Reverend Insanity
632 Coexistence of Pain and Joy
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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632 Coexistence of Pain and Joy

Chapter 632: Coexistence of Pain and Joy
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Hei Lou Lan poured incessant grievances in his heart.

He had outstanding battle strength along with an extremely powerful strength path long range killer move, it was just that they were not enough to cover his weakness in the movement aspect.

More accurately speaking, Hei Lou Lan cultivated strength and dark path which were not impressive in movement ability.

But in the present situation, only flying masters could barely survive. Hei Lou Lan's weakness was thus completely revealed under the pursuit of the formless hands.

The formless hands wantonly seized the Gu worms in Hei Lou Lan's body.

He had destroyed many formless hands and chased after many, but at the same time, new formless hands would appear to grab even more of his Gu worms.

Right now, Hei Lou Lan was flying fiercely like a berserk bear, his expression was one of malevolence and anger.

He knew Fang Yuan had big advantage in this situation, but he could not give up. The reason was that the Gu worm Fang Yuan had captured was, very unfortunately, Hei Lou Lan's vital Gu!

The vital Gu was closely interlinked to the Gu Master's life. Once it was destroyed, the Gu Master would immediately suffer heavy injuries. By grabbing this Gu, it was akin to Fang Yuan controlling a huge weakness of Hei Lou Lan.

Mentioning this vital Gu, it had gone through many difficulties as well; being seized by the formless hands many times while Hei Lou Lan seized it back again.

Counting the number of times, this was already the sixth time this vital Gu had been seized. Only this time, an accident happened, it landed in Fang Yuan's hand.

His vital Gu was with the enemy, this was a very serious situation and it needed to be retrieved!

Fang Yuan's eyes shone with a cold light.

He did not know the rank five Gu in his hand was Hei Lou Lan's vital Gu, but he could tell the huge importance of this Gu from Hei Lou Lan's behavior.

"Hmph! You want to take back this Gu? Keep on dreaming." Fang Yuan moved the six wings on his back and rose up, flying far away.

Hei Lou Lan had hunted down Fang Yuan again and again before; the hatred between them was already very deep.

But this moment was not a good time to kill Hei Lou Lan.

There were more and more formless hands, Fang Yuan was already feeling difficulty in dodging them. If he fought under this situation, he would surely have to pay an extremely disastrous price even if he succeeded.

It was more so when Hei Lou Lan had Great Strength True Martial Physique, if he was forced into a corner and self-detonated, Fang Yuan would have to suffer the terrible consequences.

"Let's see how long he can continue chasing me!" Fang Yuan snorted, and forcibly suppressed the restless Gu worm in his hand.

Soon, he shook off Hei Lou Lan. While dodging the formless hands on the way, he sent a portion of his consciousness into his immortal aperture.

The immortal aperture was growing without stop.

Ever since Fang Yuan exited Tai Bai Yun Sheng's immortal aperture, his immortal aperture had been continuously absorbing heaven and earth qi. Now, it was already over 2600km²; the sky was orange and yellow while the earth was rugged with steep white stone mountain ranges that stood tall and lofty.

The terrain of the immortal aperture was related to the Gu Master's paths, accumulation, temperament and comprehension.

This was the first time Fang Yuan became a strength path Gu Immortal and he only roughly understood it now, only knowing the general situation. If he wanted to have a deeper understanding, he needed to research in the future

"The time flow has reached one to twelve ratio. One day in the outside world is twelve days inside the immortal aperture. The growth rate is gradually slowing down…" Fang Yuan assessed.

By now, he had almost absorbed all the heaven and earth qi in true inheritance secluded domain.

He was now waiting for the immortal aperture to stabilize completely which was the most important. Once he possessed a Gu Immortal's battle strength, everything would change.

"I will let you hold onto my Gu for the moment, I will get it back no matter what!" Hei Lou Lan could only roar helplessly as he looked at Fang Yuan fly further and further away.

He was obstructed by the formless hands when he chased and had lost many Gu worms. It was already very difficult for him to evade the formless hands, it was no wonder he would suffer the consequences when he chased after Fang Yuan under such conditions.

Hei Lou Lan helplessly gave up. If he still persisted in chasing, it would definitely make Fang Yuan suspicious. And if Fang Yuan guessed the Gu was Hei Lou Lan's vital Gu, the situation would turn even worse.

"I can only rely on my connection to my vital Gu and slowly get near him while dodging the formless hands, then I will ambush this damned thief!"

Hei Lou Lan gritted his teeth till they made cracking noises, while thinking of all kinds of schemes.

Formless hands could seize Gu worms but could not refine them. Once the formless hand was broken apart, the Gu worm would be released upon which the Gu Master would be able to immediately sense the Gu and use his will to recall them.

Fang Yuan forcibly suppressed Hei Lou Lan's vital Gu, but had no time or energy to spare to refine it. Thus, Hei Lou Lan still had connection with the Gu worm, and had hope of turning the situation around.

Time passed, the formless hands had completely gained control of the situation in true inheritance secluded domain. Giant light blue hands could be seen everywhere like swarms of bees hovering around.

Be it Gu Masters or true inheritance light lumps, they only had the choice of escaping.

"Spring Autumn Cicada…" Fang Yuan's mouth was dry as the pressure in him continued to increase.

Following the growth of the immortal aperture, Spring Autumn Cicada continued to absorb the water of the river of time, causing the pressure in the first aperture to continue to increase. There were already many cracks on the first aperture's walls.

To decrease the pressure on the first aperture as much as possible, Fang Yuan had already emptied out all the primeval essence in the aperture.

