into joy. He was not afraid of Fang Yuan attacking him, but afraid of Fang Yuan fleeing all the time and not give him the chance to fight.

New and old hatred overlapped; both sides wanted nothing more than to kill each other.

However, they had not even fought yet, when Hei Lou Lan suddenly changed his direction and fled.

Shortly, Fang Yuan's expression also changed and retreated towards the back extremely quickly.

Too horrifying!

A large group of formless hands breezed down from above, their numbers were at least five to six hundred!

The light blue radiance dyed the surrounding space into a scene of blue.

The formless hand group divided into two, chasing after Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan.

Fang Yuan was facing an unprecedented crisis.

He did not dare to fly in between the formless hands. There were too many formless hands, even a light movement could easily seal all his paths.

Fang Yuan could only fly forward swiftly, with the large group of giant light blue hands closely chasing him.

"No, don't come here!" Ye Lui Sang shouted in panic. He was moving with three other Gu Masters, and coordinating with each other, he was barely able to ensure the safety of his fire path Immortal Gu; however, now he suddenly saw Fang Yuan flying towards them!

And when he saw the group of formless hands behind Fang Yuan, Ye Lui Sang's heart nearly jumped out in shock.

Fang Yuan not only increased his speed, he also quickly made his move; long range attacks sealed the best escape routes of Ye Lui Sang's group and also greatly slowed down their speed.

Next, Fang Yuan turned a little and flew past them, continuing to fly swiftly.

Ye Lui Sang's group was escaping with all their strength, but it was nowhere near enough.

"No—!" This unlucky Ye Lui tribe leader let out a miserable scream as hundreds of formless hands filled his vision.

Like a burst of strong wind wreaking havoc or like locusts passing through the fields, the giant light blue hands plundered Ye Lui Sang's group and continued to chase after Fang Yuan.

Ye Lui Sang's group stood on the spot with dazed expressions. There were too many formless hands and in just a few breaths of time, all their Gu worms were seized.

In an instant, they had become completely penniless. Although they still had primeval essence remaining in their apertures, there was nothing to use them on!

"How will I report to supreme tribe elder when I return?!" Ye Lui Sang's heart was filled with fear and bewilderment.

His fire path Immortal Gu was lent to him by Ye Lui tribe's supreme tribe elder Ye Lui Lai to help him obtain victory in this Imperial Court contest.

The value of the Immortal Gu was self-evident.

Ye Lui Sang lost in the contest, but to preserve the Immortal Gu, he had to bear the disgrace of siding with Hei Lou Lan who was also a super tribe leader like him.

And now, because of Fang Yuan sending the disaster towards him, the fire path Immortal Gu he had protected with his heart and soul was gone!

Fang Yuan flew rapidly before glancing behind him; he felt relieved when he saw the formless hands had decreased in number.

This was the contribution of Ye Lui Sang's group.

Fang Yuan saw hope in getting rid of this group of formless hands.

That was to draw the disaster towards others!

He had flying master attainment while others did not.

"Eh? That is!" While fleeing, Fang Yuan finally discovered trace of Ma Hong Yun.

Luck path supreme true inheritance was shielding Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun, while dodging and flying away from many formless hands chasing it. Of course, when compared to the group chasing Fang Yuan, it paled in comparison.

Without the least bit of hesitation, Fang Yuan immediately flew towards Ma Hong Yun.

Sensing an even greater danger, luck path true inheritance light lump instinctively changed its direction.

However, Fang Yuan chased it relentlessly and with extremely deft movements, he was able to gradually get closer.

"Let us go, I beg you, please let us go!" Ma Hong Yun's pleading came from within luck path true inheritance.

"Don't come over, don't come over!" Zhao Lian Yun was also shivering in fear.

Fang Yuan's heart was tough like iron and cold as steel, how could he be swayed?

His speed suddenly increased violently as he made a beautiful arc beside the luck path true inheritance.

The formless hand group was immediately attracted to the aura of luck path true inheritance and flocked to it.

"We're finished!" Both of Ma and Zhao's faces turned as they looked at the hundreds of formless hands blocking their escape routes, attacking like a storm.

"Hahaha, luck path supreme true inheritance!" Fang Yuan made a full circle, before flying back.

"My immortal aperture has almost finished forming, this is truly wonderful, I can use it to store the luck path Immortal Gu!" Fang Yuan's gaze burned looking at the formless hands shrouding the luck path true inheritance.

Whooosh Whoosh Whoosh…

Soon, many formless fists started flying away.

