Reverend Insanity
631 Striking a fortune
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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631 Striking a fortune

Chapter 631: Striking a fortune
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The six fingered formless hand's appearance was so sudden that Fang Yuan only had the time to raise his head.

The light blue radiance shone down on his face as his sight was filled with the giant light blue hand.

The formless hand did not show any notions of stopping, grabbing towards Fang Yuan, completely shrouding over his body.

"Junior brother!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng shouted in fright.

The next moment, however, this six fingered formless fist loosened up and spread open.

Fang Yuan's figure showed up five hundred steps away. The six fingered formless hand had grabbed at nothing.

Flash bug Gu!

This Gu was a rare rank five space path movement Gu. Fang Yuan had to spend a lot of efforts to purchase it in treasure yellow heaven.

"Hufff…" Tai Bai Yun Sheng let out a breath of turbid air, a giant stone lifted off his heart.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng knew Fang Yuan was unable to react properly because he had just came out. In truth, it was nothing difficult for flying masters to evade these formless hands.

"Close call!" Fang Yuan's body let out cold sweat from the fright.

He had much more understanding of formless hands than others; as such, he knew their threat level clearly!

"Formless hand is Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's killer move; it can range from one finger to nine fingers, respectively able to seize rank one to rank nine Gu worms! They can even seize the vital Gu without any problems. If that six fingered formless hand succeeded in grabbing me, I would have definitely lost either Spring Autumn Cicada or Fixed Immortal Travel… my luck is too bad, it actually provoked such a catastrophe!"

Fang Yuan rapidly flew, dodging the pursuit of the formless hand while observing his surroundings.

True inheritance secluded domain had already fallen into complete chaos.

True inheritance meteors and formless hands filled one's sight; Gu Masters flew around in disorder - some were evading the formless hands, some cried out in grief after their Gu worms were seized, while some used all their strength to attack the formless hands.

"It seems that they have found out already! Once a formless hand captures a Gu worm, it will clench its fist; this is the moment it can be attacked! When it is in its spread out palm form, it is almost completely immune to all attacks and can only be dodged."

Fang Yuan recalled the relevant information on formless hands.

He was very familiar with the formless hands. In his previous life, Ma Hong Yun had successively obtained a portion of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable and Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritance, also obtaining a similar method of capturing Gu worms. He had used this method many times in the great battle of the five regions, resulting in the disastrous loss of many strong enemies and making them flee.

Fang Yuan had thus researched a lot on this.

Fang Yuan continued to dodge, use flash bug Gu, wind flower Gu, eagle rise Gu and so on before he was able to pull apart a huge distance, making the six fingered formless hand chasing him to change its target.

He immediately sent a portion of his consciousness to inspect his immortal aperture.

There were remnants of heaven and earth qi in true inheritance secluded domain.

Ever since Fang Yuan came out, his immortal aperture had been crazily absorbing these heaven and earth qi, growing rapidly.

In just a short while, his immortal aperture had expanded to over 2000km2 and was still growing.

At the same time, the time flow inside the immortal aperture was starting to become faster than the outside world. From a one to one ratio, it increased to six times as fast.

"Damn it." Fang Yuan suddenly frowned and his face paled.

The change in the immortal aperture was going smoothly, but the problem appeared in the first aperture; more accurately, the problem was the Spring Autumn Cicada.

Spring Autumn Cicada was recovering rapidly and the first aperture was already showing signs of being unable to bear the huge pressure from it!

"Oh no! When an immortal aperture is born, not only does the space enlarge, the time flow also changes. The change in the time flow is the main reason an immortal aperture can turn into a small world and attract a tributary of the river of time! Spring Autumn Cicada feeds on the water of the river of time, and now being so close to the source, it is able to drink a lot and accelerate its recovery speed!"

Fang Yuan was able to instantly understand what was going on.

Since the last activation of Spring Autumn Cicada which had fortunately succeeded, it had been slowly recovering.

It has been a long time since Fang Yuan arrived in northern plains; Spring Autumn Cicada was gradually recovering causing the pressure on the first aperture to increase day by day.

The first aperture was already at rank five peak stage and should have been able to endure for some time according to Fang Yuan's estimation. But this unforeseen event had greatly shifted the time limit to an earlier date!

Since rebirth, Spring Autumn Cicada had been a hidden danger to Fang Yuan. Now that Fang Yuan was advancing to a Gu Immortal, this hidden danger had expanded to a serious danger that directly pushed itself to Fang Yuan's sight.

"Damn it." Fang Yuan gritted his teeth. He suddenly descended; a formless hand passed by his hair, grabbing at the air.

For now, Fang Yuan had no way to deal with this situation.

The immortal aperture must be successfully created, otherwise all his efforts would go to waste. Without a Gu Immortal's strength, it would be impossible for him to continue contending.

However, Spring Autumn Cicada also could not be ignored.


A huge sound echoed in true inheritance secluded domain like some important thing had shattered, causing palpitation in everyone's heart.

Everyone paused and hurriedly looked up.

Like an egg shell that was smashed, countless cracks appeared on true inheritance secluded domain. The cracks rapidly enlarged and let the outside world's light flow in.

At the same time, many formless hands also squeezed in through the cracks, a seven fingered formless hand among them!

The Gu Masters let out shocked cries at the sight of so many giant light blue hands.

"Why are there so many giant hands?"

"This is bad, look, a seven fingered giant hand has actually squeezed in!"

With the endless giant light blue hands flying in true inheritance secluded domain, everyone's situation had become even more perilous.