He flew rapidly, using tens of movement Gu which had huge demand towards primeval essence.

"Fortunately I had already planned and prepared long before this, and bought large numbers of beggar moths. But even so, I need to pay attention to my primeval essence. The consequences will be unimaginable if my primeval essence is completely exhausted!"

These beggar moths were Gu worms used to store primeval essence.

They looked like moths, but their wings had round holes. These holes made the beggar moth look tattered, resembling a beggar's clothings.

In truth, however, the more holes there were on the beggar moth's wings, the better. More holes meant the beggar moths could store higher rank primeval essence.

In the mortal world, these beggar moths were limited in supply. But Fang Yuan possessed Hu Immortal blessed land and was able to buy groups of beggar moths in treasure yellow heaven.

Fang Yuan directly purchased a group; although there were not many rank five and rank four beggar moths, rank three and rank two were huge in numbers.

Fang Yuan had close to a thousand beggar moths and had brought almost all of them with him.

Mortals could not buy them and would also find it hard to bear the expenses of raising Gu. But Fang Yuan had a Gu Immortal's assets in Hu Immortal blessed land, and it was easy for him to raise them.

Not only beggar moths, he also had a lot of spare eagle rise Gu and other Gu.

Fang Yuan would keep his eagle rise Gu after using them for certain time and activate another eagle rise Gu.

There were six wings on his back and it looked like he was using three eagle rise Gu, but in truth, he was using more than a dozen eagle rise Gu in turns.

This was because of the heaven and earth qi.

Using Gu worms under this situation would be met with the backlash from heaven and earth qi, the Gu might even perish if they were used for too long.

Fang Yuan's immortal aperture was growing, as such he was the center of the gathering heaven and earth qi; causing the backlash force on him to be very high.

Thus, by alternating the use of Gu like eagle rise Gu, he could prolong their duration to the greatest limit.

It was again thanks to having Hu Immortal blessed land, having the help of a Gu Immortal resources, that he could be such extravagant.

The backlash of heaven and earth qi was also one of the barriers for a Gu Master to advance to Gu Immortal.

When Tai Bai Yun Sheng faced the tribulations in his ascension, his Gu worms perished in large numbers. If not for Fang Yuan's support, he would already have no more Gu worms to use after using them all up in facing chaotic lightning balls outside Eighty-Eight True Yang Building.

If a Gu Master was lucky enough to advance to a Gu Immortal, all their mortal Gu would normally be destroyed.

Advancing to a Gu Immortal was extremely risky and there was a high price to be paid.

In lots of cases, a newly advanced Gu Immortal would have nothing on him. Almost all the Gu worms they accumulated before would be completely used up.

Six Arm Heavenly Zombie King!

Fang Yuan suddenly turned into heavenly zombie form while flying and evading; his six wings soared and he raised his eight arms.


The next moment, he directly clashed against a formless fist!

Fang Yuan did not feel any pain and directly shattered the formless fist, obtaining a Gu.

Fang Yuan was overjoyed when he saw the Gu.

This was the third wild Immortal Gu he had obtained after exiting Tai Bai Yun Sheng's immortal aperture. He was unable to examine it closely, but he stored it in his pocket after suppressing it.

Right now, he had the internal danger of Spring Autumn Cicada while on the outside, there was the formless hand disaster. He had to concentrate completely on flying, as well as pay attention to his primeval essence and the condition of his Gu worms.

But he could not deny his plentiful harvests.

Fang Yuan was deeply realizing what was called the coexistence of pain and joy.

His flying master attainment was a great help to him in this situation.

"Where is Ma Hong Yun?" Fang Yuan stored the third Immortal Gu and looked around him with insatiable greed.

Luck path supreme true inheritance had all along been of extreme interest to him.

Back then, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had, to a large extent, relied on this to dominate the lands and become invincible in the world.

Previously, Fang Yuan had no way to do anything about this luck path true inheritance but now borrowing the strength of formless hands, he could seize the luck path Gu worms. This was an extremely rare opportunity!

However, even after searching all over whenever he had the chance, he did not see even the shadow of the luck path true inheritance.

Clearly, luck path true inheritance was also moving around.

The supreme true inheritance might be protecting Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun, but it was only an acknowledgement of Fortune Rivaling Heaven; and it was still being controlled by a wild will. It was an instinct for wild Gu worms to dodge heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity.

It was a scene of chaos in the large true inheritance secluded domain; there were formless hands everywhere, true inheritance meteors, fleeing Gu Masters or dazzling attacks towards the clenched formless fists, all these were obstructing Fang Yuan's vision.

Fang Yuan also had to evade the formless hands and could not casually search. Both sides were on the move, thus it was actually normal for them to not bump into each other.

Crack, crack…

The sound of something cracking, like the cracking of egg shell, started to spread.

The cracks in true inheritance secluded domain were enlarging; it was only at one side first, but now the cracks had gradually spread to cover all sides.

More and more giant light blue hands squeezed in through the cracks.

Time passed, the losses to Fang Yuan's Gu worms were also becoming more severe.

On one hand, because of the backlash from heaven and earth qi, especially the movement Gu worms, even after being used in turn, they had reached the limit and many perished.

On the other hand, the quantity of formless hands had surpassed the point of qualitative change; sometimes, many formless hands would appear together and block all escape paths. Fang Yuan was thus grabbed two-three times.

But every time he was grabbed, he would intentionally choose the formless hand with less fingers, prioritizing his safety and letting his Gu worm be taken of his own accord.


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