Fang Yuan immediately started using all his methods to seize the Gu.

One, two… five, six… the number soon crossed ten.

Fang Yuan knew he would not be able to catch all luck path Gu worms, but he was satisfied at having such a harvest.

"Wait a moment, a six fingered formless fist!"

Fang Yuan suddenly discovered a major target. The six fingers signified this fist was holding a rank six luck path Immortal Gu!

Fang Yuan's eyes reddened and his breathing sped up as he used all his strength to chase the six fingered fist. He turned into six arm heavenly zombie king and directly pounced towards the fist. His eight arms burst out with fist shadows as he rained down violent punches!

The formless fist shattered and as expected, revealed a luck path Immortal Gu.

"Haha!" Fang Yuan laughed heartily as he quickly grabbed it.

However, right at this instant, a six fingered formless hand flew over and grabbed Fang Yuan! Its timing was impeccable as Fang Yuan's guard was slightly relaxed due to the happiness; the result was extreme joy turning into sorrow!

Fang Yuan felt his mind go blank and cursed out; the time seemed to have stretched out extremely long at this moment.

After two breaths, the six fingered formless fist flew away from him and Fang Yuan recovered the ability to move.

Fang Yuan immediately unfolded his six wings and left the spot immediately.

He hurriedly glanced behind him and saw fifty to sixty formless hands crashing into each other at the spot where he had just been before.

If he had even the slightest hesitation…

Fang Yuan's forehead was soaked with cold sweat.

He then examined his body and the discovery caused him to turn gloomy. The Gu that was seized was not any of the Immortal Gu he had seized or Spring Autumn Cicada, it was Fixed Immortal Travel.

"This damned luck!" Fang Yuan cursed. Fixed Immortal Travel was his primary method to leave this place and return to Hu Immortal blessed land!

He must get it back!

Fang Yuan temporarily suppressed the luck path Immortal Gu and stored it in his pocket, then he stared at that six fingered formless fist and gave chase.

When one walks by the river, how could one's shoes not get wet?

Fortunately, his immortal aperture finished stabilizing during the chase.

Fang Yuan's risky attempt at advancing to Gu Immortal ended in success, at this moment he had become a true strength path Gu Immortal!

His strength path immortal aperture was very huge with about 3500km² of area. The sky was orange-yellow and there were all sorts of lofty, tall and straight mountains on the ground made of white stones with not even a blade of grass on them.

An invisible tributary of the river of time was pulled into the immortal aperture blessed land, supporting the normal operations of this small world.

In comparison to the outside world, the flow of time here was one to sixteen.

The most important point was there were twenty-two green grape immortal essence beads!

"This is a medium grade blessed land…" Fang Yuan sighed.

When a Gu Master advanced to Gu Immortal, their immortal aperture could be classified into three grades.

A small blessed land has a size of 2000km² at the maximum, can draw in a small tributary of the river of time and create over ten beads of immortal essence, while being a land of few resources.

Medium grade can have a size of 2000km² to 4000km², draw in a slightly bigger tributary of the river of time, create over twenty beads of immortal essence and has plentiful resources.

High grade blessed land can have a size of 4000km² to 6000km² , draw in a large tributary of the river of time and create over thirty beads of immortal essence. There will be plenty of heaven and earth qi remaining which can mutually interact and refine a mortal Gu into Immortal Gu during a burst of inspiration!

When Tai Bai Yun Sheng advanced to Gu Immortal, he refined two Immortal Gu; no doubt, his was a high grade blessed land.

Fang Yuan's strength path immortal aperture, however, was a medium grade blessed land.

"I might have much more human qi compared to Tai Bai Yun Sheng, but he received the help of human qi Gu and his human qi was able to greatly surpass mine. I received the protection of Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and Giant Sun's will; this was both an advantage and a disadvantage. Large amounts of heaven and earth qi were isolated outside and only a small part was able to seep into true inheritance secluded domain which was absorbed by me." Thoughts flashed Fang Yuan's mind like sparks.

Giant Sun's will was after all forced to help Fang Yuan resist the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity due to helplessness.

It absolutely would not kindly allow the heaven and earth qi to enter true inheritance secluded domain which could provide Fang Yuan with more potential.

"Besides this, there is also another important factor - Spring Autumn Cicada."

Spring Autumn Cicada absorbed the water of the tributary of river of time which was akin to cutting off the nourishment and greatly weakened the accomplishment of strength path immortal aperture.

Thus, Fang Yuan's strength path immortal aperture's time flow had one to sixteen ratio which was lower than normal standard.


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