Reverend Insanity
627 Top Ten Catastrophes, Chaotic Branching Teeth
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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627 Top Ten Catastrophes, Chaotic Branching Teeth

Chapter 627: Top Ten Catastrophes, Chaotic Branching Teeth
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Clear and glorious heaven qi, golden earth qi, more and more of them surrounded Fang Yuan.

Hei Lou Lan and the others retreated.

The river-like Giant Sun's will growled endlessly, but did not dare to charge in abruptly.

After the intense battle with Fang Yuan, its mass was reduced by more than half.

It was anxious internally: "Damn it! Unless the main will sends reinforcements over, I alone cannot take down this Fang Yuan."

The battlefield turned silent temporarily.

Fang Yuan saw that the situation had progressed just as he expected, breathing out a huge sigh of relief.

In the contest for Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, after several twists and turns, the current situation was becoming clearer.

Fang Yuan's situation was like walking on a tightrope, intense wind was blowing and he was almost blown away several times, losing his initiative. If not for his brilliant schemes and endless trump cards, he would not have lasted this long.

Especially this time, Fang Yuan gambled his life, bravely going for a mutual defeat, finally managing to get back the initiative.

"My northern plains trip has reached the most crucial climax! Next, my immortal ascension is extremely important, it can almost decide victory and loss in this battle!" Fang Yuan concentrated his mind, just as he had said, the real battle was just beginning.

"Junior brother, don't be too careless!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng's tone was solemn, his gaze was anxious as his heart was full of worry.

He had just become an immortal, he was extremely clear about the difficulties of immortal ascension. He knew: If not for Giant Sun's will's help, he would not have succeeded. Even if he had his life's accumulation and that deep foundation!

"Sigh, junior brother is too young and daring, he should not have made this choice! Had I known earlier, I would not have let him take this step! Sigh, hopefully, he had received master's guidance and can succeed luckily…" Tai Bai Yun Sheng sighed in his heart.

Fang Yuan made eye contact with Tai Bai Yun Sheng, nodding his head.

Next, he closed his eyes, his mind entering his aperture.

Ordinary Gu Masters and Gu Immortals, in their entire lives, they can only have one aperture. But Fang Yuan had once taken a major risk in three kings blessed land, obtaining an immense opportunity. Thus, after using the second aperture Immortal Gu, he now had two apertures.

After the imperial court contest, both his apertures were rank five peak stage, crystal purple primeval essence!

There were three steps in immortal ascension, the first was to shatter the aperture.

Fang Yuan shattered the second aperture.

When Gu Masters shatter their aperture, they can only advance with no way of retreating. That is because they only have one aperture.

But Fang Yuan had two.

That means, even if Fang Yuan fails this tribulation, he would lose one aperture, but he would still keep another aperture.

Keeping one aperture could preserve his life.

This was one of the benefits of second aperture Gu.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng did not know this secret, if he knew, the worry in his heart would dissipate greatly.




Lightning bolts shot down endlessly, targeting Giant Sun's will.

"Fang Yuan you scoundrel, you will die a terrible death!" Giant Sun's will howled, he resisted the tribulation lightning as his golden sand-like will exploded time and time again.

This lightning bolt was extraordinary, it had the appearance of a trident and had great power, as one of the ten great catastrophes.

Originally, snow war tribulation lightning did not strike at such close intervals, one bolt would form every tens of breaths' time. But now, when Fang Yuan shattered his aperture and drew in the heaven and earth qi, a new heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity were formed.

The heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity fused with the once in ten years blizzard, increasing the power of the snow disaster.

Snow war tribulation lightning acted like it was on drugs, in its excitement, several bolts were shot down with less than a breath's interval each time!

Every time he resisted it, Giant Sun's will paid a heavy price.

But he could not leave.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building needed his protection.

Now that Eighty-Eight True Yang Building had lost almost all its functions, it was like an empty shell. If Giant Sun's will's protection was lifted, in just a moment, the entire Eighty-Eight True Yang Building would be crumbled under the terrifying might of the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity.

Eighty-Eight True Yang Building was an inheritance treasury that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had left behind, with Giant Sun's will as the controller of this building. Its main objective forced Giant Sun's will to resist the heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity head on.

This way, he had become Fang Yuan's protector during this tribulation.

Protecting his sworn enemy and helping him to ascension to immortal realm, Giant Sun's will, who was forced by circumstances and had to do this, could feel an immense humiliation and rage in his heart.

"Fang Yuan, you scoundrel, once I survive this heavenly tribulation and earthly calamity, I will tear your tendons out, I will drink your blood and eat your flesh!" Giant Sun's will howled, even though there was the sound of thunder, it could not mask his rage.

Very soon, his howling came to an end, it turned into shock: "This, this is the chaotic branching teeth!"

Only to see that in the air filled with lightning and thunder, eighteen spirals appeared.

The spirals spun faster and faster, as they expanded rapidly.

In each of these black spirals, there was a large snow-white beast tooth forming slowly.

A total of eighteen beast teeth, each white as snow, with a huge size like that of ancient trees, over thirty meters tall.

The beast teeth were waiting to strike, and an intense feeling of danger struck Giant Sun's will's heart.

Chaotic branching teeth was also one of the top ten catastrophes, ranked higher than even the snow war tribulation lightning, and had greater might.

"I cannot allow all eighteen chaotic branching teeth to strike at the same time! At that time, even I cannot resist it… I must destroy them in advance!!" Giant Sun's will was full of battle experience, he chose to strike immediately.

