Reverend Insanity
617 The reason for overwhelming fortune
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Reverend Insanity
Author :Gu Zhen Ren
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617 The reason for overwhelming fortune

Chapter 617: The reason for overwhelming fortune
Translator: ChibiGeneral Editor: ChibiGeneral

Bam bam bam!

Three ten meter tall treemen raised their hammer-like fists as they attacked time and time again, crashing on the light barrier.

Frost Jade Peacock cried out sorrowfully.

Its huge wings were sealed by gold, only the land spirit's head was still exposed.

"My masters, I cannot hold on anymore." The land spirit sighed, its long eyelashes trembling slightly. The light barrier was getting weaker, and under the treemen's endless attacks, it was on the brink of collapsing.

What was more scary was, Fang Yuan was closing in!

Imperial Court blessed land was already in bad shape, and the land spirit, Frost Jade Peacock, was sealed, the remaining strength of the barrier was not a problem for Fang Yuan, he could break through it any moment.

The fatal threat had already arrived, but Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun still had no idea.

Even though they could not sense Fang Yuan, the thick aura of death was suffocating them.

Zhao Lian Yun was silent and did not speak, she hid in Ma Hong Yun's arms as she shut her eyes.

After all, she was an ordinary woman.

Ma Hong Yun continually comforted her in a soft voice, even though he felt no hope himself.

"It's over." Fang Yuan shot out like lightning, stepping on twigs and branches as he entered the innermost layer of the treeman encirclement.

But just when he was about to execute the finishing blow, as he was charging, Mo Yao shouted in his head: "Eh? This aura! Wait… stop quickly!"

"What is it?" Fang Yuan's momentum was lost, he stopped at a high area on a tree as he asked in suspicion.

Ever since Mo Yao's will entered his head, he had never felt such intense emotions from her before!

At this moment, Mo Yao showed herself in Fang Yuan's mind.

She had tears all over her face as her slim body was shivering, she was muttering: "This aura, this aura… there's no mistake, there's absolutely no mistake! This is the aura of fortune rivalling heaven Gu!"

"Fortune rivalling heaven Gu?!" Fang Yuan's heart jumped, as he immediately recalled.

Mo Yao had researched deeply about Eighty-Eight True Yang Building in her lifetime, taking a huge risk to enter the true inheritance secluded domain for her lover Bo Qing.

Her original motive was to obtain the supreme true inheritance of luck path, she wanted to steal the fortune rivalling heaven Gu in it.

But in the end, she only succeeded partially.

As she spent a lot of effort and exerted all her strength, she was able to create a crack in the luck path true inheritance.

However, fortune rivalling heaven Gu flew into this crack and vanished into thin air.

But Mo Yao did not return empty handed, she obtained a portion of the luck path inheritance's details. Combined with her refinement path grandmaster foundation, she eventually refined calamity beckoning Gu.

But calamity beckoning Gu was inferior to fortune rivalling heaven Gu, Mo Yao used it to help Bo Qing with his tribulation, and in the end both of them died.

Eventually, Fang Yuan found Mo Yao's inheritance and refined calamity beckoning Gu once again, accepting Mo Yao's request to return the rank seven Gu House Water Pavilion to Spirit Affinity House.

Now, Mo Yao felt the aura of fortune rivalling heaven Gu, this was a crucial Immortal Gu that she had failed to obtain after spending her entire life and putting in immeasurable effort.

It was understandable that she had become so agitated and emotional.

"Fortune rivalling heaven Gu's aura is on this lad! I can't believe it, I, Mo Yao, spent my entire life and nearly died in the secluded domain, but eventually the fortune rivalling heaven Gu escaped and this mortal lad got it by chance. Hehehe, is this life?" Mo Yao raised her head and sighed, as she laughed and cried, her tone was extremely dejected.

Fang Yuan squinted, his eyes glowing with cold light.

He asked in his heart: "That means fortune rivalling heaven Gu is currently on Ma Hong Yun? Can you confirm that?!"

"Of course, I can never forget the aura of fortune rivalling heaven Gu!" Mo Yao replied unhesitatingly.

She continued and said: "Fortune rivalling heaven Gu is a one time expenditure rank eight Gu. It is formless and ethereal, being in essence a lump of luck, it is extremely difficult to capture with ordinary methods. Back then, my main body could not capture it, thus it managed to fly away from the scene and vanish without a trace. Even True Yang Building could not trap it. It must've escaped to northern plains, roaming until it landed on that lad!"

"So it is a one time expenditure Gu…" Fang Yuan was extremely disappointed.

Fortune rivalling heaven Gu was the greatest treasure in Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's luck path inheritance, it had extremely great value.

Fang Yuan was unable to gain benefits in the true inheritance secluded domain, but if he could take fortune rivalling heaven Gu away from Ma Hong Yun, that would be the best.

But unfortunately, fortune rivalling heaven could only be used once before it vanished.

"Fang Yuan, you have to be careful! Fortune rivalling heaven Gu is extremely special, back then Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had fortuitous encounters endlessly, time after time he would turn disasters into blessings, he unceasingly had great luck, and he relied on this Gu to a great extent. Ma Hong Yun is affected by fortune rivalling heaven Gu, he is a true child of luck! His luck could be said to be ranked at number one in the five regions!! The luck that Giant Sun Immortal Venerable had back then would very possibly be replicated in him. Although luck is formless and ethereal, it is a part of strength and cannot be underestimated!" Mo Yao quickly said anxiously.

"I know what to do." Fang Yuan held in his killing intent, his expression turning cold as he stopped on the tree branch, not attacking abruptly.