Hei Lou Lan's expression was grave and even Tai Bai Yun Sheng felt an intense suffocation.

Flying masters were not omnipotent.

With so many formless hands, the difficult in evading them increased greatly.

Moreover, the longer they spent, the more likely it was for them to make an error under such a strained state.

"This is turning worse!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng was gloomy, what he was afraid of came, he made a mistake in the crucial time.

His sole remaining escape path was blocked by six formless hands.

At this moment of crisis, Tai Bai Yun Sheng gritted his teeth and directly crashed towards a three fingered formless hand.

The formless hand grabbed him; Tai Bai Yun Sheng was immediately paralyzed.

But this time period was extremely short and soon, the three fingered formless hand flew away with a clenched fist. Out of danger, Tai Bai Yun Sheng immediately burst out with his greatest speed and escaped through this gap.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's back was soaked with cold sweat from this thrilling situation.

Even Tai Bai Yun Sheng was in such a predicament, let alone others.

All the Gu Masters met with calamity, at worst, not even one of their Gu worms remained.

Without Gu worms, Gu Master's battle strength plunged down to the very bottom. And even if they had a lot of primeval essence, it would be of no use.

"Save me!" A Gu Master looked on with fright a true inheritance that was flying right towards him.

All his Gu worms were already seized by the formless hands. At this moment of life and death, he cried out for help while swinging his arms crazily to speed up his flight, but his movement speed was no faster than a snail in comparison to the true inheritance.

The surrounding Gu Masters heard his plea for help, but right now they had no way to help however much they wanted to.


There was no unexpected event; the unlucky Gu Master was directly crushed into meat paste by the true inheritance.

This blue colored true inheritance did not stop after crushing the Gu Master and kept on flying away.

On its way, formless hands kept on obstructing its path while it kept on evading.

The wild newborn Gu will in the true inheritance also sensed the deadly threat of the heavenly tribulation formless hands, and did its best to escape.

However, the will of Gu worms was not as intelligent as humans.

The blue colored true inheritance evaded several formless hands before it was finally grabbed by a five fingered formless hand.

The formless hand clenched its fist tightly but did not stop at the place.

The true inheritance light lump's speed was too fast; the formless hand was pulled in its inertia, except that the speed was greatly reduced.

The five fingered formless hand flew away with a Gu worm. But even more formless hands pounced down and covered the true inheritance light lump.

One hand was not enough, another came followed by the next. Soon, ten formless hands were tightly grabbing the true inheritance light lump.

The true inheritance light lump continued to slow until it came to a stop.

The formless hands suddenly separated and flew in all directions with clenched fists.

There was nothing left at the spot, the blue colored true inheritance was already robbed clean.

At this moment, Fang Yuan snickered and flew towards the target he had his eyes on, and started attacking fiercely.

A formless fist was broken by his attacks and revealed the Gu it was holding.

Fang Yuan immediately reacted and grabbed it.

This was a rank five mortal Gu and after he refined it, he stored it in his pocket.

Flash bug Gu!

He disappeared from the spot and suddenly appeared three hundred steps away, right beside another formless fist.

Bam bam bam.

He punched heavily and broke the formless fist in three punches, leaving after grabbing the Gu.

It was an Immortal Gu!

Almost at the very next moment, a formless hand pounced at him, and naturally it was in vain.

Fang Yuan moved like lightning, occasionally soaring like a sparrow and occasionally piercing forward like an eagle.

He was dodging the formless hands while also taking any chance to strike a fortune, grabbing many Gu worms of the true inheritance.

However, the formless fists were very fast and the opportunity to destroy them was fleeting.

The blue colored true inheritance was a good opportunity Fang Yuan ran into, but he only had enough time to break three formless fists, obtaining two mortal Gu and an Immortal Gu.

While Fang Yuan was occupied with breaking the formless fist, the other formless fists had already flown far away and Fang Yuan was not able to chase after them.


Fang Yuan transferred his will into the Gu worms to temporarily suppress them.

He did not have the time to refine these Gu worms, let alone study their uses.

Suddenly, Fang Yuan's sight was covered with blue light.

Maybe it was because Fang Yuan was too active and attention drawing, eight formless hands attacked him together!

Fang Yuan's heart jumped and he quickly evaded.

He moved and stopped at times, changing his directions madly; his vision kept on changing intensely, one moment he was above while the next he was below. He almost made himself go dizzy.

He spent tremendous effort before he was able to get rid of the formless hands.

He had just stabilized his breathing when suddenly, there was the sound of wind!

A formless hand was flying right towards him.

Fang Yuan was just about to dodge, but his pupils enlarged rapidly the next moment. This was a formless fist!

He laughed heartily and flapped his six wings, directly punching towards the formless fist. He obtained a rank five Gu after breaking the formless fist.

The Gu worm was vibrating in his hand and struggled intensely, attempting to escape.

Fang Yuan sent a portion of his will inside, but was not able to suppress it.

He immediately frowned as he realized this Gu was not a wild Gu, but a Gu Master's Gu worm. Because the Gu worm had someone else's will, the difficulty in refining it was several times greater than refining wild Gu, and even temporarily suppressing it was difficult!

"Let go of my Gu!" A familiar voice sounded by Fang Yuan's ears at this moment.

Fang Yuan looked at the source of the voice, and immediately smiled.

He saw Hei Lou Lan flying towards him hurriedly and furiously, his gaze fixed on the Gu in Fang Yuan's hand.


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