He had no hesitation, creating ten wills in the form of dragons, flying about and charging towards the heavenly tribulation in the sky with no fear.

However, along the way, there were wind blades, icy hail, and snow war tribulation lightning that attacked non stop. The ten dragon will suffered heavy casualties along the way, only five made it to the spirals.

In fact, the result of their attacks was not very evident.

Only three succeeded, destroying the spirals. The remaining two dragon wills suffered too much damage, the spirals that they charged towards flickered for a bit before recovering.

The tribulation lightning crackled, the speed of attacks becoming even quicker than before! It was like a wordless mockery towards Giant Sun's will.

"Damn it! Despicable!' Giant Sun's will was helpless, he split out another ten dragons and charged again in desperation.

Within true inheritance secluded domain, it was a scene of serenity.

Fang Yuan shut his eyes, his expression was calm and he breathed in relaxation.

His mind was mostly focused on the shattered second aperture.

"My first aperture is my vital Gu Spring Autumn Cicada. This Gu is incomparably important, if I ascend to immortal realm with it, I will be a time path Gu Immortal. But my knowledge of time path is too limited, and to undergo tribulation with Immortal Gu, I cannot take this risk without any experience."

"Only the second aperture, with the vital Gu all-out effort Gu, I can become a strength path Gu Immortal. Since rebirth, I had studied strength path intensely, although it is not on the level of blood path, I still have the foundation to become an immortal."

This second aperture had already shattered into a mess, forming a hole and sucking in the heaven qi and earth qi.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was less than a hundred years old, but he had the foundation and accumulation to become a Gu Immortal. Fang Yuan had five hundred years of experience, and his knowledge surpassed Tai Bai Yun Sheng who had an immortal inheritance, it was definitely more than sufficient for him to rise to immortal.

"Except that now, it is still not the best time to ascend to immortal." Fang Yuan laughed bitterly in his mind.

Fang Yuan's strength path cultivation had not reached its limits. He had only a hundred jun of strength, and his bones were impermanence bones, his skin was turtle jade wolf skin, and his strength path Gu worms were not all rank five.

All these affected his future potential after becoming an immortal, as well as the size of his immortal aperture, it would be best if he could perfect them. Fang Yuan's original intention was to accumulate his foundation to the absolute limit before taking the risk of immortal ascension after making ample preparation.

Unfortunately, plans do not keep up with changes.

Forced by the situation, Fang Yuan could only do this.

As the heaven and earth qi entered his body, at the same time, Fang Yuan's body was emitting a thick white human qi.

The thickness of the human qi was like a huge balloon, completely covering Fang Yuan's entire body.

Hei Lou Lan saw this and his pupils shrunk.

Ye Lui Sang said in disbelief: "How is this possible, he has such thick human qi, this is even greater than Tai Bai Yun Sheng!"

"To think that junior brother's foundation is so deep. I can see that junior brother had made preparations for this immortal ascension long ago, he is not taking an impulsive risk." Tai Bai Yun Sheng looked with a surprised gaze, his heart settling.

The clear and unrestrained heaven qi, the golden and heavy earth qi, together with the pure white as snow human qi, the three merged and formed a multi-colored lump.

At this point, he had reached the second step of immortal ascension — taking in the qi.

"Damn it, the scoundrel has starting taking in the qi. Why are the reinforcements not here yet?" The river-like Giant Sun's will was burning with anxiety.

He did not dare to act rashly.

Once he was stained by heaven qi, he would melt into air. If he was corroded by earth qi, he would turn into rocks and die.

Fang Yuan, who was the intersection point of the three qi faced dangers after dangers even more so.

He had to balance the three qi at all times, if there were too much heaven and earth qi, he would die. Even human qi, if the balance was off, would cause him to self-detonate.

However, fortune is found within danger, the greater the risks, the greater the opportunities.

The balance of the three qi, the fusion between them was bringing Fang Yuan an unceasing amount of inspiration.

Heaven and earth were the foundation stones that nurtured all life, the fusion of heaven and earth qi filled Fang Yuan's mind with the grand mysteries of the Great Dao.

The three qi were fusing intensely, as Fang Yuan was inside, returning to his usual appearance after recalling the six arm heavenly zombie king killer move.

His injuries were rapidly healing, the healing speed was faster than his healing during six arm heavenly zombie king mode!

The three qi cleansed his body, not just his flesh, but his soul, mind, and will, they were being elevated.

He felt like a baby, being cleansed and returned to a pure state. Fang Yuan's eyes became clearer, the contrast between the black and white parts became more evident. His muscles were reconstructed one by one, the scars on his body fell off, and new skin grew on him. Even his hair started growing wildly, it grew longer and longer, when they were waist long, they broke, before growing again, and breaking, repeating the cycle…

Be it his body, his bones, his organs or his face, they were undergoing a magical transformation.

At the same time, the experiences in his previous five hundred years, as well as the events since rebirth flashed in his mind rapidly.

In just a short amount of time, Fang Yuan revisited his entire life.

A complex feeling that was indescribable, his memories that were deep within his mind all resurfaced, filling Fang Yuan's heart.

In his memories, all those cultivation questions that could not be answered obtained perfect answers like the work of a deity.

At this moment, heaven and earth were impartial, they were generous and imparted the mysterious of the Great Dao towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had to deal with his emotions while cherishing this opportunity to learn more about the mysteries of the Great Dao, and in the meantime balancing the three qi. Should he lose balance, he would die.

Countless Gu Masters failed at this step during their ascension!


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