He looked down from above, at Ma Hong Yun and others, allowing the treemen below him to attack.

Actually, the two were not too far from each other, but even Frost Jade Peacock did not discover him.

This showed how weak the land spirit was right now.

It was obvious at one glance that the two sides had great difference in strength, it seemed that victory was in sight, and killing Ma Hong Yun was extremely easy.

But Fang Yuan did not think so, he was once a Gu Immortal, his vision surpassed mortals.

He understood: These so called paths — wisdom path, refinement path, metal path, time path and others, they looked like they were combinations of complex series of Gu worms gathered together, but in actuality, they were the deciphering of one's understanding towards heaven and earth, towards the mysteries of the universe.

Luck path was the same.

Based on Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's example, one could see that luck path, even compared to other paths, could more deeply explain the mysteries of heaven and earth in some aspect.

Fang Yuan had never looked down on Ma Hong Yun, he had always been vigilant towards him.

Because his previous life's memories made him understand how high Ma Hong Yun's future achievements would be.

In his previous life, Ma Hong Yun became the pillar of northern plains, the leader that resisted the attack of central continent Gu Immortals! When Fang Yuan was killed by the barrage of Gu Immortals, he was still growing and developing.

Fang Yuan knew about Ma Hong Yun's growth, and now he finally understood the origin of Ma Hong Yun's heaven defying luck.

That was, Giant Sun Immortal Venerable's greatest achievement in luck path — fortune rivalling heaven Gu!

And the cause of all this was Mo Yao who was residing in his mind!

Luck did not have any physical form, and it could not be touched, but Fang Yuan knew the ability of this mystical power.

"No wonder Giant Sun's will purposely chose Hei Lou Lan and Ma Hong Yun as the people to become the land spirit's master. Hei Lou Lan is the strongest person among his bloodline descendants, while Ma Hong Yun had fortune rivalling heaven Gu."

Fang Yuan felt that this situation was troublesome.

Although Ma Hong Yun was a tiny rank three Gu Master, he had the power of a rank eight Immortal Gu protecting him!

A rank eight Immortal Gu, only inferior to rank nine, such as the wisdom Gu and strength Gu of legends. It had absurd and unimaginable strength, anyone who underestimated it would face a pitiful end.

Fang Yuan was only a mortal, back then in the true inheritance secluded domain, he could not even get close to the rank seven human qi Gu, not to mention the rank eight fortune rivalling heaven Gu.

Ma Hong Yun looked harmless, but in all his experiences, when did he ever suffer a true loss? Every time, he benefited from difficulties and had endless fortuitous encounters, all those who wished to harm or kill him faced a terrible end.

Although every time he did not personally take action, but there would always be an external force or accident, along with a series of small coincidences, all of these added together to form a shocking power!

Fang Yuan suddenly thought of Giant Sun's will.

Earlier, Giant Sun's will wanted to exterminate Zhao Lian Yun, but Ma Hong Yun protected her with his life. This was as if Giant Sun's will had become an enemy of Ma Hong Yun.

Just as Giant Sun's will was about to strike, Fang Yuan appeared, pulling out True Yang Building and causing the heavenly tribulation to strike him.

"Even Giant Sun's will fell prey huh…" Fang Yuan looked at this from another angle and was shocked.

"I have the glass owner token, I can check the situation inside the entire Eighty-Eight True Yang Building. Why did I not strike earlier? Actually, it was completely unintentional! Or maybe… I heard that Zhao Lian Yun was an otherworldly demon and wanted to protect her, I was curious and wanted to investigate this?" Fang Yuan recalled the scene.

Giant Sun's will's was expelled from True Yang Building, he could be said to be the culprit. But the timing was too coincidental, it allowed Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun to escape death.

"If I suddenly attack Ma Hong Yun, would I be like Giant Sun's will, will an outside force intervene, or will an accident occur?"

Fang Yuan grabbed his glass owner token, considering his plans again.

"Wait!" Fang Yuan thought about it again: "What I've heard on this matter was only Mo Yao's statement. It seems to be credible, but what if she lied to me due to some special reason?"

Fang Yuan suddenly thought of this.

Thus, he asked Mo Yao in his heart: "Strange, earlier when I used luck inspection Gu, I observed the luck of everyone in the sacred palace. If Ma Hong Yun had the fortune rivalling heaven Gu, why did I not discover it? I could only see that the two with the highest luck were Hei Lou Lan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng."

Mo Yao seemed to have predicted this question, she immediately answered: "What's so strange about this? Fortune rivalling heaven Gu is a rank eight Immortal Gu, your luck inspection Gu is only a rank five mortal Gu, an investigative Gu that can allow a Gu Master to see luck despite its formlessness. How can a rank five investigative Gu discover the luck created by a rank eight Immortal Gu?"

"If I cannot see it, how can I be sure that Ma Hong Yun has fortune rivalling heaven Gu's influence on him?" Fang Yuan did not relent, he continued asking.

"Oh Fang Yuan, you are too suspicious." Mo Yao sighed, immediately answering: "There is a method to make sure. That is to use investigative Gu and check your own luck. Every time you act against the child of luck, because of the mutual influence between luck, your luck will become bad, or even worse. If you do not believe me, you can check it that way."

Time was limited, Fang Yuan immediately used luck inspection Gu.

His vision changed abruptly.

Ma Hong Yun and Zhao Lian Yun's luck were rather tiny, they were the same as ordinary people.

Meanwhile, there was a massive black luck, almost three hundred meters tall, high enough to pierce heaven and earth!


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